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Example sentences for "goons"

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gooid; gooin; goold; goolden; goon; goor; goos; goose; gooseberries; gooseberry
  1. Captain Cook's the boy to sell ye goons all right!

  2. But I've a feeling that Wendel's goons will take you straight to him.

  3. Have any of his goons ever seen you with that insignia on your shoulder?

  4. If I took it off before entering the plant his goons would probably recognize me anyway--too quickly for me to save myself by shouting at them and trying to make them see that Wendel would want them to withhold their fire.

  5. His goons have orders to blast me down on sight.

  6. VIII It might not have worked on most men but these goons were not very bright.

  7. Those goons aren't much more than what they claim to be--bodyguards.

  8. The goons finished their search and settled in a line along the beach.

  9. Most of these goons must be moronic, thought Dalgetty.

  10. There were men standing on guard with magnum rifles, tough-looking professional goons in loose gray uniforms.

  11. Two of the goons stepped up to the chair.

  12. Finally, I told him my deep belief that Colonel Ramos and a couple of his goons were obviously the ones who'd roughed up Lou and taken Sarah.

  13. Don't lose sight of the fact those goons knocked off two hundred thousand villagers since the freedom-loving days of the Gipper, for fear they might be Commies, with the CIA practically flying in the ammo.

  14. They were buying time, and they were drawing groups of goons into the action in China and Glassware who might have been making trouble elsewhere.

  15. But I thought those goons had both ends of that plugged.

  16. Let's go see if any of those wounded goons are in condition to be questioned.

  17. And Russ Latterman, and maybe four or five Conservative goons he's managed to infiltrate into the store.

  18. He flipped the fire control to semiautomatic and caught the approaching goons in the metal sight.

  19. Standing around while those goons figure out how to take out that door.

  20. So take those goons with you and get the hell out the same way you came in.

  21. Ramirez and all his goons were gone or dead.

  22. Ramirez was trying hard to mask his own chagrin, telling himself he should never have sent these untried goons out to do a man's work.

  23. They were sullen and bitter, but they were perfect goons for auxiliary firepower, or should be.

  24. Our first order of business is to jump some of these Mino-gumi goons who're posing as security men and get their weapons.

  25. Tanzan Mino's goons were about to have all the trouble they could handle.

  26. Yandor and his goons were the only ones who knew I was a Terran, and they're dead," he thought.

  27. Probably those goons would still be looking for him.

  28. One of those goons above had a pellet gun.

  29. Coming back, the goons picked me up and gave me the job on you.

  30. Ye ken a' didna pay for thae twa, and that a 'll no tak an ounce o' tea let alane twa goons withoot payment.

  31. I simply couldn't see Steve Ravick releasing equipment to fight the fire his goons had started for him in the first place.

  32. Ravick had a bunch of goons and triggermen--I could see a couple of them loitering in the background--who kept down opposition for him.

  33. Between Ravick's goons and Hallstock's police, they have close to a hundred men.

  34. Next, we want to know just how warlike these goons are.

  35. These goons probably have the Delphinus, and they want you just long enough to get your equipment and everything you know.

  36. But really, after the way those Security goons acted, maybe he won't be mad if you handle it right.

  37. Why are you goons moving that stuff ahead of schedule and without notifying balance control?

  38. As soon as he hears Drummer he'll come charging up with his goons to take over the ship.

  39. For all you know, your goons may be in hiding, afraid to face you with the truth.

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