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  1. I was about to say, the sea voyage may possibly benefit her," continued the great M.

  2. As Tom had prophesied, the lady passengers made a great deal of Gracie and her brother, for their tender womanly hearts overflowed with compassion when they heard of the misfortunes and sufferings of the family.

  3. The point at which Colonel Somerset intended to enter the Amatolas was Burns Hill, where there was a large mission station, and near which the great chief Sandilli had his principal kraal.

  4. I was on deck at the moment, and springing up the shrouds to the main-top-mast head, I descried three whales right ahead of us and at no great distance.

  5. Using the great oaks for cover, Scotty moved to the picnic grounds, among the tables and stone cooking pits.

  6. Then, when we have the answer, I have a great idea for unmasking the ghost.

  7. The shock was so great I just sort of crumpled and fell.

  8. They went across the hilltop with great strides, broke into the open beyond the cornfield, dodged thorns, and panted to a stop just above the opening of the second tunnel.

  9. The clients thought they were in on a great big secret.

  10. There was a weird feeling of hollowness in the air, as though they stood in some great cavern.

  11. Again they examined the entire location with great care, and Scotty probed seams in the rock with his jackknife blade.

  12. The night was clear and still, and sounds would carry great distances.

  13. He replaced the film on the sprockets and closed the gate with great care.

  14. It may, however, be fairly assumed that we should have known more about his intimacy with his Achates and his Maecenas if it had been great and continuous.

  15. He was still a great genius to whom eccentricities were natural, but the Fighting Temeraire was the last picture of his at which no stone was thrown.

  16. Never before was so great an artist surrounded by such a skilled body of interpreters in black and white.

  17. My dear child, now you are, by great good fortune, got into a gentleman's family, remember you must never mention those creatures in the city your mamma used to visit.

  18. I can, however, scarcely regret the pain you have experienced, because it has caused you to express sentiments which do you honour, and which must give great pleasure to your mother.

  19. Edmund; "though you have not read as much as we have, yet you have seen a great deal more than any of us, and you are the youngest of the company, you know.

  20. Charles had with great difficulty refrained from laughter on the outset of this scene; but indignation now suffused his countenance.

  21. The earlier acquaintance between the Reformer and the great Humanist, Erasmus, had now developed into an irreconcilable enmity.

  22. The thoughts of Staupitz turned in this on the temptations to pride, which might themselves be the means of curing that pride, and on the great things for which God wished to prepare him.

  23. But he was soon employed in the more important business of the Order, as, for instance, in transactions with a high official of the Archbishop, in which he displayed great zeal for the priesthood and for his Order.

  24. He is always fresh, cheerful, and at his ease, and has a pleasant countenance, however hard his enemies may threaten him, so that one cannot but believe that Heaven is with him in his great undertaking.

  25. He wrote: 'It would be a great joy to me if only you and my mother could come to us here.

  26. After the example of his great teacher St. Paul, he went his way in honour and dishonour, through evil report and good report, along the road which he knew to be pointed out from above.

  27. Shortly after this, Luther received the great news that the summary of belief of German Protestants, or Augsburg Confession, had been submitted on June 25 to the Emperor and the Estates, in the German language.

  28. His History, we are told, "is a great prose epic.

  29. And so, to the great perplexity of scholars, but to the great satisfaction of those who enjoy a pretty sentence, Meleager will continue "to wind his pure white violets into the gaudy garland of late Greek Euphuism.

  30. Our one concern is to possess an organization open to great and refined impressions.

  31. Tennyson is recalled, too nearly perhaps, in "By the Sea," but it is a poem of great charm and beauty.

  32. Now, as we said before, we see no great harm in this.

  33. But it is not always necessary to wait till great men die, though it is an experiment too bold and perilous for most aspirants to make this sort of capital out of them while they are still alive.

  34. And yet it has had great influence on critical literature.

  35. All this is illustrated nowhere more strikingly than in the publications of the two great University Presses.

  36. In the great majority of instances such a supposition would be against all analogy.

  37. The republication of these pieces was, we repeat, a great mistake, another lamentable illustration of the cruel wrong which officious and ill-judging admirers may inflict on a writer's reputation.

