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hunnerd; hunny; hunt; hunte; hunted; hunters; hunteth; huntin; hunting; huntings
  1. The draw as usual was topheavy, all the strength in the upper half with Frank Hunter and B.

  2. Norton took two sets and led 5-3 in the third only to have Hunter follow in Alonzo's footsteps and pull out the set and win the next.

  3. In the region beyond the Alleghanies the free hunter and the single trapper flourished; in the great north-west the fur companies.

  4. I have broadened my hand to the cinch and the axe, I have laid my flesh to the rain; I was hunter and trailer and guide; I have touched the most primitive wildness again.

  5. Thence I was forwarded with a train-load of wounded to Lynchburg, on which General Hunter was then marching, and we had good reason to hope for a speedy deliverance.

  6. Chickens seem to be kept like game in parks, for I never see any, but the hunter shoots them, and eggs are plentiful.

  7. Even in the most remote parts, which may be reckoned the headquarters of the elephant, it is only occasionally, and with inconceivable toil and hardship, that the eye of the hunter is cheered by the sight of one.

  8. His gigantic height and colossal bulk, so greatly surpassing all other quadrupeds, combined with his sagacious disposition and peculiar habits, impart to him an interest in the eyes of the hunter which no other animal can call forth.

  9. This constitutes one of the greatest difficulties which a skilful elephant-hunter encounters.

  10. It is surprising how soon these sagacious animals are aware of the presence of a hunter in their domains.

  11. Hunter was cleaned out in Africa on account of Anson's manipulation of a diamond mine.

  12. You look as sick as a man who has just been sentenced to be hanged, and my old pal Hunter seems to have suddenly gone mad.

  13. The young hunter shrugged his shoulders, deprecatingly, smiled a slow smile of understanding at Kirstie, and strode to the door.

  14. As for Young Dave, he had let the clearing and all its affairs drop from his mind, and, betaking himself to a wild region to the north of the Quah-Davic, was fast making his name as a hunter and trapper.

  15. There was no other bear in all the forests so shrewd as Kroof; and she knew that for the hunter armed all her tremendous strength and fury were no match.

  16. Had he been hunter or trapper, Dave Titus would have carried a gun.

  17. She thought to herself that he, hunter and blood-stained as he was, showed yet a readier and more reasonable tenderness for the furry kindred than she herself.

  18. The young hunter looked serious, but not surprised.

  19. The presence of the hunter filled them with instinctive fear; and in their chief defence, their moveless self-effacement, they had no more any confidence while within reach of Miranda's eyes.

  20. My insatiable hunter soon put an end to the scene; he fired at the bird, who fell dead, and his crowd of admirers, with piercing cries, took to flight.

  21. It was the liane rouge, which, in America, furnishes the hunter such a precious resource against thirst.

  22. Then the hunter answered gravely: "From distraction free, and strife, You could ponder very bravely On the Vanity of Life.

  23. When the adversaries found themselves side by side and alone, Bergenheim's countenance changed suddenly; the smiling look he had assumed, in order to convince the old hunter of his cheerful disposition, gave place to deep gravity.

  24. Finally, I have the reputation of having a certain-knowledge of heraldry, which I owe to my uncle, a confirmed hunter after genealogical claims.

  25. Monsieur de Camier," replied the hunter whose skill had been questioned, "I do not pretend to have your skill.

  26. What difference does one boar more or less make to an old hunter like you?

  27. For a few seconds the young hunter sat on the floor of the cave in silence, with his hands clasped round his knees, and his eyes cast down as if in meditation.

  28. The hunter had just become thoroughly alive to this danger when, with a tremendous struggle, the bear burst two of the meshes in rear, and his hind-quarters were free.

  29. Now it is scarcely needful to say that a strong man leading the life of a hunter in the Rocky Mountains is an athlete.

  30. True to his promise to try his best, the dauntless little hunter had proceeded alone, as before, to a part of the mountain region where he knew from past experience that grizzlies were to be easily found.

  31. The hunter at once made preparation for his enterprise.

  32. The utmost the hunter had hoped for was to noose the creature round the neck.

  33. Then it was that Eaglenose, in his wild ambition to become the best hunter of the tribe, as well as the best warrior, singled out an old bull, and gave chase to him.

  34. Proceeding a day's journey into the mountains, our adventurous hunter discovered the track of a bear, which must, he thought be an uncommonly large one.

  35. Then, turning to the young hunter at his side, he said softly-- "The works of the Lord are great.

  36. Both you and Whitewing will be scalped if you do," said the young hunter almost sternly.

  37. Sarved him right," cried several of the men, emphatically, as the hunter concluded his anecdote.

  38. A hunter with an empty shooting-iron is an easy mark for every prowling redskin.

  39. A big cat of the wilderness; and, as Colonel Boone said, the thing most to be feared in all the forest, for it jumps on the hunter from behind.

