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  1. But there was shadow behind a couple of caryatides; and here he hid.

  2. Here he fell on his knees: "Forgive me," he whispered, with a sob in his throat.

  3. In the summer, we were to go here or there, to some watering-place.

  4. In the old days Duco had known an artist here and there, a fellow-countryman painting in Rome; now he knew nobody, saw nobody.

  5. And here she laid aside her plausible manner of singing the praises of a chilly room, her commercial habit of asking the most that she dared.

  6. I don't feel quite normal here either: there is something in that sky, in that light, that makes me talk like this.

  7. Here he painted, modelled and studied and here he dragged all the beautiful and antique objects that he succeeded in picking up in the little shops along the Tiber or in the Mercato dei Fiori.

  8. Rudyard is here for the first time this winter.

  9. It was so beautiful; here and there it might be patched, very carefully.

  10. She here carried her curled, leonine head with a lofty dignity; and, though she still wore her crystal brilliants in her ears, she also wore a brand-new spencer around her ample bosom.

  11. Here he has very little to do and he has a young butler under him.

  12. Whether she was here or elsewhere was all the same to her: she had to be somewhere.

  13. What objection can you have to my meeting Van der Staal here in the evening?

  14. All the servants here are either old or very young.

  15. The owner of this fine estate has not been here for fifteen years--no great argument for his grace's good taste, or justice to his tenants.

  16. Here and there might be seen the crumbling remnants of civil, sacred, and military works.

  17. In course, this here was hard work for jack tars what had sarved their country for twenty years, to be told to run away from half-a-dozen land-lubbers a pretending to be French.

  18. Here dwelt millions of people, enjoying happiness more complete than that of any other, since man made a part of creation.

  19. Run home and get your stockings, quick step, and here is a shilling toward another pair.

  20. Our boatmen here gave us a specimen of the wonderful echoes.

  21. Here is a purse containing fifty pounds, and here are two diamond rings, which I have just now disengaged from my fingers, to their very sensible inconvenience.

  22. Here I found six different readings proposed, and long comments on each.

  23. And here we are, the children of our puritan fathers.

  24. Were it not for the forest, a view would here present itself, calculated to excite the beholder with the profoundest emotions.

  25. Immense heaps of ruins are here discovered, in every direction, which render the travelling very difficult for nearly two miles!

  26. Here we breakfasted; the landlord, who could produce a dinner 'peremtorie,' has been succeeded by one who has it already on the table at the moment the coach drives up.

  27. Here Sir, but trouble him not, his wits are gon Glou.

  28. Though that the Queen on special cause is here Her Army is mou'd on.

  29. Hence and avoid my sight: So be my graue my peace, as here I giue Her Fathers heart from her; call France, who stirres?

  30. Here is the place my Lord, good my Lord enter, The tirrany of the open night's too rough For Nature to endure.

  31. And you Sir, I haue bin With your Father, and giuen him notice That the Duke of Cornwall, and Regan his Duchesse Will be here with him this night Bast.

  32. Here stood he in the dark, his sharpe Sword out, Mumbling of wicked charmes, coniuring the Moone To stand auspicious Mistris Glo.

  33. Bid them farewell Cordelia, though vnkinde, Thou loosest here a better where to finde Lear.

  34. Royall King, Giue but that portion which your selfe propos'd, And here I take Cordelia by the hand, Dutchesse of Burgundie Lear.

  35. But here the Romans were not sinners beyond all other nations, and our modern times have witnessed a parallel.

  36. Here dwelt Trajan before he was emperor, and Ennius the poet, and Paula the friend of Saint Jerome.

  37. Here the wily and beautiful young exile sought him, and won his interest and his affection.

  38. Here were preserved what was most sacred in the eyes of Romans, and it was itself the richest of all the temples of the city.

  39. Now, here we may discover a man-made God.

  40. I would here remind the reader, that Judge Hale was considered a just and humane Judge.

  41. As this work will probably be read by many professing Christians we will here give an extract from Dr.

  42. And here our attention must be turned to the internal evidence afforded by the New Testament itself.

  43. And here we may ask, how it was that the Lord, in those days, was so easy of access?

  44. And here we can at once discover what God or nature has done for us, and likewise what is left for us to perform for ourselves.

  45. James the First, of England, is here cited to show what was then the prevailing opinion of the existence of witchcraft in that kingdom.

  46. We will here notice two remarkable appearances of the Lord: one of them to Balaam, the other to Moses, A few remarks on each will suffice.

