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Example sentences for "make your"

  • I am pleased to make your acquaintance, Mr. Bellmaus.

  • Rest assured, Miss Runeck, that no poet will forget you, who has once had the good fortune to make your acquaintance.

  • Then I am really glad to make your acquaintance.

  • Make your arrangements, then, I beseech you, to give us as long a visit as you can steal from the grave cares of watching over the interests of your beloved Ravenna.

  • But did you not send for me to make your will?

  • The utmost that can be done to make your detention as little uncomfortable to you as possible, shall be done.

  • You did not come to make your report to us here at once?

  • Four years ago I heard a great deal about you, and wished very much to make your acquaintance; I firmly believe that it was through the interference of Heaven that we became acquainted the day before yesterday.

  • Throw over me a curse which will kill me instantly, or make your will.

  • Do you think that a man who feels for you the most tender affection can abandon you when he has been fortunate enough to make your acquaintance, when he is aware of the sad position in which you are placed?

  • I send you here inclosed a letter from Comte Lascaris, who is a warm friend of yours: I desire that you will answer it very soon and cordially, and remember to make your compliments in it to Comte du Perron.

  • I want to make your portrait by far the finest thing that I have ever done--or that I ever shall do," he said.

  • Go ahead--make your proposition; there's no use beating about the bush between us.

  • Then you need but one more fact to make your knowledge of the subject complete, and that I will now give you.

  • If you want to make your picture, or a part of it, brighter and lighter, bring it up in pitch with body color first, with solid painting, and then glaze it.

  • If there is much variety of color in the various objects of your composition, it is better to make your frottee suggest the different colors.

  • Make your studies in the same light as that which the picture will represent.

  • Make your sketch at one sitting, or you will have something which is not a sketch.

  • Neither of you have ever tried, apparently, to make your marriage a success.

  • I was worried, I was going to make your father go down to the mill.

  • It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Mr. Paret," said Mr. Trulease.

  • I am fatigued, Alice," said Lucy; "make your narrative as short as you can.

  • He speaks of you with such warmth, and in terms of such high esteem, that I felt naturally anxious to make your acquaintance, as his friend.

  • And it certainly would not be logical to make your characters do anything which such persons would not do in real life.

  • I can't tell you how I appreciate your insisting on my staying--let me make your breakfast in the morning, Miss Carey.

  • And, as we walk along, I dare be bold With our discourse to make your Grace to smile.

  • Now to you: If on my credit you dare build so far To make your speed to Dover, you shall find Some that will thank you, making just report Of how unnatural and bemadding sorrow The King hath cause to plain.

  • If you will marry, make your loves to me; My lady is bespoke.

  • What fashion, madam, shall I make your breeches?

  • I am glad to make your acquaintance, and I wish you great success.

  • I am very happy to make your acquaintance," responded the governor.

  • So far from wishing to gain admittance to this set or that, every one will be longing to make your acquaintance.

  • You have talent, the deuce you have, and I'm delighted to make your acquaintance.

  • It needs an immense amount of brains to make your way, and a still greater amount of luck.

  • A plot, Mr. Folliard, for the purpose of creating an opportunity to make your acquaintance, and of ingratiating himself into the good graces and affections of your lovely daughter; a plot for the purpose of marrying her.

  • Make your escape if he should be the person who is approaching us, and convey to my daughter the message I have given you.

  • There is a pretty girl in the case whom you thought you would like to make your wife.

  • I want you to make your fortune by a way to which you will not object marrying a young and pretty wife.

  • I earnestly wish to make your daughter my wife, and I have her permission to request that you will give your sanction to our marriage when I next return on shore.

  • Make your olives as you would common beef olives; put them into puff paste, top and bottom; fill the pie with water, when baked, pour in some good rich gravy.

  • Fry some parsley, and lay it round the dish; make your sauce of butter and gravy.

  • Make your olives as directed in the receipt for making olives; put them into a crust; fill the pie with water: when baked, pour in some good gravy, boiled and thickened with a little good cream and flour boiled together.

  • As the liquor increases, make your fire a little stronger, and, when enough done, skim off all the fat, and put in a glass of claret.

  • She wishes to make your acquaintance, and has asked me to bring you to see her.

  • And Father Alexey very much wanted to make your acquaintance.

  • I have seen your father twice, and have heard a great deal about him,' she went on; 'I am glad to make your acquaintance.

  • The above list will hopefully provide you with a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "make your" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this group of words.

    Some common collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    could not have said; make any; make certain; make contracts; make every; make great; make her; make herself; make improvements; make itself; make less; make like; make merry; make mistakes; make much; make one; make room; make sense; make some; make thee; make them; make use; return from; similar fate; surprise when; whatever their