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Example sentences for "boy"

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boxes; boxful; boxing; boxlike; boxwood; boyar; boyard; boyards; boyars; boyau
  1. So he took me to him, and I was a boy close to maturity (Bokhari-Kitabul Jihad).

  2. J√°bir-bin Abdullah was a mere boy at that time.

  3. He entered Mohammad's service only the other day when he started for the expedition of Khyber, and was but a boy only a dozen-years old at that time.

  4. It is related by Bokhari from Anas himself, who said that the Prophet had asked Abu Tulhah to get him a boy to serve him during the Khyber expedition.

  5. On paper wings he takes his flight, With wax the father bound them fast; The wax is melted by the height, And down the towering boy is cast.

  6. Colonel Brent shot the king of the Doegs who was in the cabin found by him, and took his son, a boy eight years old, prisoner.

  7. Sure it was by reason o' that I got bothered with the washin' after me poor boy left me, from my mind being continually in the docks, instead of with the clothes.

  8. Sorra a soul but himself and a boy escaped by climbing to a ledge on the topmost peak of one of the icebergs just in the nick of time to see the ship cracked like a walnut between your fingers.

  9. The Scotch boy was soon a better sailor than the mate, which will be the less surprising, when one remembers how few men in any trade give more than about a third of their real powers to their work--and Alister gave all his.

  10. You are so kind, and you've a boy of your own at sea.

  11. I got one boy name Ben Tillman, livin' in dis town.

  12. He did dis to my very aunt and she had a mulatto boy dat took his name and live right in dis town after freedom.

  13. Dey would play in de branch and sing: 'Little boy wouldn't swim, kaise leather tacked to his shoe'.

  14. I peeped around de house once when I was a little boy and saw him whipping a slave.

  15. William Oliver *Interview given by Uncle William Oliver, a boy in slavery time* *Murrells Inlet, S.

  16. I was just a small boy while de war was gwine on, but I was big 'nough to see and know what went on dere on de plantation all right.

  17. One boy him name Isaiah and one name Phillip.

  18. The boy brought them into a long low room, with very little furniture in it, a small table at the upper end, with a large chair behind it, and three or four high-backed chairs placed along the wall.

  19. The boy grew up among such strange stories, and lived, indeed, in the old world that was gone for ever.

  20. This boy is the child of the sexton of Lambeth Church, who is himself a godly man.

  21. And she passed on, followed by her train, who looked at St. Clare and the boy with curiosity, several nodding and speaking to the Jesuit as they proceeded.

  22. It was your brother I sent for, whom this stupid boy seemingly has sought in Ephesus and not in England.

  23. I'm very sorry if I have made you unhappy," says Terence, who is really a very good boy and fond.

  24. He is not such a boy as all that comes to; and, if you don't mean it, you are overkind to him.

  25. He is such a handsome merry boy that he is a favorite with all the women.

  26. What a silly boy you are to urge this matter!

  27. The boy comes back, and, raising his bonny head, smiles at her fondly but audaciously.

  28. Well, I'm told this boy of mine is in love with your girl.

  29. Somehow it makes me feel like a boy again.

  30. A woman like that should not be permitted to entrap a mere boy into a marriage he will regret all his life afterwards, by means of abominable coquetries and painted cheeks and eyes.

  31. I am yours forever, boy though you deem me; and, yet, is one ever a boy again when one has once truly loved?

  32. And we are bent on leading this poor dear boy (poor Katherine's boy, Priscilla) into the way of truth.

  33. And I only hope that handsome boy Ronayne isn't laying up sorrow for himself and living in a fool's paradise.

  34. The way she sets her cap at that poor boy Ronayne, just because he has fallen in for that property, is quite revolting.

  35. When they had proceeded a few rods Juliet turned abruptly off from the path and picked up from the ground a slender straight stick, evidently cut and trimmed by some boy and then thrown aside.

  36. When the childish storm of tears had quieted, and several big hugs had been exchanged, Anthony set the boy down upon the floor and took his hand.

  37. I'll get the boy quiet, and let his mother come down.

  38. Again and again one lingers over the descriptions of the character of that baby boy Moses, who came through the tempest, amid the angry billows, pillowed on his dead mother's breast.

  39. If it were any other boy the doctor would have been home and in bed an hour ago, I assure you.

  40. The boy cast an indifferently polite eye on these gifts as their charms were exhibited to him, and clasped the brown and scarlet rooster to his breast.

  41. Most of them remembered, if Cathcart had forgotten, how the college boy had sacrificed all his treasures at a blow when the news of his family's misfortunes had come.

  42. If she doesn't set her soul to the giving the old boy a taste of peace and rest she'll have him worn out before his time.

  43. So together the man and the boy escorted the hook-and-ladder cart to the nursery, and backed it carefully into its stall, between the milk wagon and the automobile.

  44. She looked down at a freckle-faced boy carrying a big basket filled with strawberry-boxes.

  45. Well--for a son of the Robesons of Kentucky you are absolutely the most absurd boy anybody ever heard of," declared the girl hotly under her breath.

