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Example sentences for "commanded"

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comma; command; commandant; commandants; commande; commandedst; commandeer; commandeered; commandeering; commandement
  1. The Colonel commanded the Irish brigade of the American army, and was pledged to bring over a strong contingent at the right moment.

  2. At Castlejordan Chapel Father O'Connell commanded the people, in a sermon, to go to a Nationalist meeting, and said he would be there, and that their parish priest expected them to go.

  3. In doing so, he turned his back to the horse-dealer, but commanded a view of him through means of the little glass above the chimney.

  4. A full organization of the militia and yeomanry," replied Sir Marmaduke, proudly, for he commanded a regiment of 'Northamptonshire fencibles.

  5. Both swept any approach up the harbour face of the hill by the zig-zag path, and the first also commanded the bare crest between it and Bush Hill.

  6. Now there came a day when the German General, who commanded the camp, arrived to visit the first prisoners.

  7. There was a short distance yet to go to the office of the lieutenant who commanded the camp.

  8. Why I refused, will, I hope, be solved to the satisfaction of those who know me, by saying, that a sense of duty commanded me thus to act.

  9. It commanded me, sir, for believe me, that no event of my life ever occupied more of my reflection.

  10. British soldiers were commanded for this execution, and came to blows with the natives.

  11. Sweated coffees commanded from three to five cents more than those that came in "pale".

  12. Java coffees "ex-sailing ships" always commanded a premium because of the natural sweating they experienced in transit.

  13. The Tuareg men, nearly all six-footers, waved their guns in the air and commanded Bob to lead them to the cave where the whites were being guarded.

  14. The Arabs were commanded to dismount and walk forward.

  15. Get your goggles," commanded Fekmah, his tone indicating that he was calm even in the face of danger.

  16. Akbar commanded the Sactas from his presence, amid the murmurs and execrations of all parties: and though they were protected for the present by the royal passport, they were subsequently banished beyond the frontiers of Cashmere.

  17. On her going off in the sleeping scene, they commanded the curtain to fall, and would not suffer the play to proceed.

  18. When they were departed, the old Brahman commanded Govinda to seat himself on the ground opposite to him.

  19. The deputies were severally dismissed with rich presents; all, except the Brahmans, who were commanded to remain in the quarter assigned to them during the royal pleasure; and a strong guard was placed over them.

  20. Nay, look not grave; am I commanded down To feed his cattle and become his clown?

  21. He commanded for James in one of those skirmishes which took place with William's Dutch troops on their march from Torquay.

  22. Such a feat was easy and natural to a chief whose wild horsemen commanded every part of the great Syrian desert that lay between Mesopotamia and the Roman stations off the Mediterranean coast.

  23. Marlborough next marched against Kinsale, which he entered without opposition, but the new fort commanded by Sir Edmund Scott held out for twenty days.

  24. Eugene had quitted the house at the time of the duke's decease, in company with the foreigners his sister had commanded to depart.

  25. But has not God commanded us to love our neighbor?

  26. He afterward commanded the Thirty-fifth in the American war of Independence.

  27. There are some, it is true, who think this voice should never be heard, but for three thousand years, since Abraham, it has commanded and been obeyed.

  28. Prince rushed to the faubourg, knowing that where the marshal commanded there must Paris be most in peril.

  29. It was well for the inhabitants of the line of march that the king commanded in person.

  30. In that year General Connor of California commanded a large expedition to the Powder River country, and the Pawnee scouts accompanied him and rendered brilliant service.

  31. Tall Bull was a chief who commanded a large village of renegade Sioux and Cheyennes, who had given great trouble by their depredations.

  32. Never before had I so clearly felt a dual existence urging to opposite courses of action, as if the body's instinct commanded an advance, while the mind, assailing the whole proceeding with ridicule, was for giving up the game.

  33. They were commanded to eat it immediately, as they were soon to set forth upon a long journey.

  34. The slave who wielded the spade was then commanded to fill up the excavation around her.

  35. Of the three persons thus appealed to, only Golah's son obeyed their summons; but his attempt to aid the women was immediately frustrated by the Arab, who claimed him as a slave, and who now commanded him to stand aside.

  36. The caravan they had met consisted of between fifteen and twenty men, some horses and camels; and the sheik who commanded it inquired of Golah from whence he came.

