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Example sentences for "evasive"

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  1. To this demand an evasive reply was returned, and Eastern cunning was employed to obtain such delay as should permit the chieftains’ plans to be matured, and enable them to take the field in force.

  2. Gradually this jealousy of the Scinde chieftains ripened into hatred; and while evasive policy was resorted to by the Amirs, a corps, under Sir Charles Napier, advanced to support the British representative, Major Outram.

  3. What makes her voice change as she shapes her reply in this evasive way?

  4. But Philip, without actually declining the offer, always returned evasive answers, whether he shrank from placing his sickly and wayward son in an independent position, or whether he feared the power of the Guise faction.

  5. Both Madame de Longueville and her clever mother, Antoinette de Bourbon, returned evasive answers, saying that the Duke of Guise had agreed to the marriage with King James, but that his daughter's consent had never been given.

  6. The proprietor, knowing the broken pieces belonged to an aeroplane, questioned Tom about his craft but the young inventor knew better than to give any clew that might make trouble, so he returned evasive answers.

  7. They were served with food in their prison, but to all inquiries made by Ivan Petrofsky, evasive answers were returned.

  8. Roy's heart grew cold and heavy within him as he listened to these suave and evasive replies to his every question.

  9. Dinner is at eight," was Scrap's evasive answer as she went upstairs.

  10. She asked the vicar what he thought, and through much delicate language, evasive and cautious, it did finally appear that he was for the boots.

  11. The countess replied: "Give me not this evasive answer, Helena.

  12. The duke inquired if this lady died of her love, but to this question Viola returned an evasive answer; as probably she had feigned the story, to speak words expressive of the secret love and silent grief she suffered for Orsino.

  13. Anxiously desiring to learn why he was so much shunned and despised, he at length sought an explanation from an old friend; but he received only a disdainfully evasive answer; at which, being exasperated, he demanded satisfaction.

  14. This evasive question gave Adrienne time to recover her self-possession.

  15. He was determined to be as evasive as possible.

  16. His friends wondered at his pale face and dejected manner; they questioned him, but could get nothing but evasive replies.

  17. When she spoke it was to say something evasive and unimportant, and her voice was as one from the grave.

  18. For once, he must force even his accommodating and evasive nature to meet the plain, blank truth.

  19. She had been deliberately evasive of him since his quarrel with Paula.

  20. I did not like this speech, nor the manner in which it was uttered; but there were too many things to think of, just then, to be long occupied by vague conjectures touching the Onondago's evasive allusions.

  21. On a cold morning she will perhaps walk to church with you without her furs, and she will blush and return an evasive answer when you ask her why she does not wear them.

  22. Her residence at Monceaux was soon in readiness for her reception; but when she apprised the King of her intention of removing thither, she received an evasive reply, and was courteously but peremptorily advised to defer her journey.

  23. Estrées with evasive replies, until at length, wearied by his pertinacity, he laid before him a letter from Louis himself wherein he revoked all his former orders.

  24. Stan had a wild notion they thought he was trying to torpedo them and were taking evasive measures.

  25. Up he went and over, using every evasive trick he knew.

  26. There were to be no roundabout evasive tactics tonight, not with bombs in the place of extra gasoline.

  27. It was another evasive little business, and quite successful, if designed to nag the owner of the rope.

  28. If he had meant to devise a slippery, evasive insult, no small trick in cow-land could be more offensive than this taking another man's rope.

  29. These were in part repealed, so far as affected the church, in 1592; but the Crown retained the exclusive right of convening its general assembly, to which the presbyterian hierarchy still gives but an evasive and reluctant obedience.

  30. But, as if they, had been all agreed, I only received evasive expressions of regret.

  31. However, to the first communication only an evasive answer was returned.

  32. Most of the members of the Provisional Government attributed the evasive reply of the Emperor Alexander to the influence of the speech of Dessolles.

  33. The doctor made an evasive gesture, and then replied: "In any case the others will be less violent.

  34. I've known him a good many years," was my loved one's evasive answer, as though she feared to arouse his anger or jealousy by an acknowledgment of the truth.

  35. Dear old dad always makes friends far too easily," was her evasive reply, the response of a clever woman.

  36. It is a shame to do things in this way, for those bulletins are really valuable.

  37. It is not always because they are greedy for gain and cannot bear to think that time is being lost.

  38. Like an old hen, he was expected to see them through by proper evasive tactics.

  39. In case you meet enemy planes, you are to take proper evasive measures.

  40. Sicily lay ahead and O'Malley knew evasive tactics called for a wide sweep to the east and south.

  41. His respondencies is evasive and dissatisfactory," said Whittingham.

  42. But if Mr. Greenwood were evasive and ambiguous to the Whig whipper-in, he was clear and lucid to the Tory one.

  43. At intervals of two minutes he fired others, but evasive answers only being returned, and it being evident that the object of Commodore Barron was only to gain time, the Leopard opened her fire in earnest.

  44. Captain Pearson then asked from whence they came, and on an evasive answer being returned, declared that he would fire if his question was not directly answered.

  45. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "evasive" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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