  38. Its history reminded us of the great Flemish primitives, for its first owner was Jean de Roubaix, the friend of Jan van Eyck.

  39. This great general was the next governor, and he proceeded to levy upon the people of Brussels the most extortionate taxes.

  40. Sire, your name will be great throughout the ages to come.

  41. The value of the tapestry industry to Flanders may be judged from the fact that Arras, a city of no importance whatever, from which not a single great artist had come, led all Europe for about two centuries in tapestry weaving.

  42. Since the sixteenth century, Brussels, Gobelins, and Mortlake have used a great deal of silk.

  43. Now the silhouettes of the cathedral and the great belfry are all that are pictured against the sky--like the gesture of a shattered arm now turned into stone.

  44. When they had been presented, they turned and led the way up the great staircase.

  45. In the midst of his court duties, Jan found time to go on with the great altar-piece, which he completed in 1432.

  46. Those who passed in the vicinity of the cathedral saw with regret that the great cross which surmounted the spire had been struck by the lightning, and was so bent that at any instant it might fall.

  47. It was not astonishing, then, that the neighbours noticed a great change in the habits of Dewis.

  48. They are doing fine work and are a great help.

  49. Indeed, the only hope of the Clerical party was said to lie in its maintenance, while the great hope of the Liberal wing lay in its overthrow.

  50. From this rose the cross of Lorraine, for the de Croys quartered their arms with this great family.

  51. But it made no impression upon his better half, to whom the absence of Lyntje was a cause of great inquietude.

  52. There was the ever present danger of fire in cities so rudely built, and the fires often became great conflagrations in which whole cities were consumed.

  53. To the Delawares they remained kit-tawa-wi, inhabitants of the great wilderness of Southern Ohio and Kentucky.

  54. Their great chief, Tedyuscung, stated at the Conference at Easton (1757), that their lands reached eastward to the shore of the sea.

  55. Anew spoke the great Manito, a manito to manitos, 10.

  56. One of the curious legends of the Lenape was that of the Great Naked or Hairless Bear.

  57. They named this constellation the horned head of some great fictitious animal.

  58. The cosmogony describes the formation of the world by the Great Manito, and its subsequent despoliation by the spirit of the waters, under the form of a serpent.

  59. To the same effect, Loskiel informs us that the Delawares "love to relate what great warriors their ancestors had been, and how many heroic deeds they had performed.

  60. They are peaceful, they have great things, who are they?

  61. Coming-as-a-Friend was chief; he went to the Great Lakes, 48.

  62. The bones are indeed stouter, but this and the great development of the muscular ridges noted by Dr.

  63. Every year tends to bring about a greater uniformity of opinion throughout the zoological world as to the limits and characters of these groups, great and small.

  64. Such a criterion as this would be invaluable; but, unfortunately, not only is it not obvious how to apply it in the great majority of cases in which its aid is needed, but its general validity is stoutly denied.

  65. In the great assemblage of annulose animals, the two highest classes, the insects and spider tribe, exhibit a wonderful persistency of type.

  66. And he describes a great variety of experiments which he made upon living animals with the view of proving this point, which he did prove effectually and for all time; and that you will observe was the only way of settling the matter.

  67. In their gambols they swing from limb to limb to a great distance, and leap with astonishing agility.

  68. Yes, mamma," said Rosy, with great satisfaction.

  69. Rosy had always been a fiery little person, but the great pity was that she had been sadly spoilt.

  70. I was reading to Fixie in the nursery, for he's got a cold and he mayn't go out, and you don't know what a great lot I read.

  71. It is a great comfort to her to leave the child in such good hands.

  72. And when she was eight years old, and her parents came home, full of delight to have their children all together again, the disappointment was great of finding Rosy so unlike what they had hoped.

  73. A day or two later Rosy came flying into the schoolroom in great excitement.

  74. Well, you think it of great lots, any way.

  75. Indeed, Presburg is a great deal too near the frontier, and maintains a communication too frequent and too regular with Vienna, to have retained almost any marks of its Hungarian origin.

