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Example sentences for "hereabouts"

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herds; herdsman; herdsmen; here; hereabout; hereafter; hereaway; hereby; heredes; heredibus
  1. Mr. Delaney has gone back to the plains, taking the Indian and Chinaman with him, leaving instruction to keep the flock here or hereabouts until his return, which he promised would not be long delayed.

  2. Azalea occidentalis, another charming shrub, grows beside cool streams hereabouts and much higher in the Yosemite region.

  3. The trees hereabouts have but little wind history to tell.

  4. There are many other meadows of the same kind hereabouts imbedded in the woods.

  5. The two-leaved pine, though far more abundant about the Tuolumne meadow region, reaches its greatest size on stream-sides hereabouts and around meadows that are rather boggy.

  6. A considerable proportion of the land hereabouts has been quite recently laid under cultivation, and on every side we see bits of waste being ploughed up.

  7. A large portion of the land hereabouts is mere wilderness; yet the indomitable peasant wrenches up the boulders, cleans the ground of stones, and turns, inch by inch, the waste into productive soil.

  8. A considerable portion of the land hereabouts is cultivated.

  9. Thus we find land let or owned in holdings from two and a half to a thousand hectares, some of the tenant farmers hereabouts paying a rental of several hundred pounds a year.

  10. Hereabouts the barren, stony, wilderness-like country betokens the region of the Causses.

  11. Not only have dolmens, tumuli, and bronze implements been found hereabouts in abundance, but also cave-dwellings and traces of the Age of Stone.

  12. And now he has invited me here in order to make a patriotic impression on his friends, those poor little devils in uniform (a safe remark, since no love is lost hereabouts between police and military).

  13. Hereabouts is the watershed, whence you may see, far below, the tower of Campoli Apennino.

  14. One imbibes them, none the less, in preference to anything else, as it is a peculiarity of what goes under the name of wine hereabouts that the more you pay for it, the worse it tastes.

  15. Twould take all that you have to purchase a meal that would be filling, and I doubt whether the farmers hereabouts would take them.

  16. The country hereabouts is well adapted to riding as 'tis much diversified.

  17. The horses and cattle must be hereabouts somewhere.

  18. The country hereabouts hath been scoured for it until the farmers tell us that there is no more.

  19. Hereabouts my feelings becoming too many for me at the thought of my own funeral, I fairly gave up the struggle, and, bursting into a flood of tears, cried myself to sleep, like a child.

  20. Two short years ago the Chateau of Hooge and all the land hereabouts belonged to a Belgian nobleman, the Baron de Vinck, who dwelt here with his family and dependents.

  21. The soil hereabouts is loose, damp, and sandy, and only by rigid care and incessant exertions can the trenches be maintained in effectiveness.

  22. I will have a doctor, if there is one hereabouts to be found, brought to your relief.

  23. People hereabouts take me for a man crazed and daft, I know that very well, but I know something of passion, Sir Charles.

  24. As we were in search of birds, we saw a small, whitish-colored Wolf trotting across the prairie, which hereabouts is very extensive and looks well, though the soil is poor.

  25. Most of the folks hereabouts had already forgotten that I was a candidate on Judge Stone's Reform and Anti-Monopoly ticket, for County Supervisor, in 1874, and that I was defeated with the rest.

  26. And mightily heartened was I thus to discover her damage hereabouts so much less than I had dared hope.

  27. Did ye ever hear of an English gentleman lost or taken hereabouts some six years since and named Sir Richard Brandon?

  28. And passing Sir Richard the glass, I sat staring on this distant ship in no little apprehension, since I judged most vessels that plied hereabouts could be but one of two sorts, viz: pirates or Spaniards.

  29. Beyond the rocky cleft bright with the light of our fire the vasty wilderness hemmed us in, black and sullen, for the trees being thick hereabouts we could see no glimpse of moon or star.

