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  1. When, in fact, for a given distance we load a gun with the heaviest charge that it will stand, the trajectory, AMB (Fig.

  2. The length of a gun depends upon the maximum charge burned in it, since the combustion must be complete when the projectile reaches the open air.

  3. The first of these consists in placing each gun under a masonry vault, which is covered with earth on all sides except the one that contains the embrasure, this side being covered with armor plate.

  4. The projectiles are hoisted to the breech of the gun by a crane.

  5. Armor plate composed of this latter has been submitted to several tests, which appear to show that a thickness of 18 inches will serve as a sufficient barrier to the shots of any gun that an enemy can conveniently bring into the field.

  6. Vertical partitions under the cheeks of the gun carriages serve as cross braces, and are connected with each other upon the table of the hydraulic pivot around which the entire affair revolves.

  7. The gun is placed under a vault whose generatrices are at right angles to the line of fire (Fig.

  8. Specifically, how was I going to retrieve my HERF gun from my back pants-pocket, when I couldn't even bend my elbows?

  9. The gun was a one-shot, something I'd confiscated from a mischievous guest a decade before, when they'd had a brief vogue.

  10. That's why the HERF gun hadn't done anything; that's why they'd been so casual about working with the shielding off their computers.

  11. Mix well together and place one ounce in gelatin capsule and give with capsule gun every hour.

  12. Place powder in gelatin capsule and give with capsule gun every four hours.

  13. Place two tablespoonfuls in gelatin capsule and give with capsule gun every six hours.

  14. Make into six powders; place one powder in gelatin capsule and give with capsule gun every two hours until relieved.

  15. Blanket if the weather is chilly, hand rub the legs and bandage, give Quinine, two drams, in a gelatin capsule with capsule gun every four hours.

  16. To stop the straining and labor pains, give Tincture Opii one ounce, placing in gelatin capsule and give with capsule gun every two hours.

  17. I'll go without a gun if you won't give me yours.

  18. Now I'll just borrow a gun from one of you fellows and we'll be getting along.

  19. At last, as we were winding down the trail beneath the pines, we came suddenly upon an Indian with a gun in the hollow of his arm.

  20. Burton began snapping the lever of the gun impatiently and whispering something about not being able to put the cartridge in.

  21. I handed him the gun (into which I had shoved two steel-jacketed bullets, the kind that will kill a grizzly bear), and took the old horse by the halter.

  22. He was beginning to develop the Omegan look: a narrow, suspicious squint, a hand always near gun butt, feet ready to sprint.

  23. Then he saw, sitting in a front row seat, the girl who had lent him her gun on his first day in Tetrahyde.

  24. This anarchy would mean the end of Omegan society; and particularly, it would mean the end of those senior citizens of the ruling class who had grown high in status, but whose skill with a gun had long passed its peak.

  25. A single gun blast scorched the ground under his heels; then he had reached the doorway and flung himself inside.

  26. Before he could take aim at the other men, Barrent's gun was wrenched violently from his hand.

  27. Barrent flung himself back, bringing his plastic gun to bear on the enormous figure.

  28. The Quorra then sent a signal rocket into the town, and continued firing her long gun at intervals for an hour and a half.

  29. His gun being loaded, Richard Lander levelled it at them, and had nearly discharged it at their leader, which intimidated them all so much, that they retreated again into the heart of the forest.

  30. The Arab is always armed in his journey, with his long gun and pistols, but there is something more imposing in the spear, dagger, and broad straight sword.

  31. King Boy was to give Obie five pieces of cloth and one gun as part payment; the remainder was to be paid on his return, after having delivered them up to the brig.

  32. The necessity of using water-cooling added considerably to the weight of the gun and made it occupy in the service an intermediate place between the shoulder rifle and the big gun.

  33. A gun would kick just as hard and the lawn sprinkler or Hero’s engine would operate just as well and as fast in a perfect vacuum.

  34. The operating mechanism of this gun is entirely different from anything produced heretofore and depends upon a discovery made by Commander Blish of the United States Navy.

  35. A telescope is secured to the barrel of the gun and a man known as a “pointer” tries to keep the cross-hairs of a telescope on the target by constantly elevating or depressing the gun.

  36. A bullet is forced out of a gun by the sudden expansion of gases behind it, but after it leaves the muzzle and the influence of the gases, why does it keep on traveling?

  37. The same bullet fired from a smooth bore gun would begin to tumble and would encounter so much air resistance that it would fall short in the space of a few hundred feet, besides which it would wander far off its course.

  38. The reason for this is that the explosives used are so powerful that they would expand the inner tube or lining of the gun beyond its elastic limit and in that way enlarge the bore.

  39. All these operations occupied but an instant of time and the gun kept on firing as long as the belt of cartridges held out.

  40. The shell left the muzzle of the gun with the velocity of about 5,000 feet per second and arrived in Paris about three minutes later with a velocity of about half that amount.

  41. When a rifle is fired the suddenly expanding gases push back against the breech of the gun with just as much pressure as they do against the bullet and this shows itself in the recoil or “kick” of the gun.

  42. Lewis designed a gun operated by gas pressure somewhat on the principle of the Colt gun and around the barrel he fitted sixteen deep flanges or fins of aluminum that ran lengthwise of the gun.