  76. Of the local situation of that city I have said enough to give my readers some notion of the arena on which this great battle was fought.

  77. For Ziska was among the great ones of the earth.

  78. By degrees, however, as you come within what may be described as the vortex of Prague, a great change is perceptible.

  79. I desired her to inform the reverend gentleman that I should make all the haste I could to equip myself; after which I would wait upon him with great pleasure.

  80. Are not these very great blessings, and are you not content?

  81. Mrs. Floyd was kneading dough in a great wooden tray, and she looked at Harriet over her shoulder.

  82. I heard all the lies she told em about seein another wagon go whizzin down the road an I thought it was a great pity for her to do it, but she was doin it for a man she loved an I wouldent hold that agin her.

  83. Then he saw the bare brown cliff of a great canyon over the tops of the trees, and suddenly realizing the distance he had come he turned and walked homeward.

  84. I don't know why I think so, but if thar is any understanding between you two I'd take it as a great favor if you'd let me know it, right now at the start.

  85. Mrs. Slogan was seated at her great cumbersome hand-made loom in the corner of the kitchen, weaving reddish brown jeans for Peter's clothing.

  86. But she's a great favorite with all the boys.

  87. He put his hand on the bellows-pole; the great leather bag rattled and gasped, and a puff of ashes rose from the forge.

  88. A great joy had illuminated his face, and he grasped her hands and clung to them.

  89. Suddenly there was a great clatter of falling slats.

  90. You know some old women think it's a mark o' great respect to give a pair o' socks to anybody that they've knit the'rselves.

  91. As he sat upon his horse and slowly rode along, one who had known him six months before would scarcely have recognized him, so great had been the change in his appearance.

  92. She raised her great eyes to his in the mellow firelight, and then, as if puzzled by his expression, calmly studied his face.

  93. To her great relief the bell rang for dinner, and she hastened downstairs.

  94. It was drunk with great enthusiasm; and all sat down, not excepting Mr. Caulfield, who seemed quite unconscious of the wondering looks directed towards him.

  95. The old man thought for a few moments, and said he knew one who was under great obligations to him, and in whom he could trust.

  96. Which is the better lot:--a short spell of deep happiness and after misery, or an even life, unmarked by great joy or great sorrow?

  97. To poor Flora's great comfort, the gate and the carriages beyond it now came in sight.

  98. This was a question upon which Flora had been pondering for the last ten minutes, and she would have given a great deal to have had it satisfactorily answered.

  99. I have a great mind to make him pay for his dignity, and not help him over the dilemma.

  100. Will you forgive me if I say that you can hardly seize all the speaking beauty depicted in this great history?

  101. Was this great enjoyment of Mr. Earnscliffe's society the dawning of her dream of day?

  102. Numberless, however, would be the great pictures which must thus seem to you to be false or unintelligible, whilst to us they are rich in truth and supernatural meaning.

  103. Bessie, and, to her great amusement, the dog rose solemnly on his hind legs and commenced stalking down the lane.

  104. A great pity rose in Bessie's heart as she listened to Edna's sad voice.

  105. Bessie, she is killing herself," exclaimed Mrs. Sefton, for in those days she found Bessie a great comfort.

  106. For the second time in her life she had been brought face to face with death, and the great reality had sobered her.

  107. I do think you have a great deal to bear, Hatty.

  108. Tom does not consider himself a boy, I assure you; he is one-and-twenty, and ever since he has gone to Oxford he thinks himself of great consequence.

  109. That would be a great piece of substantial selfishness on your part, of which, I trust, my Hatty would not be capable.

  110. That is a great pity," returned Bessie gravely; but politeness forbade her to say more.

  111. This was paying a great compliment to Mr. Sinclair, for Dr.

  112. A little; I am fond of the game, but I have not played a great deal; it takes time, and there is so much to do.

  113. Not at all; you are giving me a great pleasure, Mr. Sefton.

  114. Sorrow is a great test of character; it makes the selfish more selfish, and hardens the proud, but Bessie grew softer under its influence.

