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  1. Only preliminary official directives have been issued to guide the agroindustrial complexes in these matters.

  2. All newspapers must provide space for the official news of the government, and all Central Committee directives must be printed without alteration.

  3. For example, the draft directives for the Sixth Five-Year Plan showed projection of industrial production that went up by 60 percent, whereas production of consumer goods was projected to increase by only 50 percent.

  4. In the process, divisions and lines of authority were blurred, and violations of government directives were frequent because of their complexity and the constraints they placed on the day-to-day operation of economic enterprises.

  5. In the directives for the Sixth Five-Year Plan the party reaffirmed the importance of private farm plots as a reserve for the increase of farm output and particularly of livestock production.

  6. By the time the resolutions and directives were being implemented, however, noticeable variations in interpretation and emphasis had taken place.

  7. The conditions of the concentration camps where Soviet prisoners were taken and where mass destruction of prisoners was committed was all this dependent on directives of the German High Command?

  8. The use of force was distinctly sanctioned, in fact guaranteed, by official statements and directives of the conspirators which made activism and aggressiveness a political quality obligatory for Party members.

  9. Functions of the local and occupational cell units include the implementation of party directives and programs, the recruitment and indoctrination of new members, and the dissemination of propaganda directed at those outside the party.

  10. Administration and Finance The Ministry of Education exercised overall control and direction of the educational system and implemented all party policies and directives concerning its management.

  11. The frequency of the changes, however, and a lack of clarity in many of the directives have brought about a blurring of jurisdictional lines with consequent overlapping of functions and conflicts of authority.

  12. The ministry also employed an intertwined system of advisory councils and commissions to ensure compliance with party and government directives and guidelines.

  13. When I select the course of action and authenticate them with the Presidential Implementation Designators, release directives to implement the decisions.

  14. Update constantly, but keep all implementation directives on 'hold' until I direct otherwise.

  15. Let us examine for a moment the directives which the horse required for the various positions.

  16. In considering this question we must distinguish between the directives for pointing out colors and the directives for tapping and for head movements on the part of the horse.

  17. Many will doubt whether with such imperfect images an animal can react to directives so minute, as we have asserted to be true in the case of Hans.

  18. In pursuance of this function he held daily press conferences to deliver the directives of the Propaganda Ministry to these papers.

  19. Dahlerus, of course, had no knowledge at the time of the decision which Hitler had secretly announced on 22 August, nor of the German military directives for the attack on Poland which were already in existence.

  20. It was Dietrich who received the directives to the press of Goebbels and other Reich Ministers, and prepared them as instructions, which he then handed to Fritzsche for the press.

  21. It is also clear from the evidence presented that they received directives from the Gestapo to transfer foreign workers whom they apprehended to concentration camps.

  22. Directives and instructions were received from the Party Reich Directorate.

  23. The verdict characterizes him as a secondary figure carrying out the directives of Goebbels and Von Ribbentrop, and of the Reich Press Director Dietrich.

  24. And even then his only function was to transmit the Goebbels’ directives relayed to him by telephone.

  25. Any defendant or any other person may be excluded from open sessions of the Tribunal for failure to observe and respect the directives and dignity of the Tribunal.

  26. Sauckel’s directives provided that the forced laborers were to be fed, sheltered, and treated so as to exploit them to the highest possible degree at the lowest possible expense.

  27. The exaggeration may seem apparent, but it is a fair sample of the worst directives as actually issued and many, though not quite so bad, were near it.

  28. Like the Group, it supported the national propaganda objectives, but it interpreted the directives that came from the theater commander in terms of more immediate objectives.

  29. The king used a privy seal to issue directives to the chancery.

  30. Cousin Maud liked to behave as though all major directives were announced jointly by The Professor and Victoria.

  31. A Member State may entrust management and labour, at their joint request, with the implementation of directives adopted pursuant to paragraphs 2 and 3.

  32. The Commission shall conduct these negotiations in consultation with a special committee appointed by the Council to assist the Commission in this task and within the framework of such directives as the Council may issue to it.

