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  1. Besides the dark heaving waves, the tall light-house, and the beach, there was now nothing to be seen but a row of white sand-hills which blocked the view towards the north.

  2. And I've five children besides poor Lyddy there.

  3. The next day there was nothing in her expression to indicate that there had been another dance at Romney the night before, besides the one at the negro quarters.

  4. But, in the course of his thoughts, he soon perceived that other sources of food were possible to him besides the fish that were caught by hook and line.

  5. If he could find something else besides clams and biscuit, the tedium of his existence here would be alleviated to a still greater degree.

  6. Bruce, and Arthur, and Tom, and Phil, and Pat, besides myself.

  7. Besides this, I have been looking over my bauk-book, and I find I could n't help you just now.

  8. Besides this, when he was in the right, and felt himself so, he took no pains to convince others of the fact.

  9. I saw an old aunt of mine, who, besides being very rich, has retained no small share of the romance of her life.

  10. On land well chosen, carefully planted and thriftily managed, an orchard of prunes or of oranges, of almonds or apricots, should reward its possessor with a comfortable living, besides occasionally a generous profit thrown in.

  11. But is there yet no other way, besides These painful passages, how we may come To death, and mix with our connatural dust?

  12. There were of course a great many I didn't know, as besides all the Court set and political people there were many English, all arriving for Holy Week.

  13. They told us that when it was known that a number of people were coming up to Tusculum (there were two other parties besides us) they had orders to come up, keep us always in sight, and stay as long as we did.

  14. For he had seventy sons, besides daughters (2 Kings x.

  15. This death was inflicted in a manner needlessly cruel, but might have been excused as a death inflicted on the battle-field, though probably Joab had many an old grudge to pay off besides the burning of his barley field.

  16. When he became king in Jerusalem he had four sons by Bathsheba, born after the one that died in his infancy, and at least nine other sons by various wives, besides his daughter Tamar, sister of Absalom.

  17. Besides what that grim wolf with privy paw Daily devours apace, and nothing said.

  18. Consequently the whole proceeding, besides being dangerous, would be utterly futile.

  19. It was as if she divined that his more normal, his more fashionable exterior on this occasion, made him accessible to other women besides herself.

  20. Mrs. Tribe was the only member of the party, besides Leonetta, who was still perfectly affable to him, but even in her eyes, he thought he saw the suggestion of strained good cheer.

  21. To establish this will be our aim, and I hope that others besides myself will assist.

  22. In the Laws murder and homicide besides being crimes, are also pollutions.

  23. Any one who injures another by theft or violence shall pay damages at least equal to the injury; and besides the compensation, a suitable punishment shall be inflicted.

  24. Besides those who go on sacred missions, other persons shall be sent out by permission of the guardians to study the institutions of foreign countries.

  25. What I mean to say is, that besides doctors there are doctors' servants, who are also styled doctors.

  26. If the wounded person is rendered incapable of military service, the injurer, besides the other penalties, shall serve in his stead, or be liable to a suit for refusing to serve.

  27. Is there any one besides my stepfather on his ranch?

  28. Besides the cowboys there were several Indians leaning against the counters or sitting lazily on boxes and barrels.

  29. Besides these there was a skin disease which we called Basra sore--a very indolent ulcer which is not painful, but tends to spread over the legs and arms, leaving a flexible, bluish scar when it eventually heals.

  30. Besides their clothes, they had taken nothing with them but two great wooden chests full of beautiful linen sheets and table-cloths.

  31. Furnivall in 1881, and besides papers read at the meetings, the Society has issued Dr.

  32. You are ready to take your oath to it that Colonel Lyon had no idea he was sitting for his picture, and thought of nothing in the world besides his own occupation of the moment.

  33. It was to them not only the worship of God, nor an act by which they recalled and commemorated better days, but was besides an exercise of culture, where all they knew of art and letters was united and expressed.

  34. She endured, according to Raleigh's computation, "eight hundred shot of great artillery, besides many assaults and entries.

  35. For besides terror for the separation that must follow some time or other in the future, men feel anger, and something like remorse, when they think of that other separation which endured until they met.

  36. But nature herself, in that upper district, seemed to have had an eye to nothing besides mining; and even the natural hillside was all sliding gravel and precarious boulder.

  37. The old gentleman seems to have been unaware that many other things besides reading grow irksome, and not a few become impossible, by the time a man has to use spectacles and cannot walk without a stick.

  38. The Empress Eudocia, on her return to Constantinople from a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, brought with her, besides other relics, the portrait of Christ ascribed to S.

  39. Groups of beggars gather then about the houses of the rich to receive liberal portions of pilaf, and meat stewed with vegetables, besides a present of money or some article of dress.

  40. In honour of the event there was a long series of popular festivities for a period of forty days, besides games in the Hippodrome, free access to the Baths of Zeuxippus, free meals, and liberal gifts of money.

  41. Besides these Moralities, as they were termed, there were, in addition, light pieces of a farcical kind, in the portrayal of which the Mimes were equally as successful as in the other species.

