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  1. Delighted to be once more in possession of her own duchy she resolved now that she had recovered the reins of government never again to let them slip out of her hands.

  2. The government of Languedoc had been entrusted by the King to the Duc d’Anjou, the eldest and perhaps the worst of his brothers.

  3. But his rule was so cruel and oppressive, and such commotions arose from it that Charles interfered; forbade the executions and punishments ordered by the Duke to be carried out, and took the government of the province away from him.

  4. The King’s uncles were very glad to persuade him that he was not well enough to do anything but amuse himself and had better leave the government in their hands.

  5. The aim of their uncles was to keep them ignorant, so that the reins of government might remain as long as possible in their own hands.

  6. Bonne, Comtesse de Savoie, was farther away in her beautiful southern home, and being the wife of a greater prince, had more of the occupations and cares of a government upon her hands.

  7. Anne chose to be married at Nantes in January, and this time the contract secured her entire control of the government and revenues of Bretagne, with power to leave it to her own heirs after the death of the King if they had no children.

  8. His government was the personal government of an intelligent, prudent, and honest King, occupied with the internal and external affairs of the State.

  9. King and held the reins of government when they dropped from his hands.

  10. She let the reins of government remain without an effort or complaint in the hands of the Duke of Burgundy, she allowed the overbearing interference of the Duchess until it became perfectly insupportable.

  11. The sources of information which proved most useful to the writer are: The Annual Reports of the A.

  12. With such additions to her strength, the resources of Liberia will be brought out and developed.

  13. And what is more natural and rational than that they, when the population of the country approaches the migration point, should follow the line of least resistance and turn their steps to the home of their forefathers.

  14. Ayres, who, already the representative of the Society, had now been appointed Government Agent and Surgeon.

  15. A plan was at length agreed upon by all except Maryland, by which the colonies were united into the "Commonwealth of Liberia," whose government was controlled by a Board of Directors composed of Delegates from the State societies.

  16. Claims were at once brought against Liberia through the English Government to a large aggregate amount.

  17. The form of government was, as has been seen, closely copied from that of the United States.

  18. The Society in consternation applied to Government for an expedition of investigation, and the Rev.

  19. The Liberian Government issued a proclamation of cordial invitation, and the Legislature appropriated $4,000 to assist the colonists, increasing in their case the allotment of land from ten to twenty-five acres for each family.

  20. Hall was fortunately present, and supplied the Government with a loan from the funds of the Maryland Society.

  21. The majority of the colonists had been long accustomed to similar institutions in the land of their captivity, and the new machinery of government was soon running smoothly.

  22. In further evidence of kindly sentiment the English Government presented the young Republic with a trim little cutter of four guns for coast protection.

  23. Draw in succession five sketch maps, each to represent the political government of a period.

  24. What is said as to the government of the church?

  25. It gave a system of organization; for the Government of the early church was similar to, and doubtless suggested by, that of the synagogue.

  26. State the six successive forms of government and their rulers in Palestine during the New Testament period.

  27. This was the form of government during the ministry of Jesus.

  28. What was the attitude of the Roman government at that time toward Christianity?

  29. Scarcely any government or discipline was needed in a church where the Spirit of God was recognized as dwelling in each member.

  30. Some very important personage from Washington came down to the General Hospital and announced that the Government was going to get rid of all women nurses.

  31. Napoleon is the sinister shape behind the arras; and the Tory government licks his patent-leather boots.

  32. Ailsa added vaguely: "There's always a government detective hanging around the hospital.

  33. Early in March a government detective sent word that he wished to speak to her; and she went down to Dr.

  34. Somehow the Government has learned about your coming here.

  35. And perhaps it was true that one or two among thousands might not have been everything they should have been," admitted Ailsa, loyal to her government in everything.

  36. The Government may thank me for a number of heroes.

  37. Do what the Government pays me for doing?

  38. The Government Appeals to the New York Fire Department for One Regiment of Zouaves!

  39. He and his wife were old friends, but how to induce them to give up their deer--their absolute property--and how to convince them that the government would return an equal number at some future time was quite another matter.

  40. I explained carefully what the deer were wanted for; that he must let me have the deer of his own free will, and trust to the government for an ample reward and the return of an equal number of deer.

  41. With its generous policy the Danish Government has taken these natives under its fatherly protection, so that their future welfare is assured against exploitation, degradation, and early extinction.

  42. After his abandonment in 1853 of four expeditionary ships of the Franklin search, Sir Edward Belcher returned to England, ending what he termed "The Last of Arctic Voyages," in which opinion the British Government concurred.

  43. Holm, Royal Danish Navy, through whose heroic efforts and wise recommendations the tribe is now under the protecting influences of the government of Denmark and has become a Christian, well-cared-for people.

  44. Rae's report be true (and the government has accepted it as such), these martyrs in a noble cause achieved at their last extremity.

