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  1. For salmon the line should be drawn gently and with successive movements of the wrist up-stream and across the space which intervenes between the spot where the fly has fallen and that at which the angler stands.

  2. It is the custom of builders to furnish a small saloon with gigantic sideboards, or lockers, as they are called.

  3. Punts in those days only cost from L4 to L5, and we soon had several.

  4. The auxiliary in nine cases out of ten proves a simple farce.

  5. The clever mathematician can find a large field for his energies in the designing line, and the keen sailor a never-wearying delight in developing to the utmost the powers of the boat confided to him.

  6. A flying jib-boom is another spar that extends beyond the jib-boom.

  7. The Server shall stand with one foot beyond (i.

  8. Jib-boom: A spar that extends beyond the bowsprit.

  9. Hence we so often see a slight, frail woman struggling along with a great, heavy unwieldy machine altogether beyond her strength, or on the other hand a heavy woman who is obviously under-mounted.

  10. The table is not carried beyond the sixth game, as in the next and every succeeding six games the odds recur in the same positions.

  11. The lash should always be in a big loop, so that there is not more than six inches to spare beyond the hand.

  12. Jack-yard: A small yard used to extend the foot of a fore-and-aft balloon topsail that extends beyond the end of the gaff.

  13. There is no use to camp in dark valleys when just beyond are the hills and the springs.

  14. Beyond them, a small fire-place with rough stone dogs.

  15. Just beyond that miracle is a great truth, there always is, and these folks never get beyond wondering and doubting about how it happened to be there.

  16. Away beyond was Conception Bay with its hills and the wonderful blue water.

  17. Beyond my desk out of the window I looked now and then down upon the hurrying throng who were making their way across City Hall Park to Brooklyn Bridge.

  18. One night I stopped in at her house and told her I had to go on business over beyond Brigus and would like to have her go with me on the train the next morning.

  19. You have doused me beyond my depth, I guess," was the somewhat puzzled reply of Jim.

  20. He thinks the only use of the Wain is to find the North Star, up beyond there, pointing by the back of the Plough, and go by it when you are lost.

  21. Above and beyond was a sundial cut out in the turf, from his own observations after the hints that the hermit and the friar had given him.

  22. Very young and childish she looked as she lay, her lips partly unclosed, her dark hair straying beyond her hand, and her black lashes resting on her delicate brunette cheeks, slightly flushed with sleep.

  23. On they went, a new and wonderful march to Hal, who had only looked with infant eyes on anything beyond the fells, and had very rarely been into a little moorland church, or seen enough people together for a market day in Penrith.

  24. Tis a duty beyond your reach,' said the Prioress.

  25. But why do some move about among the others--one big one moves from the Bull's face one winter to half-way beyond it.

  26. He waved his hands as if his sufferings had been beyond description.

  27. It was impossible not to like and pity the Prioress, though the life among devout nuns was clearly beyond her powers.

  28. A fleet of terns floated motionless on the water beyond the island.

  29. I was talking to Joseph Anthony Kinsella," he said, "since you were out—him that lives beyond in Inishbawn.

  30. There's cartridges in the drawer of the table beyond in the room.

  31. It's beyond me," said Joseph Antony, "what brings you to Inishbawn at all.

  32. A mile out beyond the stone perch he saw a boat moving slowly towards him.

  33. But the first thing is to set pursuit at defiance by getting beyond the reach of the human voice.

  34. The Tortoise slipped along and was soon beyond the reach of his voice.

  35. There's thunder beyond there coming up, and there'll be a breeze setting towards it from the west before another ten minutes is over our heads.

  36. The young man pulled a few strokes and got his boat into the channel beyond the red perches.

  37. He had no wish to spend any time beyond what was absolutely necessary in Lord Torrington's company.

  38. Beyond her stern, knee deep in the water, with kilted skirts, stood a woman shouting wildly and waving a pocket handkerchief.

  39. Joseph Anthony Kinsella is just after telling me that he's seen that young fellow that has Flanagan's old boat out beyond among the islands.