  42. Fox was a very good mimic, imitating all the Hamlets of the day, besides being a good melodramatic actor.

  43. A round seam would wear out sooner by coming into frequent contact with the washboard and iron, besides irritating the skin.

  44. Sidenote: Ramie] Besides the linen, there is a great number of bast fibers fit for textile purposes, some superior, some inferior.

  45. Garments made of this material in the manner described give perfect freedom for all organs, besides evenness of covering for the body and lightness of weight--all important considerations in infants' and children's clothing.

  46. Sidenote: Scouring Wool] As it comes from the sheep, the wool contains many substances besides the wool fiber which must be removed before dyeing or spinning.

  47. The manila hemp is the most prominent, of which coarse cloth is woven, besides the valuable cordage.

  48. The chain stitch, besides being ornamental, makes one of the best darning stitches, reproducing the stitch in knitting.

  49. It is a neat finish, easily and quickly done, takes less time than hemming, besides being less bulky.

  50. He had other sons and daughters besides Fatima, on the number of whom tradition varies.

  51. The king of the Franks, besides his eldest son Charles, had sent Fulrad the abbot and Rothard the duke to conduct the Pope from the monastery of St. Maurice, whom they brought with all his retinue to the king with great honour.

  52. At Rome the Pope sat through all these centuries, the visible representative of all that was good in the Roman empire, of law, justice, order, besides holding in himself the inflexible rule of faith.

  53. Besides its internal dissensions, it was hard pressed by the chalif Solomon, who was making every preparation for the final conquest of the capital.

  54. Wonderful besides the suddenness of the stroke was the inadequacy of the instrument to the effect produced, the blindness of the time before the coming revolution.

  55. The Persians lost, besides the commanding general, his three lieutenants, almost all their officers, and nearly the half of their soldiers.

  56. Besides God, they take their priests and their monks for their lords, and Christ, the Son of Mary; only they are commanded to worship one God only.

  57. They wore green frocks, and besides their rifles each man had a long knife which he could use in a close fight.

  58. Besides the common use of the Article as a Definitive to ascertain individual objects, it is used in Gaelic-- 1.

  59. The Simple Tenses which belong to all verbs are the Preterite or Future, besides which the verb Bi to be, and the defective verb Is I am, have a Present Tense[61].

  60. Besides the common division of the letters into Vowels and Consonants, it is found convenient to adopt some further subdivisions.

  61. Why, the absolute impossibility of our finding the road to heaven through the churches and it is an entire waste of time, besides being demoralizing to the mind, to attempt it.

  62. In the hands of Samson the jaw-bone of an ass was more destructive than a twenty-four pound cannon, besides furnishing him with water sufficient to supply his thirst.

  63. And, besides the form, there are other evidences of his having been a man.

  64. Besides food, fresh water must have been stored up for most of these animals, as they could not have endured the salty water of the briny deep.

  65. Indeed, I was told he had but little property besides his paper, and that he relied chiefly upon it for his support.

  66. And this narrow, childish assumption, with its attendant conceptions, keeps the mind of the worshiper in an intellectually cramped and dwarfish condition, besides perpetuating their dishonorable and disparaging views of Deity.

  67. Hence it appears there were several families saved besides that of Noah's.

  68. To so many others besides myself the same appearance had played a part in the various stages of that business; luring some to what they little imagined, filling some with unimaginable terrors.

  69. Instead of making an unexpected fortune he had lost a berth, and he was besides disgusted with the rations, and really appalled at the condition of the schooner.

  70. For the sea-fowl that harboured and lived there at the epoch of my visit were then scattered into the uttermost parts of the ocean, and had left no traces of their sojourn besides dropped feathers and addled eggs.

  71. Melancholy was impressed besides on every feature, and her eyes, as she looked straight before her, seemed to contemplate misfortune.

  72. For besides onions and potatoes, the Currency Lass may be said to have gone to sea without stores.

  73. Besides these good reasons, there are more which apply especially to you.

  74. But with other things besides groceries which you must have, table-linen and bed-linen and towels, how do you do about buying those things?

  75. And then besides staples there is entertaining to save for.

  76. Besides this have croquettes, and if you are short of meat for those, put in a little boiled rice.

  77. Then he was to bring canned string-beans, and some oranges for dessert, besides the staples I had to have.

  78. Besides these there is one more thick soup, split pea puree, which you must have too.

  79. And I have not spared expense to make it so, either, for I regard all my blue bowls and labor-saving utensils as investments; they make my work easier, and that is everything when one has other things in the world to do besides cook.

  80. Tell me instead whether you do up anything besides apples in winter?

  81. Besides lettuce, however, you can frequently find watercress in market for five cents a head, and often chicory; both those are good for dinner salads.

  82. Kan-You-Wey would believe only in the favorable version: he knew besides What the ministers of the Dowager Regent were worth, masters with her of the Imperial power.

  83. I understood that besides him all the others counted for naught.

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