  33. Regulations of the Council and of the Commission, as well as directives of those institutions which are address to all Member States, shall be published in the Official Journal of the Community.

  34. The provisions of the conventions in force between the Member States governing areas covered by this Article shall remain in force until their content has been replaced by directives or measures adopted pursuant to this Article.

  35. The Commission shall conduct these negotiations in consultation with special committees appointed by the Council to assist it in this task and within the framework of such directives as the Council may issue to it.

  36. Such directives shall avoid imposing administrative, financial and legal constraints in a way which would hold back the creation and development of small and medium-sized undertakings.

  37. And it gives directives to the local committees, 'Send Communists to the front.

  38. And, as everyone knows, the electronically filed Verdict Statements make the complete record of directives for the behavior of our society.

  39. In the military ministry, directives were issued in duplicate and redelivered in triplicate.

  40. One group of military directives which had been quite speedily and accurately delivered were the offers of contracts, primarily for food, and secondarily for equipment.

  41. Politely but explicitly Davenport told Gray that the staff officers who were advising him and writing the memos and directives to which he was signing his name had deceived him.

  42. The point of this argument, which the committee accepted, was that unless personal responsibility was fixed, policies and directives on equal opportunity were just so much rhetoric.

  43. Defense officials quickly arranged for the publication of directives and regulations applying the provisions of the new law to the whole defense establishment.

  44. Furthermore, this directive, unlike McNamara's equal opportunity directive of the previous year, was supported by federal legislation and thus escaped the usual criticism suffered by his earlier directives on discrimination.

  45. By 18 February all had issued specific directives for enforcing it.

  46. Citing a change in policy, the Air Force issued directives opening all overseas assignments except Iceland to Negroes.

  47. Along with the other surveys and directives of the past year, it demonstrated that in several important particulars the Gillem Board's recommendations were being only partially and indifferently followed.

  48. In theory, the Coast Guard's manpower policy, at least in regard to those segments of the service that operated directly under Navy control, had to be compatible with the racial directives of the Navy's Bureau of Naval Personnel.

  49. For in truth the Army was not the monolithic institution so often depicted by its critics, and its racial directives usually came out of compromises between the progressive and traditional factions of the staff.

  50. Failure to adhere to directives from the Politburo is a crime against the Party, and punishment for such crimes can be severe (see ch.

  51. In addition, the press and radio are channels through which the top leaders issue directives or communicate changes in the Party line to the lower level administrators and activists throughout the country.

  52. The commission's function was to elaborate the Politburo's directives on reforming the school system.

  53. This body, guided by the directives prescribed by the Politburo, supervised the Ministry of Education and Culture in implementing the Party's ideological and political guidelines.

  54. It also sits in a plenum in order to issue directives concerning legal practices, to hear appeals from decisions made by its collegium, and to study the operation of the court system in its entirety.

  55. Too many directives and counter-directives were flooding at him from various officials on Earth.

  56. Some factions on Earth seemed determined that rotation must remain not only a procedural but an actual requirement--their voices spoke plainly through the directives and edicts of U.

  57. In basic problems (the type now under discussion, see page 117), the commander finds his incentive in directives received from higher authority.

  58. Finally, the fourth step may involve changes, for clarification, in the directives formulated in the third step.

  59. On the other hand, the commander may find that the changed situation motivates merely a modification of his previously determined operations and of his directives already in force.

  60. The various categories of directives customarily employed in our naval service, and standard forms for these, are described hereinafter.

  61. Logistics directives and other specialized instructions may also be a feature.

  62. Only an alert commander can invariably determine whether the situation is unfolding along the lines desired by him, as promulgated in the directives of the third step.

  63. Having arrived at his basic Decision, the commander, if he wishes to put it into effect, will proceed to formulate a plan of action which can be cast into the forms of directives for execution.

  64. Should directives of higher authority introduce a new incentive, the commander solves such a new problem, also, by employing the procedure distinctive of the first step.

  65. Collection, to be consistently effective, calls for specific directives to, or requests on, the appropriate collecting agencies.

  66. Experience has shown that military directives usually give best results if cast in a standard form well known alike to originator and recipient.

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