  40. He was not beyond passing the time of day or the like of that for Joseph Antony had a load of gravel and he couldn't be wasting his time.

  41. Subsequently other forms of worship, such, for example, as Druidism, may have been practised at Stonehenge; but of these it is beyond the question to speak.

  42. Even such simple learning as this was probably beyond the capacity of the tribesman, whose daily duties took him afield early and late.

  43. Another curious fact is, that although the addition of organic acids increases the digestive power of this fluid, there is a limit at which this increase ceases, and beyond it, excess of acid suspends the whole digestive power.

  44. Moderate exercise enlarges the muscles; exercise carried beyond the point of fatigue wastes them.

  45. But too much rosiness may be a symptom of ill-health; and, similarly with plumpness, there is a point beyond which obesity is a mere weariness to the spirit.

  46. If she did not go straight to the dour Duke it was because he was already out of the city and beyond her reach.

  47. Cunning he was beyond doubt, and from the dour look of him one to bear malice.

  48. My heart lilted as I crossed the heath to where the others were waiting for me beyond the dip of the hillock.

  49. There is a bit of firm turf beyond the oaks.

  50. Craven might have read a warning in the studied gentleness of Volney's cold manner, but he was by this time far beyond reck.

  51. Sweet and lovely she was beyond the dream of poet.

  52. Galled beyond endurance by the fire of the enemy, the clans clamoured to be led forward in the charge.

  53. Ridge behind ridge still appeared to rise to the north, beyond the front one under which we were travelling; and several salt lakes were seen among the hills at intervals.

  54. A few miles beyond this we halted for the night, where there was good grass for the horses and plenty of water in the puddles around us.

  55. Prothorax very large, extending back in a rounded form beyond the base of hind wings, the sides sharp pointed, the back very convex and wrinkled.

  56. Hitherto the reduced condition of my horses, the nature of the country, and the season of the year, have effectually prevented my examining the interior beyond a very few miles from the coast.

  57. Beyond these few facts, all was uncertainty and conjecture in this region of magic.

  58. I was vexed and irritated beyond measure, as hour after hour passed away, and our unconscious tormentors still remained.

  59. She understood it all; and as far as her mind could disengage itself from the injustice and selfishness of angry feelings, she acknowledged that Jane Fairfax would have neither elevation nor happiness beyond her desert.

  60. He had not much intercourse with any families beyond that circle; his horror of late hours, and large dinner-parties, made him unfit for any acquaintance but such as would visit him on his own terms.

  61. It is so much beyond any thing I deserve.

  62. Mr. Martin, I suppose, is not a man of information beyond the line of his own business?

  63. He did not advance a word of praise beyond what she knew to be thoroughly deserved by Mrs. Weston; but, undoubtedly he could know very little of the matter.

  64. The delicacy of her mind throughout the whole engagement, my dear madam, is much beyond my power of doing justice to.

  65. A number of them lived to be beyond seventy and not a few beyond eighty and some of them over ninety.

  66. For those who have reached the years beyond middle life, the blessedness of giving rather than receiving, of making sacrifices rather than seeking satisfaction, means the renewal of life's hopes and aspirations.

  67. But true science will never presume to say that it can deal with anything beyond these phenomena.

  68. There are certain times in women's lives particularly when almost any feeling that comes to them is magnified and takes on a significance quite beyond the reality.

  69. St. Anthony, who is often spoken of as the first hermit, lived to be beyond one hundred.

  70. The {304} Popes all down the centuries have lived far beyond the average of humanity, in spite of the burdens of responsibility placed on them, and even the shortening of life by martyrdom of so many of them at the beginning.

  71. This letter had irritated James beyond all expression, yet at the same time he admired it for what it was worth, and hated himself for admiring it.

  72. But even this was denied her; he asked a great many questions and refused to eat till she made him, but gave no sign of suspecting anything beyond what she told him.

