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  1. Ironically, the first man to die in the Colonial fight for freedom was both an Afro-American and a runaway slave.

  2. From the point of view of the colonial capitalists, the cumbersome royal bureaucracy was always involved in troublesome meddling which impeded their progress.

  3. At the same time, Charles II granted a royal charter establishing a company to transport African slaves across the ocean and thereby increasing the supply of slaves available to the colonial planter.

  4. They were particularly interested in the departments concerned with the treatment of colonial nations and with the various scientific organizations involved in helping underdeveloped countries.

  5. Equally important is the fact that in colonial America the level of religious life was very low.

  6. In order to fill the need for the huge labor supply required large-scale agriculture, the colonial legislature passed laws giving legal justification to slavery.

  7. The United States gives the term "coasting trade" a meaning of unheard-of extent which entirely does away with the distinction between the meaning of coasting trade and colonial trade hitherto kept up by all other nations.

  8. Don’t forget the grand banquet at the Colonial tomorrow night,” Robin announced in a managerial voice.

  9. The furniture, like that downstairs, was colonial mahogany, highly polished, with here and there a chair or table of foreign workmanship.

  10. The large room was a typical attic, with its spinning-wheel and discarded furniture--colonial mahogany that would make many a city matron envious, and for which its owner cared little or nothing.

  11. The furniture was colonial mahogany, unspoiled by varnish, and rubbed until it shone.

  12. It was addressed to the colonial minister, after the death of La Salle.

  13. While La Salle was thus writing to La Barre, La Barre was writing to Seignelay, the Marine and Colonial Minister, decrying his correspondent's discoveries, and pretending to doubt their reality.

  14. Pierre Margry, assistant director of the Archives of the Marine and Colonies at Paris, whose labors as an investigator of the maritime and colonial history of France can be appreciated only by those who have seen their results.

  15. All of the countries of the Old World have through colonial extension by the division of Africa, much as a boy might divide a watermelon among his fellows, had reference largely to trade extensions and enlarged markets.

  16. The story of our colonial days, when England, with selfish and insatiate avarice, laid her repressive hand upon our infant manufactories and attempted to suppress them all, furnishes the first object-lesson she gave us.

  17. We have a clear right to expect, therefore, that no European Government will seek to establish colonial dependencies upon the territory of these independent American States.

  18. All the water, gas, railway shares, the Indian Stock and the Colonial Stock: the Debenture companies and the Trading companies.

  19. Perhaps they were sent abroad: yet foreign and colonial banks would know the numbers of stopped notes.

  20. The collection of money for the purchase of vessels is a useful spur to activity; it maintains a profitable colonial industry without putting any strain upon the natives.

  21. A pregnant woman, who suffered pain and discomfort, was received into the Colonial Hospital.

  22. Vancouver's Island and British Columbia had passed from the occupation of the Hudson's Bay Company into an efficient colonial organization.

  23. The founder of British Columbia devoted the latter portion of his administration of the Colonial Office to measures for the satisfactory arrangement of conflicting interests in British America.

  24. The new Legislature met in New Bern, and the House gave notice of its temper by electing as its speaker John Harvey, of Perquimans, admitted on all hands to be the most earnest supporter of colonial rights in all the province.

  25. One of these instructions, materially changing the simple government previously existing in the province, was concerning the colonial trade.

  26. The Stamp Act required that all colonial legal instruments, such as deeds, bonds and notes, should be written only upon stamped paper, otherwise they were not binding, or of any effect.

  27. Griswold, a recognized authority on early colonial history in Windsor, says that as the result of a close examination of the record, "I think the reasonable probability is that she was hanged.

  28. How had the statesmen immediately preceding Disraeli looked upon English colonial possessions?

  29. The problems which have sprung from this vast colonial empire have been among the most serious which English statesmen have been compelled to face.

  30. The Irish Parliament was to have control of local finances except customs duties, and it was excluded from interference with army and navy, foreign or colonial affairs, or with religious endowments.

  31. The statesmen who had directed the affairs of the nation for the past thirty years, had seen little to be thankful for in the extensive colonial possessions of England.

  32. Ever since the beginning of 1657, with the colonial instinct still strong within him, he had been writing to Henry Cromwell, the Lord-Deputy of Ireland, that his only ambition now was to settle down as an Irish planter.

  33. The truth is that war in some form or another had been, from the first, one of the usages, one of the habits, of colonial life.

  34. So it went on, from bad to worse, under the Colonial Government, until 1787, when the State constitution was adopted.

  35. Both in the Athenian sphere of influence and in the colonial world outside that sphere, democracy was all but the only form of constitution known.

  36. The colonial system uniformly pursued by Spain has been widely and fatally different.

  37. San Martin's great object was to crush the colonial power of Spain in its stronghold, Peru.

  38. The colonial authorities were deposed in most cases by force of public opinion and without violence.

  39. The colonial trade was thus limited to one Spanish port.

  40. The whole object of Spain's colonial policy was to extract gold and silver from America and to force Spanish manufactures and products upon that country.

  41. The causes for these striking differences are to be explained not alone by race psychology, but by a comparison of the English and Spanish colonial systems and of the two revolutions as well.

  42. From it proceeded the so-called Laws of the Indies, and all colonial offices in the gift of the crown were conferred by it.

  43. We went to school on the hill: below us was our ancient church built in far-off colonial times, and connected with many a story of Revolutionary times, to which we used to listen greedily: George Lenox had one of which we never tired.

  44. Often enough our vagrant eyes wandered that way, but not that we cared for green slopes or colonial church or venerable weathercock.

  45. English ground he becomes free, the king of England stood in the path of humanity, and made himself the pillar of the colonial slave-trade.

  46. I therefore proposed that the colonial produce then in Holstein, and which had been imported before the date of the King's edict for its prohibition, should be allowed to enter Hamburg on the payment of 30, and on some articles 40, per cent.

  47. Enormous quantities of English merchandise and colonial produce were accumulated at Holstein, where they almost all arrived by way of Kiel and Hudsum, and were smuggled over the line at the expense of a premium of 33 and 40 per cent.

  48. Our whole colonial system is absurd; it forces us to pay for colonial produce at a rate nearly double that for which it may be purchased from our neighbours.

  49. Bonaparte's counsellors led him to commit the folly of requiring that a ship which had obtained a licence should export merchandise equivalent to that of the colonial produce to be imported under the authority of the licence.

  50. Within six weeks after the decree came into operation the custom-house Director received 1300 declarations from persons holding colonial produce in Holstein.

  51. The colonial has no desire for show, and his tweed lounge suit is cut for comfort and made up for strength.

  52. Doubtless there may be some to whom the very idea of such a thing is abhorrent, and possibly there are still wardrobes like those of a good lady mentioned by Miss Alice Morse Earle[62] in her book on the "Costume of Colonial Times.

  53. For the idea of the expedition had been born in the colonial brain, and the enterprise had been carried through by colonial nerve, muscle, and endurance.

  54. To those in love with the curious legends and romantic incidents of early colonial history this work in its present attractive form will be especially welcome.

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