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  1. A spitfire is not one who spits fire, but one whose fire is spit.

  2. A man intimate with me: but he has joined the ranks of those whose dwelling is in darkness (the dead).

  3. Such are druid and bard, whose immediate source is, not the Celtic but, the Latin.

  4. A definition of the word irregular might be so framed as to include all words whose forms could not be accounted for by the vital processes.

  5. Hence the expression the men whose daggers stabbed Caesar can only be justified by considering that the word whose is plural as well as singular.

  6. It is astonishing how widely this notion has misled men, whose judgment, in most other matters of criticism, it would be very unsafe to question.

  7. The second class is the class of what may be called the absolute possessives; the name being founded upon the syntactic fact of their being able to form the term of a proposition by themselves; as whose is this?

  8. Dekkan, or the country of those natives of India (whatever they may be) whose languages are not derived from the Sanscrit.

  9. However, she got outside the courtyard, and there stood before her a soldier with a lighted match, whose head was not placed upon his neck, but held by him under his arm.

  10. He addressed himself to the awful beings in whose presence he stood, in the words of one having authority with them.

  11. Joseph presently organised a considerable portion of this population into a procession, headed triumphantly by an old white-woolled negro whose son cleaned Maurice Gordon's boots.

  12. I have left a similar note for Oscard, in whose expedition to your relief I have all faith.

  13. The course of his peregrinations brought him into the vicinity of an inspector whose attitude betokened respect while his presence raised hope.

  14. Among the letters of sympathy, the young fellow received a note from Lady Cantourne, whose acquaintance he had successfully renewed, and in due course he called at her house in Vere Gardens to express somewhat lamely his gratitude.

  15. It did not seem to occur to any of them that the only person whose individuality was still veiled happened to be Jack Meredith.

  16. Nestorius, whose person seemed more distended than usual, stood gravely by, engaged in dental endeavours on a cork, while Xantippe joined noisily in the game.

  17. He left behind him in Africa Jack Meredith, whose capacities for organisation were developing very quickly.

  18. Since his departure Jack's name had never been mentioned, even between these two whose friendship dated back a generation.

  19. I like to know people whose appearance prepossesses me.

  20. Sir John, whose walk in life had been through crowds, elbowed his way forward and deliberately walked against Guy Oscard.

  21. On heavily-crested stationery follow the missives of the ladies whose daughters would make sweet bridesmaids.

  22. His example was followed by his former enemy Piomingo, whose young wife and himself became industrious settlers--the greater number of their tribe completely abandoning their old barbarous customs.

  23. We kept up a blazing fire, however, and happily escaped a visit from bears, or any of the savage animals whose voices we heard round us on every side.

  24. I rode on, and just then the moonbeams, shining amid the boughs, shed their light on the figure of a young girl, whose countenance and costume plainly showed that she was an Indian.

  25. It was traversed, however, by the stream whose course we had followed, and although we were unable to see its source, there could be no doubt that it descended from the lofty range before us.

  26. Gideon Tuttle was another faithful follower of Uncle Jeff: he was a hardy backwoodsman, whose gleaming axe had laid many monarchs of the forest low.

  27. Remember the women and children," cried my father, whose spirit was now aroused.

  28. He was rather ahead of me, and on overtaking him I found him standing by the side of a circular basin whose diameter we calculated to be fully twenty feet.

  29. But the Robin whose fortunes Hunter raked up was a very bad servant, and within a year from the alleged date was ignominiously dismissed from the king’s service, with a present of 5s.

  30. One of a number of actual Robert Hoods, whose existence (and insignificance) has been proved from historical documents.

  31. Your Ladyship, a child, whose sole luggage is a small bandbox and a large banjo, is without, and requests the favour of a personal interview.

  32. Probably, suggested by the condition of one of these interesting creatures on the Thames, whose plumage had changed from white to blue, owing to the River being made the temporary repository for the outcome of some chemical works.

  33. He showed me a letter written to him last week by one of these, whose parish is just now in a tempest over the Plan of Campaign.

  34. This is a proposition so remarkable that I simply record it for future verification, as having been made by a very quiet, cool, and methodical person, whose information on other points I have found to be correct.

  35. He kept up a running fire of lively commentaries upon the residents whose estates we passed.

  36. Father Egan (the priest upon whose head the widow of the murdered Finlay called down the curse of God in the open street of Woodford) appeared in the doorway.

  37. Before this shooting Noonan had served a notice from me upon Tully, against whom I have Judge Henn's decree for three years' rent, and whose equity of redemption expired July 9th.

  38. And thou whose wounds are never healed, Whose weary race is never won, O Cromwell's England!

  39. No things of air these antics were, That frolicked with such glee: To men whose lives were held in gyves, And whose feet might not go free, Ah!

