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Example sentences for "burning"

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burners; burneth; burnie; burnies; burnin; burningly; burnings; burnish; burnished; burnisher
  1. There's a storm coming," he said, and he raised his burning face to meet the welcome rain.

  2. I was in utter ignorance of a love which, during all these years, had been burning in her heart, and making her life and mine a torture.

  3. The dawn of day was yet faint in the east; the stars burning bright as lamps overhead, in the clear thin air; and the cold was so great that it almost stopped their breathing.

  4. They now entered the narrow Straits of Magellan, which are in many places no wider than a river; and in the night passed a burning mountain, which caused no little surprise to those who had never beheld anything of the kind.

  5. To them, the failure of the expedition into the forest, and the burning of the governor's house, were matters which seriously affected their pride.

  6. A light was already burning in it, and a black servant was at work within.

  7. So saying, he applied the end of the burning brand to the dry withes with which Tom was bound to the tree.

  8. His violent and vindictive heart was burning for the day when he should trample on the pride of the woman who had been his ruin, and had married again and lived in luxury, while putrid fish was his diet.

  9. I lit the fellow-candle, and left it burning on the table, while I hurried to the kitchen, though I knew it was in vain.

  10. Another week of burning hope and weltering dejection, of tossing to the sky and tumbling to the depths of darkness, must have left my dull brain empty of the little gift God put in it.

  11. Lights were burning in the hall only when the four re-entered, and with a very grave face Rosa bade the rest good-night.

  12. There was no longer any talk of burning the Sprague property, and opinion was about evenly divided as to Jack's conduct.

  13. In spite of the burning heat and the exhaustion of the three hours' march, the scene was, or rather the imagination of the men, invested each step with a sort of awe.

  14. He was quite unconscious of the burning bromine and the clipping of flesh that the skillful hand of the practitioner carried on.

  15. The candle is burning dimly on the mantel.

  16. He bent down, and shudderingly laved his burning face in the inky water.

  17. As he spoke he had thrust the burning torch into a thick clump of bushes, dense and glistening as laurels, that looked like wild huckleberry.

  18. Hundreds of our men were in their stocking-feet, or, rather, in their bare feet, as they tramped wearily through the burning sand and twisted roots.

  19. Then place the old one on a new one, that will go on burning at once when the old one has come to an end," pleaded the physician.

  20. The guest, however, thought no otherwise than that he was to give up one of his ears, and ran as if fire were burning under him, in order to take them both home with him.

  21. She walked on constantly until evening came, and then she saw a tiny light burning in the distance, ran up to it at once, and came to a little hut.

  22. Thou shalt become a black poodle and have a gold collar round thy neck, and shalt eat burning coals, till the flames burst forth from thy throat.

  23. The other attendants again began to murmur, and said, "Behold, now he is even burning the King's bridal garment!

  24. The lion, however, said that it was too dangerous for him, for if when there a ray from a burning candle fell on him, he would be changed into a dove, and for seven years long would have to fly about with the doves.

  25. It was already dusk, and a log which was burning on the hearth gave a scanty light.

  26. A dog was lying there, and it made such a noise that the peasants came running out, caught Gossip Wolf, and poured a strong burning mixture, which had been prepared for washing, over her skin.

  27. When she was emptying the beans into the pan, one dropped without her observing it, and lay on the ground beside a straw, and soon afterwards a burning coal from the fire leapt down to the two.

  28. And now as he was walking slowly through the sand, and the sun was burning hot at noon-day, he grew quite hot-tempered and angry.

  29. When he awoke, the entire pile of wood was burning in one enormous flame, which stretched its tongues out into the sky.

  30. Then the King saw that a fierce fire was burning under the iron room, and perceived that there was no getting the better of the six in this way.

  31. I made regular war upon the Emperor Alexander, but who could have expected such a blow as the burning of Moscow?

  32. Barclay de Tolly having performed the stern duty of burning Smolensk, had retired for two or three miles along the road to St. Petersburgh, which route he chose in order to avoid a cannonade from the left side of the Dnieper.

  33. They marched in stern dejection; for the wind, great as the distance was, showered among their ranks the ashes of their burning capital, and in the darkness, the flames were seen to rage like a huge ocean of fire.

  34. Even a burning tree, however rare as the sight is, will fail after a time to satisfy a London mob’s craving for mischief, and the fellows soon began to exert themselves in other ways.

