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amoebic; amoeboid; amoena; amok; amomum; amonge; amonges; amongest; amongs; amongst
  1. Just because there were so many dangers, they grew brave to meet them, and a brave man among dangers is far happier than a coward in a safe place.

  2. By a current or proper word I mean one which is in general use among a people; by a strange word, one which is in use in another country.

  3. Of the remaining elements Song holds the chief place among the embellishments.

  4. Nor should he neglect those appeals to the senses, which, though not among the essentials, are the concomitants of poetry; for here too there is much room for error.

  5. They allege that Odysseus took a wife from among themselves, and that her father was Icadius not Icarius.

  6. Fourth among the elements enumerated comes Diction; by which I mean, as has been already said, the expression of the meaning in words; and its essence is the same both in verse and prose.

  7. This was the custom then, as it now is among the Illyrians.

  8. Among other things, it was seen that the roof of the fore double turret was carried away, and that a fierce fire was started in the turret.

  9. All the casualties occurred on deck, chiefly among the guns' crews and ammunition supply parties.

  10. I was sitting irresolute, when he went out of the cavern to call his horses; then my eyes fell on the things which the old black slave was tying together to load on a pack-horse--among them was a roll of writing.

  11. They are mentioned among the nations of the Mediterranean allied against Rameses III.

  12. Among the deputies from the priesthood at Thebes were several women of high rank, who served in the worship of this God, and among them was Katuti, who by the particular desire of the Regent had lately been admitted to this noble sisterhood.

  13. About a month after, we succeeded in surprising the Cheta position, and the Libyan soldiers, among other spoil, brought away the Danaid king's only daughter.

  14. Sitting here among those who were devoted to him, he looked with kind and fatherly pride at his blooming sons.

  15. Miss Austen has been called a prose Shakspeare,--and among others, by Macaulay.

  16. For, when a place had been obtained for us among nations, we looked down, and, lo!

  17. Among other things, he prescribed the formation of battalions of Chasseurs, to be organized in legions, side by side with the infantry of the line, but with their own special equipment.

  18. We have here assuredly a vast improvement over anything in this way which has heretofore been attempted among us.

  19. Among the latter we may mention a certain Captain, since Marshal de M'Mahon, who was put at the head of the Tenth Battalion.

  20. These novels are impersonal; Miss Austen never herself appears; and if she ever had a lover, we cannot decide whom he resembled among the many masculine portraits she has drawn.

  21. Though wayward enough to be a Republican, he had warm friends among all classes, who respected him for the staunch manner in which he spoke his convictions.

  22. It was, indeed, an open secret among the upper servants at the castle, and a fact hinted at with awe among the lower, that Keggs was at heart a Socialist.

  23. Yet put him among the thrips, and he became a dealer-out of death and slaughter, a destroyer in the class of Attila the Hun and Genghis Khan.

  24. Until then, as I have indicated, he roamed in a golden mist of dreamy meditation among the soothing by-ways of the village of Belpher.

  25. Keggs, whose mode of speech among those of his own world differed substantially from that which he considered it became him to employ when conversing with the titled.

  26. The fingers of the other hand caressed lightly a moustache that had caused more heart-burnings among the gentler sex than any other two moustaches in the C-division.

  27. He enjoyed the sense of authority which it gave him to herd these poor outcasts to and fro among the surroundings which were an every-day commonplace to himself.

  28. The driver of the cab, who till now had been ostentatiously unaware that there was any sort of disturbance among the lower orders, suddenly became humanly inquisitive.

  29. Few persons, perhaps, among those who are accustomed to receive the Daily Papers, are aware of the vast amount of cost and labour constantly employed in their production.

  30. On urgent occasions, however, much greater progress may be made, which is accomplished by dividing the Manuscript among a greater number of hands.

  31. The consequence of this happy and simple discovery was a rapid series of improvements in every art and science, and a general diffusion of knowledge among all orders of society.

