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Example sentences for "tears"

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tearing; tearless; tearme; tearmed; tearmes; teary; teas; tease; teased; teasel
  1. You have brought the tears right to my eyes!

  2. Connie leaned towards him; she had tears in her eyes.

  3. He cried softly, fearing to be observed, and the tears coursed down his hot cheeks and lost themselves in his furs.

  4. Then with the tears burning in his eyes he would stumble back to his lonely room and to bed.

  5. Ludovico subsided into a little heap, his head sunk beneath his shoulders, the tears coursing down his cheeks.

  6. There were tears of feeble excitement in his eyes.

  7. In a moment he got the better of himself and brushed the tears hastily away.

  8. Tears were in Ellen's eyes as the party made their way out of the box, along the side of the house, to the entrance where the omnibus was waiting.

  9. Little Joan, however, shed childish tears and was upon her knees giving thanks in an instant.

  10. Ireland's Tears to the sacred Memory of our late Dread Sovereign, King Charles II.

  11. Some say, they no obedience paid of late; But would new tears and jealousies create, Till topsy-turvy they had turned the state.

  12. Tears wiped off, a Second Part, on the Coronation, (22d April.

  13. She was unconscious of my approach until I came quite near to her; then she turned on me a face stained with tears and pale with agitation and alarm.

  14. Her eyes grew soft and veiled in a mist of tears that did not fall.

  15. The tone in which he said this brought the tears to my eyes.

  16. I was touched, and the tears came to my eyes, for I was in the mood when the heart is easily stirred.

  17. Upon entering Mrs. Milligan's apartment I found Arthur in tears and his mother bending over him.

  18. With my eyes full of tears I looked around, but there was no one near to help me.

  19. The veins in his forehead stood out, the tears ran from his eyes, and his pretense at choking, in the end, turned to a dreadful attack over which he had no control.

  20. I looked up at him and saw the tears standing in his eyes; then I stopped and asked him if what I had said hurt him.

  21. The tears rolled down my cheeks, then I felt a warm breath pass over my face.

  22. I felt better after that and my tears dried on my cheeks.

  23. Through my tears I saw him follow a policeman, and the door closed behind him.

  24. There were some who came and shook me by the hands with tears in their eyes, and there were others who turned away their heads.

  25. Her pretty face, which was so bright when going to the party, was now grief-stricken and the tears rolled down her cheeks.

  26. The first lash of the whip, as it cut into the flesh, made the tears spring to my eyes.

  27. There were real tears on his cheeks and they were real kisses that he imprinted on Vitalis' hand.

  28. But until I was eight years of age I thought I had a mother like other children, for when I cried a woman held me tightly in her arms and rocked me gently until my tears stopped falling.

  29. I looked at Mrs. Milligan: her beautiful face broke into a smile; then I thought I saw tears in her eyes, but she bent her head quickly over her son and put her arms about him.

  30. You know that if the whip tears your skin, your cries pierce my heart.

  31. Both the tears and the syncope had a different origin than the beholding Henry Holtspur in bonds.

  32. It came amid tears and choking sobs--but with an emphasis, and an accent, that admitted of no rejoinder.

  33. Perhaps, had the hour been earlier, Scarthe would have intruded upon the scene of sorrow--to speak his sham sympathy, and mingle hypocritical tears with those that were real.

  34. They were not tears of sympathy; but of bitterness--springing from the fountain of Love, that had become defiled with Jealousy.

  35. My eyes brim with tears even now when I think of his utter self-abandon as he ministered to my infirmities.

  36. All over the world men, women and children are reading with laughter, thrills and tears this exquisite little story.

  37. The left side of his face was inflamed and tears were frozen on his eyes.

  38. He feels sure that he is beloved in Tsarskoye, and that they speak of him with tears of gratitude, admiring his justice and his manners.

  39. Their hair was streaming down their backs, their faces flushed, their eyes filled with tears .

  40. An old woman passed on the deck and fell so badly that tears came into her colorless eyes--smiles became bright and gay; somebody even whistled.

  41. Tears were on the child's face but he kept on bravely; he could not go away--Pashinsky was at the gate.

  42. They must be known; the tears shed cannot during so long a time fall on stones,--even stones get wet.

  43. This sight wounded my heart deeply, and pressed burning tears from my eyes.

  44. The woodcutter now repaid the principal he had borrowed, and tendered the interest, while tears of gratitude and humble affection stole down his venerable, his happy and expressive countenance.

