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prefectorial; prefects; prefectural; prefecture; prefectures; preferable; preferably; prefered; preference; preferences
  1. It was crowded with pirates, or buccaneers as they would perhaps prefer to have been called, whom he had taken from Tortuga.

  2. Morgan knew full well that if they had been triumphantly successful, amassing large quantities of gold and silver, they would prefer to go to some port where they could squander all their gains in every species of sensual indulgence.

  3. I'd prefer that you did not do it yourself.

  4. I should prefer this to be a purely business interview," continued the young diplomat, "and to that end I will state my case and my conditions, after which you can make any answers or comments you think best.

  5. When I first came to London, I was told that an English club was a place where one went to be alone--but I prefer company to custom.

  6. Lady Isabelle McLane would raise her eyebrows, call a cab, and go home, would infinitely prefer to do so than to remain under the present conditions.

  7. I would certainly prefer not to answer that question, and now I must really go upstairs;" and without waiting for further parley, the little man scuttled out of the room.

  8. I thought it only kind to let you know the remarks that are being made: but of course, if you prefer to be left ignorant, I don't need to stay.

  9. Her Majesty was not very popular, the rather since she lived but little in England, and was known greatly to prefer her native province of Aquitaine.

  10. I should prefer any suffering rather than the loss of thy love and confidence, my Ralph," she answered tenderly.

  11. They want you to worship one dead man, and you prefer to worship another dead man.

  12. You would not prefer that I asked my questions of others than yourself, nor that I shut them in my own soul, and fretted my heart out, trying to find the answer.

  13. I prefer a partner, such a one as I had myself thirty years ago if possible.

  14. I prefer to drive, though I know you can handle the reins.

  15. It must be interesting to watch such a tour de force,” said Miss Dacre; “but I prefer the generalship which surveys the field, and places the battle in advance.

  16. She was sure he would, like herself, prefer a seat with Uncle Joe.

  17. Besides, I have found they all prefer sweet lies instead of truth.

  18. The marsh blackbirds, like the red-wings and yellow-headed, prefer wet meadows.

  19. The blue-birds are often sociable, building in orchards and farmyards, while the western species appear to prefer mountain cliffs as breeding-places.

  20. The mocking thrushes prefer thickets in the neighborhood of dwellings,--for example, the cat-bird.

  21. As a rule, I prefer the soft body filling, where all the wires are fastened together in the centre of the inside of the skin, and cotton, or some similar elastic material, filled in around it.

  22. Some species, like the teal, prefer secluded pools in the interior, while the wood-duck and others frequent woodland streams; and the eiders and marine ducks are abundant in the waters of the ocean.

  23. The grosbeaks, notably the rose-breast, prefer the woodlands.

  24. Remember, he may prefer the gaieties of London.

  25. Well, do you think I should prefer this empty tomb?

  26. I should prefer to take it at once and go down there with Louise and Marianne.

  27. I'd rather you came home, of course; but, if you prefer to dine at the Witte, do.

  28. That’s why I prefer literature and music,” said Herbert.

  29. Here the big pots prefer the society of the swells.

  30. How curiously people must be constituted who could knowingly prefer evil, when good thrilled one with such rapture, bathed one in such peace!

  31. She opened her eyes, wondering: “Because I prefer celibacy?

  32. My landlord offered me four hundred for it, but I prefer to live in a little apartment, surrounded by my pictures.

  33. I prefer Philip drunk to Philip sober,” he said.

  34. I always prefer to look at pictures,” said Matt, apologetically.

  35. I prefer my shower baths taken in the regular way," remarked Bobby.

  36. In this uncertainty I prefer to follow the indication of Quaresmius[686], who doubtless was able to see quite enough of the original building to ascertain its general plan.

  37. In Jerusalem there are two inns kept by honest people; those, however, who prefer availing themselves of the hospitality of the convents can do so; but should of course make an offering before leaving, according to their circumstances.

  38. But Elaine answered: "I prefer to thresh it out.

  39. Wouldn't you prefer a more cheerful topic?

  40. I am still inclined to prefer my former plan, of entering resolutely upon new scenes and new pursuits, to that of taking up any durable residence in the palace of my friend.

  41. The pride of my heart, a pride that I do not seek to extinguish, leads me to prefer an honest independence, in however mean a station, to the most splendid, and the most silken bondage.

  42. Your wishes, before you have time to express them, are forestalled by the politeness of your companions, and each seems to prefer the convenience and happiness of another to his own.

  43. If so, he had the magnanimity to prefer the good of Peru to his own glory, a virtue never found except amongst men of great nobleness of soul.

  44. If, however, you prefer to run that risk, I will not oppose you.

  45. Of course if you prefer having them write novels, model in clay and illumine parchments we'll add those departments," he declared, with a generous air.

  46. I can't send out a representative with a broken leg--and I'd prefer not sending out one with a broken heart.

  47. I only meant that I'd prefer these to grandfather and Uncle Lancelot," I explained soothingly, but her anxiety only increased.

  48. Others, however, prefer it directly below or a little to the right.

  49. Many prefer it a little to the left, and the date is sometimes written below it.

  50. Now that my new assistant has rallied from the shock of his surroundings and come to a realizing sense that I prefer technical journals to tracts, he is proving a grand success.

  51. I'd prefer to understand the thing a little better, myself, before I pass it on.

  52. Gertrude; "I prefer to stay with you: they are nearly all strangers to me.

  53. He only smiled and said, "The first step is so extraordinary that I prefer not to anticipate the next.

  54. That a man should go down on his knees to prefer his suit had got to be old-fashioned in the time of their fathers and mothers.

  55. Thus fish is given to birds that usually eat it; worms, maize and the finer seeds, to such as prefer them.

  56. I believe I should prefer to die like a Christian," said Gonzalo calmly.

  57. I'd prefer to have no more trouble with him, for he might not come out so easily next time.

  58. Thank you," said I, "but I prefer plain lemonade.

  59. That is, unless you'd prefer to hurry up by toting your own water.

  60. Therefore I'd really prefer to walk, if all the same to you.

  61. Thank you, sir, but I prefer to tidy my person, first," I suggested.

  62. I prefer not to play, sir," I responded to the heavily breathing Colonel.

  63. I don't know but that I prefer them to the whites.

  64. Evidently Conrad prefers or pretends to prefer the haze to the kernel.

  65. But as between a nightingale who is sympathetic with my emotions and a sarcastic waterfall, I prefer the nightingale.

  66. I like a bit of tobacco with mine, and I have some really good cigars and some cigarettes--if you prefer them--that I can vouch for.

  67. A few drive away in handsome equipages, but most prefer to walk, and there is usually a good deal of smiling talk in groups before parting, in which Mr. Euston likes to join.

  68. Sometimes the family which has taken in a fine lad for the night feels that it cannot do without him, and yet the committee prefer a better home for him.

  69. The house becomes a kind of pandemonium, and the girls rush desperately forth to the wild life of the streets, or the boys gradually prefer the roaming existence of the little city-Arab to such a quarrelsome home.

  70. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "prefer" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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