  32. You should resolve to be numbered one day among those who have not lived altogether for themselves, but who have given the world something worth having as they passed through it.

  33. It is master in the sense in which it is said in the Gospel, "Let him that is first among you be the servant of the others.

  34. Then among married women I shall make a company of mammas, and another of those who have no children.

  35. There we find them projecting out of the mouth with a curve, as is so commonly seen among the pachydermata, forming those terrible, sharp, and pointed tusks which have been so often fatal to the hunter.

  36. Finally, even with an additional heart in thetail, the circulation among fishes is quite on a par with their respiration.

  37. Among forests it symbolizes the immemorial incense cedars and redwoods of the Yosemite; among shores, those of Capri and Monterey; among mountains, the glowing one called Isis as seen at dawn from the depths of the Grand Cañon.

  38. So far as I know, Thomas Bailey Aldrich is the only prominent figure among the poets of our elder generations who was given the means of devoting himself entirely to his art.

  39. There are probably more masters by proxy to be found among the world's mothers than in any other class.

  40. There are in the arts to-day fewer megalomaniacs and persons afflicted with delusions of grandeur than there were among the "Je-ne-sais-quoi young men.

  41. Moved by one impulse we turned from the stream and remarked what bosh people will sometimes talk, and discussed the coming Italian trip as we moved cautiously among the briers.

  42. Among them one now finds less and less childish petulance, outspoken jealousy of others' success, and apology for their own failure.

  43. We Americans are rather apt to complain of the comparatively poor, unoriginal showing which our poets have as yet made among those of other civilized nations.

  44. He may grant pardon the more readily if he realizes the universality of this offense among writers.

  45. Despite our splendid inheritance, our richly mingled blood, our incomparably stimulating New World atmosphere, why has our poetry made such a meager showing among the nations?

  46. Most of us would rather spend a week among a crowd of mummies than in a gang of boisterous young blades.

  47. They are among the hardiest annual plants raised and any flower lover can raise them with but little care.

  48. Among them was one named Albert Delarix; the flower is bright pink, shaded deeper in the centre, and plentifully dotted over with darker spots; it is very delicate and very beautiful.

  49. There are over a score of shades, among them colors as rare and as lovely as the cloud tints of sunrise.

  50. With me it has only one rival among blue flowers and that is Plumbago Capense.

  51. Last summer I saw a lovely stand of Geraniums of various shades and among them was a pot of Browallia in full bloom.

  52. Among the most striking passages we notice a parallel between Cromwell and Napoleon, drawn with considerable force.

  53. On some of these pillars it is likewise probable that certain characters were traced, as among the Israelites words of the law were written upon similar obelisks or columns.

  54. Among the group, Larry recognised his old master, by the same means that Ulysses, Aeneas, and others, recognised the bodiless forms of their friends in the regions of Acheron.

  55. The Brumalia was a feast of Bacchus, celebrated among the Romans during the space of thirty days, commencing on the 24th of November.

  56. Yet for my part I had, among nineteen-twentieths of joy, just one-twentieth of a lingering regret that we had missed the picturesque fate that awaited us.

  57. Impositions, public disgrace, and corporeal pain, have been for some years discarded among us.

  58. Kant--every section of which arose upon the accidental opening made to analogical trains of thought, by this memorable effort of scepticism, applied by Hume to one capital phenomenon among the necessities of the human understanding.

  59. Mr. Ferguson's book is learned and seasonable, adapted to the stage at which such studies have now arrived among us, and adapted also to a popular use.

  60. Some there are among the chronologers who make him eleven hundred years anterior to Christ.

  61. The discourse finished with a peroration full of high sounding words in honour of shrew-mice, among whom his hearer was the most illustrious and best beneath the sun; and this oration considerably bewildered the keeper of the granary.

  62. Among these high-born ladies there came one day one by herself to the young Florentine, asking him why he was so shy, and if none of the court ladies could make him sociable.

