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Example sentences for "gunman"

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  1. Rumor had it that Jack Blome, the gunman of those parts, was coming in to meet Steele.

  2. But I never before saw a gunman on the job, so to say.

  3. He was known to be a gunman and a risky man to mix with.

  4. The gunman agreed without enthusiasm that they had "got things fixed up in very fine shape," and departed.

  5. The gunman let go of the gun and Malone, spurning it, let it drop.

  6. The cabbie scooped up the weapon by his side, flipped out the cylinder expertly to check the cartridges, flipped it back in and centered the muzzle on the gunman who'd dropped the revolver.

  7. Magnum now pointed at gunman number two, and the cabbie was aiming at gunman number one.

  8. The second gunman thrust his gun into the cab.

  9. A gunman he was, from Texas, and--well, they carried the gambler out.

  10. There ain't a gunman in this section that would take a chance on Nyland--he's lightning!

  11. Of the former was Doc Holliday, a tubercular gunman with the irascible disposition which some invalids own, who had drifted hither from Colorado.

  12. Purdy's a gunman all right, but he'll never git Tex.

  13. And so were Dundee and the district attorney, for it suited their purposes admirably for the public to be convinced at this time that an intruding gunman had murdered Nita Selim.

  14. His next concern was to make the murder jibe completely with Captain Strawn's theory of a gunman who had trailed his quarry to the Miles home and shot him through the window.

  15. Of course I might have known that Captain Strawn's theory about a gunman was just dust in our eyes, and that only a miracle could keep you from fastening on poor Ralph, since he and the gun are both missing.

  16. Therefore I can't see why she didn't scream, or turn around when she heard your gunman clambering up to her window, or even when he had crouched in it.

  17. I am unable to give you all the details; but this man Beaton, whom you met on the train, is a notorious gunman and gambler.

  18. The gunman sank into shapelessness on the floor as the chair hurtled through the air straight at Enright's head.

  19. A New York gunman is so much worse than these amateurs out here there ain't no comparison.

  20. The gunman started from the room in a rush.

  21. Shore there never was a gunman who'd risk cripplin' his right hand by sluggin' anybody.

  22. Black drops of blood on the stones and an irregular trail of footprints proved to Jean that the gunman was hard hit.

  23. The little gunman seemed to have about his inert presence something that suggested a rattlesnake's inherent knowledge of its destructiveness.

  24. Even Blue, like the gunman he was, had paused to watch Jorth in his last mortal action.

  25. Murphy and Shiv went limp, and as they fell, Black Hood snatched a half-drawn automatic from the shoulder holster of gunman Murphy.

  26. The legs of the gunman bowed beneath the weight of his toadlike body.

  27. His matter-of-fact attitude, rather than his words, was what gave the gunman pause.

  28. The gunman asked, "Are you nuts, fiddlefoot?

  29. The cold eyes of the gunman bored into those of the other man.

  30. Not after he has just been wounded by another gunman he cleaned up with his bare hands.

  31. The gunman tottered and fell over Russell, who lost no time in pinning his hands to the ground while Hart deftly removed the revolver from his pocket.

  32. The hidden gunman seemed to be withholding his fire.

  33. It made me hot to be set down for a gunman by her.

  34. But for a gunman a narrow squeak is as good as a wide one, and no one found fault with the situation.

  35. He answered impassively: "Did these men who call me a gunman ever tell you why I'm one?

  36. The next time you hear me called a gunman you can tell them.

  37. The gunman disappeared, the Hun had gone, the car emptied itself on a platform from which it was at once refilled.

  38. Early on the following afternoon, while returning from there, he sat wedged between a gunman and a Hun.

  39. Anyway, you gave me a chance no real gunman would have given.

  40. There was a moment's desperate pause as they fell, and it was that pause which robbed the gunman of his chance of accomplishing the murder he had designed.

  41. You forgot to examine the bath," the gunman said.

  42. The gunman started to swear loudly, caught himself and said in a mock pleasant voice, "Good morning.

  43. Did you ever hear of a gunman named Lassiter?

  44. Venters and a gunman named Lassiter became involved in her quarrel.

  45. Knell had a record, but as gunman with an incredible list of victims Poggin was supreme.

  46. It got out that he was a gunman lightning swift on the draw.

  47. Had not the papers said that Peter Annersley was a hired gunman of The Spider's?

  48. Yet with that peculiar intuition of the gunman and killer he knew that he was marked.

  49. Garrick was evidently figuring on having driven our gunman back into the haunts of the underworld.

  50. If there is a gunman back of it all, he is no ordinary fellow, but a scientific gunman, far ahead of anything of which you dream.

  51. The anesthetic bullet provides the poor marksman with all the advantages of the expert gunman of unerring aim.

  52. At least I know that our gunman friend, the Chief, is going to call up to-night," I reported to Garrick on his return.

  53. Here it seemed that all the new and deadly weapons of the scientific gunman had been made.

  54. If he hadn't gone and said that our gunman had beat it along the wall and into that orchard we wouldn't have been in such a rush to beat it after him.

  55. Jimmy recounted to Voissard the attack made on them by the hidden gunman on the evening of their return from Paris to the training camp.

  56. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "gunman" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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