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  1. Further, in colonies the most characteristic officers were the quattuorviri.

  2. As a colony, Praeneste has a different history from that of any other of the colonies founded by Sulla.

  3. And whether the Colonies themselves ought to wish or aim at it by others?

  4. After 1833, when emancipation in English colonies took place, severer measures against the slave trade was possible and the colony began to grow.

  5. Brazil is the one country in the world, besides the Portuguese colonies on the east and west coasts of Africa, in which a fusion of the European and African races is proceeding unchecked by law or custom.

  6. The full realization of the horrors of the slave trade was slow in reaching the ears and conscience of the modern world, just as to-day the treatment of dark natives in European colonies is brought to publicity with the greatest difficulty.

  7. Although the Dutch thus commenced the continental slave trade they did not actually furnish a very large number of slaves to the English colonies outside the West Indies.

  8. The slaves landing from 1619 onward were received by the colonies at first as laborers, on the same plane as other laborers.

  9. The peonage systems in parts of the United States and the labor systems of many of the African colonies of Great Britain and Germany illustrate this phase of solution.

  10. Up to 1660 or thereabouts it seemed accepted in most colonies and in the English West Indies that baptism into a Christian church would free a Negro slave.

  11. England had colonies contiguous to our territory on the north, which we might make the battle-ground; France had no territory that would serve us for such a purpose.

  12. During the war of that year she had tried to establish a rule that neutral nations were not at liberty to trade with the colonies of a belligerent power from which, in times of peace, they were excluded by the parent state.

  13. But in her colonies and her commerce she was powerful.

  14. The Haytians cannot distill it; they are ignorant of its principle, and consequently confine themselves to the distillation of what is known in the British colonies under the denomination of low wines.

  15. Then followed a resolution, “That the national assembly would not cause any innovation to be made, directly or indirectly, in any system of commerce in which the colonies were already concerned.

  16. The houses of the negroes in the British colonies are a palace compared with this inn for travellers; and yet this is one of the most frequented places in the republic.

  17. The national assembly acknowledges and declares, that the people of colour and free negroes in the colonies ought to enjoy an equality of political rights with the whites; in consequence of which it decrees as follows:— “Article 1st.

  18. Some bee keepers advocate carrying the colonies out a few times on warm days, but it is not fully established whether this is entirely beneficial and it is usually not practiced.

  19. As a rule, it is not considered best to keep more than 100 colonies in one apiary, and apiaries should be at least 2 miles apart.

  20. The secret of maximum crops is to "Keep all colonies strong.

  21. A most important consideration in purchasing colonies of bees is to see to it that they are free from disease.

  22. Colonies often take up their abode in walls of houses and it is often necessary to remove them to prevent damage from melting combs.

  23. This should be done as soon as possible, for box hive colonies are of small value as producers.

  24. Both of these diseases destroy colonies by killing the brood, so that there are not enough young bees emerging to take the place of the old adult bees as these die from natural causes.

  25. Queens sometimes die during the winter and early spring, and since there is no brood from which the bees can replace them, the queenless colonies are "hopelessly queenless.

  26. Black bees are less capable of driving moth larvæ out, but, even with these bees, strong colonies rarely allow them to remain.

  27. The excessive rearing of brood at the wrong season or increase in the number of colonies greatly reduces the surplus honey crop by consumption.

  28. As a matter of fact, few apiaries are perfectly located; nevertheless, the location should be carefully planned, especially when a large number of colonies are kept primarily for profit.

  29. Continued increase of the colony would result in the formation of enormous, colonies, and unless some division takes place no increase in the number of colonies will result.

  30. It is desirable to get as little drone comb as possible and a good supply of honey in the colonies purchased.

  31. Durkheim regards these totem kins as colonies split off from the two original totem groups which became phratries.

  32. They are totemic colonies of a totemic metropolis.

  33. How did the colonies from the Kangaroo group happen never to select the same totem as colonies from the Emu group, so that the same totem never occurs in both phratries?

  34. Durkheim's view, Wolf threw off colonies which became five totem kins, and Raven threw off colonies which became five other totem kins.

  35. In self-preservation stockmen of various sections were making it difficult for the homesteader, and it was certain that colonies of them would not be welcomed with open arms.

