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  1. The object of such profound veneration is now safely deposited in the Museum of the Royal Irish Academy at Dublin.

  2. It is a cube of hone-stone, nine inches and a quarter in length, by four inches in breadth at its widest extremity.

  3. Scottish First-pointed differs very little from the Early English, whereas the Scottish Geometric has no parallel elsewhere, and in Scotland entirely superseded the other at a very early date.

  4. It was found in digging a drain at the village of Morningside, at the base of the Pentland Hills, where numerous traces of primitive population have been brought to light, and was presented to me by Dr.

  5. Similar erections were probably employed at a much later period, for the temporary accommodation of the first phalanx of the newly founded monastery.

  6. Its form is that of a rhombus, of which the greater diagonal is seven feet, and the less five feet, and its weight is calculated at about three tons and half a hundredweight.

  7. The isolation which we have reason to believe had hitherto exercised so much influence on the native tribes of Britain, is now seen to be finally at an end.

  8. He wanted to mow them with grape—of which we had none; he wanted to blow them into the air—but to reason with him was useless, and I was unable even to fix his attention enough to bid him farewell.

  9. No one had ever vowed that I “should never ascend the throne—without a protest.

  10. At last, however, I conjured up the spirit to found a school with lay teachers, arranging to pay its cost over and above the expected fees out of my own purse.

  11. From Père Pellico I knew that I should meet with opposition, and I received him only to see how strong and of what nature the opposition would be.

  12. The Conseil d’Etat was at once called together by the Governor General, and the little boy of the Princess Marie proclaimed by their order at the market-place.

  13. I shall leave in an hour when the yacht returns.

  14. If they would have listened to a word I said I might have turned them, but not a syllable could be heard.

  15. He asked whether I was prepared at the same time to give way about the schools.

  16. He sailed from Plymouth in November, and reached Monaco at the end of that month.

  17. Nevertheless, your Highness has only to command.

  18. A few stones were thrown at them, but of these they took not the smallest notice.

  19. But will you ever get your Permanent Commission?

  20. He drifted to the midmost of the three windows and stared out despondently at Harley Street.

  21. What you get is a quite open and recognized discord of two sets of motives.

  22. Then we can write about fuel and politics--and there won't be her voice and her presence.

  23. So that if your father is nearer than we suppose--But I think to-morrow afternoon will be soon enough for Falmouth, anyhow.

  24. Man on his Planet, taking control of life.

  25. It's wood we ought to look for," said Sir Richmond.

  26. Through the oval window glared an expression of malignity that made no impression whatever on his preoccupied mind.

  27. I suppose," she said, "poor father IS rather like an unbroken mule in business affairs.

  28. She is a wonderfully intelligent and understanding woman.

  29. You are a very interesting man in many ways.

  30. I don't complain that you are clear and positive.

  31. The great screen of wrought stone rose up warmly, grey and clear and distinct against a clear blue sky in which the moon hung, round and already bright.

  32. Here is something mankind can attempt, that we can attempt.

  33. It has disclaimed in the most solemn manner, at the foot of the throne itself, the addresses which tended to irritate your sovereign against his colonies.

  34. It does bear, and must, with the vices and the follies of men, until they actually strike at the root of order.

  35. Unluckily I had company with me, and was not able to leave them until Thursday, when I went to town and called at his house, but missed him.

  36. They were happy enough, in their opinion at least, before the change; what benefits society then had, they partook of them all.

  37. And if such a spirit has been at any time roused in a society, after it has had its paroxysm it commonly subsides and is quiet, and is even the weaker for the violence of its first exertion: security and ease are its mortal enemies.

  38. To say that we do not know, at this day, what the grievances of the colonies are (be they real or pretended) would be unworthy of us.

  39. In the first instance, it strikes at the power of this country; in the end, at the union of the whole empire.

  40. If difficulties should arise on the part of England, he knew that the House was so well trained that he might at his pleasure call us off from the hottest scent.

  41. For the first few miles Edward could think of nothing but the squirrel, the bird, and the pleasant spot where he had been looking at them.

