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whenst; wher; wheras; wherat; wherby; whereabout; whereabouts; whereafter; whereas; whereat
  1. Lay long, however up and to church, where Mills made a good sermon.

  2. So I to the office, where very busy till late at night, and then home.

  3. Up, and to the office, where we sat, and at noon home to dinner, a small dinner because of a good supper.

  4. Coventry's chamber, and thence with him up to the Duke of York, where among other things at our meeting I did offer my assistance to Sir J.

  5. So to the office, where we sat all the morning.

  6. Up, and to the office, where some accounts of Mr. Gawden's were examined, but I home most of the morning to even some accounts with Sir H.

  7. My happiest time with her is spent in public places, restaurants, and theatres where her unclouded pleasure is reflected in my heart.

  8. I found myself in a nondescript room where a courteous official seated at a desk held me on the rack for half an hour.

  9. Is that where Benvenuto Cellini has always lived?

  10. I took advantage of the anti-climax, however, to bring my aunt from the balcony to the centre of the room, where Dora joined us.

  11. I enjoyed the drive to Richmond, where I gave her tea at the Star and Garter and was relieved to see her drink normally from the cup, instead of lapping from the saucer like a kitten.

  12. The dream-city--where every one wants to get.

  13. Or she could be sent to a convent and put into a cell with rats, or she could be bidden to attend at a merry-making where the chief attraction was roast grocer's assistant.

  14. I have shot into a lumber heap in a corner of this room, where I sit and shiver by a little stove.

  15. Half the shingle beach is given up to fisherfolk and their boats and tarred Noah's arks where they keep their nets.

  16. Between Lingfield Terrace and Avenue Road she has been caught, thrust into a closed carriage, gagged and carried God knows where by the wiliest old thief in Asia.

  17. But I was sorry when he left me at Constantinople, where he counted on striking the track of a Bohemian herbal, printed at Prague, and never more to be read by any of the sons of man.

  18. I should be transported to the realms where the fairy tales end!

  19. I have gathered into my arms the one-eyed cat, and buried my face in his fur--where Carlotta's face has been buried.

  20. Her appearance was hailed with shouts from the cliff, where there were signs of excitement among the throng of spectators.

  21. There was no convenient landing-place among the rocks where the airship could be brought safely to rest, and the Jew, apparently recognizing this, did not attempt to stir from his position.

  22. A great patch of black surrounded one eye, where he had rubbed his knuckles.

  23. Suppose anything goes wrong with the machine, where are you?

  24. If the yacht had remained where he had last seen her--and it was scarcely likely that Mr. Greatorex would shift his anchorage--he conjectured that a five mile walk would bring him to the nearest point of the shore.

  25. Tom at once caused the airship to rise, and by the time the Moors arrived at the spot where it had rested it was high above their heads and out of harm's way.

  26. Crouching low as they went, they heard the pursuers halt at the place where they had descended.

  27. The Moor's knowledge of the place enabled him to lead Tom to a spot where it would clearly be an easy matter to climb the battlements.

  28. Wouldn't he have the blues if he knew where I am!

  29. Once, in Tangier, he had accompanied a friend to such a dungeon, where his friend's father was confined for denying that he possessed hidden treasure.

  30. There was doubtless one entrance to the dungeon from the patio beneath, where the jailer occupied a room near the great gateway.

  31. Salathiel then proposed that they should try to gain the nearest town where they might find Europeans, and tell a moving story of the sufferings and perils they had endured in rescuing the German from the hands of his captors.

  32. Breathless he came over the brink, on the opposite side from that where the Moors had disappeared, almost before Tom could turn round.

  33. She was a little confused in her mind where to go; but an instinct kept her course to the left, and consequently further away from her fawn.

  34. Perry soon recovered his breath, and before they ran to the field to tell of Solomon's plight, the two boys had the presence of mind to pen the cow up where she could not, should she take a notion, gore the helpless grizzly.

  35. It seems to me we ought to come to that little hollow where the muck-holes are," John said.

  36. Presently we saw one of those wretched elephants coming along, and, would you believe it, he had actually allowed some of the white men to get into a sort of castle on his back, where they could shoot at us in safety!

