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questa; queste; quested; questi; questing; questionable; questionably; questioned; questioner; questioners
  1. He is the first to utter the very question on my own tongue: "Do you know where the Captain is?

  2. I question a lieutenant who is marking the fall of the shells through his glasses, shaking from head to foot the while from excitement.

  3. The Germans in question belonged to the 13th Army Corps, and were for the most part Wuertembergers.

  4. There is no question about this being Boche, and they must be firing upon it from Rosnes or Marats-la-Grande.

  5. But I hadn't either the time or inclination to question him.

  6. The abruptness of my question takes him back for a moment.

  7. We question him: "Are there any Boches about here?

  8. The prevailing confusion is even more eloquent, for the house in question is more spacious and well built.

  9. A motion simply affirming a principle, he said, was not likely to carry the cause much further, as it left the question of the application of the principle too much an open one.

  10. When Mrs. Young and I began our work together the question was frequently asked why women alone were working for effective voting?

  11. To the question put sometimes peevishly, "Is life worth living?

  12. My attitude on the question alienated a number of friends, both from me personally and from effective voting, so intolerant had people become of any opposition to their own opinions.

  13. To Mr. Vardon, when he was a candidate for Legislative honours in 1900 the usual questions were sent from the league; but, as he had not studied the question he declined to pledge himself to support the reform.

  14. But public speaking was absolutely out of the question for women, and though I was the most ambitious of girls, my desire was to write a great book--not at all to sway an audience.

  15. I did not see the land question as clearly on this 1865 visit, as I did later; but the extinction of the old portioners and the wealth acquired by the moneyed man of Melrose gave me cause for thinking.

  16. For years now he has done yeoman service in the cause, and has corresponded with workers all over the world on the question of electoral reform.

  17. Much interest was taken in the question of public playgrounds for children, and we succeeded in interesting the City Council in the movement; but, owing to lack of funds, the scheme for the time being was left in abeyance.

  18. In Miss Rose Scott I found a sympathizer on this question of the war; and one of the best speeches I ever heard her make was on Peace and Arbitration.

  19. There is a question that I have been wanting to ask you, Colonel," said Sam to Colonel James as they walked on together.

  20. Cleary," said Sam, "I want you to answer me one question honestly.

  21. It's out of the question to talk about a wedding-tour," said Sam, after the ceremony.

  22. Self-respect prevented him from giving the real reason, his jealousy; besides, it was out of the question to drag in the name of a lady.

  23. I had to face the question and grapple with it.

  24. In fact, he had never put the question to himself.

  25. He is disloyal to our flag, there can be no question of it, and he openly criticizes the actions of our governments.

  26. And what a remarkable man the Emperor is--without question the first soldier of his time and of all time.

  27. He busied himself in this way for an hour or two, but at last the final question forced itself upon him and insisted upon an answer.

  28. Truly St. Paul said well that the just shall live by faith; and the question "By what faith?

  29. On the following page we read--"On my view this question can easily be answered.

  30. I submit that we can see such a matter in the question whether it pays better to sit still and make the best of what comes in one's way, or to go about in search of what one can find.

  31. On my return home it occurred to me, in 1837, that something might perhaps be made out on this question by patiently accumulating and reflecting upon all sorts of facts which could possibly have any bearing on it.

  32. I see no reason to question Professor Mivart's accuracy, and find what he has said to agree alike with my own personal experience of Mr. Darwin, and with all the light that his works throw upon his character.

  33. Professor Mivart made the question "What are Living Beings?

  34. I have not sufficient technical knowledge to enable me to speak certainly, but I question his having been the great observer and master of experiment which he is generally believed to have been.

  35. We have in answer to this question only hypothesis and conjecture.

  36. I would have undoubtedly phrased my question in such a way as to cover that point, I think.

  37. Mr. Ford, in order to answer this question precisely I would have to have the file in front of me.

  38. It is a question of code security; yes, sir.

  39. Question 8, Mr. Belmont, on page 5, sets out the information from a report by Agent Hosty regarding alleged Fair Play for Cuba Committee activity by Oswald while he was still residing in Dallas.

  40. And being that possibility, do you wish to decline to answer the question on the ground an answer may tend to incriminate you?

  41. When after the war they raised the question of their citizenship status, the court held well, that the emotional stress and strain of the relocation and shock under those circumstances was such that this shouldn't be held against them.

  42. If there is a matter which has some urgency or there is a question of policy, it would and does come to my attention, and indeed comes to the attention of Mr. Hoover.

  43. I had never had occasion to examine the question at all until this matter came up, and I have made only a cursory examination, but I think the judgment is sound that there is waiver power under 243(g).