  115. A custom 'tis of ancient date, Our lesser worlds within the great world to create!

  116. Aloft to yonder spheres I dare not soar, Whence sound the tidings of great joy; And yet, with this sweet strain familiar when a boy, Back it recalleth me to life once more.

  117. Instead of sitting throned midst forests wild, It would become so great a lord To comfort the enamour'd child, And the young monkey for her love reward.

  118. The WITCH, with great emphasis, begins to declaim the book.

  119. The little world, and then the great we'll view.

  120. Aloud) Of medicine the spirit's caught with ease, The great and little world you study through, That things may then their course pursue, As heaven may please.

  121. Great and glorious spirit, thou who didst vouchsafe to reveal thyself unto me, thou who dost know my very heart and soul, why hast thou linked me with this base associate, who feeds on mischief and revels in destruction?

  122. Both great and small send up a cheer; Here am I man, I feel it here.

  123. The caldron begins to boil over; a great flame arises, which streams up the chimney.

  124. What were some of the qualities in David which merited a crowning on that great day?

  125. One night while the United States battleship Maine lay peacefully at anchor in the harbour of Havana, an explosion tore a great hole in her hull and she quickly sank, carrying down many officers and men to sudden death.

  126. The jailer was further surprised to hear the two prisoners singing--actually singing some of their hymns, though they must have been in great discomfort.

  127. A group of fine buildings--a great Christian college in China, built for the most part by the Chinese themselves.

  128. I am glad that God is so great and that His plans are so large that He is still calling out men to share them with Him and work out their fulfillment.

  129. Bless you, no; he seized the opportunity to master the Portuguese language, which accomplishment proved to be a tremendous asset later on, in his great constructive work in India.

  130. I am so glad this lesson presents to us the good side of that really great word Remember, for to-day it is Remember Jesus.

  131. That same will-power, that same stubbornness, touched by the power of Christ becomes the rock-ribbed steadfastness that has enabled men to put through great achievements for God.

  132. Don't make the mistake of Nebuchadnezzar, who actually talked to himself about how clever he was and how great he was to build Babylon by the might of his own power (Dan.

  133. He made so good that Paul afterward sent for him, and he and Paul put through some great schemes together for Jesus Christ.

  134. So great has been the helpfulness of the "Say, Fellows--" lessons that the demand has come for their publication in the delightful book form in which they now appear.

  135. Oh, fellows, it is great to have clear running orders, with such a Message and such a Master!

  136. The Berlin papers made a great hurrah about the capture of the citadel, which is a purely ornamental old fort without military importance.

  137. All the neighbourhood was in a great state of excitement.

  138. The boys were right on their toes, and take great pride in the responsibility that is given them.

  139. The General was insistent, however, and finally the little old lady came reluctantly down the stairs into the great hall, stopping three or four steps from the bottom and gazing down upon her lodgers with a quizzical smile.

  140. A lot of men were brought in while we were there, some of them prisoners taken during the fighting, but a great many of them fugitives who were sick of the war, and only asked to get off with a whole skin.

  141. The great man is pretty old and doddery, wears spectacles about an inch thick, and a large collection of decorations.

  142. He plowed his way carefully through them and expressed his great satisfaction at the friendly expressions of approval.

  143. They are keeping it there, although it would probably be a great deal safer in Brussels.

  144. The restaurant was half filled with German officers, who were dining with great gusto.

  145. They are great high-wheeled affairs, each drawn by a big Belgian draught horse.

  146. He says that the people are not permitted to leave the place and are living in the cellars and ruins in great misery and practically without food.

  147. I was taken straight up to him in his Council Chamber, where I found him seated at a great table covered with maps and papers.

  148. While we were dining, a soldier with a rifle on his shoulder strode into the dining-room and handed me a paper; great excitement, as everybody thought we had been arrested.

  149. We made twenty-one kilometers there, in time to find that little town in a great state of excitement, because three big shells had come from nobody knew where, and burst by the railroad station.

  150. Two young officers came across the street to tell us in great glee that they had made a dash in a motor at the first German outpost and had brought in four prisoners.

  151. Not only Macedonia and Egypt, but Pergamon, Achaia, Rhodes, were all great powers according to the standard of any earlier age.