  36. From the early years of their first settlement of the colonies there had been a steady movement toward the West.

  37. In preparation for the Rosebud Opening they prepared for the influx of people on a gigantic scale, made ready to take whole colonies from various sections of the East and Middle West to the reservation.

  38. Those of them which have colonies in America look forward to what this country is capable of becoming, with painful solicitude.

  39. Her colonies in our vicinity will be likely to continue too much disproportioned in strength to be able to give us any dangerous annoyance.

  40. On the other side, and extending to meet the British settlements, are colonies and establishments subject to the dominion of Spain.

  41. He lays it down as an axiom, for example, that if we were hard-pressed the Colonies would take the opportunity of abandoning us.

  42. It may be that a growing people cannot win colonies from uncivilised races, and yet the State wishes to retain the surplus population which the mother country can no longer feed.

  43. That we have nothing material to gain, no colonies which we covet, no possessions of any sort that we desire, is the final proof that the war has not been provoked by us.

  44. The policy of moving heavy armies was abandoned; and the British, forced to withdraw troops to garrison the West Indies and Florida, began the practice of wearing down the revolted colonies by raids and destruction of property.

  45. In this can be discovered every cause of resentment and every variety of {72} complaint which the thirteen colonies were ready to put forward.

  46. Great Britain outweighed the colonies in population by three or four to one, and in every element of military strength to a much greater degree.

  47. Since the colonies had developed, unchecked, their own political life under British government, it was not their duty humbly to {75} surrender all that had come to be identical with liberty in their eyes.

  48. It was not until the year 1775, when Parliament imposed severe commercial restrictions, that anything resembling actual oppression began; but by that time the colonies were in open revolt.

  49. The Dutch, especially, supplied the revolted colonies with some of the commodities which their exclusion from British ports rendered scarce.

  50. With the Treaty of 1782, the mother country and the former colonies definitely started on separate paths, recognizing the fundamental differences which for fifty years had made harmonious co-operation impossible.

  51. Already some of the colonies had adopted constitutions whose language indicated their independence.

  52. The Congress was slow, for it felt the need of unanimity; and such colonies as New York and Pennsylvania were controlled by moderates.

  53. The elder son was fairly assured of this; war and disease and colonies and luck would have to take care of the others.

  54. So long as the colonies were held by the Crown, the process of populating the country by immigration was checked.

  55. Nor were artificial causes wanting to make the colonies expensive and the home treasury insolvent.

  56. No wonder that when they went to a strange country they found the River of Life in the Orinoco, colonies of Amazons in the jungle, and El Dorado, the land of gold, in the riches of Mexico and Peru!

  57. For sixty years Spain held the lesser country and, what was more important to her, the colonies in the East Indies and in Africa.

  58. Sir Humphrey Gilbert drew up a report advocating the acquisition of colonies as means of providing markets for home products.

  59. But no colonies of permanence and consequence were as yet planted by the northern nations.

  60. She established colonies in America and in the East Indies.

  61. A very large number fled to the Continent, forming colonies at Frankfort-on-the-Main and at Geneva and scattering in other places.

  62. The least showy of the colonies and the one that brought in the least quick profit eventually became a second and a greater Portugal, outstripping the mother country in population and dividing South America almost equally with the Spanish.

  63. All the Colonies sent men, and Lord Howe brought thousands of English soldiers.

  64. She heard her uncle say that: "Ticonderoga was the lock to the gate of the country," and Mr. Eldridge respond that until Crown Point and Ticonderoga were taken by the Americans that none of the colonies could be safe.

  65. She knew that the Green Mountain Boys sent messengers through the Wilderness; and that Americans all through the Colonies were kept notified of what the English soldiers stationed in those northern posts were doing or planning.

  66. All this made Faith a very happy little girl; but when, a few weeks later, a messenger brought her a letter from Ethan Allen himself, she felt that no other little girl in all the American Colonies could be as proud as Faith Carew.

  67. The men of the Wilderness do not mean to let the other Colonies do all the fighting, I'm sure.

  68. It now became the duty of the Secretary of State for the Colonies to see that all the Crown Colonies, such as Hong Kong and Singapore followed suit.