  44. Yes; I think there is no question but that I have.

  45. Mr. Reporter, would you be good enough to read, let us say, the last question and answer of the witness?

  46. I would like to ask one question about X-38(2).

  47. There is just one question I would like to ask before leaving.

  48. Mr. Reporter, can you give her the question that I asked?

  49. In the answer to question 14 on page 8, again in connection with these inconsistencies, the letter reads "These inconsistencies were considered in subsequent investigation.

  50. I went on to ask, however, what certainly seemed to me the most important question under the circumstances.

  51. If it were only a question of money----" I began tentatively.

  52. The club in question may not be very large, but it is quite well known, and I had the misfortune to act as Mr. Bundercombe's sponsor there.

  53. Every question is arguable if it is worth while," she agreed carelessly.

  54. You recognize the fact, however, that the note is beyond question counterfeit?

  55. He put the question kindly, with something that was at once grave and tender in his look and manner.

  56. Thank you, madam, I have only one more question to ask, and you can no doubt answer it.

  57. He put his flattering little question with an ease of manner which was rather too plainly assumed; and he looked at Mr. Rayburn with a watchfulness which appeared to attach undue importance to the reply.

  58. I could not presume to question Mr. Varleigh.

  59. This plain question received a plain reply: "Yes, I am.

  60. But why a lady should persist in keeping an opera-glass fixed on him all through his speech, was a question which found the general ingenuity at a loss for a reply.

  61. The question obtained such complete possession of my mind that I actually summoned courage enough to go to my aunt.

  62. This was a strangely familiar question to ask--almost an indelicate question, under the circumstances A certain furtive expression in Mr. Zant's fine dark eyes seemed to imply that it had been put with a purpose.

  63. In the end, the course of events settled that question for him.

  64. The greater object is to see my daughter, and to judge for myself whether certain doubts on the vital question of her happiness, which now torment me night and day, are unhappily founded on truth.

  65. This result having been obtained, Rothsay asked my advice next on the question of selling his picture.

  66. Before Percy could do justice in words to the impression produced on him, Charlotte innocently asked a question which shocked her father.

  67. Miss Bowmore's reputation is not in question for a single instant," Bervie answered.

  68. Percy had only to satisfy him on the question of politics; and the document was drawn out as a matter of course.

  69. Delirium tremens left this question unsettled, and closed the cigar shop soon afterward, under the authority of death.

  70. I felt myself tremble as that bold question came into my mind.

  71. An apparently trivial incident decided that question for her.

  72. Philippa's next question was not so wide of the mark as it seemed.

  73. Not only did she very much doubt Sir Richard's consent to her mother's visit to Kilquyt; but another question was puzzling her exceedingly.

  74. Mother, I wish to ask you something," said Philippa rather doubtfully, for she did not wish to pain her again, yet she deemed her coming question necessary.

  75. The vows of recluses were held very sacred; and the opinions of the Boni-Homines on the monastic question were little in advance of those of the Church of Rome.

  76. Philippa started suddenly when the question reached her ear.

  77. How can he explain to her that the question trembling on his lips was whether he should bring her a lemon-squash or a strawberry-ice.

  78. This brings me to the question of English and American domestic service.

  79. The ancestor was the one romance of their placid lives, and it became a question of going to find him, now or never; so here they were.

  80. The question is, will the world be as well off if it has reached the summit and apex of hurry?

  81. I did question the wisdom of bringing carpets, and I do not think it pays unless they are very good and large--the remaking and cleaning cost too much to waste on anything not very good.

  82. It was a question of each for himself, and I remember the father of a family clutching a plate of what we Americans call "crackers," and refusing the contents to all but his own offspring.

  83. John looked at her for just an instant with a question on his lips.

  84. The two artists who give the true thrill of this phase of the modern movement are without question Pissarro and Sisley.

  85. They have assisted in the establishment of a native tradition which without question has by this time a definite foundation.

  86. The question comes why worship what we are not familiar with?

  87. There have been a great many women poets and musicians as well as actors, though singularly enough the women painters of history have been few, and for that matter in question of proportion remain so.

  88. He asked me the question of the day, and whither I was bound, and whether my mother was not afraid on account of the highwaymen to let one so young as myself to travel?

  89. When Lady Lyndon kissed the Queen's hand at the drawing-room, I found that precisely the same question had been put to her Ladyship; and she came home much agitated at the rebuke which had been administered to her.

  90. I question whether any of the jenny-jessamines of the present day would do half as much in the face of danger.

  91. He never for a minute thought to question the truth of what I said.

  92. The question of our support constituted a serious difficulty.

  93. The cities of Hamburg and Elberfeld, in Germany, have led the way in granting to us similar assistance, and it can only be a question of time before we gravitate into an equally honoured position elsewhere.

  94. To this question I reply that I am afraid that it is only too true that some Officers are to be found who are willing to dwell in the land of uncertainty and feebleness.