  152. But the great conquest--only which side was the conqueror?

  153. There is only one San Marino within the geographical bounds of Italy, and San Marino is not one of the great cities of Italy.

  154. What if he had grasped his position as before all things lord of the great eastern peninsula of Europe and the great western peninsula of Asia, lord that is of lands still partly Latin, but far more widely Greek?

  155. You may again, some of you, chance to hear some smatterer sneering at petty states ignorant of the great discoveries of natural science.

  156. That which, but for the check given to the course of things by the great Hannibalian episode, we might have looked for as the next scene of the drama, now actually comes on the stage as an episode within the episode.

  157. The great question of the divided Empire did not present itself till ages later.

  158. Who were the Alans, who play a great part in Spain for a moment and a small part in Gaul for a somewhat longer time?

  159. With the strangers who lay without the great brotherhood, ancient as may have been their power, mighty as may have been their works, we have to deal only when they come across the men of our own household.

  160. It is not I who dream, but Mr. George and his like who are not yet fully awake, and it is their somnolence that I dread more than anything else when I think of the great task of settlement before the world.

  161. While there are a great many who would like on occasion to kill, all are in favor of being protected against being killed.

  162. Now we have to consider the position of this country with regard to the possibility of our gold flitting in the event of very great credits being established in this country.

  163. The United States relatively to powers like Russia, Britain, and Germany is not a great military power, yet they are all pathetically anxious to secure the good-will of the United States.

  164. Then with sudden, paradoxical, terrific quiet earnest: "Great is the task that still confronts us, but greater my faith in my brave troops.

  165. The French left near the road had also been attacked and driven back a little, but not to so great an extent as the British right.

  166. There is no danger, but in a conference of the kind we had at Paris I could not overlook the fact that it was necessary for us to exercise great vigilance in regard to our gold.

  167. Henry quivered with anticipation under that gentle accolade and swallowed his heart while the great Ogilvy made a portentous announcement.

  168. He grinned and thrust out a great hand which she surveyed gravely for a minute before inserting hers in it.

  169. Good son," he whispered again; his big body relaxed, and the great heart of the Argonaut was still.

  170. Nevertheless, when Cardigan looked at his mill, his great heart would swell with pride.

  171. Bryce's great hand closed over the back of his father's neck; he shook the old man with mock ferocity.

  172. She took his great toil-worn hand, and her hot tears fell on it, for his gentleness, his benignancy, had touched her deeply.

  173. Rondeau grunted and dropped his guard, with the result that Bryce's great fists played a devil's tattoo on his countenance before he could crouch and cover.

  174. You great overgrown duffer," his father retorted affectionately, "I thought you'd never come.

  175. A cluster of wild orchids pendent from the great fungus-covered roots of a giant challenged her attention.

  176. Great is his power, and I invoke it now that he may enable me to prevail over this wicked enemy of mankind.

  177. When the party reached the Great Sand Dunes, Sagimau dreamed that he saw Kaubina on an island, and took him prisoner.

  178. To his surprise this lodge was at no great distance.

  179. There appeared to be one or two persons, at no great distance.

  180. It appeared to them to be at no great distance from the position they occupied.

  181. He again took flight as a partridge, ascending some distance into the air, and then suddenly coming down with great velocity, as partridges do, lit in the path far ahead.

  182. This tribe are emphatically the Seminoles of the North, consisting originally of individuals who were refugees from the great Odjibwa family.

  183. They were here told that the great chief wished to see them.

  184. She was a great admirer of romantic places, and paid very little attention to the numerous young men who came to her father's lodge for the purpose of seeing her.

  185. For their father had been a great medicine man, and had given them powerful spirits to aid them in all they undertook.

  186. The tortoise knew, that if he obtained the victory it must be by great diligence, so he went down into the earth, and taking a straight line, stopped for nothing.

  187. Having committed these articles to the fire, he besought his Manito that he would raise a great storm of snow, wind, and hail, and then laid himself down beside the old man.

  188. During this conference they had seated themselves upon the ground, and Red Head, in great affliction, reclined his head upon his fancied wife's lap.