  43. It represented a marked step toward a shoulder machine gun which would increase enormously the efficiency of infantry equipped with this weapon.

  44. It was proposed that the moor should be shot in three parties of one gun each.

  45. According to the fashion of the times I was shooting with a gun of 7-1/4lb.

  46. At times the hares come up in considerable numbers, and the single gun (no loader) gets hot; but if a hare escapes the one butt it gets across the fire of another butt, and so very little escapes.

  47. Generally through Scotland moors had not fairly recovered their full complement of birds, and I believe it was acknowledged that 617 brace was the best bag in Scotland made that season to one gun in the first five weeks shooting over dogs.

  48. Big bags cannot be made under the kite; an average of 15 brace per day to a gun is very good.

  49. I let Rumsdale to a gentleman, who shot by himself his own gun only.

  50. I have a gun with which I can shoot the bird off the church steeple,” said Louis.

  51. I wish for a gun that will hit everything I shoot at.

  52. Before long they came to a little boy with a gun on his shoulder.

  53. Back and forth between the powder magazines and the gun he went, the cartridges hidden beneath his jacket so that no spark of fire might touch them.

  54. Now, we don’t know when he may take a gun and come out to shoot us.

  55. The hunter took up his gun and all three went along together.

  56. The frigate at once opened fire, but after four hours' bombardment had failed to silence a single gun in the fort.

  57. One day as Lester was walking through Charlton's estate, gun in hand, looking for wild turkeys, he met her.

  58. He pointed out to the old men that unless they gave the man up, the long gun on the ship would destroy every house and canoe on the island, even if no one were killed.

  59. Column after column of the enemy was streaming toward me; gun after gun poured its concentric shot on us, from every hill and spur that gave a view of any part of the ground held by us.

  60. The movement was rapid and well executed, and we soon came to some large cotton-fields and could see our gunboats in Deer Creek, occasionally firing a heavy eight-inch gun across the cotton field into the swamp behind.

  61. The gun was so well managed as to draw the attention of General Washington to the circumstance, and to call forth an expression of his admiration of her bravery and her fidelity to her country.

  62. While on the way to their boat, the report of a gun was heard, which the soldiers supposed was the signal of a rebel gathering.

  63. One time her brother James, in his absence, sent to the house for a gun which he had left in her care, with orders for her to deliver it to no one except by his direction.

  64. The love of glory next asserted its power; and the gun and tomahawk of the murderer of her infant, and a bag heaped full of scalps were choicely kept as trophies of the heroine.

  65. The privateer waited till the ship was within a mile, then fired a gun to windward, and stood on her way.

  66. That he never rose was doubtless the best fortune that could have befallen him, and likely enough it was the blow of the gun that killed him.

  67. Take this fellow to the gun room, clap him into irons, and set a man to watch him.

  68. For the third day he had come down from his chamber and had taken the great chair by the fire, when there entered a huge-bellied countryman who carried a gun of a kind not familiar to those in the house.

  69. The little round man was still wandering from gun to gun and smiling because the guns pleased him.

  70. Then Harry Malcolm called from the quarter-deck in his quiet, quick voice, "The swivel gun is loaden, Tom.

  71. A gun on the maintop-deck boomed and another followed; but there was confusion and stumbling and all were slow for want of practice together, and there was time lost ere the third gun spoke.

  72. Distant sounds came and went like whispers out of the sky, then somewhere outside the ship a great shouting arose and one of the men at a starboard gun cried gleefully, with a round oath, "Verily they are bent on boarding us, lads!

  73. But as Phil saved himself he saw Martin cowering by a gun and striving to reach the breeching; and as the ship rose, the lad half felt, half saw, some great body washed past him and over the side.

  74. He leaned against the swivel gun on the quarter-deck, and looking down into their faces, smiled disagreeably.

  75. Among the presents for Querlaouen was a handsome gun and a keg of powder for shooting elephants, leopards, gorilla, and all sorts of wild game.

  76. By the side of that gun was a heavy war-axe.

  77. I looked at my gun with ferocious joy; I held it up, and fondled it, and I must have looked fierce, for poor Querlaouen appeared terrified.

  78. I immediately got my gun ready, and moved forward to meet him.

  79. He had been gone but a short time when I heard a gun fired only a little way from us, and then I heard the tremendous roar of the gorilla, which sounded like distant thunder along the sky.

  80. What a face he must have made as he held the barrel of that gun between his tremendous teeth!

  81. The gun recoiled on my shoulder, and hurt me slightly.

  82. Malaouen had his gun by him; Gambo likewise.

  83. The gun of Querlaouen was too quick for her.

  84. Nothing was lost, and my gun was safe; it was not loaded, for which I was thankful.

  85. Though it was getting late, I thought I would go in that direction; so I took out the small shot with which one of the barrels of my gun was loaded, and put in a heavy bullet instead.

  86. They had been included in the drills, but for them there was now neither gun nor powder.

  87. The women imitated the sighting of a gun and pointed to their mouths.

  88. In the morning Quagnant gave him a gun and led the way into the forest.

  89. His feet slipped as the gun recoiled and he slid, making frantic efforts to regain his footing.

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