  45. The tears which we strive to hide are the most affecting.

  46. It is not," says Pulaski to me, who was but little moved with my profound sorrow; "it is not by means of barren tears that you can do honour to a father such as thine.

  47. My tears flowed fluently, my arms were expanded for her, the darkness of the night concealed her from my wishful looks.

  48. Septimius recollected his friend and former benefactor, and hung upon his neck with tears of pity and of joy.

  49. Alas," says she at length, with tears in her eyes, "alas!

  50. The tyrant, stern grief, my little children attends, And tears from their eyes impatiently glide; They weep and they mourn without comforting friends, While I in despair shake the chains by my side.

  51. And at the same instant, tears of joy sprang uncontrollably to their eyes and the two brothers grabbed each other, laughing and pounding one another's back in wild reunion.

  52. She turned her face away, and the tears fell thick and fast.

  53. Again she relapsed into silence, and her escort noted that her tears were falling thick and fast.

  54. She went by without seeing him, clenching her hands and carrying her young head high; and he saw that her eyes still held the tears that she was afraid to spill.

  55. She had forgotten the tears that she had shed when Alice's wild music had rocked the house, and what the Vicar had said to her that night when she spilled the glass of water in the study.

  56. Standing by the door, she cried quietly, with soft sobs, neither hiding her face nor drying her tears as they came.

  57. Tears came into the eyes of the ex-clerk.

  58. Tears of joy came into the eyes of Cyrus Hooper and his worn face showed relief.

  59. Mr. Canfield, the tears coming into his eyes.

  60. Again the old man sighed, and tears came into Nancy Hooper's eyes.

  61. It's making me thin," she ventured as she shook a little shower of tears off her black lashes and again smilingly regained control of her own hands, but displaying a slender blue-veined wrist for his sympathetic inspection.

  62. I'm being very patient," she whispered and her lips quivered with a smile as two tears jeweled her black lashes.

  63. Oh, I mustn't let the tears fall on Little Sister's ruffle!

  64. In a second the tightness in Phoebe's throat relaxed and the tears flowed back to their source, only one little splash jeweled her cheek that had flamed into a blush of joy and contrition.

  65. A mighty mother turns in tears The pages of her battle years, Lamenting all her fallen sons!

  66. Pauline looked down at Guy with tears in her eyes and felt miserable to be so happy when poor Miss Verney had been so sad.

  67. Pauline hurried through a shower to church on Easter Morning, and shook mingled tears and raindrops from herself when she saw that Guy was come to Communion.

  68. There may have been tears in her eyes as she responded with faintest pressure of her hand to his affection.

  69. Her mother was on the lawn, when she got back, and Pauline blinked her eyes a good deal to throw the blame of tears upon the sun.

  70. Nothing," answered Pauline, biting her lips to keep back surely the most unreasonable tears she had ever felt were springing.

  71. The window was grimy, and the raindrops seemed from inside to smear it as tears smudge the face of a dirty child.

  72. Many, many nights I have wept bitter tears of anguish to think of you somewhere upon the face of the earth, wandering alone, because of circumstantial evidence.

  73. In bitter tears I repent the sorrowful past.

  74. She rose; her face was livid; she burst into tears and buried her face in her hands.

  75. He wept; the tears coursed down his pallid cheeks.

  76. It seemed to him that being the mother of a family, a woman of the world, she should have been more sedate, and have yielded With tears if she chose, but with the tears of a Dido and not of a Juliette.

  77. Duroy said with a smile: "How many would abandon themselves to a caprice, a dream of love, if they did not fear that they would pay for a brief happiness with tears and an irremediable scandal?

  78. We men who bow to thee in grief must tremble in our gladness, To know what tears were turned to pearls to crown thee in thy sadness.

  79. Yea, I am Anteros, and with my tears I salt the earth that gladdens at my voice.

  80. I weep, but I can jest at times; Yea, I can dance and toss my tears away.

  81. Tears must now be shed, Unnumber'd tears, till life or love be done!

  82. I know what tears I shall not shed, What flowers will bloom, and, bright as they, What bells will ring when I am dead.

  83. Not though my tears should fall, as through a sieve The salt sea-sand?

  84. My hopes and my desires Will lead me safe; and day will have no tears And night no torture, as in former years, To warp my nature when my soul aspires.

