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Example sentences for "adore"

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adopts; adorable; adorably; adoration; adorations; adored; adorer; adorers; adores; adoreth
  1. As my life, will I love you; as my life do I now adore you.

  2. Marie Colchis--for by that name are you henceforth in my heart--I love you, I adore you.

  3. I may in all modesty mention that just before Christmas I shall be traveling north and shall then adore to stop and cheer you up a bit if you invite me.

  4. Now, I think it’s too bad, when there are so many simple, sweet girls in the world, that men seem to adore those that flirt like dear Cousin Betty.

  5. He looked at her and his eyes almost burned, they were so strong in their leaping desire to fling himself at her feet and adore her goodness and sweetness and worldliness and wisdom from that vantage-ground of worship.

  6. But if you adore these dead and silent ashes and neglect that image of him which lives and speaks and, as it were, breathes to this day in his writings, is not your religion preposterous?

  7. You adore the wood of the cross;--follow much more the mystery of the cross.

  8. The eternal Being says to your people, by my mouth, 'Ye shall not adore the sun, for it is but a part of the universe which I have created for man; 10.

  9. Ye pretend that man must adore the sun, and the Genii of Good and Evil.

  10. Forsake not your families to plunge into debauchery; stain not the nobility of your souls; adore not idols which cannot but remain deaf to your supplications.

  11. Bless her and adore her, for she is your only friend and support on earth.

  12. For this reason he began to adore every phase of nature from which he received benefits.

  13. Leave them, therefore, and come to adore with us the gods, whom you will make angry if you disobey them.

  14. Gaspard, Balthazar and Melchior, having seen the star, come to adore the infant Jesus.

  15. As to myself, I am sure of this, that it becomes me to adore that wonderful grace which plucked me as a brand out of the burning, and to say in reference to my dear departed father: "Shall not the judge of all the earth do right?

  16. I adore all women, and will die for them at any moment if it will help the cause.

  17. Her nerves and dyspepsia do rather destroy the illusion; but I adore famous people and mean to go and see all I can scare up in London some day.

  18. Cold on His cradle the dewdrops are shining, Low lies His head with the beasts of the stall; Angels adore Him in slumber reclining, Maker and Monarch and Saviour of all!

  19. I consider the order of the universe, not to explain it by any futile system, but to revere it without ceasing, to adore the wise Author who reveals himself in it.

  20. In this good and great volume I learn to serve and adore its Author.

  21. The God whom I adore is not the God of darkness, he has not given me understanding in order to forbid me to use it; to tell me to submit my reason is to insult the giver of reason.

  22. My readers can fancy the raptures, the anger, the vows of Emile, and the scornful air with which Sophy withdraws her hand from mine; how their eyes protest that they will adore each other till their latest breath.

  23. I say his character, for this has a great effect; men of good character are those who really adore women.

  24. I adore its sleepiness myself, and I know you can never rouse it, otherwise I should not suggest it.

  25. We Americans, Mrs. Massington, are the most serious people on the face of the earth, and there is nothing we adore so much as the entire absence of seriousness.

  26. Yes, dear, and you can make yourself most unpleasant, and I adore you for it.

  27. If you adore us, as you say, grant us the privilege of seeing you like that.

  28. That is dear of you, Harold,' she said; 'I adore opals.

  29. When they don't listen to you, you think them idiots; when they do, you adore them and think them wonderful.

  30. We look up and adore Thee, and we believe and love and obey.

  31. I must even confess that I adore women, and that I have not the slightest idea of depriving myself of the most delightful of all pleasures.

  32. As you please, beautiful Juliette, but I give you due notice that I adore you!

  33. Let me undeceive you, and believe me when I say that the full gratification of desires can only increase a hundredfold the mutual ardour of two beings who adore each other.

  34. My own darling angel, I never thought of revenge, for my heart, which can never cease to adore you, could never conceive such a dreadful idea.

  35. I adore you, and if I have the courage to pass so many days without seeing you it is in order to be rewarded by the freedom of one single day like this.

  36. The sweet creature turned all colours in her confusion, feigning to reprove a slight disorder in her dress: a slip of underwood clung there for the very trees adore her.

  37. I adore that man (the King), I wish so earnestly to be agreeable to him!

  38. I adore her, and should run distracted were she to be taken from me.

  39. If the act by which a sacred being is first immolated and then eaten by those who adore it may be called a sacrifice, the rite of which we have just been speaking has a right to this same name.

  40. If we give the word a sense corresponding to the mentality of the primitive, we may say that they adore it.

  41. The Arunta dance around the nurtunja, and assemble before the image of their totem to adore it, but a similar demonstration is never made before the totemic being itself.

  42. The Ismaylys are generally reported to adore the pudendum muliebre, and to mix on certain days of the year in promiscuous debauchery.

  43. Some are said to adore the sun and the stars, and others the pudendum muliebre.

  44. And thought her to adore with humble spirit; 9 To adore thing so divine as beauty, were but right.

  45. But as the excellence we adore surpasses our comprehension, so does the mercy, and in that lies our only trust and confidence.

  46. Men that but one saint adore Make a show of love to more; Beauty must be scorned in none, Though but truly served in one: For what is courtship but disguise?

  47. Even Christ did not become manifest that we should merely believe in Him as the Christ, follow Him and adore His mention.

  48. Similarly, we acknowledge and adore the beauty of Moses.

  49. Therefore, we must adore the light of the Sun, no matter through what mirror it may be revealed.

  50. But the people of religion are of two kinds: Some worship the sun, and some adore the dawning points from which the sun rises.

  51. This is unity, oneness, sanctity; this is glorification whereby we praise and adore God.

  52. We must not adore the dawning points but worship the sun.

  53. We all adore Thee, and Thou art the beneficent Master.

  54. If we are lovers of the light, we adore it in whatever lamp it may become manifest, but if we love the lamp itself and the light is transferred to another lamp, we will neither accept nor sanction it.

  55. For instance, the Jews adore the Mosaic point of dawning, the Zoroastrians that of Zoroaster.

  56. We must adore the reality of religion and not blindly cling to the appellation Christianity.

  57. They are not fettered or attached to the mirrors; they are attached to the Sun itself and adore it, no matter from what point it may shine.

  58. Therefore, we must follow and adore the virtues revealed in the Messengers of God—whether in Abraham, Moses, Jesus or other Prophets—but we must not adhere to and adore the lamp.

  59. But those who adore the mirror and are attached to it become deprived of witnessing the light of the Sun when it shines forth from another mirror.

  60. When thou lovest me I adore thee; Hating, I can hate thee too; But I will not bow before thee-- Will not sue!

  61. Oh, I adore you just as you are; if you had been younger, I should have loved you less intensely.

  62. Monseigneur, and Madame de Bourgogne, who was with him, knelt down to adore the Host, and then Monseigneur inquired what was the malady of the patient.

  63. As for me, I remained spectator, and did not go and adore this idol.

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