  35. It was soon found that on being struck by a stick, the burning trunk would send forth showers of sparks, and the young trees in the neighbourhood were denuded of their branches, and in some instances broken off bodily for service in this way.

  36. He tossed the bundle into the very midst of the burning pile, and tried to speak lightly, pretending not to notice the excitement of her manner and the undried tears on her flushed cheeks.

  37. He said he was employed in burning lime at a lime-kiln not far off from my house.

  38. Light and Shade The Chiang-chiu Valley Breaking and Burning of Idols The Chinese Boat Race and its Origin The Chinese Beggar System Two Noble Men Summoned Hence V.

  39. Through these families he was brought into contact with George Wishart, who had lately returned from travelling in Germany and England, with the burning zeal to gain his country to the Lutheran reformation.

  40. The students at Wittenberg retaliated by burning Tetzel's theses.

  41. While she was of need busied, peasant-like, upon other affairs, she went anxious to the fire, and found the bread burning on the other side.

  42. He had, as he thought, slept for quite twenty-four hours when he felt a burning sensation as though sparks of fire had fallen on his face.

  43. But when he awoke he felt terrible pangs of hunger, for he had eaten nothing during the last twenty-four hours; he felt his tongue cleaving to his palate and a burning and tickling feeling in his throat.

  44. Conversation proceeded as usual, quietly and peacefully--sometimes falling into an almost emotional tone, at others touching on the most burning questions of the day, without however kindling a conflagration.

  45. The sun shone redly through the frosted window-panes, and the burning wax candles gave no light at all, but looked merely like yellow blots over which the warmed air quivered.

  46. His feet were burning but his body felt freezing.

  47. The watch trembled in his hand, there was a humming in his ears, and he felt a burning sensation at the roots of his hair.

  48. Rayner remained at his station, and although several pieces of burning plank fell close to him, he was uninjured.

  49. The Spanish boats were reached, but in vain he endeavoured to persuade their crews to come near the burning ship.

  50. Her stout hull was a mass of fire fore and aft--she was burning down to the water's edge.

  51. He must have been thrown, he knew, to some distance from the ship, for he could see the burning wreck, and the wind appeared to be driving him farther and farther away from it.

  52. A few seconds afterwards down came showers of stone and earth and pieces of burning timber, just astern of the boats.

  53. They had managed to get through the narrow passage, and had made some progress in their return, when both of them were obliged to let their torches drop, as they could no longer hold them without burning their hands.

  54. The flames from the burning ship cast a bright glare far and wide over the ocean, tinging the foam-topped seas.

  55. He crept on carefully, and as he gained the inner end of the passage, he saw a light burning close to where the goods were piled up, but no voices reached his ear.

  56. Jack, finding that his torch was almost burning his fingers, was obliged to let it drop.

  57. All the air was fiercely lit with the blaze of the burning barge; a hand and arm would rise, and fall ere I could seize it.

  58. With this she led me up to Elliot by the hand, who began to show me very gracious countenance, and to thank me, my face burning all the while with confusion and fear of her anger.

  59. Glasdale turned about as he threw; he leaped upon the burning drawbridge, where the last of his men were huddled in flight, and lo!

  60. As he had an idea that Love had become moral and sentimental after he had been waked by the drop of burning oil, so I could not help asking him whether this was Psyche, grown reasonable after she had beheld the wings of Love?

  61. He therefore only half fulfilled his commission; and changing the purpose and sentiment of the figure, he represented the Greek Cupid at the moment that he is waked by the drop of burning oil from Psyche's lamp.

  62. He was so utterly hardened that even her burning scorn could not affect him.

  63. Jemima resolutely arose from her chair, and planted herself in a seat directly in front of her parent--he could not avoid her eye then--the wrath burning there made him hesitate and stammer.

  64. She fell away into a tranquil slumber, and Mellen lay for a long time watching her repose; it was a brief season of peace to her, for burning thoughts had not followed her into her dreams.

  65. A child at the table saw that white face with its wild burning eyes, and pointed its finger, uttering frightened shrieks.

  66. It was his name that fled from her lips like a burning arrow, and reached her husband in the gloomy stillness of his chamber.

  67. A crowd of persons met him as he leaped over the bulwarks, and among them North searched with burning eagerness for that one face.

  68. But Dolf interposed again, and luckily Clo's nostrils detected the odor of burning pie-crust, and she rushed into the kitchen to see if the girl had allowed her pastry to burn.