  46. He was holding his arms in the exaggerated position of the small boy who wears a last year's suit.

  47. Then, boy my age starts buying cloth for new turban.

  48. If the ransom for the Torres boy isn't forthcoming in a few days, they may all vanish for good.

  49. The Hindu boy appeared on a bale of abaca and waved both arms until they saw him, then he motioned them to the left and ran down the dock.

  50. The boy gave him a wide grin as he climbed to safety.

  51. Rick had seen the Hindu boy dance into sight on the stern of the boat, then lunge behind the pilot house again, a long knife in his hand.

  52. Rick and Zircon stared at the Hindu boy incredulously, but Scotty had been the object of Chahda's humor often enough to recognize it first.

  53. Rick had given Chahda details of the findings at the Bagobo village and the Hindu boy had decided to spend another day in Davao.

  54. They weren't taken until some time after the Torres boy vanished.

  55. The Hindu boy jumped aboard as soon as they were tied up.

  56. The Hindu boy got his luggage and a paper-wrapped package from the dock guard's hut.

  57. Rick waited to give Torres a hand, noting as the Filipino boy climbed up that the rough bandage on his wounded arm was stained with fresh blood.

  58. The boy came up the ladder like a sailor and scrambled over the top without help.

  59. This boy gets no chance to say something, because headman busts in and he shoots words at boy like machine gun.

  60. The Hindu boy had thrown over the ship's boarding ladder.

  61. He straightened his shirt as Scotty hauled him in again, and looked at the dark-haired boy accusingly.

  62. He grabbed the lithe brown boy and held him out over the muddy harbor waters in spite of his struggles.

  63. But he was a very gentlemanly boy in many things.

  64. There was a boy singing a Christmas carol at my door last night.

  65. The boy must have read them out as he and the Spirit crossed the threshold.

  66. The Ghost was greatly pleased to find him in this mood, and looked upon him with such favour that he begged like a boy to be allowed to stay until the guests departed.

  67. Scrooge, calling downward to a boy in Sunday clothes, who perhaps had loitered in to look about him.

  68. At one of these a lonely boy was reading near a feeble fire; and Scrooge sat down upon a form, and wept to see his poor forgotten self as he had used to be.

  69. Henry paid for an intelligent boy he met to go to school.

  70. A boy from the town would be bound over in apprenticeship to a particular craftsman, who supplied him with board and clothing.

  71. A story gives the credit for this improvement to an inventive valve boy who wanted to play with his friends.

  72. Clay bowed his head to the boy as though he were thanking him.

  73. Clay went back into his room and kissed the page of paper gently, flushing like a boy as he did so, and then folding it carefully, he put it away beneath his jacket.

  74. The boy bowed his face in his hands and sat breathing brokenly while Clay turned his unlit cigar between his teeth and peered at him curiously through the darkness.

  75. Besides," added the engineer, with the happy laugh of a boy who had been treated to a holiday, "I am sure that I am not setting him the example of fixity to duty which he should expect from his chief.

  76. Clay and Langham looked curiously at the boy to see if he were in earnest, but MacWilliams would not meet their eyes.

  77. Clay laughed like a boy as he swung himself into the saddle.

  78. He pulled meditatively on his pipe and considered Langham's question deeply, while Clay and the younger boy sat with their arms upon their knees and waited for his decision in thoughtful silence.

  79. They are--the stamper, his hotter, and the small boy who drives the hammer.

  80. A great alteration, physically and morally, usually takes place in the man or boy newly arrived from the country into the workshop.

  81. The oldest boy prepared the meals by day; Gus saw to the general needs at night and did the washing Sundays.

  82. Each boy has a certain number of holes allotted to him and he must not trespass on his mates' territory.

  83. Before the town boy goes home from the shed he is careful to wash off the black from his face, comb his hair, and tidy himself up.

  84. When the average boy of the town first enters the shed he is not long in finding his way about and taking stock of the other juveniles and men; he is here, there, and everywhere in a few moments.

  85. When I came into the factory as a boy I expected to find everything of this sort in perfect arrangement.

  86. The bear, after piling it up, worked his way in near the bottom, somewhat after the fashion of a boy crawling into a haycock.

  87. Another time he lay across it and splashed about like a boy on a pole trying to learn to swim.

  88. A small boy instantly asked, "What do you do to be good to bears?

  89. When Johnny and Jenny were small they often reminded me of a little boy and a little girl.

  90. After three days this runaway boy concluded to come home.

  91. Angelina's brother John was the only boy there.

  92. Sometimes their vagaries carried her even into the Police Court, where she was ready, if necessary, to say a good word for some boy brought up for a petty offence.

  93. Angelina was the first to report it when she broke into the dining-room with a newspaper that she had bought from a boy at the front door.

  94. He was devoted to Manuel, now a strong boy of nine, and anxious that he, too, should have a good education.

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