  30. Otherwise life hereabouts was more or less uneventful, except for a big display of war-time fireworks on the Kaiser’s birthday, January 27th.

  31. Trench life in the Grenay lines got very monotonous by July and the popular grouse in the Battalion hereabouts referred to the absence of the much-advertised Kitchener’s Army.

  32. The ground was so marshy that it was impossible to dig trenches, and the line hereabouts was held by a series of sandbagged barricades, approached by two roads (Willow Road and Yellow Road) devoid of any kind of cover.

  33. At a tavern hereabouts the hostler greeted our horse as an old acquaintance, though he did not remember the driver.

  34. Hereabouts our Indian told us at length the story of their contention with the priest respecting schools.

  35. Wherever you go in Italy you receive some such intimation as this of the shrunken proportions of Catholicism, and every church I have glanced into on my walks hereabouts has given me an almost pitying sense of it.

  36. The Emperor Augustus constructed hereabouts a harbour for fleets, which the ages have choked up, and which survives only in the title of this ancient church.

  37. My mother must know somewhat of the doings hereabouts since we left, and may be able to give valuable information.

  38. It has come into my mind, sir, that if the young gentlemen are anywhere hereabouts they may have caught sight of the brig, and will be trying to make their way down to the shore abreast of us.

  39. We pulled some way down the river and then back again as high up as we had gone down, every now and then shouting out the young gentlemen's names, so that if they had been anywhere hereabouts they must have heard us.

  40. Hereabouts the front lines were a little farther apart.

  41. The Otago Mounted Rifles had their headquarters hereabouts during June and July.

  42. The stream hereabouts is so shallow and narrow that a boat is of little use till you get farther down.

  43. Though all hereabouts like him so much for his goodness, there are few who can appreciate his learning.

  44. I am known hereabouts by no other designation than that of the 'Wandering Minstrel.

  45. For hereabouts a man knew another man's horse and saddle, or wagon, as well as he knew the man himself.

  46. It curved and doubled back upon itself in the most sinuous fashion; from under Spearman's Hill two tongues of land projected northward fenced in by the two inverted ⋃'s which the stream hereabouts described.

  47. Hereabouts a large white spaniel suddenly emerged from the darkness, and discovery seemed certain.

  48. But the right and eastern end of the ridge, known as Vaal Krantz, and rising just above the curve of the easternmost of the two inverted ⋃'s which the Tugela hereabouts describes, was not so strong.

  49. The lie of the frontier hereabouts gave the enemy great advantages.

  50. There's an implement in pretty constant use hereabouts that would do just that--a salmon gaff!

  51. Although the effects of the tide are not much felt above Richmond Bridge, the condition of the river hereabouts at low water is lamentable.

  52. Hereabouts there are usually one or two camping parties, the proximity of a lock-keeper's cottage being a convenience which none can appreciate so well as a tired oarsman.

  53. Ditton is a prime point for the disportment of small craft from Kingston and Surbiton, and on fine Saturdays and Sundays the river hereabouts is crowded.

  54. The house-boats which take up their moorings hereabouts are usually of the larger and more elaborate pattern.

  55. It is quite clear that all the black population hereabouts are only nominal Muslims, and remain in heart pure Hazna, or pagans.

  56. There are hereabouts no rocks for the eagles to build upon.

  57. En-Noor had already advertised us of its appearance hereabouts two days ago.

  58. Hereabouts are the largest tholukh and other trees found in Aheer.

  59. All the countries hereabouts are called Dar.

  60. The education of the greater part of the males is to fit them for razzias, and this must be considered as the principal cause of the unfeeling manner with which the blacks hereabouts look upon, their captive brethren.

  61. Bandits and hostile tribes frequent this well of Chidugulah, and rest hereabouts to pillage caravans.

  62. Hereabouts grow a great quantity of wild water-melons, delaâah.

  63. The first mass was said here or hereabouts in 1689, by the Dominicans, who kept up the mission until the monks all died of fever.

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