  47. Here we have a shocking account of the credulity of the human mind.

  48. Here we have a God knowing all that will take place; and arranging circumstances favorable to its fulfilment.

  49. But fortunately for the cause of truth and free discussion, theological power here is so happily balanced, that persecution for religious opinions is impracticable.

  50. Here she reflected with no small surprise on the behaviour of this man.

  51. Here he checked himself, and added,--"But I forgets.

  52. Here his fortune had been no less propitious.

  53. Here there was no obstacle to skill, and here the assiduities of many years in addition to a prompt and ardent genius, set her beyond the hopes of rivalship.

  54. Here she cast her eyes on a collection of prints, copied from the Farnese collection, and employed herself for some minutes in comparing the forms of Titiano and the Caracchi.

  55. Many hours were consumed in this employment, and here the lady was sedate, considerate, extensive in foresight, and fertile in expedients.

  56. The person whom you met here is named Craig, but, as he tells me, is not the man you look for.

  57. It is in the putting them together that nature has here shown her skill, and not in the structure of each of the parts, individually considered.

  58. Here she enjoyed all the consolations of opulence.

  59. Here she was treated with flattering distinctions, and enjoyed opportunities of extending as far as she pleased her connections with the gay and opulent.

  60. You seem inclined to scold; but I cannot conceive why you came here for that purpose.

  61. But mutely let me lie, and sateless gaze At all the soul that in his visage sits, While spirits of harmonious air-- Here her voice sunk, and the line terminated in a sigh.

  62. And the crowd was still as she turned and spoke--her hand in his and her eyes aglow: "Here where the tide and Tiber foam, I turn from you to an empty home.

  63. Doth he repent that we alone Are here to hold the way, That he must reap what he hath sown-- That only valour may atone The fault of yesterday?

  64. You told me to take you where I pleased, sir," returned the man with a chuckle, "and here we are.

  65. He will be here immediately," he said, with a nod, as he disappeared.

  66. Not so sure as I am of myself, though he has more cogent reasons," answered Florizel, "but sure enough to bring him here without alarm.

  67. The oven is heating; it is not good to stay here and be baked; and, for my part, I want to come to my hands with them, and be done.

  68. Before we came in here we heard sounds indicating - if I may so express myself - an imperfect harmony.

  69. I received your permission and stand here upon the strength of it; interfere with me who dare.

  70. Here he was, home again in safety, and this should be his last folly as certainly as it had been his first.

  71. As big a rogue as there is between here and Jerusalem.

  72. Wait me here for only a few moments; I shall return as soon as I have arranged the preliminaries of your introduction.

  73. The prow of the boat here grated on the beach, and a sailor jumped ashore with a line in his hand.

  74. Stay you here to watch the pavilion; I will go forward and make sure, if I have to walk right into their camp.

  75. Here am I, with learning enough to be a Bishop, and I positively do not know how to dispose of a stolen diamond.

  76. Please don't regard me as lacking in gracious behaviour, Or as insufferably ignorant of the teachings of the Book of Rites But I am sojourning here in a strange land, And am not fully informed of the usages of your dignified people.

  77. Footnote 5] [Footnote 1: The Saint is here speaking of fasts of devotion, not of those of obligation.

  78. If God had not commanded us to remain here below until He calls us by death I should have quitted it long ago.

  79. Here is the explanation in our Saint's own words.

  80. With regard to our Blessed Father's explanation of his special devotion to the Holy Winding Sheet, as connected with circumstances preceding his birth, I may here say a few words.

  81. It is here that we may sing with the Psalmist: The Lord hath looked down from Heaven upon the children of men to see if there be any that understand and seek God, that is, to know how He wishes to be served.

  82. Here is his reply: "I approve of your Friday fasts, but not that you should make any vow to keep them, nor that you should tie yourself down, tightly in such matters.

  83. Others add to all this beautiful and useful teaching, but so that it only slips in here and there, as it were, by chance, and is not expressly dwelt upon.

  84. It is of vital importance here below to feed our charity with the fuel of good works, for charity is a habit so disposed to action that it unceasingly urges on those in whom the Holy Spirit has shed it abroad to perform such works.

  85. Truly, we may say here with the wise man: Who is he and we will praise him?

  86. Who can say we have not here the cause of the prolongation of his days, even as a like resignation led to the prolonging of those of King Ezechias.

  87. I may here mention that it was from his lips that I first learnt that prayer, that I wrote it down in the beginning of my breviary, and have made constant use of it in all my necessities.