  37. With a guinea in his mouth, he has probably gone into some house of entertainment where dogs are supplied with dinner and a warm bed, instead of shivering in a winter's gale!

  38. That night our brigade made its bivouac just over Long Bridge, almost on the identical spot where four years before I had camped my company of three months' volunteers.

  39. Into that deep place, where bank and trees overhung, the sun did not come, and I felt the cold striking into my raw flesh.

  40. Perhaps I can try again if I rest," I thought, and meanwhile drifted out until the roar of the breakers came but dully to my ears--out where the water was deep and green.

  41. Although a side current shifted me from my direct course so that I had to land upon another beach than I had intended, I got ashore without difficulty, and hastened across the point to Moss Beach, where I had left my clothes.

  42. On level ground, where he could have coiled, and where his sensitive under surface could have slid comfortably over smooth earth, he would not have shirked combat when cornered.

  43. He aimed an accurate kick that sent Scrap flying, surprised but not vindictive, to the side lines, where he considered, his head cocked.

  44. When peril approaches, the wary old fox instructs his young ones to escape with turns and doublings on their path, while he himself will stand still on some brow or knoll, where he can both see and be seen.

  45. Believing that there was only one path to take, I rode slowly on, but shortly reached a spot where I was in some doubt whether I should go forward or turn off to the left.

  46. Have a chat with her if you like, but don't tell her where I live, or about my son.

  47. Maggie had a good gift at millinery, and, at certain odd times, had worked in a little shop on Sixteenth Street, where the mistress had thought well of her, and made her advantageous offers.

  48. I clung tight to Harry's arm, and asked myself where I was, as I moved round among them.

  49. They had been in the awful valley of the shadow together--that valley where all that is false perishes and drops off, and what is true becomes the only reality.

  50. I feel as if I had been out in some other world and been brought back again; and now I hardly know myself or where I am.

  51. She lived with him a while in one place and another, and he became tired of her and contrived to place her in a house of evil, where she was entrapped and enslaved for a long time.

  52. He looked on the vicious and the abandoned as a man shipwrecked and swimming for his life looks on the drowning who are floating in the waves around him; and where a hand was wanting, he was prompt to stretch it out.

  53. In general I long for the dear old prayers of my church, where my poor little naughty heart has learned the way and can go on with full consent without stopping to think.

  54. She arranged for a dinner-party to be given by Mrs. Van Arsdel, where the doctor and his lady were to be received into family alliance, and testimonies of high consideration accorded to them.

  55. It's just like the old villas I used to see in Italy where the fountains were all mossy.

  56. A portion of them had been enabled by the charity of friends to rent a house to be devoted to the purposes of nursing destitute sick children, with dormitories also where homeless women could find temporary shelter.

  57. I believe the idea is, we are to know before we leave, where we will be put when we come back.

  58. And suppose I did, where would it land me?

  59. Hushed voices around that part of college where the infirmary was situated bespoke an active sympathy, and the weight of oppression that comes with dread had suddenly changed the whole atmosphere into a cloud of gloom.

  60. Jane, leading the girls away from the tracks, now cleared of the New York express, and guiding them to the back of the station where Firefly waited proudly.

  61. First the hose cart, the "hook and ladder" jerked up to the porch where the girls waited, breathless but calmer now that men and means had come to their rescue.

  62. Just see where his old hose scraped my best silken hose.

  63. Also she cast a glance of apprehension along the path where Jane Allen should at least now be seen on her way.

  64. This is where we get all that is coming to us," said Bobbie more literally than elegantly.

  65. It was over on the long low bench by the ball field where practice should have been kicking up a dust.

  66. Whatever has happened and where is Judith?

  67. Truants," said Jane, "where have you been?

  68. Determined to try another plan, I then inquired of her where she had spent the previous evening?

  69. Immediately on receipt of this letter, Andrew Ayton determined upon setting out for Morayshire, where he thought he should be safe from pursuit.

  70. I have been in these three months back, not knowing where you were, or what might be your fate, you would never, never go away again!

  71. On my inquiring if there had been many conventicles held about there, Mr. Brown informed me of several, more particularly mentioning one held near Bathgate, where a Mr. Riddel officiated.

