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Example sentences for "bickering"

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  1. After much bickering Daniel finally heeded his son and went to live with him.

  2. I could hear the peddler outside on the stoop, bickering and haranguing at Levicy to buy.

  3. For when I tried to recall, as I thought I could, a specific and convincing instance of his evasion, I realised that to cite a case would only draw us into an irrelevant bickering over side issues.

  4. Jervaise snorted impatiently, but he had enough control of himself to avoid the snare of being drawn into a bickering match.

  5. His attitude was that of a man who had no further interest in such trivialities as this bickering and scheming.

  6. A miry lane led us up from Quartes with its church and bickering windmill.

  7. Thus, to the high entertainment of the angels, do we pelt each other with evangelists, like schoolboys bickering in the snow.

  8. But at that she only cried the more, and they went away bickering into the green lanes.

  9. We had sight of two rover galleys, and even came to have some slight bickering with them.

  10. I have also seen some bickering and scuffling.

  11. There was some sort of bickering over dice, or wine, or was it a woman, coz?

  12. And I cannot afford to be continually bickering with Chesterton and Belloc about forms of expression.

  13. It would break up many loveless homes, quarrelling and bickering homes, and give a safety-valve for that hate which is the sinister shadow of love.

  14. And hard she spake, and loud she cried Till the noise of the bickering guests had died.

  15. The sparrows bickering on the floor Fled at his entering in; The swift flew past the empty door His winged meat to win.

  16. By opening a correspondence with Bickering and Ragge, the lawyers.

  17. Bickering and Ragge be left to me; I have already held correspondence with them, and on this very subject.

  18. If thou'rt for a little bickering and disputation with that goodly club o' thine, come thy ways for methinks I do smell the dawn.

  19. By the brook, That bickering ran beside the cottage-door Where she was born, they reared her monument.

  20. The rivulet, late unseen, Where bickering through the shrubs its waters run, Shines with the image of its golden screen, And glimmerings of the sun.

  21. Richard earned and obtained the whole credit of the success by his energy and courage, while his rival Philip, by his jealous bickering with the English, merited a name for disloyalty and lukewarm zeal.

  22. That more famous sea-captain, Sir Francis Drake, a cousin of Hawkins, spent most of his time in bickering in a somewhat piratical way with the Spanish authorities beyond the ocean.

  23. Each time, the Proconsul would pour out some tale of bickering and rivalry among the chief-freedmen of the Managements.

  24. The bickering and rivalries must have been part of the camouflage.

  25. Why the constant bickering and tension and unhappiness?

  26. By the end of the war, the teaching plans were no longer discussed, and Nan and I had drawn so far apart that even the bickering between us had ceased.

  27. When the winter had passed, Washington once more appealed to Congress to cease its bickering and indecision.

  28. Here in Rome," he told the bickering politicians in the Assembly, "we may not be moral mediocrities.

  29. There was nothing to distract him from the sordidness of the bickering household in George Street.

  30. Washington Irving has a delightful sentence somewhere (in Astoria I think) about the frontiersman hewing his way through the back woods and developing his character by "bickering with bears.

  31. The passion for bickering belongs to watermen, although loquacity is shared by the whole city.

  32. It is this habit of talking and bickering which should make one very careful in choosing a lodging.

  33. But adventure was to be had in greater variety by dropping seaward with the bickering brown water.

  34. The broad Firth was ever ebbing and flowing with the restless sea, and the burns bickering down the glens.

  35. But only for a time; within a week the bickering recommenced, and there were half a dozen fights in less than half a dozen days.

  36. The lord William Dowglas being there also with him escaped, but Iames Dowglas brother to the said lord William Douglas, was at that bickering slaine with diuerse other.

  37. The constant bickering finally exhausted the patience of the home government, and in 1682 both Frontenac and Duchesneau were recalled.

  38. Her struggles with Mrs. Pembrose thereupon assumed a quality of mere bickering and she could even doubt whether Mrs. Pembrose wasn't justified in her attitude and wiser by her very want of generosity.

  39. She began to realize something sorrowful and pitiful in his quality, in his hardness, his narrowness, his bickering suspicions, his malignant refusals of all things generous and beautiful.

  40. He had become too unsociable for any such demonstrations; nor did he pattern after the example of some of the sourer-tempered dogs in the room, who were for ever bickering and snarling through the slats of their cages.

  41. But she always caused confusion, either chattering and squealing with fright or bickering at the other animals.

  42. Even in the midst of the bickering discussions at the Tabernacles Feast many of the multitude believed on Him, some as the long-talked-of prophet, some as the very Christ Himself.

  43. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "bickering" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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