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  1. The following note from General Conway tends to prove, that although Burr was only a lieutenant-colonel in 1777, yet that he was actually received and treated as the commandant of his regiment, from which he was never absent.

  2. He began to get in touch with both factions and to feel out the politics of the situation, finally appointing Poletika to the post of Commandant of Uliassutai and sending to Baron Ungern a full report of the events in the town.

  3. In one of these cases his Commandant arrested two Cossacks and a Mongol soldier who had stolen brandy from one of the Chinese shops and brought them before him.

  4. Although he was already quite a distance in front of us, the Cossacks whispered: "Colonel Sepailoff, Commandant of Urga City.

  5. Your weapons I shall hand to the Commandant of Uliassutai.

  6. Go to the Commandant and tell him that I have ordered you to be enlisted in my troops!

  7. Commandant and ordered him to hang the Mongol beside the other two.

  8. The Chief of Staff helped me out and at last the Baron directed him to telephone the Commandant to release these gentlemen.

  9. President Steyn's lager had in the meanwhile become 250 men strong, under Commandant Lategan, and was then at Krokodil River.

  10. Commandant Boshoff had been ordered to take the prisoners to Machadodorp.

  11. Our Commandant was still always in doubt whether to proceed to Pietersburg, for we were quite ignorant of the enemy's movements during the last few weeks.

  12. Our Commandant with his men accompanied President Steyn to Machadodorp to President Kruger.

  13. The commando of Commandant Boshoff consisted of nine burghers with an ambulance waggon--that was used for the commissariat and for our bedding--a French doctor, two Kaffirs and two tents.

  14. For a long way we followed the same road that we had taken with Commandant Boshoff to Rustenburg.

  15. Commandant Boshoff, however, was immediately sent to Olifantsnek, as the enemy had left Rustenburg and the pass was clear.

  16. But the Commandant always answered that he could not tell.

  17. The Commandant or Veld-Kornet at the head, followed by the corporal with his ten or fifteen men riding abreast, was followed by the next corporal riding abreast with his men, etc.

  18. There we joined Commandant Kemp, of the Krugersdorp commando, under Wyk III.

  19. I also doubted their tale that their trolley stood behind a kopje, and not at Zoutpan, and I warned the Commandant against them.

  20. I distinctly remember how, after we had received the order from Commandant Kemp, we waited until after dark before pulling up the poles, and how grieved we were at the necessity for doing it.

  21. I came across an old acquaintance of mine in the lager--Phister, who had served under Commandant Boshoff.

  22. The commandant may have already made contact with their rulers, Dfar-Lll suggested, springing forward to illuminate the way.

  23. Had they reported the lieutenant's demise immediately, it was possible the commandant might have been brought to believe it was an accident.

  24. As soon as we have disposed of the commandant and his officers, I can put our ship out of commission.

  25. The major-general commandant and a group of officers from headquarters took up posts on the turf of the parkway beside the curb.

  26. This year, 1832, was marked by the murder of Captain Barker, already mentioned as in turn Commandant of Fort Wellington and King George's Sound.

  27. The next morning, provided with permits which the German Military Commandant had very courteously given us, we set out on our tour.

  28. That same evening, the commandant came in raging.

  29. It is even more elaborate than the wonderful Peterhead sanatorium at home, and the commandant is the nicest old gentleman.

  30. I described the place and commandant something in the following manner: This is a most beautiful place.

  31. Soon afterward, Colonel Sir Joseph Farrer, Commandant of the hospital, came along to see the Gretna lads.

  32. Then I got my clothes, and the commandant came in and informed me that he got orders to supply six worthless English prisoners from the camp for exchange.

  33. The Commandant clings to the childlike belief that we manage these things better in England.

  34. In wartime, one may interfere with Jupiter and be forgiven, but my Commandant had gone too far.

  35. But Charles was not so intimately acquainted with the character of Commandant Boris as you, reader, and I; and all his efforts to bring the brave bear-hunter and his men to submission were unavailing.

  36. Then the hunter sat down to think matters out, and the result of his cogitations was, first, a visit to the commandant of the fort, to whom he gave his instructions.

  37. I go down to the War Office and see Commandant Chabeau.

  38. Then up galloped Stella and Miss Croffut, accompanied by the commandant of the post, Lieutenant Barrows, and two other officers, a captain and a major.

  39. See here, young man," said the colonel, turning suddenly upon Ted in a manner that in another person would indicate that the commandant was very angry.

  40. He was as tired as a dog, but he supposed the commandant wanted to talk to him about the cattle, and he would have to go.

  41. Hike for the post and tell the commandant anything you like to explain the absence of Barrows.

  42. I shall inform the commandant of the post, Colonel Croffut, that you are late and that you refuse to obey orders.

  43. She tripped into the hall, and called to her father, and then entered a room, and was followed by the commandant himself.

  44. The salt of the sea was in his veins and he actually secured an approving phrase from the boatswain on one occasion--a compliment harder to get than from the Commandant of the Academy himself.

  45. About a week later, the commandant called him into his office.

  46. Every man in the service, from the most recently enlisted man to the Captain Commandant would have stepped forward.

  47. It was under the command of Lieutenant Jarvis, with Lieutenant Bertholf (now the Captain Commandant of the Coast Guard) as the second in command.