  37. After the tents had been pitched, and food was about being served out, Golah commanded the mother of the boy carried by Colin to produce the bag of figs that had been intrusted to her keeping.

  38. Nevertheless, he seemed a little disposed to yield to circumstances; for, soon after the decision of his captors was made known to him, he called to Fatima, and commanded her to bring him a bowl of water.

  39. The merchants in vain commanded and entreated that the Christian dogs should move on.

  40. No delay on passing the sentinels, and in five minutes more the weary slaves dismounted from their nearly exhausted steeds, and were commanded by Rais Mourad to thank God that they had arrived safe in the Empire of Morocco.

  41. The slaves, on being allowed some breakfast, were commanded to eat it in all haste, and then assist in preparing the animals for the road.

  42. One of the Arabs perceiving their intention, ran up, and, in an angry tone, commanded them to retire to their tents.

  43. Having performed the pilgrimage to the Prophet's Tomb, he commanded the respect and hospitality of all good Mussulmans whithersoever he wandered.

  44. To their chagrin, however, instead of all three, only one of them was led off; the other two being commanded by gestures to keep their ground.

  45. During the whole forenoon I busied myself with the construction of garments for the new arrival in this vale of woe, and at the same time was on the alert for the commanded appearance of Ernest Breslaw.

  46. I selected the middle room, as it gave promise of being companionable with those on either hand occupied, and its window commanded an attractive view.

  47. At that point Brussilov's center withstood for several days the Austrian second army which was commanded by the German General von Linsengen.

  48. They then occupied the summit of Karahodjali, which commanded the whole section of the valley.

  49. From that time on a blockade was maintained, and on the 13th of December a submarine, commanded by Lieutenant Holbrook, entered the straits and torpedoed the Turkish warship Messoudieh, which was guarding the mine fields.

  50. Then the king sent again to them, and commanded them that they should come with twelve men to the king's council.

  51. Then the king commanded the Archbishop Theodorus, that he should appoint a general Wittenmoot at the place called Hatfield.

  52. Then sent the king again to them, and commanded them to come with twelve men to the king's council.

  53. This year King Everth commanded Cuthbert to be consecrated a bishop; and Archbishop Theodore, on the first day of Easter, consecrated him at York Bishop of Hexham; for Trumbert had been deprived of that see.

  54. And the king commanded that the Earl Robert should be led to Windsor, and there held in the castle.

  55. Then commanded the king his men to go out against them with nine of the new ships, and prevent their escape by the mouth of the river to the outer sea.

  56. They entertained another idea also, which led even to worse practices than this, namely, that death was a sort of recruiting that was commanded by the laws of the universe for the sustenance of the army of existences.

  57. One day in anger, Vitellius commanded all the astrologers to leave Italy by a certain day.

  58. On these terms he agreed to enjoy her, alleging that he had been commanded to do so by her husband.

  59. Indeed, in honor of his success he both commanded sacrifices to be voted and performed them, besides constructing a temple of Mars Ultor on the Capitol, in imitation of Jupiter Feretrius, for the offering up of the standards.

  60. He further commanded that the most notorious of those who had steadily acted as accusers should be put to death on one day.

  61. Those that celebrated triumphs he commanded to erect out of the spoils some public work to commemorate their deeds.

  62. Come round and let me in," commanded the stranger.

  63. A serious delay occurred when the XIIth Corps of the Second Army, which was stationed on the right, was commanded to form the left wing, by the crossing of the two on the march.

  64. The King commanded me to call upon him in the course of the winter, and I did so.

  65. It might have been said that he haunted rather than commanded the Emma.

  66. With his eyes on her face and having been told that in her eyes he appeared worthy of being both commanded and entreated, he felt an instant of complete content, a moment of, as it were, perfect emotional repose.

  67. It paid for a fast prau which, commanded by Jaffir, sailed into unfrequented bays and up unexplored rivers, carrying secret messages, important news, generous bribes.

  68. The measured footsteps of two men pacing athwart the quarter-deck of the dead ship Emma commanded by the derelict shade of Jorgenson could be heard outside.

  69. Now, June," he commanded briskly, "place her in a comfortable position on the work table while I get ready.

  70. Let her fix you up too, boy, unless you want to become a graven image," commanded Manthis.

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