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hostilities; hostility; hosting; hostis; hostium; hostlers; hosts; hot; hotan; hotbed
  1. Frederick's words explain the hostler marriages of several royal women mentioned by Louise, as well as her own and loving family's broulleries of the fish-wife order, repeatedly described in the Diary.

  2. How he missed them--even the Mexican hostler and the brown saddler and the old matronly horse--his mother by adoption!

  3. Then, looking at the man, and listening to his raging outburst, he conjured up out of the dim past memories of the Mexican hostler and of that single encounter in the white corral.

  4. He knew it from many things--the white fence, the clean stable, the Mexican hostler with broom in hand.

  5. She remembered that the hostler had left for town on foot early in the morning.

  6. That gent what is crossin' over to her is Spur Treadwell, her sweetie," the hostler explained as he deftly unhitched the sweating horses from the buckboard.

  7. When Jim Allen entered the stable yard, the hostler stepped from the barn to help him loosen the cinches.

  8. They stood there, silent, staring, for a time that seemed to the hostler to be hours.

  9. The hostler fidgeted uneasily and looked everywhere excepting at the killers.

  10. Later, Toothpick and the hostler crossed the street toward the hotel dining room.

  11. The hostler looked him up and down and then shook his head.

  12. The hostler grinned at him, then both became conscious of Dot Reed and Bill McAllister.

  13. The hostler rightly read the look on their faces and seized Allen by the arm.

  14. Them two twins is the worst an' fastest gun slingers in this whole world," the hostler said warmly after he had ordered his meal.

  15. Yuh is a fool if yuh does," the hostler warned.

  16. When the hostler saw them, he attempted to back out, but Toothpick pushed him forward.

  17. The hostler stared with open mouth; he had heard tales about those yellow, flaring eyes, and knew the owner of them.

  18. As they stepped up on the raised sidewalk on the farther side, the hostler shivered and cast an admiring look at his companion.

  19. The hostler ran forward to take the horses, while Toothpick stared in frank admiration at Dot Reed and regretted his own travel-stained and dusty appearance.

  20. He arrived there just in time to escape danger from a new source, for the door of the stable opened and the hostler entered.

  21. The Mexican hostler to whom the order was addressed disappeared in the stable, and in a few minutes came out again, leading a beautiful snow-white mare, saddled and bridled.

  22. The boy, replying in the affirmative, accompanied the hostler to the stable, and in a few minutes more heard the heavy door locked behind him, and was flying along the zigzag path that led from the rancho to the chasm.

  23. The aurora as cow-nurse of the sun, mother of the cows; the aurora cowherd; the sun hostler and cowherd.

  24. The taller of the two called impatiently for a hostler before he got stiffly to the ground, and stamped his feet as he stood by his horse.

  25. He laughed cheerfully as they crossed the yard toward a door to which the hostler pointed them.

  26. An hostler with a stable lantern had come out and was gazing upon the scene.

  27. It was just striking midnight as we raced into Corbail; but an hostler with a bucket in either hand was throwing his black shadow across the golden fan which was cast from the open door of the inn.

  28. The owner smiled, but nodded to his hostler to rope and show the animals to the young men.

  29. Tad examined a dozen head, out of which he got three ponies, motioning to the hostler to tether them to one side where he could look them over again.

  30. The topic was "The Hostler's Story"; and the question in dispute between us turned on the measure of charitable duty that we owed to the hostler himself.

  31. She talked to him about our home in France, as if the worn, gray-headed hostler had been a child.

  32. While we were still considering what the change was to be, the unfortunate hostler was thrown on our hands for some time to come by an accident in the stables.

  33. As a practical man, he shared my opinion that the hostler was in a state of delusion on the subject of his Wife and his Dream.

  34. The worn face of the hostler faintly flushes.

  35. Very little to do, sir," the hostler replies.

  36. A moment or two later the hostler follows her out.

  37. Then all hands were mustered to join in the chase, landlord and "Moll" with the broom, the hostler with his spade and all the boys with sticks and stones.

  38. On our arrival a man dressed like a Quaker pretended to be hostler until he ascertained the quantity of our baggage.

  39. It was not precisely of that convenient size which would admit of its being squeezed into any odd corner, but Dick the hostler got it in somehow, and Mr Chuzzlewit helped him.

  40. The hostler came around the side of the tent, looked in all directions, and then retired, muttering, in the direction of the bale of hay.

  41. Carl continued to stand his ground and ask questions; then, the next thing he knew, the hostler had jumped up and rushed for him.

  42. My faith, I had not supposed you were a hostler or a coachman.

  43. The hostler was now close at hand and had removed his cap in deference to the gentlemen near him.

  44. The old hostler opened his mouth slightly in amazement, as if to say something, but the frown on his master's brow checked him.

  45. At the appointed hour I went to the stable dormitory, and rapped several times before the hostler stirred.

  46. Upon looking in, I discovered the little hostler under the manger, with his tin lantern crushed beneath him, but the candle still burning.

  47. Since the Bald-faced Kid's retirement from the turf the Curry secret-service department had consisted of Shanghai and Mose, and there were times when the shambling hostler could be much wiser than he looked.

  48. But to himself the hostler said: "Rise up?

  49. Shanghai, Curry's hostler and handy man, stared at the new member of the racing string with open-mouthed and pop-eyed amazement.

  50. Accordingly, he requested the hostler of the hostel where he had taken his bed, to which his day's hard journey early inclined him, to have his horse in readiness before break of day.

  51. And with these words he turned out of the stable with the hostler and went back to the house.

  52. To the which there was speedy evidence, for on going towards Winterton's horse the hostler saw my grandfather's in its stall and told him so.

  53. Beyond these there were no incidents or characters of note, except an old hostler that they said was ninety years old, and watered the horse at a lone inn on the road.

  54. Shaemas OSheel [1886- GATES AND DOORS A Ballad of Christmas Eve There was a gentle hostler (And blessed be his name!

  55. There was a courteous hostler (He is in Heaven to-night) He held Our Lady's bridle And helped her to alight.

  56. There was a joyous hostler Who knelt on Christmas morn Beside the radiant manger Wherein his Lord was born.

  57. The hostler was quaking visibly, and the Colonel seized her arm as though rescuing a drowning person.

  58. If it were not for for his strain, I would have gotten rid of him long ago--he killed a hostler last summer.

  59. Colonel Tennytown had directed a hostler who followed the party to bring out a sorrel gelding of which he was especially proud.

  60. In the stable of this house you will find two horses; take either you please, and tell the hostler to saddle him.

  61. No, monsieur; my daughter is a widow; and the only hostler we have is out somewhere, but I don't know where.

  62. One named Joseph Picaut, lately hostler at the Point du Jour.

  63. You were right; he is only a tavern hostler as occasion demands.

  64. And when I was out I cried, O sirrah Hostler where art thou?

  65. Whereunto the drowsie Hostler half asleepe, and turning on the other side, answered, What know I whether you have murthered your Companion whom you brought in yesternight, or no, and now seeke the means to escape away?

  66. The Hostler lying behinde the stable doore upon a pallet, and half asleepe, What (quoth hee) doe you not know that the wayes be very dangerous?

  67. The stage's comin'," the musical hostler announced when the strains died away.

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