  189. They played and laughed with great spirit, and the ball was seldom allowed to touch the ground.

  190. This crane was a bird of extraordinary size and great age.

  191. There is so great a Similitude in the Stile of these Writers, that the Reader, I think, need not doubt their Sincerity in admiring each other.

  192. But Colley call him, when thou would’st declame; Great is the Jest that lies in Colley’s Name.

  193. Tis great Delight to laugh at some Mens Ways; But ’tis much greater to give Merit Praise.

  194. The ancient family feuds, as those between the great houses of Guzman and Ponce de Leon in Andalusia, being revived, carried new division into the cities, whose streets literally ran with blood.

  195. The Arabs, with great felicity, frequently select names significant of some quality in the objects they represent.

  196. This remark of the great critic, which first engaged my attention in the midst of my embarrassments, although discouraging at first, in the end stimulated the desire to overcome them.

  197. The influence of the ecclesiastics in Spain may be traced back to the age of the Visigoths, when they controlled the affairs of the state in the great national councils of Toledo.

  198. She enforced the execution of her own plans, oftentimes even at great personal hazard, with a resolution surpassing that of her husband.

  199. The right of the great ecclesiastics and nobles to a seat in it was, indeed, recognized, but the transaction of business was reserved for the counsellors specially appointed.

  200. Before the discovery of America, Spain was to the rest of Europe what her colonies have since become, the great source of mineral wealth.

  201. The higher nobility, or ricos hombres, were exempted from general taxation, and the occasional attempt to infringe on this privilege in seasons of great public emergency, was uniformly repelled by this jealous body.

  202. A little paper and printing, a little paste, a great deal of malice, and a host of bill-stickers are all that are needed, and even the pecuniary cost is not large.

  203. The "new rich" parent will naturally send his son to Harvard, because it is the oldest of our colleges and of great renown, and because he supposes that through his college associations his son may pave a path with gold into "society.

  204. It contained the great statement of nationality and the argument for the national interpretation of the Constitution, and it was spoken in the course of a famous controversy.

  205. A public man wrote recently to a friend that he had seen an attack upon his conduct in a great journal, and had asked his lawyer to take the necessary legal steps to bring the offender to justice.

  206. But this, after all, is like asking whether a chromo copy of a great picture does not supersede painting, and prove it to be an antiquated or obsolete art.

  207. At the next general election the Antimasons nominated a separate ticket, and they carried the counties of Genesee, Monroe, Livingston, Orleans, and Niagara against both the great parties.

  208. Great orations are now prepared with care, and may be printed word for word.

  209. He knew that his father had paid by his own hard work for every dollar that he spent, and the relaxation of the sense of the duty of economy which always accompanies great riches had not yet begun.

  210. For a man who unconsciously has made so much fun for others as "the great lexicographer," Dr.

  211. Their hands are gloveless, and their diminutive fingers are loaded with rings of great value: for Cuban ladies are fond of jewellery, and make a great display of it upon all public occasions.

  212. Sometimes I enjoy these amusements in company with my partner; but when his society is denied me, I avail myself of the companionship of my friend Tunicú, who is a great authority in all matters appertaining to the 'gay and festive.

  213. The authorised programme of the 'Loyal and Ever-faithful Isle' is divided into a great many Acts.

  214. Great excitement prevails when a lobster comes on board, and bounds among our crew and passengers.

  215. Another party of Pollos chokes the narrow passage leading to the premiere danseuse's boudoir, and great is their joy when they catch a glimpse of the gauze goddess as she flutters hurriedly past on her way to the green-room.

  216. The machinery and engine are at present taking their periodical doze like a great boa constrictor.

  217. Great nicety is required to roll a cigarette after the approved fashion; the strength or mildness of the tobacco being in a great measure influenced by the way the grains are more or less compressed.

  218. Upon the morning of the execution, there is great excitement in town.

  219. This gentleman traffics in starch, an article in great demand, being employed for stiffening a Cuban's white drill clothes.

  220. They found, as they had suspected, that his great size was due to a huge dynamite bomb, which he was trying to conceal under his robes.