  69. Surely it is a burning shame that British Colonies should have become the market for the sale of Chinese women into this diabolical form of slavery.

  70. Lord Carnarvon was Secretary of State for the Colonies at this time, and his replies to Sir John Pope Hennessy were small encouragement to the course the Governor had taken.

  71. But laws were not needed in the Colonies to put down slavery.

  72. To this extent the individual Christians of these colonies are in many cases guilty of compromise with slavery; and to this extent the title of this book applies to them.

  73. The other colonies were hemmed in by prescribed boundary lines, definitely outlined in their royal charters.

  74. Such was the condition of affairs when, in April 1775, the open struggle for independence of the American colonies was roughly precipitated at Lexington.

  75. At this time England and her colonies were dating by the old calendar, each new year beginning on the twenty-fifth of March.

  76. Virginia knew less of Indian warfare than some of the neighboring colonies until the era of her expansion when her sturdy people began occupying the land obtained at the Treaty of Fort Stanwix.

  77. The colonies were rejoicing over the first great victory of the early war, Saratoga.

  78. The other colonies were restrained by definite boundaries; Virginia, too, should be restrained.

  79. England herself was not at all sure of the West until after the fall of Quebec; but the Treaty of Paris was soon signed and, so far as the French were concerned, the colonies extended to the Mississippi.

  80. Had the Fort Stanwix line stopped here the western boundary line of the colonies would have been as Lord Hillsborough desired.

  81. What it meant to the American colonies to have a brave band of pioneers in Kentucky at that crucial epoch, is an important chapter in the history of Boone's Road.

  82. The vast population that surged westward over it was a mighty barrier which protected the rear of the colonies from the savages, until savage warfare was at an end.

  83. The bally colonies are--" "Oh, that be damned!

  84. The combined forces of the two colonies are said to have numbered "neer a thousand men".

  85. But to found colonies that would set up little assemblies of their own to resist and thwart him, was not at all his intention.

  86. The exports of the colonies to England itself were not infrequently carried in Dutch bottoms.

  87. Thus were the colonies sacrificed upon the altar of greed.

  88. Yet he knew that Philip considered America his own, and would resent any attempt of the English to establish colonies on its shores.

  89. He must have perceived clearly that if the English wished to maintain their position as a great naval and mercantile people, the establishing of colonies in America was imperative.

  90. It lasted, with the short intermission of the Commonwealth Period, for more than one hundred and fifty years, and under it Virginia became the most populous and wealthy of the English colonies in America.

  91. Force, Tracts and Other Papers Relating to the Colonies in North America, Peter Force.

  92. But Virginia and the other colonies were not greatly affected by the reaction upon the other side of the Atlantic.

  93. And why is not their trade espoused and protected as our other colonies and factories?

  94. Doubtless this attitude was carried to America by the New England colonists, and only when those colonies had been diluted by the injection of other social groups did Puritan prejudice die and billiards enter into their recreational life.

  95. The natives build their huts out of small poles covered with palm thatch and live in little colonies while the rubber harvest is going on.

  96. Since I came on board this ship I have begun to see that the colonies are in the right; my heart is with my oath as it was not in the beginning.

  97. Some of the best minds and best characters among Englishmen see our question of the colonies with perfect fairness; the common people are in great part for us, too, and I have not yet lost hope that they may win the day.

  98. Mr. Franklin, too, who is large-minded enough to think of the colonies themselves, and to forget their petty factious and rivalries.

  99. We men are here for our own rights, and to show that the colonies mean business!

  100. I own that the colonies have suffered hardship, and not alone through willfulness; but to give the reins of government to unfit men, to put high matters into the hands of rioters and lawbreakers, can only bring ruin.

  101. All their once great trade with the colonies is done.

  102. The ease of teaching England to let the colonies alone was not spoken of with such bold certainty as at first, and some late offenses were believed to be best revenged by such a voyage as the Ranger was about to make.

  103. When I took my commission, I openly took the side of our colonies against the Crown.

  104. The United Kingdom, with its colonies and dependencies, includes about one-fifth of the entire globe.

  105. This point conceded, the question arose as to what particular section of the Colonies seemed to offer the most attractive opportunities.

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