  88. Thou too, O Church, which here we see, No easy task hath builded thee.

  89. I cannot here refrain from quoting for you a passage from Cardinal Bellarmine's reply to the letter written to him by our Blessed Father on this subject.

  90. First," said Nick, "I want to know who you are, and whether you belong here or not?

  91. But about here it'll disappear, and you won't have nothin' to guide you 'cept what I show you and tell you now.

  92. Sent here to spy upon us, I suppose," she smiled scornfully.

  93. I can see plainly enough that there are some here who believe he is a spy.

  94. Here they traversed a narrow but well-beaten pathway through the thick growth of alders, and presently came out upon a second glade that was larger than the first; and higher and dryer, too.

  95. I have a map here that I wish to show you.

  96. And were you not aware before you came here that if your identity became known your life wouldn't be worth a moment's purchase?

  97. But we ain't got the fire here as a witness; and we ain't got the quicksand here as a witness; and we ain't got the two men as he says was saved from it here as witnesses.

  98. Somewhat later than that he hunted me down a second time, but I escaped, and I have sworn now to be even with him, and that is why I have brought you here together.

  99. I have been giving you considerable thought since I talked with you here last night.

  100. Down beside the road where they had made the change before, from the track of the railway to the highway, they paused long enough to secure the iron wheels, and here the change was made back to a railway machine.

  101. Didn't you come up here to get into the gang?

  102. I don't care to precipitate matters and break up the party here unless you force me to do so--at least, not just yet.

  103. Your job here is now fin--" The door creaked viciously wide.

  104. This is all very well, but we're here t'get all the dope on Sykin Supcel.

  105. She would only say the class was too difficult for me, and send me down, and unless I can stay up here with you and Janet life simply isn't worth living.

  106. There goes the signal, and here comes the train!

  107. I found it out once when I came here alone, and I put these logs inside for seats.

  108. For ten years I had lived here as in paradise, and the thought that I must leave it, and go far away over the sea to strangers and to an unknown land, filled me with dismay.

  109. Pity we can't import him over here to give the cook a lesson," said Janet.

  110. Here you have 'em, purple and white, and no charge extry for smell.

  111. It makes a ripping summer-house, and I made up my mind we would have tea here some day.

  112. Innumerable little mountain springs crossed our path, cutting channels through the peat, and overhung with lady-fern and sedges, and here and there among the furze the shoots of the young bracken were springing green.

  113. If there's really anything here we mustn't spoil it on any account.

  114. The tall yew hedges had been clipped smooth, with here and there a small window cut in them through which the distant landscape appeared like a picture set in a frame.

  115. But here the visitor saved the situation.

  116. Why, the Lovells were a very old family who lived here in the time of the civil wars.

  117. We weren't sent out here for a picnic--either of us.

  118. Then here I am to stay the night,' said my young companion.

  119. Here is Paris, distant by road a good twenty-five leagues.

  120. They were here this morning, looking for you, and I expect they'll be round again.

  121. She should reach here between half-past nine and ten.

  122. And here I was, at the very last step of my journey, without the power of carrying out this mission which had already deprived one good man of his life, and was likely to rob another one of his credit.

  123. A few cottages peeped out here and there, but it was only three months since the Grand Army had passed that way, and you know what that meant to a country.

  124. Finally, one of our wheels came off, and here we are helpless in the middle of the moor.

  125. But we must have some information first, and here is someone who should be able to give it to us.

  126. If Soult were here with thirty thousand men--but he will not come.

  127. I searched here and searched there, until at last I chanced to find myself in front of a mirror, where I stood with my eyes staring and my jaw as far dropped as the chin-strap of my shako would allow.

  128. Here was a time when he had to keep a watch upon a forward young officer.

  129. On the other hand, we have been here at Santarem for nearly six months.

  130. We are here in council together, some of my trusty subjects and myself,' said he.

  131. Well,' said I, 'it is not for our health that they have shut us up here among the cheeses.

  132. They had lingered till the sunlight, which had fallen here and there in broken and changeful gleams through over-arching boughs, touching with gold the ripples at their feet, had faded into that "mellow light Which heaven to gaudy day denies.

  133. I thought how often the Indian hunter had concealed himself behind these very trees--how often his arrow had pierced the deer by this very stream, and his wild halloo had here rung for his victory.

  134. Here was none of the brilliancy which had dazzled his senses in Caroline Danby, but an expression of mind and heart far more captivating to him who had entered into the inner mysteries of life.