  40. The very first thing he discovered was the positive impression made by one of his brother's new moccasins, given to him by Colonel Boone before the great hunter had said good-bye.

  41. Before leaving the pioneers the mighty hunter gave them much good advice.

  42. The farther south one goes, the smaller the deer becomes; so that it is not uncommon for a successful hunter among the palmetto-bordered shores of the Mexican Gulf to carry his quarry home on his back, with little effort.

  43. Proctor, however, was mounted on a tall fox-hunter which ran away with him.

  44. Hunter was soon afterwards removed, and Major-General Halleck took his place.

  45. Kateri is poorer than the rest in this respect, for she has no hunter to provide these things for her.

  46. It will be easy to find a brave young hunter for her, who will be glad to live in the lodge of the leading chief at Caughnawaga.

  47. The hunter came in late, worn out by a long chase after a Canadian elk, and dropped to sleep in the first place he could find, as he crept in among the prostrate, sleeping Indians.

  48. Just as the chief approached, the hunter took aim as if at a bird and fired his gun.

  49. There, breathless and trembling, she hid herself away, with a prayer to Rawenniio to save her from the young hunter whom she did not want, and also from the angry eyes of her relatives, which like burning irons pierced her heart.

  50. He was an excellent hunter and a good warrior.

  51. Each canoe was furnished with one of these newly improvised spears, while each boy and hunter had his gun and axe.

  52. He was too wise a hunter to waste a bullet on a single wolf, if with it there was a possibility of killing two; and so, as the two leaders who had been a little in advance of the pack had fallen, he fired at two who were running side by side.

  53. This latter sight seemed to be what the old hunter was looking for, and so the canoe was quickly paddled ashore and carried up on the beach.

  54. There was one old Indian whom we will call Apetak, who was, by all odds, the most skillful hunter father had.

  55. A first-class knife is an indispensable requisite for a hunter in the North-west.

  56. The old captain took Alec with him, while another almost equally experienced hunter accompanied Frank.

  57. His great success as a hunter thus made him very much of a favourite with my father.

  58. As they sat silent in the growing night, the door opened and the Scarlet Hunter stood before them.

  59. They had all now recovered from the disturbing sentiments of the first portion of the journey; life was at full tide; the spirit of the hunter was on them.

  60. But one day Shon McGann, muttering aves as he rode, gained on the cattle, until once again the Scarlet Hunter came forth from a cleft of the mountains, and drove the herd forward with swifter feet.

  61. Yet though these things were full of awe, the spirit of the place held them there, and the fever of the hunter descended on them hotly.

  62. On the slope of the mountain stood the Scarlet Hunter with drawn bow.

  63. But they point out the spot still, as a proof of the space that a perfect hunter can cover, with the aid of high courage and strong hind-quarters, if he is ridden straight and fairly.

  64. Sir: On my return from Fort Hunter yesterday, I received your letter by express acquainting me that the elder Mr. McDonald had desired to have all the clan of his name in the County of Tryon, removed and subsisted.

  65. Herbert Hunter had smuggled a note to her that he was coming to New York to have his tonsils out and he wanted to see her before he went to the hospital.

  66. A telephone call to the Hunters' house brought the reply that Mr. Hunter and the servants were out looking, now.

  67. She was preparing the episode of John Smith and Pocahontas, to be played by Herbert Hunter and herself as principals, when it occurred to her that the scene ought to be played, by night, in the woods.

  68. Once when she saw Margie Hunter on the road, and waved to her, Margie looked the other way and did not wave back.

  69. The big boys followed her about all day, to the exclusion of the other Amazons, who took refuge in chanting derogatory remarks, such as: "Herbie Hunter is stuck on Isabelle!

  70. Herbert Hunter urged her acceptance as a sub, saying that they could throw her out when the regular fellow came.

  71. As for the girls, there were some old acquaintances among them--Margie Hunter for one.

  72. From the moment Herbert Hunter came to her rescue in the affair of Tommy Page, he was exalted to the highest pedestal in her temple of worship.

  73. Isabelle manages to push fat Margie into the wings while she stays on, bowing, to announce: "Margie Hunter is Dr.

  74. Occasionally when women settlers were absolutely necessary, Margie Hunter and the other girls were allowed to come along, but for the most part they were ruthlessly shut out.

  75. Hunter was, he replied that, "with barber surgeons he had gone to pot.

  76. Scipio and Hunter were in full consultation, sitting side by side on the desk.

  77. We know a hard-drinking old fox-hunter who abused Dr.

  78. Hunter experimented on the uses of the air sacs, I know, but I have not his work at hand.

  79. Governor Hunter authorised the opening of a theatre at Sydney.

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