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  1. They insisted that probably not more than one out of two of the persons presenting themselves at a nervous clinic could be hypnotized to the extent that is ordinarily associated with the word--could be brought beyond the drowsy stage.

  2. Raymond's clinic at the Salpetriere I once saw the classical case described by Charcot and presented at his clinics several times.

  3. The third time the patient came to Koenig's clinic and, owing to his military record, his hospital experience was available and a third operation was not done.

  4. He was admitted to Koenig's clinic in Berlin with a story of abdominal tenderness and pain, the tenderness being located in the right iliac region.

  5. I seen your card over at the clinic last night, and you 'ain't got no right to have that down-and-out look on you had this morning.

  6. If you think you got something to be scared at you looka my old card at the clinic some day; they keep it for show.

  7. Then shrieking fell across the clinic floor The students pouring from their seats.

  8. They saw his patient die, and whispered one Unto another in the clinic there.

  9. He's a fan, buys my stuff for his clinic and for his own collection.

  10. I saw a clinic the other day--said 'Medical Arts Group' on the building.

  11. We'll coin credits in our own clinic with that little gadget.

  12. Do you know what clinic gave her the commission?

  13. Ann had not specifically named the clinic where she was working.

  14. He ran quickly down the steps, and found the opulent living quarters Eric Young had concealed on the clinic floor beneath the innocent garden cottage.

  15. We suggest that you investigate United Researchers' clinic when you start looking for Miss Saymer.

  16. She was determined to establish a clinic of her own.

  17. All she wants is a clinic of her own so that she can help the maladjusted.

  18. After they married, Hunter was to manage the finances of the clinic while Ann became the resident psychiatrist.

  19. I'll assign your health file to the Los Angeles Clinic then," the clerk said.

  20. The boy was probably still somewhere in the clinic lab, waiting for the figurative axe to descend.

  21. That done, he typed out a requisition for explanation of the gene-sorting code the clinic used.

  22. Later, when things had quieted down, he would have to finish the job by transferring all the men in the clinic to distant places and by obliterating the computer's memories of this morning's activities.

  23. The door slid back, revealing a neat, gleaming sign: FLOOR 20 Euthanasia Clinic and Files Walton had forgotten the accursed sign.

  24. Send up a list of all doctors who were examining babies in the clinic yesterday morning.

  25. The Equalization Law provided that every child be presented at its local clinic within two weeks of birth, for an examination and a certificate.

  26. Walton couldn't bear to remain down in the clinic any longer.

  27. At the Massachusetts General Hospital each patient with syphilis is asked to bring to the clinic for treatment the person who infected him.

  28. We cannot make the social work of a medical-social clinic successful unless, whenever we take away something which we know to be a fraud and an untruth, we put something else in its place.

  29. Now it happened that we had no eye clinic at the hospital at that time.

  30. He'd secured them from the University Clinic and had, so he thought, isolated them.

  31. She was escorted to the clinic by two hatless young women, in shawls, and three children.

  32. The benefits of a newly established clinic for animals were demonstrated in a special feature article in the New York Times by the selection of several animal patients as typical cases.

  33. Yale Clinic of Child Development in cooperation with Erpi Picture Consultants, Inc.

  34. Based on the activities of The Crippled Children's Clinic of Birmingham, Alabama.

  35. The following summer, Todd traveled to Mayo Clinic once again for restorative surgery on his nose.

  36. The sense of urgency which had initially wrought such havoc upon me was squelched by the upcoming clinic appointments, and the week progressed without further turmoil on my behalf.

  37. Lauren, Mayo Clinic is where you should go.

  38. We drove to the clinic buildings, finally parking in the Damon car ramp.

  39. She was slightly older than myself, fifteen perhaps, and had come to the clinic from a southern state.

  40. The van droned into motion, taking us past residential streets and avenues until the clinic buildings grew above the trees with an air of infinite superiority.

  41. Mayo Clinic sends out a form letter for its Statistic Unit.

  42. My thoughts, nevertheless, went on the rampage after the startling conversation, and in no shape to make further calls, I gladly accepted my Dad's offer to call Mayo Clinic for me.

  43. Generally my visits to the clinic were clearly punctuated within my diary; in effect, five pages were barren of script except for a quickly scribbled sad face, each accompanied by a concise four letter word, "BLAH.

  44. Such sights were not alien to the hospital or clinic buildings yet they could not pass one's notice without delivering a jolt of awareness, of pity for the individual whose grasp on mortality was waning beneath humanity's unsettled gaze.

  45. From first school entrance suitable placement was a recognized problem, and by the time A was 6 years old he was brought to a college clinic for educational guidance.

  46. At the clinic his social responses were good.

  47. This is a third case of early recognition by teachers and of guidance by parents, which led in childhood to an educational clinic for advice.

  48. The Dunedin clinic is attended by medical students for purposes of instruction.

  49. The name is not sent in unless the patient discontinues treatment before he is free from infection and refuses either to go to a clinic or to another doctor.

