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  1. Finding myself reduced to the last stages of life, for no one would give me food, I went to a pool of water in a ravine amongst the hills, and for the last fortnight have been living there on water and the gums of trees.

  2. These gums are usually plucked by the women and transported to Aden.

  3. His mouth reached from ear to ear, and was inlaid with huge gums as red as vermilion; and when he laughed it had the appearance of lightning.

  4. Preceding their appearance the gums become swollen, hot, and painful, and the saliva forms in excess and runs from the mouth.

  5. The gums and lips were in a dreadfully cankerous state, and the dog was unable to eat.

  6. This will particularly be the case if the mouth and lips swell, and ulcers begin to appear on them, and the gums ulcerate, and a sanious and highly offensive discharge proceeds from the mouth.

  7. The appearance of the tongue in canine diseases will often materially assist us in forming a correct diagnosis; this organ in simple fever loses its rose-colour and becomes pale and coated, the gums and fæces also participate in this change.

  8. She appeared as if struck by lightning, and remained motionless for several minutes, her gums losing their natural appearance and assuming a bluish hue.

  9. The mouth is clean, the gums are healed, and there is no longer anything offensive about the dog.

  10. Their pressure on the gums facilitates the passage of the new teeth.

  11. The gums had receded from the teeth, and were red, sore, and ulcerated.

  12. We found also much less gum upon them, which is contrary to the established opinion, that the hotter the climate, the more gums exude.

  13. Jagged remnants of teeth should be removed, all suppurative processes of the gums antiseptically treated, and the whole mouth-parts kept in a thoroughly aseptic condition.

  14. There are thirty-three species which inhabit the mouth and gums alone!

  15. In extreme cases of the latter, the mucous membrane of the lips and of the gums will even show a distinctly yellowish hue.

  16. One enthusiastic dentist has discovered and described no less than thirty-three distinct species, each one numbering its billions, which inhabit our gums and teeth.

  17. They were sharp and short, and rapidly uttered, while, at the same time, two rows of most formidable teeth were bared, along with the gums that held them.

  18. The irritation in the gums which makes it thought of at all can be usually allayed by simple means.

  19. In the case of snake bite, first suck the wound thoroughly, watching that the lips and gums of the person who sucks are free from wound or scratch, or use what is called "dry cupping.

  20. Portions of the lips, gums and snout may slough off.

  21. Injuries to the gums and cracks or fissures in the tooth are the common causes.

  22. Filth, sharp teeth and irritation to the gums from the eruption of the teeth are important predisposing factors.

  23. At the level of the gums its two diameters are about the same, but the portion of the tooth imbedded in the jaw bone is flattened from side to side.

  24. Grasses having awns that are capable of wounding the mucous membrane of the mouth and penetrating the gums are most apt to produce the disease.

  25. The mouthpiece must be comfortable and must be built along lines to prevent irritation to the gums or lips, yet it must be reinforced so that in his excitement the soldier can not bite down and shut off his air supply.

  26. In long-continued wear the mouthpiece would irritate the gums and lips of the soldier, and the face-piece band would cause excruciating headaches after a few hours.

  27. Other resins and gums are yielded by the trees, one of which somewhat resembles the "kauri" gum of New Zealand, and occurs in a similar situation beneath the soil; but I was unable to find the tree.

  28. She might be torn down like one of the blue gums under which she had drawn in the fresh air of her girlhood, but she could no more bend than can the tree which must stand erect in the fiercest storm or must go down altogether.

  29. By midnight his gums were sore, and he gave up his exertions entirely.

  30. His claws were gone; his hair was thin, and in some places his skin was naked, and he had barely more than red, hard gums to chew with.

  31. In structure the gums are quite amorphous, being neither organized like starch nor crystallized like sugar.

  32. Gum arabic may be taken as the type of the gums entirely soluble in water.

  33. Take an ounce of Myrrh in fine powder, two spoonfuls of the best white Honey, and a little green Sage in fine powder; mix them well together, and rub the teeth and gums with a little of this Balsam every night and morning.

  34. A Tincture to strengthen the Gums and prevent the Scurvy.

  35. When the gums are relaxed, and want bracing, take a spoonful of this Liquid, and pour it into a glass.

  36. Use the remainder in the same way, rubbing the gums with one of your fingers; and afterwards rince the mouth with warm-water.

  37. Bruise Tobacco Roots in a mortar, and rub the teeth and gums with a linen cloth dipped in the Juice.

  38. A sure Preservative from the Tooth Ache, and Defluxions on the Gums or Teeth.

  39. Frequently shake the bottle till the Gums are wholly dissolved, and then let it stand to settle.

  40. Drop six or seven drops in a glass of very clear Water, and rince the mouth; afterwards rubbing the gums with conserve of Hips acidulated with five or six drops of Spirit of Vitriol.

  41. Ditto, to strengthen the Gums and fasten loose Teeth.

  42. Rule for the Preservation of the Teeth and Gums 29 49.

  43. Bruise Cinquefoil in a marble mortar, squeeze out the juice, warm it over the fire, and rub the Gums with it every night and morning.

  44. A sure Preservative from the Tooth Ache, and Defluxions on the Gums or Teeth ib.

  45. It is probable that the teeth in the Nantucket specimen, though quite large, did not project beyond the gums any considerable distance.

  46. His sham ports fell as if by magic, his gums grinned through the gaps like black teeth; his huge foresail rose and filled, and out he came in chase.

  47. He half arose and stared fixedly at her; he remarked signs of strong agitation in her deathlike face; her toothless gums mumbled, but without any sound; it appeared as though she wished to speak, but had not the power to utter a word.

  48. A lamp burned on the table in Aage's chamber, and an aged, withered crone sat by his bed, muttering constantly to herself with toothless gums and shaking head.

  49. I commenced the anti-scorbutic tyranny at once; and the next morning his gums bled freely, his pains left him, and he took his place again at the ice-saw.

  50. Last week twelve cases of scorbutic gums were noted at my daily inspections.

  51. Eight cases of scorbutic gums were already upon my black-list.

  52. Too soon among the forest gums Premonitory flame she spills, Bleak, melancholy flame that kills.

  53. His worn-out passion, resembling in its impotent fierceness the excitement of a senile sensualist, was badly served by a dried throat and toothless gums which seemed to catch the tip of his tongue.

  54. An inward laugh of derision uncovered not only his teeth but his gums as well, shook him all over, without the slightest sound.

  55. We need only dwell upon the sore need of rest for the suffering crew: ten of those who landed were in the worst stage of scurvy, and many others had the swollen and inflamed gums which precede the attack of this scourge of seamen.

  56. His throat and gums were lacerated and bleeding.

  57. Humboldt ascended the volcano of Antisana to a height of 2773 fathoms, but could go no further, as the cold was so intense that the blood started from the lips, eyes, and gums of the travellers.

  58. If due to irritation caused by teething, the inflamed gums must be lanced.

  59. Quantities of the fungi have been found between the vegetable fibers of barley which had penetrated the gums of cattle and on the awns of grain embedded in the tongues of cows.

  60. Powders or gums are sometimes mixed with an adhesive substance and rolled into balls for the purpose of convenience of administration.

  61. Consider, then, what it must be for me, unable to nourish myself on gums and fruitlets, and that little sweetness made by wasps out of flowers, when I am compelled to go far away and eat secretly to avoid giving offence.

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