  63. The instincts that drove men back upon the old religion were among the deepest in human nature, and of their strength Lucian had no idea.

  64. It may be noted that Clement has a good many such fragments, and the presence of some very doubtful ones among them, which are also quoted in the same way by other Christian writers (e.

  65. As it was given to the best among the Greeks, we can divine who was the Giver.

  66. There are differences among them as there are among men, and the elements of passion and unreason are strong in some of them; and traces of these are to be found in rites and initiations and myths here and there.

  67. Social conditions they accepted--even slavery among them--but they brought a new spirit into all; love and the sense of brotherhood could transform every thing.

  68. Prominent also among the natives who find their way up from the Docks are the Malay sailors, in their picturesque white dresses.

  69. But the more generous spirits among them--those who had been young and attractive too long ago to pretend to be either still--might have found there some slight excuse for Miss Anstruther.

  70. Upwards of 500 Courts are held in the various districts of England and Wales, and these districts are divided into circuits, which are distributed among the County Court judges, and are fifty-nine in number.

  71. Rotters," he mutters; "not a blessed tanner among 'em.

  72. This hostelry was memorable among other things for being opposite the spot at which the rebel Wyat rested on the occasion of his unsuccessful attempt to penetrate Ludgate.

  73. Her cold white arm hung down among the straw of the pallet.

  74. Half Seiburg had fled at the approach of the dreaded Turks; only very few had remained, and among these was Katarina, who felt that her duty was to protect and comfort her ailing friend, who with her stood in the place of a mother.

  75. The Lakiotes are accounted among the bravest of the Cretans; and though military science, flank movements, and artillery made their town untenable in the late insurrection, it is still a formidable position.

  76. Take your company, and find some place of concealment among the hills of the southern border of Berry.

  77. In one way or another, by moving among the lower classes, this supposed fugitive will find out real Huguenots, of whom there are undoubtedly some still left at Clochonne and other towns near the mountains.

  78. They lay secreted among the brushwood, and would observe an intruder long before the intruder could be aware of their presence.

  79. But, by thrusting my sword among them, I enabled them to make up their minds.

  80. In my dreams at Maury, we would be strolling together among roses, under cloudless skies, nothing to darken my joy.

  81. Separating the bushes I saw, lying prone on the ground among them, the stalwart body of Blaise.

  82. He can lead us to the most deserted spot among these mountains, where there is an abandoned château, which is said to be under a curse.

  83. My men, who moved, unknown, among the people, began to hear reports of a mysterious captain who hid in the southern hills and sallied forth at night to spirit Huguenots away.

  84. But I admired her none the less for that, as she stood there, erect among her women, full of color and grace.

  85. The best for which I hoped was that I might not be among the easiest victims of this famous sword.

  86. We know that Wordsworth loved the country, for he chose to live among the lonely lakes when he could have lived in London.

  87. In Love Among the Ruins, with which Men and Women originally opened, and which some believe to be Browning's masterpiece, Love is given its place as the supreme fact in human history.

  88. Furthermore, My Last Duchess would seem to fall more properly under the heading Men and Women; Browning, however, took it from the Dramatic Lyrics and placed it among the Dramatic Romances.

  89. It seems strange that critics should have declared that the man who wrote Love Among the Ruins could not write rhythmical verse, yet such was once almost the general opinion.

  90. He could not be ranked among the greatest English poets if he had not been one of our greatest singers.

  91. It is the ecstatic mystical joy of one who realises, that through no merit of his own, he is numbered among the elect.

  92. There must have been friendships among the monks of the middle ages compared to which our boasted college friendships are thin and pale; and there must have been frightful hatreds and jealousies.

  93. In Browning's poetry, whenever the thought rises, the style automatically rises with it, Compare the diction of Holy Cross Day with that in Love Among the Ruins.

  94. And, though he was so fond of his grandchildren, I think if he had a pet among them, it was little Herr Baby.

  95. It must be mother's, for if it was James's he would keep it in his own room instead of up on the pantry shelf among all the glasses and cups.

