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Example sentences for "besetting"

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beset; besetment; besets; besett; besette; besh; beshrew; besht; beside; besides
  1. The seventh satire deals with the difficulties besetting a literary career.

  2. He is no faultless writer, but he has genius and power, and has risen superior to the besetting sins of the age.

  3. And it must be remembered that Persius is free from the worst of the besetting sins of his age, the love of rhetorical brilliance at the expense of sense, a failing that he criticizes with no little force in his opening satire.

  4. He is a genuine poet whose genius was warped by the spirit of the age, stunted by the inherent difficulties besetting the Roman writer of epic, overweighted by his admiration of his two great predecessors, Ovid and Vergil.

  5. He had watched with satisfaction the growth of the difficulties which were besetting the path of his allies, and was not without a hope that their further development would be attended by our withdrawal from so troubled a sphere.

  6. Here, as elsewhere, manifests itself the besetting sin of our spelling, that there is no consistency in the application of any principle.

  7. Geraldine has one besetting weakness; she is never happy unless she has a grande passion on hand.

  8. She wrote: It is her besetting sin, and her trade of novelist has aggravated it--the desire of feeling and producing violent emotions.

  9. Some one had once called Eugenia's besetting vanity the love of giving pleasure; it was, perhaps, in reality, the pleasure of being loved.

  10. The difficulties besetting the path of knowledge appeared to be insurmountable.

  11. What slaves we are to our little besetting sins!

  12. He describes their sin as the besetting sin of the nation, and the plague of Israel's life.

  13. Want of thoroughness and equable effort was Israel's besetting sin, and it told on all sides of his life.

  14. This easily-besetting sin of mine has cost me more anguish than tongue can tell, and I deeply feel the need of more love to Christ because of my earthly tendencies.

  15. That is not one of my besetting sins, but, on the other hand, I push the truth too far, haggling about evils better let alone.

  16. It says we are all idolaters, and reminds me of my besetting sins in that direction.

  17. I told her of the letters I had received, warning me of a trouble besetting her.

  18. To enjoy poetry, you must renounce not only your easily besetting sins, but your easily besetting virtues as well.

  19. One is often struck, when listening to a fervent discourse against besetting sins, with the curious fact that all the transgressions begin with the same letter of the alphabet.

  20. One, indeed, of the besetting faults of his earlier poetry Keats has shaken off--his muse is seldom tempted now to echo the familiar sentimental chirp of Hunt's.

  21. Well, we all have our besetting sin; and a pot of good wine will put my soul in more jeopardy than all the temptations that the world contains.

  22. I don't pass to the other extreme, mind, and adopt besetting sins 'over the way' and in antithesis.

  23. A besetting sin of mine is an impatience which makes people laugh when it does not entangle their silks, pull their knots tighter, and tear their books in cutting them open.

  24. I do feel rather disposed to struggle for a good place amongst the hosts of authors who are besetting you; and as I am not physically or mentally well constituted for surviving amongst the fittest, if there is much shoving (!

  25. I have doubted whether Madam Liberality's besetting virtue were a virtue at all.

  26. Patriotic" is a wide term and may be applied to almost anything from after-dinner flag-wagging to successful juggling with Colonial stocks and shares; yet there are few who would have described it as the besetting virtue of HENRY I.

  27. Paul noted as the besetting dangers of riches are counteracted by the possession of the spirit of sacrifice which holds all things at the disposal of God, and views life as opportunity for the service of God.

  28. Beware lest while you wear yourself out with activity your besetting sin be found to be sloth!

  29. Such, I say, is the danger which awaits a civilized age; such is its besetting sin (not inevitable, God forbid!

  30. At the same time Florestan betook himself to the Firm Island, to acquaint Agrayes of the troubles besetting Oriana, and to carry him news of his lady Mabilia, who longed to see him once more.

  31. And this is the besetting sin of Lockhart, that he mars his happiest efforts by crudities which he evidently confounded with the simplicity of the ballad form.

  32. Symptoms should, if possible, be distinguished from causes, habits and tendencies and besetting sins from isolated acts.

  33. They contain a rebuke of the Pharisees for their besetting sin of avarice and a statement of the unfailing authority of the Law, the letter of which they observed, but by the spirit of which they were condemned.

  34. The alarming truth is that the treachery of Judas was not the act of a unique monster, but only an example of what, finally, may be done by any man who, in daily fellowship with Jesus, does not renounce his one besetting sin.

  35. Notably he did a good burlesque now and then, but his fame would not have suffered if he had been delivered altogether from his besetting temptation.

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