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Example sentences for "goon"

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  1. To these should be added the magnificent words of consolation addressed by Dictys, in the tragedy that bears his name, to Danae: #dokeis ton Haiden son ti phrontizein goon kai paid' anesein ton son ei thelois stenein?

  2. But the goon did not see the Patrolman as a friend.

  3. It was not that the machine liked the way things were going, or that it did not have goon squads on the job.

  4. I know that you had goon squads in this audience, to kill me and my superior officer.

  5. Up springen speres twenty foot on highte; Out goon the swerdes as the silver brighte.

  6. The heraudes lefte hir priking up and doun; Now ringen trompes loude and clarioun; There is namore to seyn, but west and est In goon the speres ful sadly in arest; In goth the sharpe spore in-to the syde.

  7. Right as thay wolde han torned over a style, turned Whan thai han goon nought fully half a myle, An old man and a pore with hem mette.

  8. For soth is seyd, goon sithen many yeres, truly, gone, since That feld hath eyen, and the woode hath eeres.

  9. The first bullet spun the goon on his heels and sent him lurching across sand and rock.

  10. It could, perhaps, send Dalgetty a few men but it had no goon squads.

  11. I rekke never, whan that they ben beried, Though that her soules goon a-blakeberied.

  12. There's no goon store a quarter as good as mine 'tween Cairo an' the Cape or Bombay an-' Boma!

  13. I have the goon what settled the hash of Sayed bin Mohammed--here it be.

  14. I said goon squads, and I meant just that.

  15. I finally meet a man with some semblance of guts, and the only way he can think of to win his point is to let a goon squad spill them in the headlines!

  16. We are fast becoming slaves to the soft, gutless bureaucracy in Washington that feeds us, wipes our noses, encourages excessive breeding and enforces its fantastic policies by use of goon squads!

  17. Very possible it was that one or more members of a goon squad was among the twenty-some people now beginning to pick themselves off his worn carpet, footstool, coffee table and the meager furniture he could afford on his salary.

  18. He knew from his years of intense, discreet research that the goon squads rarely made their attacks in the public eye.

  19. In Chaucer, we not only have 'goon a-begged,' Frank.

  20. At last some tells that he suddenly was goon to Edenb: this moved the K.

  21. For witterly I woot wel, We beth noght of strengthe To goon agayn Pride, But Grace weere with us.

  22. He buffetted me so aboute the mouth, That out my teeth he bette; And gyved me in goutes, I may noght goon at large.

  23. For prophetes hem tolde That that blissede body Of burieles risen sholde, And goon into Galilee, And gladen hise apostles, And his moder Marie; Thus men bifore demede.

  24. Him as fired his goon at him when he see'd him by the light o' the fire poling along in his poont.

  25. Why shouldn't a will hev a goon as well as a lanthorn?

  26. I explain how the peculiar construction arose which admitted of such a phrase as 'goon a-blakeberied'; an explanation which is duly quoted as mine in the New E.

  27. I have never used a goon squad for union activities.

  28. I never knew what a goon looked like in Chicago, with the exception when I went to the service.

  29. Noo, you see, if ony ill-conditioned wratch got intae the kist, he micht get a goon or a jaicket, but he wudna be able tae titch her siller.

  30. A' met him on the street, an' made him buy a silk goon for Marget:.

  31. My fader nil for no-thing do me grace To goon ayein, for nought I can him queme; 695 And if so be that I my terme passe, My Troilus shal in his herte deme That I am fals, and so it may wel seme.

  32. And other beestes gladen hem-self to diggen hir tras or hir steppes in the erthe with hir goings or with hir feet, and to goon either by the grene feldes, or elles to walken under the wodes.

  33. And ferther wolde han riden, out of doute, Ful fayn, and wo was him to goon so sone; But torne he moste, and it was eek to done.

  34. Thanne is ther nothing,' quod she, 'that kepeth his nature, that enforceth him to goon ayein god?

  35. Trusteth wel, and understondeth me, Ther shal not oon to mercy goon on-lyve, Al were he lord of worldes twyes fyve!

  36. Loke up, I seye, and tel me what she is Anoon, that I may goon aboute thy nede; Knowe ich hir ought?

  37. So whan it lyked hir to goon to reste, And voyded weren they that voyden oughte, She seyde, that to slepe wel hir leste.

  38. The King would then go to sleep, but Perceval would know about the broken sword: In Quiquagrant dwelt Goon Desert, the King's brother.

  39. Espinogre's nephew swore revenge; donning the armour of a knight of Goon Desert, he slew him, but the sword broke when the traitrous blow was struck.

  40. For the sword with which Partinal slew Goon Desert is treasured up for the use of Perceval, but only after a repeated essay is he held worthy of it.

  41. Fwhy, out in the ould country, when we go man-hunting, we take a goon wid a mouth like a funnel, that ye can put a hat full av balls inter.

  42. But wid a fool goon loike that Oi'd be kilt at wance.

  43. For an Estrellan, this goon was really a giant.

  44. The goon cursed as he strove to keep his own footing, and pulled back as best he could.

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