  69. Those black eyes burned too hotly for tears, but the raven beard trembled about his mouth, his hand was clenched, the burning consciousness of a great crime was upon him, and he felt it in every nerve and pulse of his system.

  70. But the physical exercise brought a quota of mental relief at last, and the cool night air soothed his first burning pain and anger with its unconscious balm.

  71. It was obviously not a habitation, although a fire was burning briskly within it.

  72. Neither broke the silence for several minutes, but the man scarcely took his burning gaze from the child's lovely face.

  73. Finally he got slowly to his feet, instinctively gave partial aid to Judd as he too struggled up, his burning eyes also fixed on Smiles.

  74. The frequency of such events is a burning disgrace to the morality, civilization, and refinement of feeling to which we lay claim and so often boast in comparison with the older states.

  75. Charles, a fine active negro, who belonged to a bricklayer in Huntsville, exchanged the burning sun of the brickyard to enjoy for a season the pleasant shade of an adjacent mountain.

  76. My object in going to the south, was to engage in making and burning brick; but not immediately succeeding, I engaged in no business of much profit until late in the winter, when I took charge of a set of hands and went to work.

  77. And yet Theodosius denounced capital punishments against those who held 'heretical' opinions, and commanded inter-marriage between cousins to be punished by burning the parties alive.

  78. Sometimes they were made to work till nine o'clock at night, in such work as they could do, as burning cotton stalks, &c.

  79. As soon as the supply was ensured, Ellis and Looney started a fire in a high stone enclosure near the village huts; for here it was possible to obtain a little shade from the already burning sun.

  80. Although cramped for room--for we crowded ourselves into the smallest possible space at the dark end of the cave--we were out of the burning sun.

  81. It was a special treat reserved for Sundays to have our stoves burning for an hour in the afternoon.

  82. If an aluminium mug saves an ounce of weight, it makes a ton of trouble: and Looney's was thoroughly unpopular on account of its unpleasant habit of burning the fingers of any one who handled it.

  83. At one spot, having seen a light burning not far from the water's edge, we proceeded very cautiously.

  84. Love lit the flame, and Love himself allays My burning fever, as when gathering clouds Rise o'er the earth in summer's dazzling noon, And grateful showers dispel the morning heat.

  85. Thus is it that burning remorse must ever follow rash actions which might have been avoided, and for which one has only one's self to blame.

  86. No precious mine more rich could be, No burning flame more bright than he.

  87. Behold the proof of my passion; My finger, burning with the glow of love, Has left its impress on the painted tablet; While here and there, alas!

  88. Possessing me he dwelt; but, cursed by thee, Tortured he dwelt, consuming with thy words In fierce and fiercer pain, as when is piled Brand upon burning brand.

  89. It cost him an effort, though, to restrain himself, as his flushed face, his burning eyes and his labored breath, told.

  90. He winced as he felt Trevison's burning gaze on him, and could not meet the young man's eyes, boring like metal points into his consciousness.

  91. She caught Braman's burning stare of interest in this revelation of negligence, and smiled at him in faint derision.

  92. I suppose it's all right, but I can't help wishing that I had been here to watch the ceremony of burning that record.

  93. Sarennes, and they found him so little to their taste that they have ended by burning the manor at Beaulieu level with the ground, and not a barn nor out-building is left on the domaine.

  94. The bombardment from the Levy shore continued until the town was little more than a heap of ruins, and night after night the sky was red with the glare of burning buildings.

  95. As his men plodded along over the burning marl, fainting for thirst and finding nothing in the dry torrent beds, so he longed for the refreshment of that gracious presence.

  96. It was a suffocating Sunday in July; an afternoon in which the streets of Valencia seemed to be deserted, under the burning sun and a wind like a furnace blast that came from the baked plains of the interior.

  97. On the following day he was to go to the veterinary and have his flesh cauterized by a burning iron.

  98. The burning heat of Percy's hand struck him, at once.

  99. It was but a short distance to walk, but the boys had great difficulty in getting there; for their limbs were stiff and aching, and they felt a burning sensation all over them, as if they had been dipped in boiling water.

  100. For a couple of hours they chatted; and then, as the fire was burning low, and the men had already laid down to sleep, Ralph suggested that they should do the same.

  101. I was in a burning fever all night, and my head ached, and my throat was and is very sore.

  102. I came away burning with anger and mortification.

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