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Example sentences for "directly"

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directional; directions; directive; directives; directlie; directness; director; directorate; directorates; directorial
  1. This use is directly due to the Medieval Latin meaning of dividere = testamento disponere.

  2. He was always a student of the classic poets, and drew much of his inspiration directly from them.

  3. Your Museum, if you now bring it to hurried completion, will convey an impression directly the reverse of this.

  4. Notes on the oil pictures,” to be distinguished from the later catalogue of the Turner sketches and drawings with which this letter directly deals.

  5. I begin directly to feel uncomfortable about the lamb, lest, perchance, some front shop in the cottages belong to a butcher.

  6. This was a sufficiently ghostly tale in itself, but it was not all; Shamus further averred that as he turned to fly, he saw a hideous Indian witch swinging to and fro in a tree directly before him.

  7. So much was it the work of excavation, that the dirt roof was level with the earth above, and the door seemed to open directly into the bank.

  8. We saw that the forward wagons had halted and the men were peering cautiously over the edge of the highland into the valley of Silver Creek, which stream wound along below, entirely out of sight until one came directly upon it.

  9. Shamus, who sat directly facing the hill, saw something which chilled the Dobeen blood, and caused that noble Irishman to plunge behind us.

  10. Dropping his head into position as if for a charge, the buffalo whirled sharply to the right, and passing directly between our horses, made off toward the main herd.

  11. Some flew away, but most of them were running, and, in their fright, passed directly among the wagons.

  12. The headwaters of the Arkansas are in an oval park, situated directly west of the South Park.

  13. From this point to the Eastern boundary of the Territory it runs almost directly east.

  14. The last shot was a remarkably long one, and the shell burst directly in their faces.

  15. All who have given any attention to the subject know, that neither bodily nor mental labor can be either comfortably or successfully pursued directly after a full meal.

  16. Opinions based, as now, chiefly upon the statements of a partisan press, too often represent the interests of a party regardless of those of the municipalities directly concerned.

  17. We will not quibble about the phrase "commercial value," but come directly to the issue of value in general.

  18. But patriotism itself, as a duty, has never found any place in Christian ethics, and strong theological feeling has usually been directly hostile to its growth.

  19. Together with these measures for the protection of exposed children, there were laws directly condemnatory of infanticide.

  20. But by the early Christians all these things were directly traced to the Master they so dearly loved.

  21. The Christian, in the spirit of the Church, represented them as a definite sin, the sin of murder, for which the spectators as well as the actors were directly responsible before Heaven.

  22. The delegate of the Corn people was no friend of Tyame's, therefore he spoke directly against what the Eagle had intimated.

  23. The warning sounds were heard directly north of him; then everything became quiet.

  24. Then all moved on, forded the stream, and took a trail that led directly to the foot of the hill where stood the pueblo.

  25. At all events it was safer to rise and go directly toward the spot, rather than approach it in a creeping posture.

  26. They were those most directly interested, but until now they had, out of deference for their religious leaders, maintained an absolutely passive attitude.

  27. Then she sat down, leaning against the wall, looking directly toward her father.

  28. During his first run he had made so much noise as to lead the pursuers directly on his trail.

  29. The Indian hardly ever keeps a secret to himself alone; it is nearly always shared by others whom the matter directly concerns.

  30. When she recovered, the chorus sounded directly above her, and the chant seemed to soar away like voices from an upper world.

  31. The former remained with his head bent and his face covered with both hands; the latter, who happened almost directly to face Tyope, with head erect and an expression of calm watchfulness on his features.

  32. Suddenly loud barking sounded directly in front of him, and at no great distance.

  33. But he had become fascinated by what was directly above him, and so he watched with increasing interest the white arches overhead.

  34. Among these powers there are two that appear not so much superior to the rest as more intimately connected with the fate of man,--as more directly influencing his weal and woe.

  35. As head of the servants, I felt directly that we were bound, in justice to all parties, not to profit by our mistress's generosity.

  36. You will understand directly why I speak with that reservation.

  37. Imagine the state of a thorough-bred racehorse, if it were kept standing for hours in a snowstorm, with no clothing on, directly after it had run a race.

  38. Stay at home with your wife and your hounds," but how can a man do so, if his wife is all agog to drag him to London or abroad directly the hunting season is over?

  39. Then,' resumed Lord Montford, 'dress directly opposite to the fashion for ten years.

  40. As most of the townspeople are shareholders in this thriving concern, and as all of them gain either directly or indirectly by the play, it was amusing to watch the anxiety of these worthies during the war between Austria and Prussia.

  41. Continue to stir and cook directly over the fire until the mixture thickens.

  42. Cook directly over the flame until the mixture becomes thick.

  43. Should there be any danger of the paste burning on the bottom, put pieces of heavy paper or asbestos under the pan and should it appear to burn on top, put pieces of paper directly over the paste on the rack above.

  44. Cook directly over the flame until the mixture is thickened and then place in a double boiler.

  45. It may be placed directly on the plate, or a paper doily of the proper size may be put on the plate and the frozen dessert set on this.