  40. A murmur ran along the table, for the Government pay is good and a road-making grant a coveted boon in each lonely valley, whose inhabitants are usually glad to keep the work in their own hands.

  41. Deringham had beguiled her into an action whose memory would, she fancied, always retain its sting, but he was her father, and seemed very worn and ill.

  42. The ranchers came, as did Captain Andersen, the venerable Scandinavian constable, whose duties had hitherto consisted in keeping his neighbours' gardens free of depredating hogs and improving his own land.

  43. He lay in an old leather chair beside the stove, a slender, grey-haired man with the worn look of one whose burden had been too heavy for him.

  44. The tone of chivalrous respect rang true, and she could comprehend the half-instinctive straining after an ideal by one whose belief in her sex was, if slightly crude, almost reverential.

  45. Still, though she realized that this could not be wholly forgotten, she took her part of the blame, and felt sorry for the harassed man whose anxieties were intensified by his solicitude for her welfare.

  46. Still, she was mildly interested in the man's companion, whose face she could not see.

  47. He had not been gone half-an-hour when Seaforth, whose horse was smoking, swung himself down before the hotel.

  48. Then there was silence again, and she watched a bronzed man rubbing down a great black horse whose blood had not come from a Cayuse pedigree until a faint drumming grew louder down the trail.

  49. For many years I have desired to pay some tribute to a class whose service to the community was known to every countryman, but after the tale had gone forth my heart failed.

  50. It is surely more honor than a new writer could ever have deserved to receive the approbation of a profession whose charity puts us all to shame.

  51. There's not in all the calendar One saint whose altars shine With such gay throngs of worshipers, Such precious gifts, as thine!

  52. We, therefore, hasten to correct the error, wishing at the same time, that we knew to whose hand to credit the drawings.

  53. Papers and magazines all have something to say concerning this man, whose books grown people read and talk about.

  54. The mother said nothing for a moment, and then she said: "Whose praise and love will the boy at the Cistercian convent sing, Gottlieb, if he has such a lovely voice?

  55. I heard one of the priests say he thought they had a new chorister at the Cistercians whose voice is as good as mine.

  56. Then, since it was unadvisable to drive about all day under the aegis of a Jehu, whose button-hole was adorned with a monstrous wedding favour, he dismissed the carriage and sent it home.

  57. There are certain poisons the scent of which is unmistakable, the odour of some of those whose effect is the most rapid lingers long after death has intervened.

  58. This dandy sloven, whose shrill voice proclaimed her little vulgar soul--so different from that other Nelly, whose soft, musical tones had not been among the least of her charms.

  59. I want you to form a league for the recovery of the remains of those noble spirits who died for their native land, and whose bones now lie interred in what was France, but which now, alas!

  60. All eyes, turning to the jury-box, fastened on Philip Roland, whose agitated countenance pointed the allusion.

  61. She might send it back to the person whose name was on the case--to Tiffany.

  62. Cheaply and flashily dressed in faded finery--not the sort of woman whose recognition one would be over-anxious to compel.

  63. Crampton was a lonely man, his marriage had estranged him from many of his friends; now that his wife had gone he seemed to turn more and more to me as the one person on whose friendly offices he could implicitly rely.

  64. Mr. Golden picked up a necklace of diamonds from a case which lay open on the table, whose charms Mr. Ruby had been recently exhibiting to that difficult great lady.

  65. He felt that this was one of those women whose moral eye is single--with whom it is better to be frank.

  66. And as Miss Maynard was a young woman whose influence was not likely to be ineffective with any man whether young or old, Major Clifford was tolerably helpless in her hands.

  67. The Marquise loved her as devotedly as she had loved her own daughter; Coursegol regarded her with an affection whose fervor was mingled with the deference he owed to the children of his master.

  68. Chamondrin, touched by this heroism whose grandeur Dolores, in her simplicity, did not seem to comprehend, pressed her to his heart in a long embrace, covering her face with kisses and murmuring words of tenderness and gratitude in her ears.

  69. They augmented their force by the addition of three or four men upon whose fidelity they could implicitly rely.

  70. She did not know how to pray; nevertheless, in the refuge she had found, her soul lifted itself up in fervent adoration to the unknown God whose power had protected her, though she was ignorant of His existence and of His name.

  71. She felt that she could not refuse her lover the last joy and consolation that he claimed; and that she, whose past had been one long sacrifice of her happiness and of her hopes, had a right to reveal the secret so long buried in her soul.

  72. He was seated in a corner of the room and many of the poor creatures, whose moments on earth were now numbered, had knelt before him to confess their sins and receive absolution.

  73. Their roles seemed to be changed; she who was about to die, consoled her whose life was spared.

  74. This day was the first that passed happily for the three whose life-history we are attempting to relate.

  75. It is to be feared he intended to say 'nigger,' and only substituted the more refined but equally enigmatic word by an exhaustive effort of brain power, whose external manifestation was the usual wriggle.

