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governement; governess; governesses; governest; governeth; government; governmental; governments; governmint; governo
  1. The governing social evil of America is provincialism; a misfortune that is perhaps inseparable from her situation.

  2. That until five thousand free white males lived in the territory, the governing body should be a governor and three judges appointed by Congress.

  3. Evil men slandered him; his manner of governing the new lands was falsely represented to the king and queen; a new governor was sent out, and Columbus was brought back in chains.

  4. Very early, however, in the process of social evolution, we find an incipient differentiation between the governing and the governed.

  5. While the governing part has undergone the complex development above detailed, the governed part has undergone an equally complex development, which has resulted in that minute division of labour characterising advanced nations.

  6. Gradually, as the tribe progresses, the contrast between the governing and the governed grows more decided.

  7. It seems to me that to these three principles three pleasures correspond; also three desires and governing powers.

  8. Clearly, all political changes originate in divisions of the actual governing power; a government which is united, however small, cannot be moved.

  9. In republican states they teach them the savage superstition of patriotism and the same pretended obedience to the governing authorities.

  10. Hence we shall organize public lectures, circulate tracts and publications, form societies, and petition every governing body.

  11. The governing classes, or at least the good, honest, and intelligent people of them, cannot but suffer from these fundamental inconsistencies, and see the dangers with which they are threatened.

  12. But he who believes in Christ, in the living Christ, the ordering Christ, the governing Christ, will possess his soul in patience.

  13. There are countries, for example, in which the governing power is strongly convinced that the prosperity of nations is measured, not by the amount of wants which are satisfied, but by the amount of efforts, whatever may be their results.

  14. Constance profited by his absence by governing the duchy, and in 1194 she had Arthur proclaimed duke of Brittany by an assembly of barons and bishops.

  15. Correlate the rule governing the unit of measurement for vertical contour curves with the rules controlling horizontal divisions.

  16. This practice of mixing three primary colors together serves as an important step, governing wood stain mixing for beginners.

  17. It is an interesting and useful fact that rules governing major divisions generally apply equally well to minor ones.

  18. Briefly describe the processes of inlaying and carving, with the design restrictions governing each.

  19. Several trial arrangements of these structural elements are now made with the thought of making them conform to the rule governing three horizontal spaces.

  20. The central governing thought in all carved designs is to show an interesting proportion of light and shade coupled with a unity between the raised portion of the design and the background.

  21. Give and illustrate the rule governing the change in the appearance of the design with the change of functional service.

  22. State the rule governing two horizontal space divisions and furnish illustrations in wood, clay, and metal.

  23. State the rule governing the use of two vertical space divisions and give illustrations in wood, clay, and metal.

  24. Give the rule governing three horizontal space divisions and supply illustrations in wood, clay, and metal.

  25. While it is technically more difficult to adapt metal to the rules governing appendages than is the case with clay, the final results are, in most instances, equally pleasing to the eye.

  26. The loud complaints about the vanishing of the sense of duty among the young, which has so often been voiced by public opinion, only prove how strongly this ethical force was governing people's minds.

  27. It will not be through a default of the people, but through the slackness of the governing class.

  28. This state of things would be bad enough if the governing classes really sought the welfare of the governed, and were deceiving them for their own good.

  29. Our governing classes are overwhelmingly Junker: all who are not Junkers are riff-raff whose only claim to their position is the possession of ability of some sort: mostly ability to make money.

  30. But in Prussia the governing class is really a governing class, and a very few people are needed to think along these lines to make all the other people act along them.

  31. I am here to learn more, and also to demonstrate our belief in the substantial similarity of interests and sympathies of the American self-governing republics.

  32. Secretary of State and ex officio Chairman of the Governing Board of the Bureau of South American Republics, Washington, D.

  33. The governing board is also a permanent committee charged with the duty of seeing that the resolutions of each Pan American conference are carried out and that suitable preparation is made for the next succeeding conference.

  34. From these windows the governing board of the International Union will look down upon the noble river that flows by the home of Washington.

  35. He continued at length on this subject, while Pierre recalled what Don Vigilio had told him of those all-powerful Jesuits who at the Vatican as elsewhere remained in the background, secretly but none the less decisively governing the Church.

  36. And if he were bent on governing the world, it was doubtless for the pleasure of governing, but also in the conviction that no one could do so better than himself.

  37. Was he continuing in dreamland his terrible work of conquest, that task of subjecting and governing the earth which he directed from his dark room at the Propaganda?

  38. God is ever present, master of souls and bodies; and religion remains the bond, the law, the very governing power of mankind, apart from which there can only be barbarism in this world and damnation in the next.

  39. It was as though, once outside his office, he plunged into the commonplace and the unimportant by way of resting from the anxious task of governing the world.

  40. Indo-European grammar and philology, who attach vast importance to phonetic change, and the laws governing it.

  41. Hence, when the governing committee decided to reopen the Stock Exchange on the morning of Tuesday, the 30th, a feeling of positive relief was experienced.

  42. As Coponius, who we told you was sent along with Cyrenius, was exercising his office of procurator, and governing Judea, the following accidents happened.

  43. He also accused Hyrcanus and Antipater as governing the nation by violence, and offering injuries to himself.

  44. If the governing body wish to have drink in the Palace they will have it, whether we like it or not.

  45. Whatever we do or resolve is, in fact, subject to the will of the governing body.

  46. Regulations governing the rank first appeared in the King's Regulations of 1806.

  47. These Restrictions, or safeguards, deprive Ireland of powers in fact possessed by the Legislature of any self-governing colony, and I believe by the Isle of Man or Jersey.

  48. The Irish Ministry must in ordinary matters be at least as free as the Ministry of a self-governing colony.

  49. But Ireland, it will be said, is to occupy a position like that of a self-governing colony.

  50. The plain answer to this suggestion is that in a British self-governing colony, no law is enforceable which is opposed to colonial sentiment and which the colonial Ministry refuse to put into execution.

  51. Even the imposition of customs, though it has an important bearing on the interest of the Empire, is in a self-governing colony determined by the colonial, and not by the British, Parliament.

  52. Can Ireland, close to the shore of Great Britain, occupy the position of a self-governing colony, such as New Zealand, divided from Great Britain by thousands of miles of sea?

  53. Let the self-governing Colonies, and British India, send deputies to the Imperial or Federal Parliament.

  54. This is a very different thing from the shadowy sovereignty which the English Parliament retains, but abstains from exercising, in our self-governing colonies.

  55. With his death, during the absence of his successor, the governing power was lodged in the hands of Inquisitor-general Ximenes.

  56. The intelligence governing the phenomena is sometimes manifestly below that of the medium.

  57. Taxation is no part of the governing power.

  58. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "governing" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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