  46. The salad plate should be placed directly before the person served.

  47. As soon as a pan is filled, set it in the oven, either directly on the bottom or on a low rack.

  48. Cook directly over the flame until the corn starch has thickened.

  49. Cook directly over the flame until the mixture has thickened.

  50. Mix the sugar, corn starch, and salt, add to the milk, and cook directly over the flame until the mixture has thickened.

  51. Hess followed the sheriff to the stable and introduced himself, going directly to the point, as was his custom.

  52. This amount includes ALL sorts of disbursements needful to the subsistence, convenience and comfort of the people, except the product of the value of labour directly applied to the erection of buildings or other permanent works.

  53. When we reach the end of the tunnel we are almost directly under the centre of the peak, a thousand feet under the surface of the ground.

  54. Well, we talked about it; I don't recall all the details of what my wife told me, whether they were my wife's opinions or things she had heard directly from Marina.

  55. The report states, "He advised he heard a shot and immediately turned around looking past Governor Connally who was seated directly in back of him to the President.

  56. Nevertheless, Oswald, with that background, is permitted to walk into the Book Depository Building, directly on the Presidential route, carrying with him in his hand a full rifle.

  57. Is it directly over the back portion of the front seat?

  58. And if you say you have given us the substance, then I take it that is complete as far as it could be of assistance to us, except our going directly to the witness.

  59. The indentation is directly to the right of the mirror holder.

  60. There were two occasions when we practiced parking, one in the larger parking lot just backing into, pretending there were cars there to back between, as in parallel parking, and another occasion directly in front of my house.

  61. I think, I can't remember whether it was a conversation I had directly with him or immediately after, I was following this idea that here we feel we have quite a different attitude about exploitation.

  62. I recall one other afternoon when he practiced just parking directly in front of our house, and when, as I say, after he had done this he wanted me to drive the car into the driveway, that being a little harder to do.

  63. She never did go out directly and say that but I think I got an impression that was her reason.

  64. Well, I think, yes; I had some impression of that sort, but it came directly from Lee.

  65. It is therefore possible that different conditions of life may have acted directly on the two sexes; but this is not probable (27.

  66. But differences of this nature, it may be presumed, are directly connected with the act of reproduction, or with the development of the ova.

  67. Both sexes have perhaps been directly acted on by the conditions of life to which they have long been exposed: but the females from not being otherwise much modified, will best exhibit any such effects.

  68. The female never drums, "but flies directly to the place where the male is thus engaged.

  69. Such colours can hardly serve directly as a protection, except in the case of certain flower-feeding species; but they may serve as a warning or means of recognition, on the same principle as the phosphorescence of the glow-worm.

  70. I may add, on the authority of Mr. Bartlett, that these boars when fighting stand directly face to face.

  71. Gruber further shews that their development is in part directly due to the stimulus from the friction of one wing over the other.

  72. Even the partial transmission of virtuous tendencies would be an immense assistance to the primary impulse derived directly and indirectly from the social instincts.

  73. In some few cases their colours appear to be directly protective: thus Prof.

  74. General Thomas, second only in splendid achievements and gallantry to his commander, was “directly on his heels,” while Generals McPherson and Schofield took different routes.

  75. The right wing moved directly south from Atlanta, which is in Fulton County, to Rough and Ready and Jonesboro’ stations on the Macon and Western Railroad, in Fayette County.

  76. Sherman led his brigade directly up the Warrenton road, and held his ground till the general order came to retreat.

  77. Across the range, directly over the shoulder of Sierra Blanca, lay historic Fort Garland.

  78. There was but little wind and, hoping to see the big game that the flames might drive into the open, I innocently took my stand in the centre of the grassy stretch directly before the fire.

  79. It fell into the swirl above the summit and in large circles floated upward at slow speed, rising directly above the top of the peak.

  80. The Jackal, had decided, not only that Ali would not await directly beside Ben Akbar, but also exactly where he would be found.

  81. The camels had not detected this fresh peril and were not directly aware of it, but the screams of the horses and shouts of the driver were evidence enough that it existed.

  82. When the Indians were directly beneath him, Ali spoke to his mount.

  83. Uncovered, his massive head seemed to be supported directly on his shoulders, without benefit of or need for a neck.

  84. A small, unshod horse, traveling at a fast trot, had passed this way within the hour and gone directly southeast.

  85. As though he were acting under orders, Ali went directly to the supply tent to choose a proper saddle and bridle.

  86. Although Ali wanted to go south, where he thought he'd have the best chance of meeting the great Hadj, and the gulley in which the Druse were camped ran almost directly north-south, he did not go down that gulley.

  87. A bit more than three hours later, as Ali had planned when he chose his bed, the blazing sun shone directly upon him and its glare broke his slumber.

  88. Those directly in the path of the running herd surged away, crowding those on either side and compounding the confusion.

  89. Ali was unable to blame his leader for anything, and, anyhow, the guide was directly at fault.

  90. Directly to the east was the land of the Arabs.

  91. Now, dagger poised, he stood directly behind Ali and needed only one more silent step to carry him into a striking position.

  92. Of the directly false statements and garblings I gave several striking exhibitions.

  93. He wrote a little letter to Mrs. Larpent on the morning he went out of town and thanked her warmly for her kindness and "looked forward tremendously to seeing her directly he got back.

  94. Well," said Beatrix, "I shall leave town to-morrow directly after lunch.

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