  76. Lee, whose presence Briscoe had ignored, began to pace the room the moment his brother-in-law's eyes were shut.

  77. He clasped his hands again, and in a succession of spasms ejaculated, 'You are the only woman whose society I have any comfort in.

  78. The number of those that died (whose phantasmes Hallywell saw) was as I take it about fower score.

  79. Fleet Street; to whose care all communications for the Editor should be addressed.

  80. Davies, whose works are striking evidences of a powerful intellect completely led astray, makes the subject to have been the reported massacre at Stonehenge, which possibly never took place, but which he fixes in 472.

  81. It now happened that El Zagal, whose dominant passion was hatred of his nephew, and whose fierce nature chafed at its present cage, resolved in his old age to blast all his former fame by a signal treason to his country.

  82. I have just quitted his presence, and left him, I trust, with thoughts worthy of the sovereign of Granada, which I would not have disturbed by a stranger, a man whose arms are not spear nor shield.

  83. He had formed, with Torquemada, a vast and wide scheme of persecution, not only against Jews, but against Christians whose fathers had been of that race, and who were suspected of relapsing into Judaical practices.

  84. Fatal was the hour when he first beheld me in yonder gardens; more fatal still the hour in which he crossed the barrier, and told Leila that she was beloved by the hero whose arm was the shelter, whose name is the blessing, of Granada.

  85. To the future, I myself am blind; but I can invoke and conjure up those whose eyes are more piercing, whose natures are more gifted.

  86. As this Moor, mounted on a charger in whose raven hue not a white hair could be detected, dashed forward against Pacheco, both Christian and Moor breathed hard, and remained passive.

  87. There hath been with me, more than once, a stern old man, whose voice freezes the blood within my veins; he questions me of my father, and in the tone of a foe who would entrap from the child something to the peril of the sire.

  88. The Garden of the Fountains lies over toward the great Halls of Philosophy, Design and Invention, whose domes and temple-pointed roofs of copper and blue metal I could easily discern.

  89. Far away down the boulevard, on whose apex we stood, we saw a marching retinue of men and women surrounding a platform borne on the shoulders of men.

  90. The Dodans lived in the suburbs in a pretty villa on a high hill, from whose top the city lay spread before them in its modest extent with its neighboring places and Port Lyttelon eight miles away.

  91. The canal which enters the City of Light at this point is divided into a number of branches whose confluent arms, about a mile from the City, unite into two parallel canals whose course we were now to follow to the City of Scandor.

  92. It described a hypothetical machine, a flying machine, which was made up of a substance more than half of whose mass had been converted into repelling particles.

  93. And I was to visit Scandor, to visit the beautiful Martian country, the mines, the huge fossil ivory deposits, to sail on those canals, whose resplendent lines we had detected from the earth.

  94. Along the terrace walks are straggling seen The thickly bramble and the noisome weed, Beneath whose covert crawls the toad obscene, And snakes and adders unmolested breed.

  95. Rightly or wrongly, it is known that Daniel entertained an infinite contempt for "the parsons" whose territories bordered on the moor.

  96. All this recommended him to the unsuspecting Dinah, whose affections he completely won.

  97. There are men in this district whose usage it is at every outbreak of a gale of wind to watch and ward the cliffs from rise to set of sun.

  98. There was the merry minister of the mines, whose cure was honeycombed by the underground men.

  99. Hence, although I had now two characters as well as two appearances, one was wholly evil, and the other was still the old Henry Jekyll, that incongruous compound of whose reformation and improvement I had already learned to despair.

  100. Next, in the course of their review of the chamber, the searchers came to the cheval-glass, into whose depths they looked with an involuntary horror.

  101. Go, darkly borne, from State to State, Whose loyal, sorrowing Cities wait To honor all they can The dust of that Good Man!

  102. Fessler, after his escape from Austria, became a salaried reader and secretary to the Count of Carolath, whose wife was a princess of Saxe-Meiningen.

  103. Was there a savour of simony in offering a present to the man in whose hands the choice of a chief pastor lay?

  104. She does not seem to have met with any encouragement, and she then started for Italy, where she visited Rome in 1772, and sought Mengs out, whose artistic talents had been fostered under her care.

  105. Among the ladies of the court of the Dowager Electress was one whose name does not transpire, who seems to have entertained an ardent passion for Agdolo.

  106. He began with a poor man whose left arm was quite useless and stiff.

  107. Wuertemberg was then a state whose limits were not very extensive, nor did they lie within a ring fence.

  108. As many as 118 witnesses were heard; among these was the Count Goerlitz, as to whose innocence no further doubts were entertained.

  109. Then mass was said, during which the man in whose hands the fortunes of the See reposed, knelt with unimpassioned countenance and folded hands.