  72. Lord be praised, who in his great mercy hath spared you to gladden my eyes once more; but where is Thomas?

  73. In accordance with my orders, all four were instantly conveyed to Bangor prison, where the proper authorities tendered to them the oath of abjuration, which was taken by one and refused by the others.

  74. This done, he retraced his steps to the kitchen, where he found his four companions seated around the hearth, conversing in subdued whispers on the sad occurrences of the day.

  75. The other night some silver-voiced young men came under my window and sang--"Come where my love lies dreaming.

  76. The remembrance often makes me ask--"Where are the boys of my youth?

  77. This would be more than my modesty could stand--and I should have to return to America--where my creditors are.

  78. Altogether it is a very wondrous edifice, considering where it is built and who were the builders.

  79. I remember one where they gave me a bag of oats for a pillow--I had nightmares of course.

  80. The adjoining small building is Brigham Young's office--and where he receives his visitors.

  81. In the rear are the schoolhouses where Brigham Young's children are educated.

  82. At the date of our visit, there was only one place in Salt Lake City where strong drink was allowed to be sold.

  83. Any respectable cannibal will tell you where I live.

  84. During the vacation I used to teach a school of whales--and there's where I learned to spout.

  85. He led me to where one of Wells, Fargo & Co's express wagons was being rapidly filled with silver bricks.

  86. Hence arises a most touching question--"Where are the girls of my youth?

  87. Mormon Tabernacle, where the men espouse Mormonism and the women espouse Brother Brigham and his Elders as spiritual Physicians, convicted of bad doct'rin.

  88. You did not look for it in the right place," said I, and up to this day the landlord does not know where the right place was.

  89. I had to make the ponies go where the sand was wet along the beach, as there it was harder and they did not sink.

  90. Where the sea had receded the stones were slippery, and my two animals were no sooner on their feet than they were down again on their knees.

  91. There is probably no country in the world where there is so much loss of infant life due to want, accidents, and diseases, as with the Ainu.

  92. On Volcano Bay, up the Saru River, and on the Lake Kutcharo, where it is the custom of the Ainu to make trophies of the skulls of bears and deer which have been killed in the hunt, one or two inao are placed at the foot of the trophy.

  93. Red hair, or hair with red shades in it, is common among the Ainu of the north-east coast of Yezo, and also among the Kurilsky Ainu of Shikotan, where nearly all the children have light hair.

  94. I peeped over the rocks, and one of them saw me and flew away, while the other remained where it was, stretching its neck in my direction.

  95. It is not to be wondered at, in a country where marital relations are so peculiar, that very little love is felt for children beyond a certain age.

  96. Where a European would have done this by passing the ropes round the baggage and pulling them fast to the saddle, the Ainu set his foot (generally the right) against the baggage and pulled the ropes with his teeth.

  97. The only place in Yezo where I was actually ill-treated by Ainu, as my readers will remember, is the village where they were said to be "very civilised.

  98. Close to the tunnel there is a small Ainu village, where the natives let their hair grow very long, and then tie it up in a kind of knot, similar to the Corean fashion of head-dress, while the women have given up tattooing altogether.

  99. In the house where I put up I was received by a young man, but the owner of the house did not show himself.

  100. Moi = a bay, a sheltered bend in a river where the water is quiet.

  101. Before we left, the old lady--she must be eighty or more--took me aside and asked me where we were lodging.

  102. It was growing dusk when they turned into a wayside inn, where they found Agne and her little brother captives to a soldier.

  103. They presently came out of an obscure alley by the canal connecting Kibotus with Lake Mareotis where the Nile-boats lay at anchor.

  104. Her cathedra was a high arm-chair which she never quitted but to be carried to her observatory on the roof of the house, where she kept her astrological tablets and manuscripts.

  105. There were images of the gods in the halls and corridors, and in the room where we were received by Gorgo, the beautiful daughter of Porphyrius, there was an altar before an image of Isis, quite freshly anointed.

  106. The stranger made his way into one of these rooms, where he was warmly welcomed by a young man, who was occupied in cutting a Kopais reed into a mouth-piece for a double flute, and by a tall matronly woman.

  107. Where is our grove, with its cool grottos, its primaeval trees, its shady nooks, and all the peace and enjoyment of which it was as full as a ripe grape is full of sweet juice?