  48. I wrote to the Captain Commandant about it and he sent me the dandiest letter!

  49. It is a matter of record, sir," the commandant answered a trifle sternly, "that you have done your duty.

  50. The commandant desires him to leave the room, but he refuses, and has to be ejected by the united efforts of two orderlies.

  51. I was amazed, speechless, hardly daring to break the spell, when a third figure stood out from the dark entrance, in whom I recognised the commandant of Piste.

  52. I find, for instance, among my War Office Notes, a short address given in the ordinary course of duty by an unnamed commandant to his officer-cadets.

  53. Grant, commandant of the post at Cairo, Ill.

  54. The next motion was, that General Beker should be appointed commandant of the guard ordered to protect the Legislature.

  55. I have written to the inspector-general of the gendarmerie, and to the commandant of Paris, to place such of the gendarmerie and troops as you may require at your disposal.

  56. It is true that the commandant of that battalion, an officer whose sword was as yet unstained with any blood save that of his own men, was accustomed to call out when he saw a soldier straggling from fatigue--'pegale un tiro!

  57. The commandant there will report that a large force is in the neighbourhood of that town; and that, without leaving the place entirely undefended, he has not strength enough to sally out against them.

  58. In vain the commandant endeavoured to still the tumult, and to assure those around him that the defence might yet be continued, for a short time; and better terms be obtained than if they were, at once, to surrender.

  59. The commandant sent off one or two, every day; and I suppose they, like those you sent, were all stopped.

  60. So calling an orderly, the Commandant told him to conduct us to the bath.

  61. Arrived at our quarters in Nejf, we packed up our belongings, and were off again in half an hour, the Commandant seeing us for about a mile on our road, and then bidding us a friendly farewell.

  62. Our toilet completed, we returned, with the patient orderly who had been waiting for us, to our quarters, where we found the Commandant and several other officers ready to accompany us to the Governor's audience.

  63. While we were talking, the door was suddenly thrown open, and the Commandant himself was ushered in.

  64. The authorities, apparently, had a sort of suspicion that we had not played a square game with Ali Khan, and the Commandant was to investigate the matter.

  65. Next morning, our friend the Commandant was to pay a state visit to the Governor of Adiba, who was in camp on the other side of the water, and we were to go with him.

  66. We were to start early in the morning, and the Commandant himself would accompany us.

  67. Ali Khan received the Commandant in front of his tent, and, after the customary compliments had been paid, the latter requested us to come forward and be introduced.

  68. In the eyes of Ali Khan and his people, we were, the Commandant affirmed, the greatest heroes that Arabia had yet known, and if ever we revisited Adiba, our welcome would be magnificent.

  69. The Commandant looked us up and down with apparent satisfaction, and then we all marched off.

  70. There were bits of the fort left, but the Commandant had moved his headquarters to the school-house within the precincts of the mosque--sagacious soul.

  71. The half-trained Somali camelry suffered severely and were most unsteady, but the two white officers surviving managed to extricate the remnant with difficulty, the gallant commandant having died for his trust early in the fight.

  72. As yet, they had not touched one of the enemy, and the young commandant was chagrined, anxious and annoyed.

  73. I will go, but as the commandant and not as a supplicant--or lover.

  74. The Commandant also was passionately fond of carpenter's work, so we worked away together at our lathes as if for a wager.

  75. The Commandant had not the capacity for the problem before him, which included the defence of such an important fortress.

  76. I, however, through the kind offices of a courier sent from the seat of war to the Commandant of Buda, also received a private letter from the field of battle.

  77. The cryptograms which reached the Commandant of the fortress were entrusted to Rengetegi, that he might unpod them with a secret key.

  78. The difficulty of getting into the fortress is also very much increased by the fact that the appointment of Richard Guyon as the new Commandant has already become generally known.

  79. It was necessary to inform the Hungarian Government at Debreczin of the dangerous state of things at Comorn, and to beg for a new Commandant who should be a distinguished officer.

  80. The Commandant immediately proclaimed that Captain Tihamer Rengetegi had been promoted to the rank of Major by the Hungarian War Minister for extraordinary services.

  81. The Commandant of the place, with whom I lived, used to come every day to tell and be told anecdotes, and then took me out for country walks.

  82. Moraga continued as commandant of the presidio until his death in 1785.

  83. He still negotiated for the restoration of his sequestrated vessels; he had recourse to Antonio Galloni, commandant of Balagna, whose brother he had formerly loaded with kindnesses.

  84. The commandant shut it up within the fortress, and declared the town in a state of siege.

  85. Each pieve, again, formed a camp, under a commandant named by the General.

  86. The French sent a flag of truce to the tower, with the information that the entire Cape had surrendered, and summoning the commandant to do the same with all his garrison, and save needless bloodshed.

  87. The French commandant had issued an order that no one should dare to remove any of the bodies from the scaffold for interment, under pain of death.

  88. The Milanese commandant forthwith inflicted punishment on the guilty parties.

  89. This fortress fell after a severe bombardment; and the commandant of Bastia, General Antonio Gentili, capitulated.

  90. They made a traitor of him, inducing him to carry forged letters into the city, which advised the commandant to give up all hope of being relieved.

  91. So too through the Commandant of the Shorncliffe Camp, a right good Canadian he.

  92. I think," replied the Commandant slowly with a wink in his left eye, "you might get the rope.

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