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Example sentences for "hotchpotch"

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  1. Anyhow, I prefer to lead a complete and, I believe, useful life here, to looking back in later years upon that hotchpotch of lurid sensations, tangled impressions and restless moments that most of them call life.

  2. You see nothing but a hotchpotch of strange people, struggling and striving to attain definite form.

  3. There was no boundary between the hotchpotch of little German-speaking territories on the East and the little Celtic territories on the West.

  4. I have said that it is of capital importance to appreciate this point--that the whole thing was a chaos of little independent districts all fighting in a hotchpotch and not a clash of warring races or tongues.

  5. Those of the Burgundians were probably men who spoke that hotchpotch of original barbaric, Celtic and Roman words later called "Teutonic dialects," as well as Latin.

  6. Then they all began to talk at once at the top of their voices: "Bacon and peas, hotchpotch of beef and veal, chicken and lamb!

  7. But the good director had not been content with making a hotchpotch such as one sees in the shop of a dealer in marine stores and scrap-iron.

  8. In the galleries above there is a hotchpotch of exhibits ranging from a dreadfully poor picture of the Emperor Maximilian's footman, the hair of General D.

  9. The largest stones have been carted into the village, and formed a pathetic hotchpotch in a garden close to our hut.

  10. When, towards the end of the sixteenth century, the task of collecting historical data was undertaken, naturally enough the Indians consulted had little to give but a hotchpotch of tradition and legend.

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