  73. I never cared a rap for any of them, beyond the bedtime raptures that girls go through.

  74. Such things were beyond the realm of chance or reason.

  75. Such clearness of sight was beyond James' years, and, but for the real sense of justice that accompanied it might have made him an opportunist.

  76. He led her across the lawn to the tennis court where they had met this afternoon and beyond it, until at last they reached a small boathouse with a dock beside it.

  77. From the dim outside world beyond the open door came occasional sounds of club life; the distant clatter of crockery, the swish of a passing elevator, a voice finding fault with a club servant.

  78. He was proud and pleased beyond all expression about James, and longed to grasp his hand in congratulation.

  79. Perfectly sure--beyond all manner of doubt and question.

  80. Oh, to think how it's come out--beyond all my wildest dreams!

  81. James was not beyond appreciating the justice in what she said.

  82. My plan was laid in an instant, and it worked beyond my most hopeful anticipations.

  83. And yet with all this woe I find myself a multi-millionaire--possessed of sums so far beyond my wildest dreams of fortune that my eye can scarce take in the breadth of all the figures.

  84. Being responsible for their opinions, in one sense, they took care to inform themselves upon subjects which unhappily are too often considered out of the reach and beyond the capacity of the female mind.

  85. Beyond stern Boreas' crystal throne Dost hold thy court with meteors dancing, And phantom gleams mid shadows wan, Like thought from earth to heaven glancing?

  86. His face was wan and haggard, even beyond its wont; and he had a watchful, suspicious look, which was not natural to him.

  87. Some Bostonian girl educated beyond her intellect might induce that very man to spend the rest of his life studying Browning.

  88. Sometimes the lower portion of the face is a little too long, but her brow is beyond competition.

  89. I have said it elsewhere: 'When an Englishwoman is beautiful, she is beyond competition, she is a dream, a perfect angel of beauty.

  90. Another field has lost it again under the plough; it reappears on the hillside beyond in a line of yews.

  91. The Weald westward was quite hidden, and even the height of Hirst Wood above and beyond us eastward was hardly to be seen.

  92. Beyond the river, the Roman villa which was unearthed in 1896 by Mr. Patrick is precisely upon the road that would lead from such a crossing up to the Pilgrim's Way upon the hill.

  93. We had already come across the first working of this kind shortly after we had recovered the Old Road beyond Gomshall, but that and the whole succeeding chain of pits were now disused, grown over with evergreens and damp enormous beeches.

  94. He runs under the lee of Gris Nez, and when he is beyond that point of rock, he gets into the short, sharp tumble of the sea which is raised by such a wind against the tide, for he has started at the ebb.

  95. Here for this very considerable distance it is identical with the great turnpike, and so remains identical up to and beyond its point of junction with the older 'Harrow Way' at Farnham.

  96. There is another, less clear, beyond Titsey, another beyond Chevening, and there are traces of another above Lenham.

  97. At Snodland, and beyond its crossing, they are numerous.

  98. As one goes along this part of one's journey, Wrotham Hill appears like a kind of cape before one, because beyond it the hills turn round northward, and their continuation is hidden.

  99. Theirs is the Land beyond the Door, And theirs the old ideal shore.

  100. We live," replied that Lord with a smile, "A mile beyond the millionth mile.

  101. In thirty days the ship was far Beyond the land of Calcobar, Where men drink Dead Men's Blood for wine, And dye their beards alizarine.

  102. I know a garden in a street Which no one ever knew; I know a rose beyond the Thames, Where flowers are pale and few.

  103. You who would ever strive to pierce beyond Love's ecstacy, Life's vision, is it well We should not know the tales you have to tell?

  104. But sail, O architect of dream, To lands beyond the Ocean stream.

  105. There, beyond the Bay of Gurtle, Lay a large and lively Turtle.

  106. Any conversation about them becomes animated almost beyond the limits of the urbane!

  107. Sitting beyond but not far from the tea-table.

  108. Perhaps the little man had progressed beyond the point of being surprised at anything, or, like, Moliere's hero, was only surprised at finding virtue in unexpected places.

