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Example sentences for "cling"

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  1. The nuts are mostly borne singly but with some pairs and they are apt to cling to the husk.

  2. Evaluating the Seedlings The nuts were harvested in the fall after they had dropped, or, with the later maturing seedlings and those which tended to cling to the tree, they were harvested by picking or shaking them from the tree.

  3. Spencer was just able to cling on, groaning at every bump.

  4. Once Montbrehain was stormed the enemy could cling only to the farther fringes of the Hindenburg Line, and on October 8th we drove them out of organised trenches altogether into the clean open country.

  5. Leaves of evergreens cling from three to five years.

  6. The little red-brown cones cling to the twigs all winter, slowly parting their scales to release the winged seeds.

  7. The purple pods cling and rattle in the wind long after the yellow leaves have fallen.

  8. In Virginia the leaves shrivel, but they cling throughout the season.

  9. Among the dead leaves which stubbornly cling as they yellow, and often persist until spring, the tiny buds, the size of a pin-head, open into starry blossoms with petals like gold threads.

  10. Its late-opening flowers are borne in long racemes, followed by the small key fruits which cling to the twigs over winter, making the tree look dingy and untidy.

  11. Brown cones one to three inches long with thin unarmed scales, discharge their winged seeds in early autumn, but cling to the branches until the following summer.

  12. Others cling a year longer, in sorry contrast with the new foliage.

  13. Seldom is a full-grown oak without its little insignia, for the cups cling after the nut falls, and one grand division of the family requires two seasons to mature its fruit.

  14. We'll manage to cling here for a bit longer.

  15. His next move was to find a firm hold for his left hand, to which he could continue to cling while he sustained much of the weight of the other boy, after the weakened roots of the bush gave way entirely.

  16. Finding himself falling, Claude had clutched desperately around him, and, as it happened, his fingers gripped a friendly bush, to which he continued to cling even as he struggled to better his condition and shouted as best he was able.

  17. Still faintly respiring, it seemed to cling to the casement.

  18. They must grasp with their own hand, the sharp briers that cling around the objects of their ambition.

  19. I shall not presently, when the knock comes, Cling to this bench nor claw the hangman's face, No, trust me!

  20. So cling Folk somehow to the prime authoritative speech, And so distrust report, it seems as they could reach Far better the arch-word, whereon their fate depends.

  21. Fix his heart's fruit for thy garland-crown, Cling with his soul as the gourd-vine cleaves, Die on thy boughs and disappear While not a leaf of thine is sere?

  22. I lived when they departed; lived to cling To thee, the mighty stranger; thou wouldst rise And burst the thraldom, and avenge, I knew.

  23. What else wind About me like the pleasures left behind, And how shall some new flesh that is not flesh Cling to me?

  24. I do cling To life for many reasons, not from fear Of death.

  25. Does the blood grow black on my fierce bent beak, Does the down still cling to my claw?

  26. Hands cling to hands and eyes linger on eyes: thus begins the record of our hearts.

  27. My blue cloak will cling round me like night.

  28. The water will cling round your feet and babble its secret.

  29. Take heed lest thou cling to the cord of idle fancy and withhold thyself from that which hath been ordained in the Kingdom of God, the Almighty, the All-Bountiful.

  30. Beware lest ye cling unto that which ye possess, or take pride in your fame and renown.

  31. Cast away the things ye possess, and cling to that which God hath bidden you observe.

  32. It is even as ye witness in the present day: those who have disbelieved in God and joined partners with Him cling to a single one of Our Names, and are debarred from recognizing Him Who is the Creator of all Names.

  33. Families were made to cling together, and stand by each other in every circumstance of life--joy or sorrow.

  34. There was a yellow freestone as big as a young sun, and as golden, and the queerest of all was a cling purple as a beet.

  35. I led her straight to our best cling peach tree, told her to climb on the fence so she could reach easily, and eat all she chose.

  36. How she would cling to honor and truth and goodness, how she would fortify herself against the pitfalls dug by her own impulsiveness.

  37. But before he could begin to answer her their eager joy carried them both far away from all the conversational landmarks, and again they had breath only for monosyllables, instinct only to cling to each other.

  38. Nothing can be done with village help till morning and that man can never cling there so long.

  39. Could she cling to the rope while he drew her up?

  40. It is not very material how many stems the vine may have in its first growth, but now one only, if strong, or two at the most, should be suffered to rise and cling to the prop: more would be superfluous and only weaken the whole.

  41. In effecting it we were obliged to cling to the trees and roots, without which assistance it would have been impracticable.

  42. Let the bucket down again, Billy, and see if he'll cling to it.

  43. Helen was one of the children whom dirt distresses, and no soil ever seemed to cling to her clothes or hands.

  44. But she seemed still to cling to the idee of low necks and trains, and she sez sort a rebukingly: "You ortn't to go to Saratoga if you haint willin' to do as the rest do.

  45. Jest as it puts its tendrils out to cling round some fence post, or lilock bush, they pull it up, and start off with it.

  46. Yes," answered Anice, letting the baby's hand cling to her fingers.

  47. Worms and snails and all the damp clammy things that cling to the cold dark between stone and earth had been gobbled up by some greedy forager.

  48. Balancing himself--how much better the moccasins cling than boots!

  49. History is not permitted to jump at conclusions, but unanswered questions will always cling round Thompson's visit.

  50. Your family are my only relations; I cling to them.

  51. It rolls over the tall grass of the prairie, which bends beneath its weight, sighs by me, and seems to cling to me as it passes, and moves on toward the arid plains of the South.

  52. Efforts were made to save him; a settee was thrown over for him to cling to until they could adopt more decisive measures for his rescue.

  53. And yet these same gentlemen still cling to the dogma of inspiration!

  54. Even a poor artist may hope for success if he represents something in which many millions are deeply interested, around which their emotions cling like vines.

  55. Certainly, he will stand the best chance if the Democracy is right on the financial question; if it will cling to its old idea of hard money, he will.

  56. Of course, I know that religious people cling to the Bible on account of the good that is in it, and in spite of the bad, and I know that Freethinkers throw away the Bible on account of the bad that is in it, in spite of the good.

  57. They will cling to the letter and throw away the spirit.

  58. The curse I incurred Doth cling to me yet:-- What I love best I must relinquish, Slay him I hold most sacred; Trusting belief Foully betray!

  59. Choking with her emotion, she tried to speak--to cling to him; but he snatched himself away, and as she fell heavily upon the carpet he rushed from the house.

  60. Why am I so weak as to cling to this silly sentiment?

  61. M]ost students of Zen cling to all sorts of sounds and forms.

  62. Maintain a free mind and cling to nothing: that is Tao.

  63. When Rastignac put it on his back, it would sink four tiny hollow teeth into his veins and the suckers on the inner surface of its flat body would cling to him.

  64. It made him cling to the bars as if they were the only stable thing in the center of a whirling universe.

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