  110. The last man one expects to find in love, the last man in whose life one looks for a romantic episode, is a mathematician and astronomer.

  111. He at once went to a Spanish monk, whose acquaintance he had made in prison; and in his rooms found his general's uniform which had been brought there by a woman the evening before.

  112. Side by side with the Office of Gratuities came the Fiscal Office into being, whose function it was to revise the magisterial and judicial proceedings of the courts of justice.

  113. I--told him I--wouldn't want to be married to someone whose work made him keep secrets from me.

  114. They were under a dense screen of leaves from a monster tree whose roots rose above ground at the foot of its enormous trunk.

  115. It was urgent that he get as far as possible from Serena, because of the Wild Life truck which could seize Jill and himself if its beam generators were repaired, and whose occupants could murder them if they weren't.

  116. A beam like that on the highway at the lake paralyzed three men who were carried away, and later two others whose car ditched and who stayed paralyzed until the beam was turned off.

  117. He was there to make a base line measurement for a detailed map of the Boulder Lake National Park, whose facilities were now being built.

  118. Lockley found himself straining his eyes at the mountain from whose flank Vale had been prepared to measure the base line between his post and Lockley's.

  119. There are some spiny wild plants whose leaves, if plucked young enough, will yield some nourishment and of course there are mushrooms.

  120. It had been rebuilt into something else, whose most conspicuous parts were cheese and nutmeg graters, slung over his shoulder as he marched.

  121. But his mind struggled to form a picture of a creature who'd be the size of a man but would be known not to be a man even at a distance; whose difference from mankind couldn't be described because seen at such great distance.

  122. There is still, however, a large and an augmenting number of doubtful cases upon which the government is unable to agree with the governments whose protection is demanded by the claimants.

  123. At the same time your nominee for governor, in whose behalf you appeal, is known to you and to the world to declare against the use of an army to suppress the rebellion.

  124. If there be perceptible in it an impatient and dictatorial tone, I waive it in deference to an old friend, whose heart I have always supposed to be right.

  125. You must call on General Halleck, who commands, and whose business it is to understand and care for the whole field If you cannot telegraph to him, send a messenger to him.

  126. I understand the meeting whose resolutions I am considering to be in favor of suppressing the rebellion by military force--by armies.

  127. You claim that men may, if they choose, embarrass those whose duty it is to combat a giant rebellion, and then be dealt with in turn only as if there were no rebellion.

  128. DEAR SIR: On the point of leaving I am told, by a gentleman to whose statements I attach credit, that the opposition policy for the Presidential campaign will be to "abstain from voting.

  129. Other information on the subject of the finances will be found in the report of the Secretary of the Treasury, to whose statements and views I invite your most candid and considerate attention.

  130. If we deal with those who are not free at the beginning, and whose intellects are clouded by slavery, we have very poor material to start with.

  131. I cannot, by giving my consent to a publication of whose details I know nothing, assume the responsibility of whatever you may write.

  132. Half a dozen voices took up the cry as a fleet-footed runner whose breast bore the blue monogram came quickly into sight.

  133. Unlike the ordinary running surface, the cross-country course delights in inequality: a level width of turf is followed by a sharp rise; a stretch of muddy road by a gully whose steep sides require the utmost exertion from the panting runner.

  134. Wayne saw a middle-aged, scholarly looking man, whose brown hair was but lightly frosted about the temples, and whose upright and vigorous figure indicated the possession of much physical strength.

  135. Hampton House is a dormitory whose half dozen rooms are inhabited by a few wealthy youths who find in the comfort of the great, old-fashioned apartments and the prestige that residence therein brings compensation for the high rents.

  136. The professor of English was a lean and wrinkled little man, well past middle age, whose crabbed manner and stern enforcement of discipline had gained for him the dislike of many pupils and the sobriquet of “Turkey.

  137. Acting upon the suggestion of the principal, he had paid several visits to Professor Durkee, whose rooms were on the first floor of Bradley Hall, and the result had been most encouraging.

  138. Back of them came a little group of a dozen whose shirts showed the crimson H, the blue monogram, and the green S in about equal proportions.

  139. Wayne found himself placed between Pope, who turned out to be a heavily-built fellow of apparently nineteen, and a pale and nervous boy much younger in years, whose brown ribbon bore in gold letters the emblem “W.

  140. I--at whose feet the young men's clothes were laid?

  141. And he whose brow had borne that weighty crown Bent low and followed,--where the little child had led.

  142. Christian, of the Polynesian Society of New Zealand, whose personal acquaintance with the South Sea Islands and their dialects is unique, is translating "Kapiolani" into Rarotongan.

  143. We stand in the ashes of ruins, We are ready to fight the fight, O, you whose feet are firm on the Rock, Bring us the Light!

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