  45. Its purpose was to continue the remarkable surveys of the Danish government by completing the coast-line of northeast Greenland.

  46. When in 1845 the British Government decided to send out an expedition for the northwest passage, all thoughts turned to Franklin.

  47. The Government objects to the crèche department on economical grounds.

  48. The teacher has a hard task, for the Government inspector expects all the scholars to make the same progress.

  49. I'm sure government deserves it for all the trouble it takes, opening all those letters and bundles.

  50. But the old lady never suspected this, and she met them in Boston on the morning of the 1st of June, full of excitement and pleasure at the thought of seeing "the inner workings of this wonderful government of ours.

  51. And to think that government takes care of things and gives them back to you when you are as careless as all that!

  52. Such distinction or favour as the tenth Earl had received from Government had been conferred in recognition of the dead man's gallant services to his country, not as the reward of his inventive gift.

  53. The German Army was going to walk over the miserable little British Army--and then would be expiated the sins of the British Government and the diabolical plottings of Sir Edward Grey.

  54. I don't suppose my Government would care a little hang!

  55. As I mentioned before, the interest taken by the French Government in Sherbrand's gyroscopic hoverer may well have stimulated the interest of our Teuton neighbours.

  56. Ergo, the British Government could not concern itself with the theft of the original Plans from Gwyll Castle.

  57. And I'll give the Belgian Government another ten, if you think they'd honour me by accepting them?

  58. That's the French for Government red-tape.

  59. When Austria annexed Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1909, she made her seat of Government at Sarajevo.

  60. The British Government found it incompatible with its present line of Foreign Policy to take steps towards the recovery of the Foulis Papers.

  61. When they speak of God and prove that He does not exist, when they describe our whole system of government as a monstrosity and reject all authority, including our own.

  62. Life is movement; and government is movement.

  63. One of the most important of these is that the government of the student body rests with the university faculty, both as to their life in connection with the university, and also outside of it.

  64. Trotzendorf thus gives an example of school government which is quite in accord with the spirit of modern times.

  65. Formerly both denominational and undenominational schools participated alike in the government grants, but the former were compelled to make up the balance needed by private subscriptions, school pence, etc.

  66. The government gave him an empty convent in which to hold his school, and, before it was ready for occupancy, children flocked to it for admission.

  67. In 1902 the government still further restricted the teaching by religious orders.

  68. The English government of India does not interfere with the caste system, but it is gradually breaking down.

  69. The United States government has given vast tracts of the public domain, as well as large sums of money, to the various states, out of which have been created, in some cases, large school funds which yield a permanent income.

  70. A commission was sent by the government to examine the institution, and although the report was highly complimentary to Froebel's work,[151] the persecution did not cease.

  71. This will close about 3500 schools of the Christian Brothers which have existed for a long time, and necessitate the organization by the government of corresponding school facilities to supply their place.

  72. The government is an absolute monarchy; the emperor is regarded as the father of all his people and has complete power over the lives of his subjects.

  73. This right she did not concede to her colonies, however, until the American Revolution wrested her richest dependency from her, and forever established the principle of self-government for a sovereign people.

  74. The government of Berne presented him a gold medal, which, however, he was obliged to sell to procure the necessities of life for his family.

  75. He seems to have acquired considerable political influence, as the Directors of the Government of Switzerland thought it necessary to win him to their cause by giving him a political office.

  76. He was, in 1862, Government Geologist to the Province of Canterbury.

  77. I do not suppose the mass of people in your country will believe it, but I feel sure if we do go to war it will be with the utmost reluctance by all classes, Ministers of Government and all.

  78. The Government wanted the money, and it did not wish to recognize the principle upon which the colonists resisted the Government method of obtaining it.

  79. Franklin testified under oath before a committee of parliament that such a tax would drain the Government of all their specie in a single year.

  80. The peace with the proprietary government was only temporary.

  81. Though spending more than half of his life in the public service, Franklin was never for a moment dependent upon the Government for his livelihood.

  82. We may as well here say at once that the petition which he brought with him for a change of government came to nothing.

  83. The question of taxing their estates had come up in a new form, and finally resulted in a petition from the assembly drawn by Franklin himself for a charge of government for Pennsylvania.

  84. From this time until the close of the war it was Franklin's paramount duty to encourage the French Government to supply the colonists with money.

  85. Instead of allowing the colonists to unite and defend themselves, the home Government sent over General Braddock with two regiments of regular English troops, whom the colonists were expected to maintain.

  86. He was not severely injured, but the attempt on his life rendered him amenable to the laws of his country, and a short confinement in the government hospital followed.

  87. It was suggested by a minor poet and government official, Johann Ruprecht, whose poem, Merkenstein, Beethoven had set to music previous to 1816.

  88. But it is not a Government motion, and the division will be late, so I came home; and if I had not found you here, I should have gone into the Park to look for you.

