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Example sentences for "hosts"

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  1. Then the Cid bade his banner move on, and the Bishop Don Hieronymo pricked forward with his company, and laid on with such guise, that the hosts were soon mingled together.

  2. And hosts of men and meanest things could frame, Whenso him list his enemies to fray, That to this day, for terror of his name, The fiends do quake, when any him to them does name.

  3. Therefore when feeding time came, seal blubber, of which there was an abundant supply in the igloo, fell to the lot of the animals, while our drivers and hosts appropriated the caplin to themselves.

  4. And now the Northern hosts were striking at the Southern capital.

  5. To return to Clisson, which I was in so great a hurry to see that I left my excellent hosts to visit it the day after my arrival.

  6. One thing I could say for Mrs. Dennison, she never troubled her hosts to entertain her.

  7. Of course, people are always expecting hosts of lovers when an heiress is in question, and Miss Lee has the reputation of immense expectations.

  8. The session of 1887 was longer and more complete than the year before; but specifically it increased our good report in the service and added to us hosts of friends.

  9. Next day one of my hosts came on board and interviewed me with many bows.

  10. The Snow-Man Husband In a northern village of the Algonquins dwelt a young girl so exquisitely beautiful that she attracted hosts of admirers.

  11. His hosts begged the stranger to stay with them, and they soon discovered that he was no ordinary mortal, but a powerful magician.

  12. Through the air upshrieked An awful indistinguishable roar; For on both hosts fell iron-hearted Strife.

  13. And like Tritonis seemed she, as she went To meet the Giants, or as flasheth far Through war-hosts Eris, waker of onset-shouts.

  14. Then had the Argives a short breathing-space From war, when they had penned the hosts of Troy In Priam's burg, as shepherds pen up lambs Upon a lonely steading.

  15. So that war-king Achilles' glorious son Slew hosts of onward-rushing foes around That wall of stone.

  16. Yet still the hosts fought on; but lighter far Their battle-travail was, who now discerned Whom in the fray to smite, and whom to spare.

  17. Now he is smitten down, the glorious hosts Of Troy, I trow, shall win a breathing-space From blood of death and from the murderous fray.

  18. Those Troyward-fleeing foes Whom he had followed slaying, left he now, And bade Automedon thither drive, where hosts Were falling of the Achaeans.

  19. Loud their glancing armour clanged: They stabbed, they hewed down hosts of foes untold With irresistible hands.

  20. Marvelled the Argives, far across the plain Seeing the hosts of Troy charge down on them, And midst them Penthesileia, Ares' child.

  21. In tragic hints here see what evermore Moves dark as yonder midnight ocean's force, Thundering like ramping hosts of warrior horse, To throw that faint thin line upon the shore!

  22. But the crisp clear blue of the cold morning was wonderfully suitable to the hosts of the air and they were at work.

  23. Further away telephone and telegraph wires were humming with words, and all the hosts of the air were concentrating their energies upon Chastel.

  24. You're guest or prisoner, whichever you choose to call it and we three are your hosts or captors.

  25. He opened his eyes and found himself searching for aeroplanes, the most tangible portion of those hosts of the air, with which man had to fight.

  26. But the hosts of the air were already at work to defeat his plan.

  27. Nevertheless the hosts of the air were uncommonly active while he slept.

  28. Nearly all officers carried strong glasses in this war, and yet even to the keenest eyes the hosts of the air were visible only in part.

  29. The heavy snow of the night before had driven in the hosts of the air, and they had not reappeared.

  30. From here it was about 800 yards to the enemy main line trench, but scattered in front of his line, in every depression and behind every clump of bush, were machine guns and hosts of enemy snipers.

  31. Such were the usual materials and arrangements of the hosts that fought for Carthage; but the troops under Hasdrubal were not in all respects thus constituted or thus stationed.

  32. Freedom seemed stifled forever when Arminius led his forces against the Roman hosts in the forest of Teutoburgium.

  33. Roman vanity also is at work here, inasmuch as the Roman ambassadors are said to have so distinguished themselves that they were recognized by the barbarians among the hosts of Etruscans.

  34. A box filled with dragon's teeth, from which armed hosts will spring up.

  35. Austria and Russia have already begun this holy task; their heroic armies have driven back on all sides the hosts of the overbearing French, who have been compelled to abandon their conquests in Italy and Switzerland.

  36. Sire, your whole people ardently desire to chastise this arrogant France, and to sweep these hosts of Jacobins from the soil of Germany.

  37. The open space lying between two hosts drawn up for fight constitutes the altar of such a sacrificer, and the three Vedas are his three sacrificial fires.

  38. For the Rudras with the Vasus and the Adityas, O scorcher of foes, and the Sadhyas and hosts of kings adopt this religion.

  39. And again, They returned not to him that smote them, nor did they seek the Lord of hosts (Isa 9:13).

  40. Some have supposed that there is a slight similarity between the description, given by John Chrysostom of the battle between the hosts of hell and mankind, and John Bunyan's 'Holy War.

  41. He had enlisted under the banner of joy, but now from the opposing hosts there came a cry to him, and he could not shut his ears to it.

  42. Worry, too, would stifle if isolated in serenity, just as serenity would vanish if the hosts of its enemy hemmed it in.

  43. The first sheet was printed on the 2d of March, the last on the 4th of April.

  44. Here's an end of every trail--and here my hosts are fed!

  45. These were connected by cables, a platform of planks was laid stretching from each to each, and on the platform from shore to shore there was laid a thick bed of earth to form the road on which the Persian hosts passed into Europe.

  46. A little while, and the hosts which look so mighty now, shall be seen no more for ever.

  47. The man felt that beings of his own kind had more power over him than all the hosts of heaven.

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