  42. About noon they stopped at a retired and shady spot on the banks of the river, to give the horses time to get a little rest and refreshment.

  43. Then he and his mother sat down on the green bank to look at the beautiful sight before them, while the horses and carriages were coming across.

  44. The name of this tribe (Rabhas) is of uncertain derivation and in this district (Darrang) the people themselves are sometimes called Totlas, which may perhaps be a nickname.

  45. Other names are obviously adopted from the Hindus, e.

  46. This classifying syllable always indicates the point at which the multiplication ends and the addition begins.

  47. Infant marriage is as yet unknown among them, and so far as the present writer has been able to ascertain during the past forty years, the young people are as a rule chaste before marriage and true to their marriage vows in after-life.

  48. Very little need be said under the head of religion; for in this respect they are but little separated from the closely-cognated Kachari (Bara) race.

  49. Her prowess at the loom has been mentioned before; and besides this, the actual planting out of the young rice-seedlings is for the most part carried through by the women.

  50. Kachari women, both in early life and as matrons, enjoy a large measure of freedom, a freedom which is very rarely abused for evil purposes.

  51. During the fifteen days preceding the formation of the cocoon, the insects' quarters must be kept scrupulously clean, and food carefully and regularly provided.

  52. Well he may be a favorite, for he is built exactly on his model; at seventy, if I am not hung for debt before I reach it, I shall look to see him just a second Mr. Leonard Greer.

  53. The game at cards soon languished, for Charlotte Benson really had an enthusiasm for music, and was not happy till she was at liberty to give her whole attention to it.

  54. The tutor was quite as much at ease as any one, and, in a little while, imperceptibly became the person to whom we were all listening.

  55. The storm was so sudden and so furious that everybody was concerned at hearing this; even Kilian made some exclamation of alarm.

  56. Candles stood on a small table at the head of where he lay, and many flowers were about the room.

  57. He looked at his watch, said something about the hour, and quickly left the room.

  58. A gust of cold wind swept through the hall and put out the lamp, at which the children and Mary Leighton renewed their cries of fright.

  59. At this moment Richard, released from his engagement in the library, came through the hall and stopped at the dining-room door.

  60. I'm afraid you haven't enjoyed yourself very much," said Miss Lowder, looking at me rather critically.

  61. I must have been deadly pale, for when at last he looked at me, he started.

  62. We were to leave the house at half-past four.

  63. Richard looked very much displeased at his brother's rudeness, and tried to make up for it by great kindness and attention.

  64. Mrs. Hollenbeck knocked at my door with her bedroom candle in her hand, and, as she stood talking to me, the others strayed in to join her and to satisfy their curiosity.

  65. When the ship's air-supply was pumped past it, first moisture and then CO2 froze out.

  66. The ground-car aimed now for a cluster of faintly brighter lights on the far side of the great open space.

  67. The world of Weald Three grew brighter and brighter and became a disk.

  68. The sun Weald burned huge and terrible in space.

  69. Men hunting for sport would not choose a tropic nor an arctic climate to hunt in.

  70. The Med Service should have taken over, wiped out the need for a quarantine, and then lifted it.

  71. His teeth chattered and he raged, because the symptom was of terror he denied.

  72. He flung to the safety of the blast-rifle and let off a roaring blast at the ground for her to hear.

  73. He'd been off-duty and now was on duty again.

  74. I'd rather you didn't do that," said Calhoun drily.

  75. A moment later, the sensation of coming out was no less so.

  76. It would be too sensible for them to have done it!

  77. He acted as if he were completely unconscious of the stowaway.

  78. He was giving them the news affecting them, as they had not heard it before.

  79. He would usually watch the coffee-maker with bright, interested eyes.

  80. Hours later he again opened his eyes, realizing at once that it was night, though objects could be dimly seen by the glow of the one light at the far end of the room.

  81. He had lost flying speed on his zoom to get at the green plane.

  82. McGee yawned as he began pulling at a boot.

  83. I reckon that's him up yonder," he said in the slow drawl that was doubly maddening at such a moment.

  84. I wasn't talkin' about him" Yancey replied and pointed to McGee's plane, now banking in to a landing at the far end of the field.

