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Example sentences for "swung himself"

  • Once he swung himself up behind the load for a brief interval, while he gathered wind, but he was down again directly and slipping over the ground with the same ease.

  • He paused a moment, listening, with his beady eyes fixed on the walk stretching from the main entrance; then he laid the saddle-bags which he carried on the platform while he swung himself up.

  • Then his eyes swept the splintered ore that spilled over the rampart, and he swung himself a little, starting up, though he was forced to sink back directly, in an endeavor to see the ledge overhead.

  • Then he grasped two stout trailing boughs and swung himself down on the jam.

  • And he swung himself up, as the coach moved.

  • Vaughan foresaw that there would be a contest for seats at the table, and, without waiting for the ladder, he swung himself to the ground, and entered the house.

  • And crossing the pavement in two strides, he swung himself up hand over hand, as the stableman released the horses.

  • The boat lifted her side a little as he swung himself on board, and there was a curious harsh grating forward.

  • Jimmy laughed as he swung himself up to the footrope.

  • Jimmy, who made no answer, swung himself up on the wharf, and it was not until he had traversed part of the water-front that he remembered it might have been advisable to change his clothes.

  • Snatching at a light rafter above his head, he swung himself out of the bunk, and kicked the stovepipe from its place.

  • Embracing the woodwork with his powerful forepaws, he swung himself up on the rafter, as he had seen cook do so gracefully.

  • Story flung both arms around the branch, and with a great sigh of thankfulness, and possibly an inward utterance of the same, swung himself out of harm's way.

  • Then, with the swiftness and agility of a cat, he leaped far outward upon a swaying branch, sprang upward through the darkness, caught another, swung himself upon it and then to one still higher.

  • When he swung himself at last into the tree he sought, the moon was obscured by a heavy cloud, and the tree tops were waving wildly in a steadily increasing wind whose soughing drowned the lesser noises of the jungle.

  • It was not his especial duty, but it was no time to be particular when the Aldebaran lay swept from end to end at the mercy of the squall, and he swung himself up into the shrouds close behind the Dutchman with Appleby following.

  • After that there was a scurry across the deck, and he swung himself up by the mast-hoops, while a rope-end flicked about the one from which he had just whipped his naked feet, and Donegal sat down on the hatch with a placid grin.

  • They drew nearer, and with a little gasp of dismay he swung himself out of and then under his bed.

  • The heavy, vacant look had given way to one of utter astonishment, wonder flashed from his eyes, and as Saxe grasped the reason he swung himself round in dudgeon.

  • Giving a final tug at the strop to make sure as far as possible that the rafter would hold, Terence slid into the loop and swung himself clear of the wall.

  • As sure-footed as a cat, as active as a panther, he swung himself up, hardly pausing till he gained the uppermost landing, where a few square inches of floorboards remained.

  • He swung himself up into the saddle with a suddenness which startled Arabella into a youthful curvet.

  • He swung himself on to the back of the pony which his groom held ready for him, and with a flourish trotted to his place on the field.

  • He laughed as he swung himself out of his saddle.

  • He swung himself out of the saddle, and tossed Leland a bundle of papers.

  • The unseen man said he was; and in another minute Leland, who rode on, swung himself down at the homestead door.

  • In the meanwhile, Leland, who started as he saw the girl coming towards him, swung himself out of the saddle and stood awaiting her, with the bridle of the jaded horse in his hand.

  • The above list will hopefully provide you with a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "swung himself" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this group of words.

    Some common collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    badly frightened; blood atonement; complete the; feminine education; first communion; green morocco; grist mill; hour together; inspection arms; keep still; long years; major products; older people; rather firm; secret society; several authors; swung himself; swung round; three ships; throw down; thrown from; usually applied; violent effort