  85. Shed tears and smile, and half repeat a prayer And half are shamed in their so mean estate, And he so great!

  86. Mine eyes are red With the tears I shed, And I am the queen of Astrofelle.

  87. It is the token of a nation's tears Which oft has joy'd in thee, and shall again.

  88. There shall be traitors in the court of love, And tears and torture and the bliss of pain.

  89. Yet must I quell my tears and calm the smart Of my vext soul, and steadfastly emerge From lonesome thoughts, as from the tempest's surge.

  90. And when I rais'd mine eyes they were as dim As tears could make them.

  91. There was a sobbing that told of tears--tears that told of a kind heart, crushed by a cold and careless world.

  92. There was a choking in his throat, strong man as he was, and there were many tears in the eyes that looked upon that father, mother, and daughter, that night.

  93. To infant prayers and tears awaken, And from the mother save the child.

  94. There were tears at parting, and they were not all tears of a sick child, or good boy, but strong men wept.

  95. It was this that produced the state of mind that Adelaide called the dumps, the blues, and the tears that Stella saw her shed.

  96. The string was touched, and tears flowed.

  97. Tom was not the best of guides, he made several missteps that day, for tears dimmed his eyes, but he made one good step, it was up the ladder of reform.

  98. Bitter tears for your loss will run down your hollow cheeks, but they will gain you no sympathy.

  99. She tears herself away from the grasp of the little girl, telling her to pick up the apples and go home, she must go with father.

  100. When had tears, except tears of anger, filled those eyes before?

  101. There were two white streaks running down from the soft blue eyes, that told of the hot scalding tears that were coursing their way over that naturally beautiful face.

  102. Probably Arboreal's head went under the water, tears and salt ocean mingled nauseatingly in his mouth.

  103. And we hadn't any more than got to Doc Watson's drug store than in rushed Heinie Hassenyager with a lump of Hamburg steak, and with tears in his eyes.

  104. Which did her a heap of good, and she cried considerable harder, leaking out tears as fast as she poured tea in.

  105. Yet grateful and fair has been the vine as if watered by the tears of angels; and when I sleep the demon in you fades, and then, at least, your loving tendrils find all my nature an arbor to take you up!

  106. The Widow Cloos made no reply, but dropped a couple of tears as she saw her son, Nanking, shrink away before his uncle's frown and roll his head in deprecation of such language.

  107. A sense of his degradation rushed over his young mind, and he threw himself upon the stones with his head in his hands, and wept hot tears of bitterness.

  108. Reybold's eyes were full of tears as he listened to the boy, and, turning aside, he saw Joyce Basil weeping also.

  109. Be that angel to both of us, and as my wife touch the fountain of his tears and make his noble heart embrace me!

  110. Tears and thrills haunted me during the afternoon, and I was frightened in the silence and darkness.

  111. Tears were no longer in Perry's eyes; he had heard his father in delirium constantly repeat his name.

  112. She was moved with my appeal, and tears came to her eyes.

  113. The Judge looked up and saw the face of his demon, streaked with recent tears and shaded with dishevelled hair, but on it a look like eternal sunshine.

  114. Tears came to Paul's eyes, but he held down the great sob that started to his throat, and called lustily: "It is a wicked story!

  115. Perry's tears seemed to dry in the recollection.

  116. She held him tightly by his arm, and looked with eyes that were dimmed with tears of most blessed relief upon the working of his face.

  117. Depper shed as many tears over his old woman as would have been expected from the best husband in the world; and Car'line let her dying gaze rest on him with as much affection, perhaps, as if he had indeed been that ideal person.

  118. Upon which Polly snuffled loudly, and her tears fell--splash--upon the plates she was carrying away.

  119. She stared, positively with tears in her eyes, at her pretty reflection in the glass.

  120. She whimpered afresh, her mouth shaking, the tears running down her cheeks unrestrained, like those of a child.

  121. Had he not shed tears over the death of a dog a day or two before?

  122. Tears had gushed upon the flabby cheeks; he mumbled his lips for a minute, unable to speak.

  123. You 'ont ketch me a-dryin' yer tears for ye, and so I tell ye flat.

  124. The tears came into her eyes and her lip shook.

  125. She listened to them, making no response, with slow tears falling from shut lids to the pillow.

  126. The rain blown on her cheek by the angry wind mingled with the tears there.

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