  95. And I think there are few who would nowadays question that his life, teaching, and example all tended greatly to modify many of the Church formalities of the past.

  96. But after my conversion it was naturally ever increasingly sensitive to every question of right and wrong, with a great preponderance as to the importance of what was right over what was wrong.

  97. Upon the question of temperance, there is happily a widespread awakening amongst the nations.

  98. The only question in my mind, similar to the one that haunts me in every Officers' Council, is whether I am making the most of the opportunity.

  99. At any rate, he battled through any season of doubt he had with regard to it, and came out into a certainty that left him no room for question or fear.

  100. Surely it can only be a question of time!

  101. And the wisdom of this attitude has been shown, on both sides of the Atlantic, by the manner in which this question has been used to embitter party strife.

  102. In replying to this question I cannot hope to do more than put you in remembrance of what you must already know.

  103. She was a Queen; and none should question her right to smile on any man, be he subject or king.

  104. His first question to the watchmen was, "Has Hill escaped?

  105. And, of course, to this question there was no other answer for my lord than to "kiss and be friends," and to promise to be more discreet in the future.

  106. From the side of the studies, it is a question of interpreting them as outgrowths of forces operating in the child's life, and of discovering the steps that intervene between the child's present experience and their richer maturity.

  107. There is no question of getting along without this bond of connection; the only question is whether it be such as grows out of the material itself in relation to the mind, or be imported and hitched on from some outside source.

  108. Her young charges were skipping gaily about her; there was no question of their admiration and affection for her.

  109. Carey shut off his power the moment he struck the canoe, whether in sudden alarm at the success of his design or in the hope of picking up the victims of his animosity was a question Archie left for a more tranquil hour's speculation.

  110. It seemed to Archie that he threw into the question a hope that they were to be fellow travelers to the end of the journey.

  111. Let me say that your Isabel is beyond question a girl worth living or dying for.

  112. She had recovered sufficiently to tell her story, and to Archie's relief corroborated his own version in a manner to dispose of any question as to his innocence.

  113. In one of his brief messages he spoke of a young woman who had interested him, but I never can tell when he's serious--" Archie met the question promptly.

  114. He did not question that this time she had told him the truth.

  115. The bride and groom elect were established in the back seat and he experienced a sharp jealous twinge, when, turning to ask her a question about the road, he caught them in a rapturous kiss.

  116. Unable to determine this question he was floundering in a veritable sea of crimes.

  117. In all the world there's no girl like Ruth; there must be no question of her happiness!

  118. What he held was beyond question the reply of Mrs. Congdon to her husband's telegram that had been left lying on the dinner table.

  119. To recall Isabel to his memory was a greater mockery than the Governor knew, but Archie met the question with well-feigned unconcern.

  120. There was no question as to the identity of the girl who had bidden Congdon plant his back to the wall and defy the world; no one but Isabel would ever have done that.

  121. It was she whose gentle impulsion had facilitated his exit from the parlor car, and beyond question she had witnessed the kissing, a disagreeable circumstance that fell smotheringly upon his ecstatic mood.

  122. There was no question of her making a success of it, he said, marveling at her vitality, her exuberance, the confidence with which she viewed the future.

  123. They were such bright children, too, waddling right down to the edge of the brook and slipping in without a single question as to how it should be done.

  124. Of course the Barred Plymouth Rock Hen had had too much experience with Chickens to reply again to a question which should not have been asked the second time, and might better not have been asked the first.

  125. This is the question to ask in each country.

  126. The question arose: What is the best sign that a government is doing well by its people--is agreeing with its people, so to speak?

  127. To recognize them as such would be to set the seal of approval upon all who chose to question the authority, or the righteousness, of the Saybrook system.

  128. The question of baptism ran parallel with the question under debate, incidentally mixed itself with and outlived it to be the cause of a later quarrel that should split the church.

  129. Connecticut was willing to answer the commissioners if they sought facts for a report, but when they assumed the right to decide the question judicially, the colony could only protest against their pretensions.

  130. In any question as to what constituted the last, the magistrates assisted by the elders were to decide and to determine the measure of the crime.

  131. But a difficulty arose later when the adult obligation implied by baptism in infancy ceased to be met, and when the question had to be settled of how far the parents' measure of faith carried grace with it.

  132. The important question of how many absences from church would prevent a man from claiming that he was a regular attendant was thus left in the hands of judges, who were for the most part prejudiced or partial.

  133. The suit brought up the whole question of land entail in Connecticut, and, with it, the possibility of an economic and social revolution in the colony which would have been the death-blow to its prosperity.

  134. The whole question at stake between the Old Calvinists and the followers of the New Divinity was how to class men, morally upright, who made no pretensions to religious experience.