  50. Clinic at Christchurch, who said, "I cannot remember a case where I was absolutely certain that infection was acquired innocently or extragenitally.

  51. Every medical practitioner, other than the medical officer in charge of a public hospital or of a clinic established by direction of the Minister of Health, shall be paid for each such notification a fee to be prescribed by regulation.

  52. Gosselin saw at his clinic a caudal appendix in an infant which measured about ten cm.

  53. He exhibited himself in one medical clinic after another all over Europe, and was always viewed with the greatest interest.

  54. In Spaeth's clinic there was a viable infant at six and a half months weighing 900 grams.

  55. Charpentier has observed in his clinic a woman with two supplementary axillary mammae with nipples.

  56. In the clinic it is difficult to conclude always whether the drug alone is responsible for rise in maximum pressure.

  57. Much that was hoped for from the electrocardiograph in the clinic has not been forthcoming.

  58. In the clinic we use this mercury instrument with a long cuff like that provided by the Tycos instrument.

  59. Most of those seen in the clinic have their origin in some part of the ventricular wall.

  60. You see, the Gerex clinic in northern New Jersey has clinical trials under way on some new medical procedure involving stem cells.

  61. Mom wants to go out to a clinic in the wilds of northern New Jersey and see a doctor there.

  62. Perhaps this part of the clinic was such a lockdown that nurses and guards weren't necessary.

  63. They've got some important clinical trials going on at a clinic in New Jersey that I need to hear about.

  64. We began that yesterday when you went to the clinic in New York for a stress test.

  65. This is a lot of security, Ally thought, for a clinic doing research on cells.

  66. What the Gerex Corporation is doing at a small clinic out in New Jersey is going to change everything we know about medicine.

  67. Then Bartlett moved the entire operation to a clinic at the BMD campus out in New Jersey called the Dorian Institute.

  68. Then he started trying to talk her into going to some clinic out in New Jersey, where they might be able to help .

  69. He had an eye for design and he had loved remodeling the old mansion and making it into a modern clinic and research facility.

  70. The daily blood tests at his clinic in New Jersey were showing he was disturbingly close to using up his nine lives.

  71. Five years earlier, Stanford University had canceled his research project there since the work he had been doing involved the special stem cells in unused fertility-clinic embryos.

  72. What she wasn't sure about was what her mother really thought about Grant's proposal to enroll her in this clinic in New Jersey.

  73. And since we're all being so frank, let me say I'm getting the impression that my going out to your clinic is really the reason you wanted to see me today.

  74. Van de Vliet told me she'd left the clinic of her own accord.

  75. As the system grows, this clinic should be supplied with more workers.

  76. Illustration: The eye clinic is advertised by its loving friends.

  77. This clinic is open every afternoon during the school year.

  78. The eye clinic conducted by the Division at the Brownell School is doing excellent work.

  79. Illustration: The equipment of the Marion School dental clinic cost about $700.

  80. She cures minor ailments in the school and clinic and furnishes efficient aid in emergencies.

  81. The value of the work of the eye clinic is beyond question.

  82. The proper glasses are ordered for the child and in a few days he is brought back to the clinic and the frames carefully adjusted.

  83. Approximately 12 noon or shortly thereafter I was in the clinic and was called to come into the emergency room to see these people and evaluate them for admission and treatment.

  84. Chief, 4 clinic physicians and 14 nurses now in attendance.

  85. Presently she was taken to a clinic and, when she was well enough to know what had happened, she learned that she had yellow fever, but that the crisis had passed.

  86. She was too weak to walk; realizing at last that the only way of escaping from the clinic would be to get well, she fought against her apprehensions for Lily's safety and after a fortnight of repressed torments was allowed out.

  87. When there was no special clinic activity in progress and often even when there was, he sat by himself and played poker.

  88. After long years of hospitalization he was now living in a community foster home and visiting the clinic three days a week.

  89. You idiot," he savagely addressed himself, "you act like a fool medical student detailed to give an anesthetic at a noted surgeon's clinic for the first time.

  90. The despatch read: "Important clinic on Thursday should like your assistance my wife urges the necessity of seeing Mrs. Burns without further delay please take first train for Baltimore.

  91. When I get a card saying you are holding a clinic on a subject I'm anxious to see demonstrated.

  92. Another illustration of the direction of attention to modern social methods is the present discussion of plans for a psychiatric clinic for mental hygiene and the discovery of defectives, especially those attending the schools.

  93. Still another indication of interest in child welfare is the fact that a clinic for babies was established in a central locality and a nurse for babies regularly employed.

  94. Until recently, there has been no evidence that clinic baptism, i.

  95. I also had another totally unrelated and unconnected programme that I wanted to accomplish, namely to improve my eyesight by taking a course on eye care and learning eye exercises at the Eye Clinic at the Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry.

  96. I came to know of the Eye Clinic through Farida, one of the resident staff at Croc Bank.

  97. I had continued these exercises when I was at the Croc Bank, where Farida seeing me at it, had told me about the Eye Clinic at Aurobindo Ashram where I could get proper training.

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