  85. Satisfied at last, he climbed back into the plane.

  86. A lot of the wayward sons jumped at it quick, and we're 'way ahead on the game, any way you look at it.

  87. Mullins winked at McGee and made a quivering motion with his hand, indicating that he thought Cowan was suffering from a case of nerves.

  88. Far ahead, and below, he could see enemy observation balloons straining at their cables.

  89. I was just reading about a play at the Folies Bergeres, called 'Zig Zag'.

  90. And here we are, sent down to this front to act as instructors to a shipless squadron, at the very time when the Germans are making ready for another big drive.

  91. Over at the hospital tent," someone answered.

  92. If he fails to foresee our concentration at this point, he is thick-headed and slow-witted indeed.

  93. A newly arrived American squadron was stationed at the field, jubilant over the fact that they were trying their skill on the fast climbing, fast flying single-seater Spads.

  94. The helpers stood at the wings, ready to take out the chocks when the motors had warmed; the mechanics took their places at the props.

  95. Footnote A: For definitions of military and aeronautical terms, as well as certain slang peculiar to army life, see glossary at the back of the book.

  96. Finally the Indians came to a halt at their old camping-ground, and Tom was lifted from the horse.

  97. I am glad you do," said the clerk sarcastically, "for it doesn't look to me at all consistent with what you represent.

  98. Look at my pantaloons, all splashed with mire.

  99. But at this unlucky moment Tom's horse stumbled.

  100. Finding that he must make the first advances, Graham finally stopped short, looked full at our hero, and his face wore a very natural expression of surprise and pleasure.

  101. I expect to sail in the River Belle at nine o'clock.

  102. I read of them in the papers at home, and I took the first ship across the Atlantic.

  103. No, sir," answered our hero, a little surprised at the question.

  104. He darted a quick glance at the speaker, and walked rapidly on.

  105. I am not proud of that," he answered; "and it would only trouble them at home to have an account of it.

  106. He walked in, and, approaching the desk, inquired: "How much do you charge at this hotel?

  107. At a distance they followed Tom to the Alleghany House, and themselves took lodgings at a small, cheap tavern near-by.

  108. So do I; but I must admit that California presents a better prospect just at present.

  109. I should have said the same thing at your age.

  110. Tom looked sober, as he glanced compassionately at the poor emigrant.

  111. What has there been between this young gentleman and me that's to make people speak so cruel?

  112. My dear Warrington," said the major, with a look of some alarm.

  113. He gave me his word of honor he wouldn't.

  114. Who taught you all this, and into whose boudoirs and nurseries have you been peeping, while I was smoking my pipe, and reading my book, lying on my straw bed?

  115. I swore I wouldn't touch a farthing's worth of her jewelry, which perhaps I did not think was worth a great deal, but what can a woman do more than give you her all?

  116. Cultivate kindly, reader, those friendships of your youth: it is only in that generous time that they are formed.

  117. Madame Brack, Coralie's mamma, taking a great pinch out of Lord Colchicum's delicate gold snuff-box.

  118. The Lord Mayor, who did me the honor to dine, liked the dish very much; and, eaten with green peas, it tastes rather like duck.

  119. They packed up the vase which Helen in her gratitude had destined to Dr.

  120. When he died, and his son reigned in his stead, the family might be fairly considered to be established as county gentry.

  121. She never would speak to the embassador again--never; and, upon my word, he has never been to dine with us since.

  122. I wish I had never touched those confounded bones.

  123. You must give no explanations of why and wherefore, but state that family reasons render a match impossible.

  124. To God be praise, honour, and glory, who hath stretched forth his mighty arm to save: Who is the arm of the Lord but Christ Jesus, the redeemer of souls?

  125. Whatsoever troubles, temptations and tribulations may attend you in your pilgrimage here below, if you be faithful and sincere, you will have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

  126. And hast thou died to the world, and died to thy sins and lusts?

  127. Consider with yourselves, It is both your great duty and interest to die to sin, and live to Christ that died for you.