  221. The force of British soldiers at hand was not strong enough to drive them back, and they were able to swarm into the Pass in great numbers and possess themselves of it.

  222. Though a little flurry in the price of wheat cannot of itself make prosperity, the demands on our carrying trade for the shipment of the grain to foreign countries has brought a great deal of business to our shores.

  223. THE GREAT ROUND WORLD= These volumes are neatly bound in cloth, with title stamped on side and back, and make a neat library book, handy in size and weight, and tasteful in appearance.

  224. Faure's visit will be a new arrangement of the European alliances, which will leave Great Britain out in the cold, and lessen her influence in European politics.

  225. I thank you for your great service both to our young people and to their elders.

  226. He can think out a clever plan which would be of the greatest benefit to his country, and though in the beginning he will try with great firmness to enforce it, he cannot stand up against strong opposition.

  227. There is a feeling of great uneasiness throughout the city, the Turks fearing that more dynamite bombs will be thrown, and the Armenians that the mob will take a hideous vengeance for the outrage.

  228. Last October the Czar visited Paris, and during his stay it was openly hinted that an alliance between Russia and France had been formed which was to be of great benefit to both countries.

  229. Nearly all of the great countries of the world, with the exception of the United States, have had poor wheat crops this year.

  230. Grain elevators are in constant use loading the ships, and so great is the demand that the little floating elevators are getting a large share of the business.

  231. The Great Round World does not want you to hurry over this contest, but to take plenty of time and do the work carefully.

  232. This great statesman was buried with all the honors which his patriotism merited.

  233. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "great" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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    absolute; ace; acute; admirable; aggrandized; ample; anticipating; arch; ardent; ascendant; authoritarian; authoritative; authorized; autocratic; awesome; bad; banner; beatified; big; boss; bull; bully; bumper; capital; carrying; celebrated; central; champion; chief; chivalrous; choir; commanding; competent; comprehensive; consequential; considerable; console; controlling; cool; crackerjack; crowning; cutting; dandy; deep; delicious; desperate; distinguished; divine; dominant; drastic; echo; elevated; eminence; eminent; empowered; exalted; excellent; excessive; exhaustive; exorbitant; expansive; expecting; extensive; extravagant; extreme; fabulous; famous; fantastic; fat; fierce; fine; fingerboard; first; focal; foremost; full; furious; generous; genius; glorified; glorious; good; goodly; gorgeous; governing; grand; grave; gravid; great; gross; handsome; headmost; healthy; heavenly; heavy; heavyweight; heroic; high; hot; huge; husky; idealistic; illustrious; immeasurable; immoderate; immortal; immortalized; imperative; important; influential; intemperate; intense; irresistible; ivories; keen; keyboard; keys; knightly; large; leading; legendary; liberal; lofty; long; magician; magisterial; magnanimous; magnificent; magnified; main; manual; marvellous; master; material; maximum; mean; memorable; mighty; momentous; mortal; name; neat; nifty; noble; notable; numerous; official; outrageous; overruling; paramount; parturient; peachy; pedal; piercing; plenary; potent; power; powerful; predominant; preeminent; pregnant; preponderant; prestigious; prevailing; primal; primary; prime; princely; principal; prodigy; profound; prominent; proud; puissant; ranking; raving; redoubtable; renowned; rigorous; ripping; rough; ruling; rum; sage; sainted; sanctified; scrumptious; senior; sensational; serious; severe; sharp; significant; sizable; smashing; solid; solo; sovereign; spacious; spanking; splendid; splitting; star; stellar; striking; strong; stunning; sublime; substantial; superb; supereminent; superior; superlative; supreme; surpassing; sweet; swell; tall; teeming; terrific; thumping; tidy; total; totalitarian; tough; towering; unconscionable; vast; vehement; venomous; violent; virtuoso; virulent; voluminous; weighty; whiz; wizard

    Some related collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    great blessing; great blow; great capital; great comfort; great commotion; great crime; great delight; great difference; great distress; great elevation; great excellence; great feare; great glee; great heat; great light; great longing; great misery; great plain; great resemblance; great source; great spoonful; great value; great wind; greater proportion; greater than; greatest breadth