  135. Thank you; you must first take some reflections suggested to me by the incidents I have here narrated.

  136. I cannot without the loss of self-respect continue to play the master here another day, neither can I live as a dependent within these walls--no, not for an hour.

  137. Come back here and let us see you, Annie, when you have put it on," said Col.

  138. She will be here soon with her sister, Mrs. Schwartz.

  139. The outlet was nearly gained; one second more and I should be comparatively safe, when the fierce brutes appeared on the bank directly above me, which here rose to the height of ten feet.

  140. Your chauffeur will have it here in six minutes.

  141. I'll sit here if you'll bring the things to me, for I find that I'm tired; and you are very kind.

  142. I tell you, frankly, I believe that Providence sent your Royal Highness here at this moment, and my best hopes are now pinned on you.

  143. With my help, you could climb there from here in a few moments.

  144. Here we have just the young man to see us through this bad pass, if he's as good looking as ever, and in his usual mood for mischief.

  145. Even had Virginia been ignorant of her host's identity, she would have been wise enough to guess that here was no Sennhütte, or ordinary abode of common peasants, who hunt the chamois for a precarious livelihood.

  146. And the suffering came hand in hand with the joy, for not a night here at Lyndalberg have I slept.

  147. Or, if you prefer, remain here and in a few minutes I will bring such food as we can offer.

  148. It is clear that the women calling themselves Mowbrays have had the audacity to present themselves here under false colors.

  149. And most of the things you see here are home-made, during the long winters.

  150. Clearly, here was the explanation of the summons.

  151. A flower here or there was apt to be trodden down, a small life broken, a reputation stained; but what of that when Rhaetia's standard was to be planted upon the mountain top?

  152. A rare thing that lives here on the mountain?

  153. He was glad of this, for he had spent some joyous days here as a boy, and he wished to separate the old impressions and the new.

  154. Can any of your readers inform me what charms or prayers are here referred to, and at what period midwives ceased to be licensed by the Archbishop, or if any traces of such license are still found in Roman Catholic countries?

  155. The superb roadway winds in and out for miles, now by the lake and here in the deep green of the forest, with enchanting views of the mountains.

  156. As a child I learned a lot of it, meaninglessly, from the old servants at home, and recalling many phrases here have at times launched them forth, generally with dire results.

  157. Here is a pair of breeches in brown figured silk and another of red and white cut velvet.

  158. Our route southward to Bannow lies through the mountains of Wicklow, which here resemble Arthur's Seat and other hills around Edinburgh.

  159. Even to-day, to be interred here is considered a blessing, as those so honoured pass straight to heaven.

  160. Here is a portrait of a lady, with a band on her wrist.

  161. How different all here from the Ireland decked out for the tourist!

  162. Reginald reigned here in the eleventh century, and I find myself blinking up at his round tower which still keeps watch and ward over this river.

  163. Here is a piece of chalk for each of you.

  164. We'll just have to bring Starland down here into our playroom for this evening.

  165. We'll put the Almanac here in the middle of the table where we can all see it while we copy the 'signs,' one on each sheet of paper.

  166. Here is how Cassiopeia looked: [Illustration] "She hasn't a blessed thing to do.

  167. It had need of me or I would not be, I am here to strengthen the plan.

  168. I Am= I know not whence I came, I know not whither I go; But the fact stands clear that I am here In this world of pleasure and woe.

  169. My life is a brief, brief thing, I am here for a little space.

  170. While they lay here a Spanish monk came to them to obtain the release of a priest who had been taken armed and with pockets filled with poisoned bullets.

  171. Here they defended themselves a long time, firing continually at their enemies, who could not see them for the smoke.

  172. All the rich merchants of the city had pleasure-houses here surrounded by rich orchards and arbours of jessamine, and watered by rills and streams.

  173. This they could only trace here and there by light spots visible between the trees, but once across this they were safe.

  174. Here she was seduced by Captain Rackham, and ran with him to sea, dressed as a sailor, and accompanied him in many voyages.

  175. Here they took a vessel called the King Solomon, boarding her from the long boat in spite of a volley from the ship, the pirates shouting defiance.

  176. A quarrel broke out here between the French and the English.

  177. They landed and burnt Nicoya a third time, and Lussan treats us here with an amusing piece of Buccaneer superstition.

  178. They here met a Jamaica boat lying at anchor, and attempted to persuade the captain to return, and obtain leave for them to land, as they had no commission.