  96. And in among the stones of the terrace there lived lizards--the most delightful lizards.

  97. He was several years younger than my father, and a great favorite in our family among the young folks.

  98. And I would do it, I would go among my sister women and try to persuade them to use their vote as a moral lever, not to make home less happy, but society more holy.

  99. When you get strong I think I can find you some work among my friends.

  100. It seems to me that there are reasons both for and against it," he said thoughtfully, "but since you four are the ones most nearly concerned, I think it will be only right and kind to let you decide the question among yourselves.

  101. I hope one of these days to number you among my dear daughters, and shall feel most happy in doing so.

  102. Yes, indeed, father; for my early walks and talks with you are among my greatest pleasures.

  103. There was a slight flutter of excitement among them as he joined them and took possession of a vacant seat.

  104. Percival was so far recovered that he felt in haste to get back to Torriswood and at work among his patients again.

  105. In the meantime joyful greetings were being exchanged among the relatives and friends upon the porch, and the returned travellers were telling of what they had seen and heard in their absence, especially on the coast of Cuba.

  106. That has yet to be discovered, my dear," replied Captain Raymond; "but I have little doubt that it was the work of some enemy among the Spaniards.

  107. By that time there was a great deal of sickness among our troops, and our friends Harold and Herbert Travilla were kept very busy attending to the sick and wounded.

  108. No one else was near, and he was sunning himself among the elder blossoms.

  109. Has he gone to find a blacksmith among the adjutants?

  110. They be better off among their kinsfolk than left mercy of strangers.

  111. Some of the people among whom they sojourn during the warm summer days regard the presence of the bird as a kind of safeguard against fire.

  112. Among some feathered folk, however, fagging flourishes in full vigour; and so long as there are cuckoos so long will there be fags.

  113. Notwithstanding all this, however, the bead industry of Venice is but a poorly-paid one; only the most skilful among the hands can manage to make a decent livelihood.

  114. Canon Tristram observed black storks among the shallows of the Dead Sea, to which their prey was brought down by tributary streams.

  115. He was among the first to arrive, and he spent some time in conversation with Gilbert Osmond, who almost always was present when his wife received.

  116. It was enough to find these facts assumed among Osmond's traditions--it was enough without giving them such a general extension.

  117. He's probably among them," said Madame Merle.

  118. Isabel wandered among these ugly possibilities until she had completely lost her way; some of them, as she suddenly encountered them, seemed ugly enough.

  119. Isabel found much to interest her in these countries, though Madame Merle continued to remark that even among the most classic sites, the scenes most calculated to suggest repose and reflexion, a certain incoherence prevailed in her.

  120. He looked among the dancers and at last caught Pansy's eye.

  121. I like to think of her there, in the old garden, under the arcade, among those tranquil virtuous women.

  122. Henrietta contracted friendships, in travelling, with great freedom, and had formed in railway-carriages several that were among her most valued ties.

  123. Henrietta made her preparations for departure, and among them she found it proper to say a few words to the Countess Gemini, who returned at Miss Stackpole's pension the visit which this lady had paid her in Florence.

  124. He observed that she produced the impression of being peculiarly enviable, that it was supposed, among many people, to be a privilege even to know her.

  125. She had indeed shown him benevolence, and she was a person of consideration among the girl's people, where she had a rather striking appearance (Rosier had more than once wondered how she managed it) of being intimate without being familiar.

  126. Michel--among other things the herculean labour that is necessary if one desires to write a standard and definitive book on a subject.

  127. He read few books, and the chief among them was the Bible.

  128. Among the many definitions of that abused word is one which states that genius consists not in seeing more than other people, but in seeing differently.

  129. The Anatomy Lesson was the picture that gave Rembrandt his opportunity, and proclaimed his preeminence among the painters in Amsterdam.

  130. We learn in the retreating How vast an one Was recently among us.

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