  128. The Suebian Press continues to hint at fresh indiscretions.

  129. I can tell you he won’t like it one bit when I reappear at the College Meeting.

  130. But one does not do these things at forty years.

  131. If they do not know our wishes of themselves,” said Phileleutheros, “they will suffer for it at the next election.

  132. My education,” replied the heavy young man, “was completed at the Jabez H.

  133. It is that they have arrived from the metropolis at the request of their brothers, their cousins—what do I know of it?

  134. You must take my place at the side of your Dear Mother, begin at once to be the little husband to her, the little man for her, and I will watch over you and help you to perform all these offices.

  135. Every leaf had been put into the old mahogany table, and another table added at each end.

  136. He was elected Governor, and, as he was a bachelor, my Soldier and I often assisted at his receptions.

  137. But I felt at that time that it was grandmother's charity that caused her to set forth that view, for I thought that people who did not live in their own houses could not be respectable.

  138. Then they would linger at table telling war stories until it was unanimously decided to be too late for any more work that day.

  139. I saw Mammy-Mary again but she shook her head at us and pointed up here to you and so Dear Father wouldn't stop her.

  140. We women carried the dispatches, cooked the food and took it to the men at the guns.

  141. After cordially shaking hands with the royal visitor he slapped him on the back and said: "Make yourself at home, Prince, make yourself at home, sir.

  142. In a moment there were two or three faces at the windows, and in another moment as many voices at the carriage door asking, "Is this George Pickett's wife and child?

  143. The last time I had seen him was at the Greenbrier White Sulphur Springs, where, though still a child, I held that he was pledged to me and resented his attentions to the belles nearer his own age.

  144. Sister," said Captain Bright, "before the General was married he would not allow any of us to swear at all.

  145. Offenses of this kind were to be punished by summary court-martial, which had even the power to inflict death.

  146. Lyon had ordered forward from Leavenworth through Kansas City, while a third, under Col.

  147. Crawford, who became a Colonel, a brevet Brigadier-General, and Governor of Kansas.

  148. Price was endeavoring to turn the Union right flank.

  149. A quarrel between him and Stockton followed, and later another quarrel ensued with Gen.

  150. Plum-mer to march from Cape Girardeau, strike at Thompson's line of retreat, and endeavor to capture his whole force.

  151. We shall see how soldierly instincts and training measurably disappointed them.

  152. Though Hagner belonged to the Ordnance, and not therefore regarded as eligible to command troops, he secured an order assigning himself to command according to his brevet rank of Major, which made him superior to Lyon.

  153. Houses passed a bill to call a Convention "to consider the relations of Missouri to the United States.

  154. This would clear the State of the whole congerie of Secession leaders, remove the young men from their influence, stop the persecutions of the Union men in that section, and cement Missouri solidly in the Union line.

  155. He was so outspoken in these views as to render his position quite unpleasant, where nearly every one was so antagonistic.

  156. At the first halt of the army, about two miles from the battlefield, while the dead and wounded were being gathered up, it was discovered that Gen.

  157. Any violation of either of the foregoing articles shall subject the offender to the penalty of military law, according to the nature of the offense.

  158. No, let me tell you right here, Pap, that the 'Wage of Sin' was a thoroughbred treat to read.

  159. Thinks are seldom what they seem,' as the poet says, which is as true as that 'Honesty is the best policy.

  160. Religions is to Doc jist like teethin' is to babies; they got to teethe, and seem like Doc's got to catch new religions.

  161. You could hear Doc sigh all over the room, it was sich a relief to his mind.

  162. And that miserable intermeddling little book agent is another.

  163. So next morning I went out and got it, 'cause I liked Doc purty well by then, and it made me sorry to see sich a nice, quiet man carry on so.

  164. The little book agent stared at the editor.

  165. Except to settle the witness fees with this gentleman," said Toole, turning to Eliph', who was still eager to say a word or two.

  166. What right has a man like him to come pushin' in like that?

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