  108. Papias had stopped his piping too, and was sitting in the corner where Orpheus sat to write his letter to Tauromenium.

  109. But where is the dark maiden I saw yesterday?

  110. I accuse them before the Immortals--for where is the grove even, not the work of man but the special work of Heaven itself?

  111. All this rose before her mind, and even Karnis sat gazing dumbly at the waves; for every spot where some decisive change has occurred in our lives has power to revive the past when we see it again after a long absence.

  112. If there be one thing on earth which is truly admirable, it is to see God's wisdom blessing an inferiority of natural powers where they have been honestly, truly and zealously cultivated.

  113. The devil plagues and torments us in the place where we are most tender and weak.

  114. After a time he looked up, and said, 'There are thousands of houses in England at this moment where wives, mothers, and children are dying of hunger.

  115. We cast anchor near Tybee Island, where the groves of pines along the shore made an agreeable prospect, showing, as it were, the bloom of spring in the depth of winter.

  116. Now I began to apprehend where I had judged wrongly.

  117. With this view, to quench the fire, by laying the blame where it was due, the 'Calm Address' was written.

  118. When morning came the light was faint and sickly; the buildings around us were tottering to their fall, and there was great and unavoidable danger in remaining where we were.

  119. Admiral Sir Horatio Nelson was now removed to the Theseus, and was employed in the blockade of Cadiz, where he went through the most perilous action in which he was ever engaged.

  120. Being Christmas Day, we began the service in the new chapel at four in the morning, as usual, where I preached again in the evening after having officiated in West Street at the common hour.

  121. He longed to witness, and very probably to share in, the present triumphs of liberty on those very fields where he had gathered for immortality such memorials of the liberty of the past.

  122. He returned to Clairvaux in 1135, where he found the community all living in Christian amity, and again retired to a cottage in the neighbourhood for rest and reflection.

  123. When the Indians build houses, they carry large logs on their shoulders from the place where the tree is cut down to where they are building.

  124. Cowards have been known to return, and bring scalps home, which they had taken where they knew there was no danger, where no attack was expected and no opposition made.

  125. They made a pair of rackets for the woman to walk on, and brought her and her children along in safety to the Big Island, where my informants resided at the time.

  126. The prisoners are generally adopted by the families of their conquerors in the place of lost or deceased relations or friends, where they soon become domesticated, and are so kindly treated that they never wish themselves away again.

  127. The attacking the peaceable encampment of the Delaware chiefs on the island at Pittsburgh, where one Messenger and several others were murdered.

  128. In the interior of the country we find every where the Lenape and their kindred tribes.

  129. As the clock struck two, Mrs. Warren rose with a Jack-in-the-box effect from behind the table where she had ensconced herself after welcoming the last arrival.

  130. And as long as he lived, he'd stand off and stare at the corner of the room where there wasn't nothing with his eyes kind of fixed, and it was enough to make your hair rise up to look at him.

  131. It's high time your skirts were coming down where they belong.

  132. Mrs. Hornblower, though fond of flaunting her wifely subjection in the faces of her acquaintances, never failed to get her own way in any domestic crisis where she had taken the trouble to form a preference.

  133. It's one of the games where you can't lose, if you take their word for it," Thomas was explaining to his absorbed listener.

  134. But I kind of worried over having a love-letter wandering around that way and not getting where it belonged.

  135. That's where all of 'em belong when it comes to a woman like Annabel," said Persis with unwonted pessimism.

  136. I often say to Bartholomew that honesty's the best policy, even where it looks the other way round.

  137. Maybe up-stairs where it's quiet, I'll be able to eat a little.

  138. Some of our girls are doing real missionary work by going out into the neighborhood, to relieve the sick, read to the old and infirm, and to carry food where it is needed.

  139. This might be expected in the political world, but not in the Church where "all are one in Christ Jesus.

  140. We reach the village, meet a young man outside the village, ask him 'where is the Christian woman's house?

  141. I stay home ten days, then take my way, go to find where Moo Hing Shan is.

  142. Now, this is never done; a package of any kind may be left where it is freely accessible for weeks, and it will be untouched.

  143. He asked permission to leave the island at once, but Sagasta cabled to him that he must remain where he was until Oct.

  144. Where four figures are given in the answer, the last figure may vary by one or (rarely) by two units, according to the method by which the problem is solved.

