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  1. The belligerent fire in the office-boy's pink-rimmed eyes was suddenly dimmed by a gush of water.

  2. Mr. Goble allowed a belligerent eye to stray from the stage, and twisted it round in Wally's direction.

  3. They were at a loss to know whether he had been scalped in battle, or enjoyed a natural immunity from that belligerent infliction.

  4. The president, however, by proclamation and other measures, succeeded, at length, in checking the belligerent movements of our people on the frontier.

  5. Neither the embargo nor non-intercourse had had the effect to induce either of the belligerent powers to pause in their wanton and unjust restrictions and decrees.

  6. It being the obvious policy of the latter to preserve a strict neutrality in respect to these belligerent powers, every act of the American government had respect to maintaining the same.

  7. At the close of the contest, the belligerent armies united in burying their dead.

  8. Mr. Jefferson was at this time impressed with the idea that he could balance one belligerent against another and could force Spain to recede by throwing himself into the arms of England.

  9. We cannot yet conjecture whether the belligerent powers will alter their orders and decrees, and if they do not, what is to be done?

  10. This note and projet of November 10 found the British commissioners still in a belligerent temper, for the effect of Mr. Vansittart's remonstrances and of the Duke of Wellington's advice had not yet made itself felt.

  11. There were many ounces in the total weight, and the pride of each belligerent points to the different contributions which it made.

  12. After all, neither side was in August 1916 in a position to dictate to neutrals; and the Rumanian Army counted for too much in the delicate balance for any belligerent Power to invite its hostility by undue pressure.

  13. But they made havoc with the ideas that neutrals were entitled to trade with both belligerents, and that neither belligerent could intercept commerce which did not directly serve for military purposes.

  14. To this the British Government replied on 1 March with a blockade which was more humane and more effective, but none the less involved an autocratic extension of belligerent rights.

  15. A concession of belligerent rights is liable to be construed as a recognition of them.

  16. The colonies of either belligerent shall be excluded from the field of legitimate hostilities, and the neutrality of their territory shall extend to their ships and commerce.

  17. The rights of war extended to all persons within the hostile boundaries, the declaration of war being essentially directed against every individual of a belligerent nation.

  18. The right to confiscate or destroy the ships of a friendly Power for the service of a belligerent State, the jus angariæ, shall be abolished.

  19. Vessels of war of a belligerent are not permitted to remain in those waters longer than twenty-four hours, except in case of distress.

  20. The third rule prohibits vessels of war of a belligerent from revictualling or taking on stores in the canal except so far as may be strictly necessary.

  21. It was announced that for every Danish, Swedish, or Russian ship searched or seized by the cruisers of any belligerent power, a strict retaliation would be made by the allied navies of these three countries.

  22. That any belligerent could seize its antagonist's property, if found on a neutral ship, was the doctrine laid down alike by Vattel and Bynkershoek, the chief French and Dutch authorities on maritime law.

  23. But although Napoleon succeeded in both points, he could not oblige Britain to treat Sweden as a belligerent power.

  24. Well, I think that he might not have been quite as belligerent on the 23d as he was on the 22d.

  25. And I started talking to Oswald, started asking him some questions, and he was arrogant and a belligerent attitude about him.

  26. Thus, for example, the merchant ship of a belligerent laden with neutral merchandise and at the same time carrying sick and wounded is covered by neutrality.

  27. Should this presumption become a certainty, notice may be given to such belligerent that the convention is suspended with regard to him during the whole continuance of the war.

  28. When hostilities are in progress, and the usual means of communication between the belligerent countries are suspended, prisoners of war are enabled to communicate with their homes through the medium of the Red Cross of neutral nations.

  29. In case of war, the committees of the belligerent nations shall furnish the necessary aid to their respective armies, and, in particular, shall provide for the formation and organization of corps of volunteer nurses.

  30. Arrangements will have to be made by the belligerent powers to insure to the neutralized person fallen into the hands of the army of the enemy, the entire enjoyment of his salary.

  31. Arrangements will have to be made by the belligerent powers to ensure to the neutralized person, fallen into the hands of the army of the enemy, the entire enjoyment of his salary.

  32. The generals of the belligerent powers shall make it their care to inform the inhabitants of the appeal addressed to their humanity, and of the neutrality which will be the consequence of it.

  33. In crossing Possession Creck, we saw nothing of the formerly belligerent natives.

  34. There they can exist apart from belligerent tribes, such as assemble on large rivers.

  35. Therefore, while denying to our Rebels belligerent rights on the ocean, I have no hesitation with regard to them on the land.

  36. But it was between the National Government, on one side, and a Rebellion which had become “territorial” in character, with such form and body as to have belligerent rights on land.

  37. Perhaps the reason for this absence of awe was due to the fact that the murmur of voices without, as of a concourse gathering there, was not a belligerent murmur.

  38. It was due to the fact that in the Revolution, Great Britain, having difficulty with the American colonies on the south side of the St. Lawrence River, did as every belligerent country does and tried to hold Canada by granting her favors.

  39. It has been made clear to me in the last few months that men are too belligerent to be trusted alone with governments.

  40. As to the Procedure: It seems that no belligerent should be put in the position by your note of weakening or of suing for peace, for we must keep in mind the pride and sensibilities of all.

  41. But there is a destiny that shapes our ends, and just as the falling wood attracted Miss Morgan's attention, it was diverted by a belligerent party at her front gate.

  42. This belligerent party was composed of two persons, to wit: one mother from the north end of Willow Creek, irate to the spluttering point, and one boy lagging as far behind the mother as his short arm would allow him to lag.

  43. All national effort throughout the belligerent countries was organised and directed to serve a single purpose of supreme importance.

  44. For a whole month the belligerent parties lay in sight of each other, mutually watching their opportunities to attempt a decisive movement.

  45. Though belligerent at date aforesaid, Horse is now tame, though intemperate.

  46. A part-grown puppy, somewhat larger and older than he, came toward him slowly, with ostentatious and belligerent importance.

  47. He aroused in them their instinctive fear of the Wild, and they greeted him always with snarl and growl and belligerent hatred.

  48. The gods were all-powerful, and a dog was no match against them; yet White Fang learned to face them, fiercely belligerent and unafraid.

  49. He therefore put on a most belligerent attitude.

  50. It is probable that he had taken a more rational view of the belligerent temper of the Scots, and saw more danger in the king's attempt to coerce them, than he generally discerned in pushing on arbitrary counsels.

  51. Cardinal John de Medici, though he prosecuted the same object of clearing Italy of the foreigner, did not possess the same belligerent temperament as his predecessor.

  52. His heavy, belligerent jaw, the sharp, beady blackness of his eyes, the whole alert, confident air of him bespoke the born foreman.

  53. He blindfolded the big, belligerent horse to mount him.

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