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Example sentences for "directing"

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directement; directer; directest; directeth; directeur; direction; directional; directions; directive; directives
  1. Yonder law, that with brazen staff is directing the struggling, Naught is to thee.

  2. We feel ourselves obliged to esteem this object, which at first made us smile, and directing our eyes to ourselves, to feel ourselves unhappy in not resembling it.

  3. She finds hope and fear planted in every human breast; by making herself mistress of these emotions, and directing their affections to a single object, she virtually transforms millions of independent beings into one uniform abstract.

  4. Our aviators lacked experience as observers in keeping their liaison in directing artillery fire and in informing the infantry of the movements of their units and of the enemy's.

  5. In our Meuse-Argonne offensive, we had all these precedents and the experience of the officers in directing them for our guidance.

  6. The doctor now dressed the wound in the back, but left the front wound uncovered, merely directing that a piece of linen soaked in iced water should be kept over it.

  7. Sixteen of these groups, changed from time to time as may be desired, can be written upon the blackboard and sung by the class in the way set forth, the teacher meanwhile keeping time for and directing the class.

  8. But just then they heard Rosa directing Joe Arnold to the cave.

  9. Joe Arnold was busy directing the blacks as they stowed away the bales in the old mud huts in the camp.

  10. This successful charge of the lancers of the Russian guard had carried them as far as the foot of the hillock from which Napoleon was directing the different corps.

  11. It was from Wilna, on the 9th of December, that orders were transmitted to Macdonald, of which a Prussian officer was the bearer, directing him to retreat slowly upon Tilsit.

  12. It is important to remember that the power of directing the attention by a voluntary process of abstraction, is one that distinctively belongs to man.

  13. The hopeless pessimism of the past, that saw in the unmerciful progress of organic evolution no escape for the human animal from the grip of fate, is about to give way to the enthusiasm of conscious directing and controlling power.

  14. But he could make arrangements with Le Duc and Galoche to carry it on for him whilst himself directing and advising.

  15. As Nicholson was standing on the parapet, field-glass in hand, directing the pointing of two guns, a bullet struck him on the temple and he fell dead.

  16. When we can succeed in directing the attention of such men to bee-culture, we may hope to see as rapid an advance in this as in some other important branches of agriculture.

  17. Pitt, who was then personally directing foreign affairs, decided, with the full approval of the king, that if the French court would not agree to the restoration war was inevitable.

  18. He had fair ability, but as minister allowed himself to be swayed by personal motives, and he pursued a system already adopted by the king of directing military operations in America from London which had disastrous consequences.

  19. Germain, who still persisted in directing operations in America from London, considered Cornwallis's plan more promising than that of Clinton.

  20. The Commissioner of Indian Affairs exercises a protecting care over these "wards" by directing the work of the Indian agents and of the superintendents of Indian schools.

  21. Harper was then bombarded with orders from the subscribers directing him to pay out the $2,500 which he held to their credit.

  22. In the matter of directing the destinies of this country towards a higher and better national existence, there is really nothing to choose between Republicanism and Democracy.

  23. There was for Davie a constant fascination in the skill and power displayed by those employed in directing the work that was going on.

  24. Then he suddenly accosted them, levelling the revolver, commanding them to stand, and directing the young gentleman who was driving to jump to the ground.

  25. If so, send special messenger on fast horse directing him to return immediately.

  26. He then picked up his rifle again, and turning to an imaginary force behind the kopje waved to the right and then to the left, as though directing them to charge round each end of the hill.

  27. The system is now becoming one of directing the Government from England on lines which an ignorant British electorate is most likely to approve.

  28. It was upon her that Marian was directing those lightning glances.

  29. On reaching the summit, and directing my telescope up the valley, I obtained a tableau in its field of vision that almost caused me to drop the glass out of my fingers!

  30. Twice or thrice he raised his head, stealthily directing his glance to the countenance of his visitor; but only to read, in the looks of the latter, a fixed and implacable purpose.

  31. And by cultivating the heart, I mean directing much attention to restraining, regulating, and purifying all its exercises.

  32. According to who is directing the machinery of the State, it can be an instrument of profoundest transformations, or a means of organized stagnation.

  33. This art of directing the activities of the masses on the basis of organized self-government, is here applied for the first time on Russian soil.

  34. In recent years, even the directing of this atomized and hypnotized military mass has been slipping out of the hands of absolutism.

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