  145. They are sufficiently accurate for use in chemical analyses, except in the comparatively few cases where the highest attainable accuracy is demanded in chemical investigations.

  146. How happy are we here, in having fortunately escaped the miseries which attended our fathers; how thankful ought we to be, that they reared us in a land where sobriety and industry never fail to meet with the most ample rewards!

  147. But as the happiness of my family is the only object of my wishes, I care very little where we be, or where we go, provided that we are safe, and all united together.

  148. What need of galenical medicines, where fevers, and stomachs loaded by the loss of the digestive powers, are so few?

  149. View the arctic and antarctic regions, those huge voids, where nothing lives; regions of eternal snow: where winter in all his horrors has established his throne, and arrested every creative power of nature.

  150. After having walked on its top a considerable way I at last reached the place where ten men were at work.

  151. Those returns are sometimes disposed of in the towns on the continent, where they are exchanged for such commodities as are wanted; but they are most commonly sent to England, where they always sell for cash.

  152. From England, with what motives we know not, he set out for the New World, where he was to spend his busiest and happiest days.

  153. Where is the fox-terrier that was painted sitting on the table under Grandfather's hand?

  154. He beckoned imperatively and they followed down the great staircase into the great hall below, where he stopped under a gilt-framed oil portrait, life size.

  155. Then, peering closer at the canvas: "Somebody's scraped off the paint where the dog used to be.

  156. Kiki, with a shrill bark, scrambled from her arms and leaped upon the bed where he began scratching furiously at the cover which Frank was holding desperately but vainly against this unexpected onslaught.

  157. Let me know, upon the receipt of this letter, how you are, and where you are.

  158. You will find both asses' and mares' milk enough in the south of France, where it was much drank when I was there.

  159. Lord Chatham seems to be out of the question, and is at his repurchased house at Hayes, where he will not see a mortal.

  160. This may probably have the same fate; however, if it reaches Monsieur Sarrazin, I presume he will know where to take his aim at you; for I find you are in motion, and with a polarity to Dresden.

  161. Lord Mountstuart was never thought of for Vienna, where Lord Stormont returns in three months; the former is going to be married to one of the Miss Windsors, a great fortune.

  162. I am very glad that you begin to feel the good effects of the climate where you are; I know it saved my life, in 1741, when both the skillful and the unskillful gave me over.

  163. In that ramble I stayed three or four days at Nimes, where there are more remains of antiquity, I believe, than in any town in Europe, Italy excepted.

  164. On their return journey they visited Florence and Milan, spending more than half a year in these libraries, and then proceeded through France to Paris, where they met scholars like Du Cange, Combefis, and Labbe.

  165. At the age of twelve he was lost in a cave, where he still lives, awaiting his time.

  166. The level country, except where there are rivers, becomes parched.

  167. Entering Italy by way of Trent, they arrived at Venice towards the end of October, where they found the first rich store of Greek manuscripts, and whence also they despatched by sea to Bollandus the first fruits of their toil.

  168. Most of these pocket gophers lived where there was a good growth of pine trees in the same areas where large pocket gophers of the species Cratogeomys gymnurus occurred.

  169. The other slab, covering Robert, the uncle of the emigrant, is in one of the aisles of the nave, where it is scraped by the feet of all who pass.

  170. He has travelled on to the end of his journey, and carried with him an increasing weight of honor; he has deposited it safely, where misfortune can not tarnish it, where malice can not blast it.

  171. This law made the opposition still more earnest and bold; and few men in the district of country where they exercised a sort of reign of terror dared openly to dissent from their views.

  172. This young man had just returned from Europe, where he had been educated; and he displayed in his deportment and conversation all the social graces derived from foreign travel.

  173. At that time the question, Where shall the seat of the federal government be permanently located?

  174. He shut down the gate and tore along through the ferns and tangled grass till he came to the sheep-pen, where the bank was muddy and trampled.

  175. She looked pained as she said, "I wish I were; but there is not room for us all, where there is so little soil.

  176. She seemed to know where Enselman sat without raising her eyes; neither did he venture to look at her, as she came to him, and stooping forward, laid her little cold hands on his.