  109. Immediately beyond this they turned towards the narrow cinder path which led through the marshes to Mrs. Jasher's cottage, and toiled on cautiously through the misty rain, which fell continuously.

  110. Beyond a moderately high embankment of turf and timber, the lovers could see the broad river, sweeping eastward to the Nore, with homeward-bound and outward-faring ships afloat on its golden tide.

  111. Oh, I don't think he cares for poor Sidney's death beyond the fact that he misses his services.

  112. The mere sight of that gorgeous color tempts me beyond my strength.

  113. Don Pedro told me nothing beyond the fact that he wanted the mummy, and had come to Europe to get it.

  114. He had fondly believed that Braddock would have been satisfied with the relic of Peruvian humanity; but it seemed that the Professor, having got what he wanted, now clamored for what was at present beyond his reach.

  115. The whole experience of the world has confirmed the fact, beyond the possibility of scepticism, that men cannot discover and establish a perfect rule of human duty.

  116. There are beautiful localities within short distances, desirable in every respect and beyond the claws of the city hall of San Francisco.

  117. Words fail, and it is beyond the ability of my pen, to even attempt to describe, the beauties which nature has bestowed upon the Mount of Tamalpais.

  118. It was directly from Plotinos[481] that Hartmann took his expression "beyond good and evil.

  119. Such actors have something beyond usual actors; they appear on a greater scene; the creator of the universe gives them some of his power, and grants them the freedom to choose between a great number of places.

  120. You were already universal Existence, but you had something besides; by that mere fact you were inferior, because that possession of yours that was beyond universal Existence was derived from nonentity.

  121. For that was beyond all Being, and that was the Dynamis of all things, and already was all things.

  122. Suitability and opportunity, cause of, puts them beyond chance, vi.

  123. Opportunity and suitability, cause of, put them beyond change, vi.

  124. Thus a musician uses his lyre so long as he can; but as soon as it is beyond using, he repairs it, or abandons playing the lyre, because he now can do without it.

  125. The pleasures of love will not even involuntarily be tasted, at least, she will not allow herself to be drawn beyond the flights of fancy that occur in dreams.

  126. If everything stopped there (and if there were nothing beyond the three principles here described), evil would not exist (and there would be nothing but goods).

  127. Unfortunately, it was a land, also, which could not fail, in the flower of its wealth and luxury, to attract the attention of those savage northerners who lived beyond this favored land.

  128. How far can it be carried north beyond its natural, or original, environment?

  129. But beyond Persia one can go only in imagination.

  130. The ripe and mellow noonday of the last month of summer glowed upon the odorous flowers, and the broad sea, that stretched beyond and afar, wore upon its solemn waves a golden and happy smile.

  131. It is so rare to see one that does not aspire beyond the residence of a private gentleman preserve all the relics of the Tudor age.

  132. He was involved far beyond his fortune,--he had died to escape beggary and a jail.

  133. If the rector had conceived any previous suspicion that Maltravers was touched beyond mere admiration for beauty, the suspicion would have vanished as he heard his guest coldly reply,-- "I trust Lord Vargrave may deserve his happiness.

  134. Placed on an eminence, the windows of the mansion command--beyond the gloomy walls that gird the garden ground--one of those enchanting prospects which win for France her title to La Belle.

  135. Extend, too, your scope beyond the State itself: each State has won its acquisitions by the woes of others.

  136. When she was a child I could watch over her; when she was sick, I could nurse her; but now she requires an adviser, a guide; and I feel too sensibly that this task is beyond my powers.

  137. Well," said my host, "that may be true; but is not America beyond Ethiopia?

  138. Why is Kemper College, the first and only institution of the Church beyond the Mississippi, permitted to languish, while the Mormon temple, and the Mormon university, offer their delusive attractions to the rising generation?

  139. Observe that he says, 'it is beyond the rivers of Ethiopia.

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