  179. He here took several ships, among others the Cadogan, bound from Bristol to Sierra Leone--Skinner, master.

  180. The monarch listened with ravished ears, interposed here and there a question or a doubt, but devoured every detail of the scheme, as the ambassador slowly placed it before him.

  181. Old rose and young rose mingled delicately in the silks and gauzes of her gown; here and there a topaz flashed rose from her bodice and from the dusk of her bared neck.

  182. Here I am, and here I've got to stay, it seems.

  183. Couldn't he see that she had set her house of life above all that, so high that nobody down here could see what went on up there, and wonder at his going out and coming in?

  184. As for the man outside, he was still struggling with emotion, and had caught but a word here and there.

  185. Well," said she, "I shall be here when you come back.

  186. Why, yes, you could sit here and watch the Casino while I go and speak to Mr. Tarbuck.

  187. For here and now the sea had its way; it had taken on reality; and earth was the phantom, the vanishing, the vague.

  188. You know perfectly well that if he is here none of us can go away.

  189. Here Frida's pen had come to a stop; with a sudden flight from the abstract to the concrete, she had begun a fresh argument on a fresh page.

  190. I see you think you're saying these things to me because you've found me here at this peculiar time, in this peculiar place, and because I haven't any man around.

  191. She was all in white, with here and there a touch of delicate green.

  192. Moreover, there is little danger up here of being slugged by our moth-eaten acquaintance of this afternoon.

  193. Mr. Scobell sent me along here to ask you to come and talk over this thing with him.

  194. Understand me, sir, we are not here to threaten.

  195. All the smells and noises of the East Side seemed to be penned up here in a sort of canyon.

  196. They used to have a prince here 'way back in eighty-something.

  197. It is very pleasant for an old jail bird like myself," said Smith at last, "to sit here at my ease.

  198. And I am here to inform--" "But where the deuce is Mervo?

  199. And it was here that I fancy I may have committed a slight error of policy.

  200. They are certain to call here and make a fuss," she said, "Mr. Asher and the rest.

  201. Here is Comrade Brady on the subject: 'I looked around that house, and I seen I hadn't a friend in it.

  202. Dis guy here wit' two left feet," said Bat querulously, "treads on de kit.

  203. And I bet he'd rather come here than be where he is.

  204. Yet here he was, sitting on a lonely rock, consumed with an unquenchable restlessness, a kind of trapped sensation.

  205. There may be a rough-house here any minute now.

  206. Here is the Spy--I don't think you could tell if you were reading a number of last year or this week if you didn't look at the date!

  207. She said she would be here by three, if she came at all.

  208. Here was an adventure which seemed to him quite perfect; it had been preceded by no wearisome preliminaries, and he was not likely ever to see her again.

  209. To have you here by me seems so unreal, so impossible.

  210. Here was the letter; he could feel it through his coat, lying over his heart, and there it had lain since he had written it.

  211. Here was a new farce--he the Bohemian, going down to an old ancestral home to play the part of the Squire of the parish.

  212. No, no; I'm here only for a few days--a few weeks at most.

  213. None must enter here but he, it must be sacred from other feet.

  214. You come here to enter into a most solemn, I may say a sacred, contract, and you are not able to answer to your names; it is disgraceful.

  215. Still more to my surprise, here was a little shop.

  216. It was an especial pleasure to eat them here in Dyer's Hollow, I had so many times done the same in another place, on the banks of Dyer's Run.

  217. I had often dreamed of the enjoyment of a life in the woods all by one's self, but such a mode of existence did not gain in attractiveness as I saw it here in the concrete example.

  218. Long ago I had announced my belief that these enthusiastic shouters must be of the Wesleyan persuasion, and here was the proof!

  219. Here let me say that the great blue heron is, as its name implies, a big bird, standing almost as high as an ordinary man, and spreading its wings for nearly or quite six feet.

  220. Next I sought the testimony of professional ornithologists; and here my worst suspicions seemed in a fair way to be confirmed, although the greater number of my correspondents were unhappily compelled to plead a want of knowledge.

  221. Here is something better than beauty, dearer than pleasure.

  222. While I was here upon Mount Mansfield I spent some happy hours almost every day in sauntering down the road for a mile or two, looking and listening.

  223. No wonder, either, that the dwellers here should be mariculturalists rather than agriculturalists.

  224. Here he drew in his head and sat perfectly still, the picture of discouragement.

  225. It was undoubtedly a nest of that season, and might have been his for aught I know, so far as the mere fact of distance was concerned; but here again an intervening wood must have cut off all visual communication.

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