  89. From HAYTI we have the particulars of a conspiracy against the Emperor Soulouque, in which a number of officers of the Government were implicated.

  90. Reply of the Neapolitan Government to Mr. Gladstone, 844.

  91. Government is endeavoring to suppress the slave-trade, and its efforts meet with some success.

  92. Professor MORSE has received from the Prussian Government the "Prussian Gold Medal of Scientific Merit," as a testimonial for his improvements in the Magnetic Telegraph.

  93. I believe it was set up by the government expedition three or four years ago as a signal-post for their trigonometrical survey.

  94. It is supposed that they will be conveyed to their native country in a government vessel.

  95. The Government has declined to pay the claims of certain American merchants to which our Government has repeatedly called its attention.

  96. He also criticised the conduct of Government in relation to the "Papal Aggression," ridiculing the bill proposed as a "little microscopic measure.

  97. If he were, he would not want the Government to help him--he would not be ashamed of taking money from me.

  98. Perhaps a hatred of its delightful presence is what chiefly prompts the civic government in Rome to the effort to turn the piazza into a square.

  99. The Government pays me a salary for my work and this is only part of my work.

  100. As for Lord Elgin, it may be, as is said, that he did carry off a carload or so of the beautiful things when he had obtained from the Government (it was Turkish then) permission to remove a few pieces.

  101. The Reprobates appeared and declared there was no romance anywhere in sight and never had been in that direction; that Morocco was just a place of wretched government and miserable people whose chief industries were laziness and crime.

  102. The government is an indestructible Union, composed of indestructible States.

  103. The old king proposed to his people a revolution in the form of government by which monarchy should be abandoned and a republican form of government established in its place.

  104. Less than this would convert the whole scheme of government by the voice of the people into mockery.

  105. This conception of the order of things, as to the existence of "Intelligences" and in the moral government of the world, discovers a harmony in that government which at once challenges our admiration, and bears evidence of its truth.

  106. Under a system of government by the people, in order to retain the element of moral responsibility of the people in civil affairs, there must be no appeal but to the intelligent judgment of the individual.

  107. In the above quotation concerning the system of Government established by the Constitution of the United States being inspired of God, we may discern the purpose of God in the establishment of such a government.

  108. It means that the people in their political affairs are sovereign; for this is the chief thing which distinguishes the American government from other political systems of government.

  109. From Philadelphia the news was sent to New York, and that government was warned of the great danger which threatened the coast.

  110. He kicked like a government mule, but it was too late; so he said I would not catch him again.

  111. The Government bought a new boat called the Corvette, that had just been built at Brownsville.

  112. He could not hide that as easily as he could the spoons, as after the war the United States Government made him return it, and that nearly killed him.

  113. I don't believe your pistol will go off; you had better take my pistol, for I am a government detective, and have to keep the best of arms.

  114. We downed him for $800, and he kicked like a government mule.

  115. But his truly paternal government is nevertheless cherished with affection by many, as the following fact clearly proves, which I learned from the most indisputable authority.

  116. Government of the Tokugawa House became too feeble to bear the responsibilities of national government, and a critical period was made more critical by the petitions for admission and intercourse which came from foreign nations.

  117. They were therefore not at all anxious to support the government in this war.

  118. In the event of war, the government (of Great Britain) may occupy all the stations on English territory or under the protection of Great Britain, and it may use the cable by means of its own employes.

  119. For instance, the steam hammer used in the government workshop is rigged on steel columns from the debris of an engine room of a wrecked vessel.

  120. The schedule blanks of rates of the English companies contain the following provisions: "The dispatches of the imperial government shall have priority when demanded.

  121. Meanwhile, the executive branch of the government holds to the doctrine that, in the absence of legislation by Congress, control of the landing and operation of foreign cables rests with the President.

  122. According to that rule, our new republican form of government ought to be a very strong one; though I have heard many express their fears it will be no government at all.

  123. By democracy I understand a government in which the sovereign power resides in the body of the nation; and not in a few, or in one.

  124. If this be really so, the sooner we get rid of the present form of government the better.

  125. Under a government like that of this country, it is worse than idle, for it is perfectly futile to attempt to gratify the imagination by a display of its power through the agency of pomp and representation.

  126. I suppose the charge to be true in part, and for the obvious reason that a government founded on the popular will, is necessarily impulsive in such matters, and feels no necessity to be just, in order to be secure.

  127. Ja, ja; an arisdograt ist one of a few men dat hast all de power of de government in deir own hands.

  128. That such a project does exist here, is beyond all just contradiction; and it is equally certain that it has carried its devices into legislation, and is fast corrupting the government in its most efficient agents.

  129. Unless a miracle be wrought in our behalf, it will be the strongest government in the world for certain purposes, and the weakest for others.

  130. But everybody says our system is admirable, and the best in the world; and even a despot's government is the government of a man.

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