  177. She looked down the valley where the mountains parted seaward, the only break in the continuous barrier of land that cut off her retreat and closed in about the atom of her own identity.

  178. Into the midst of them Hetty's partner plunged, with his breathless, smiling dancer in his arms, passed into the dim outer place to the door where his horse stood saddled, and they were gone.

  179. Still, he admitted, where a man could take a whole day all to himself like that, without fear of being called off at any moment by the women on some frivolous household errand, he might afford to potter with such things.

  180. They met in town on the Saturday before the dance, Hetty buying her dancing-shoes at the back of the store, where the shoe-cases framed in a snug little alcove for the exhibition of a "fit.

  181. Nancy, I say, where be you a-hidin' yourself?

  182. Well, I think thee might read to us about where he's been preachin'.

  183. To them, born and bred in the fertile land where August is indeed the Lion Month, the sun is their very life.

  184. I stood gazing over the hedge watching Craig disappear back towards the main road, where at the corner a small red light now showed.

  185. Therefore, we left Paris, and duly landed at Charing Cross, just in time to catch the last train up to Cromer, where we arrived between ten and eleven o'clock at night.

  186. When I entered the pretty little drawing-room where Lola was, she sprang to her feet to receive me, holding out her small white hand in glad welcome.

  187. I followed him, and saw that he took a ticket to Swiss Cottage, where he took another taxi along the Finchley Road, alighting at the end of a rather quiet thoroughfare of superior houses called Arkwright Road.

  188. I ask, for the man who came past me, within a couple of feet from where I stood concealed, all unconscious of my presence, was no stranger.

  189. Therefore, one morning I left Carlos Place in a taxi and drove to King's Cross Station, where I alighted, paid the man, and went on to the main line departure platform.

  190. He's just along the West Cliff--at Beacon House, where Mr. Craig lived in.

  191. By a circuitous route they reached the narrow street at the back of the house where old Mr. Gregory and his nephew had lived, and, after passing and repassing it several times, returned by the way they had come.

  192. I had three calls in various directions, and then returned to where Lola and her lover were standing together.

  193. For an objection occurs to him:--May there not be errors where there is no confusion of mind and sense?

  194. Who is the judge or where is the spectator, having a right to control us?

  195. Or where is the spectator having any right to censure or control us, as he might the poets?

  196. And now I have to go to the porch of the King Archon, where I am to meet Meletus and his indictment.

  197. How does the inward differ from the outward and what is the relation between them, and where do we draw the line by which we separate mind from matter, the soul from the body?

  198. No one is the superior of the invincible Socrates in argument (except in the first part of the Parmenides, where he is introduced as a youth); but he is by no means supposed to be in possession of the whole truth.

  199. They are veiled in graceful language; they are not pushed to extremes; they stop where the human mind is disposed also to stop--short of a manifest absurdity.

  200. An instant after the burst the trench relaxed; some of the sentries looked back to see where the shell had fallen, others paid no attention to it whatsoever.

  201. He was a sous-lieutenant of the Engineers, and had quarters of his own in the rear of the trenches, where one was always sure to find books on social questions lying round in the hay.

  202. These foods are taken directly to the rear of the trenches where the regimental cooks have their traveling kitchens.

  203. The little hamlet, now the junction where the wagon-trains supplying the soldiery meet the great artery of the railroad, was built on the banks of a canal above the river.

  204. In summer we have our little vegetable gardens down behind those trees where the Boches can't see us.

  205. A little action, some quarrel of sentries, perhaps, was going on behind the trees, just where the wooded ridge sloped to the river.

  206. Two nights later, the officer and the sergeant crawled down the dreadful slope to the crater where the combat had taken place, in the hope of finding the wounded man.

  207. As for clothing, every regiment has a regimental tailor shop and supply of uniforms in the village where they go to repos.

  208. Standing with her hands in the soapy water, or wiping dry the hideous blue-and-white dinner service of Wisteria Villa, she never even bothered to look up to see where the shells were landing.

  209. Oiler and I went through an opening in a canvas partition into that part of the great shed where the wounded were being unloaded from the trains.

  210. The French smash up a village where German troops are en repos; while it is being done, the Germans begin to blow a French village to pieces.

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    everywhere; location; locus; place; position; site; situation; spot; static; whereabouts

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