  135. Their treatment opened the question as to whether the steadily increasing numbers of New Lights were to lose for their children the benefit of the college, that they helped to support.

  136. Upon the question in the convention, as to what majority should be required for ratification, there was considerable diversity of opinion.

  137. Now from the third question thou must not shrink, But tell me here truly what I do think.

  138. The second, to tell him, without any doubt, How soon he may ride this whole world about: And at the third question I must not shrink, But tell him there truly what he does think.

  139. The question then that I wish you to answer is, what was it that you saw on that button, which satisfied you that it was not of your set?

  140. You do not make it clear to me," said Mr. Thauret, as coolly as though discussing some question in which he had but a passing interest.

  141. I would like to ask you a question about another man, Mr. Randolph.

  142. The question to be answered is, did your friend steal those jewels?

  143. Subsequently she, in reply to a question from him, admitted who had sent them, and though he made no remark, he slept little that night.

  144. There is a question in relation to it which I should like to ask both of you, and hear each answer separately.

  145. The question was a simple one, and Mr. Barnes asked it rather mechanically, though he was wondering if the thief had come across the ocean--from France perhaps.

  146. Mr. Mitchel paused to see whether she would ask another question after his admission.

  147. This aroused the question "Did the murderer have the means of entering the house without attracting attention?

  148. It isn't a question of love, Mr. Lindsay, it's a question of the Army.

  149. She asked a question or two, in search of Sister Margaret and the new case.

  150. He, Stephen, had a perception of contrasts which answered fairly well the purposes of a sense of humour, and nobody could question hers; it operated obscurely to keep them in the house.

  151. Alicia once, at a suggestive point, put almost a visible question into a silent glance, and Lindsay asked her for some more sugar.

  152. It was a recognisable thing, her atmosphere; one never knew when it would discharge a question relating to eternity.

  153. She saw that the question was momentous to him.

  154. She would not question it or reason about it, perhaps with an instinct to avert its destruction; she simply drew it deeply into her content.

  155. One is convinced that it wasn't a question of love, the least in the world; but Lindsay detected an evasion in what she said, and the flame in him leaped up.

  156. To-day the question is Legislative Independence for Ireland.

  157. It is out of the question for Mr. Parnell to take a seat in the Gladstone cabinet.

  158. The premier, Mr. Davitt said, had already settled the question of religious inequality, and had made an honest attempt to solve the land problem.

  159. Langdale in a letter to the London Daily News puts the Catholic view upon the education question with accuracy and yet with refreshing terseness.

  160. On the whole, in fact, the new cabinet is a considerable advance on its predecessor, as far as the Irish question is concerned, especially.

  161. The Nationalists members, he said, on seeing the manifest desire of England to weigh the Irish question calmly, had resolved that no extravagance of word or action on their part should mar the first fair chance Ireland ever had.

  162. It is pretty certain that when the land question comes to be finally settled, very few Irish landlords' interests can realize more than fifteen years' purchase on the valuation.

  163. We think a business-like and amicable discussion of the whole question would convince the banks that property such as a church is entitled to consideration not accorded to private or business property.

  164. In the case of the Irish people the question was one of life and death, or, what was practically the same, starvation or exile.

  165. The whole question was one of reasonable or exorbitant rents.

  166. It is not a question of the truth; that we should be bound to die for, of course.

  167. Doubtless he was in rebellion against God, seeing he would question his ways, and refuse to believe the word he had spoken, but surely something might be done for him!

  168. They did not care to discuss the question as to which mother was to blame in the matter.

  169. There is hardly a question of poverty in the sense the proverb intends!

  170. THERE was always plenty to eat and drink for any comer, whether he had "claim" or not: the question of claim where was need, was not thought of.

  171. There was for them no question of choice; they MUST choose what was true; they MUST choose life; they MUST NOT walk in the way of death.

  172. Mercy indeed had not much to say, but she was capable of asking a question worth answering, and of understanding not a little.

  173. I don't question the treachery," said Christian.

  174. But not until he had asked every question about everybody he could think of, and drawn her own history from her as well, would he allow her to have the rest she so much needed.

  175. But she almost repented the question when she saw how low the cloud descended on his countenance.

  176. The question is, do you place your faith for salvation in the sufferings of Christ for you?

  177. The first question as to any work of art is whether it puts the willing soul into any mood at all peculiar; the second, what that mood is.

  178. The question was, what were the rights of a father?

  179. Ere she thought how he might take it, another question broke from her lips.

  180. He had asked the question occasionally, but his uncle showed a distaste for the subject, and gave evasive replies.

  181. This question was certainly difficult to answer.

  182. During the forenoon Kit found an opportunity to practice in the empty tent, in order to settle the question whether he had lost any of his old-time skill.

  183. Kit had not thought of it before, but now the question suggested itself: "Why should I not join the circus.

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