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aventure; aventures; avenue; avenues; aver; averaged; averages; averaging; avere; averment
  1. It may be too difficult for the vandal with an average technique, but it is neither so fresh in feeling nor so spontaneous in utterance as its companions.

  2. The average metronomic marking is sixty-nine to the half.

  3. For the dissipations of the "average sensual man" he had an abiding contempt.

  4. The dancing would be of necessity more picturesque and less conventional than required by the average valse, and there must be fluctuations of tempo, sudden surprises and abrupt languors.

  5. His mother, Vogel, of the family of Hirsch of Wollstein, was of average height and robust physique, with lustrous gray eyes.

  6. It cannot be said to have been his appearance that stood in the way of success; he was of average height and well-knit frame.

  7. He was of average height, and habitually bent forward his lean and spare, but sinewy, muscular figure, built upon a strong bony frame.

  8. Keate, though I never knew him to be guilty of an absent fit before, entirely forgot for what he was flogging me, and gave me but the average number.

  9. During this time I had experienced a fair average of fighting, bullying, fagging, and flogging, and had also acquired some useful accomplishments.

  10. On recurring to my note-book, I am puzzled which cases to select to illustrate the average of these young men and their experiences.

  11. The deaths in the principal hospital I visit, Armory-square, average one an hour.

  12. The metal-working castes are now usually urban, and on the average their members are as well-to-do as the cultivators.

  13. In purely agricultural communities grain is the principal source of wealth, and though the average Hindu villager may appear to us to be typical of poverty rather than wealth, such standards are purely relative.

  14. Few of the houses which line these lanes and alleys are more than one storey high, but that one storey is so exceedingly lofty that it would make three in an average London dwelling.

  15. An average Cuban negro would sooner take poison than a mouthful of meat on the abstinence days, although, I fear, his moral sense might easily be weighed and found wanting in other particulars.

  16. Whether his judgment was right or wrong, I dare not say, but I know enough to convince me that the average Havanese drawing-room can provide quite as much ill-natured gossip as any in London.

  17. He was rather over the average height, slightly built, with fair hair and moustache and very pale blue eyes.

  18. The beauty of the average flat is that you can always pass from any one room into any other, which, sometimes, is convenient and sometimes isn't.

  19. Considerably above the average height, with a slight stoop and grey hair, Mr. Merriman was a man whose appearance from the first claimed interest.

  20. They are keen hunters and trackers, essentially a warlike people, tall and good-looking, while the women also are of more than average height, and gracefully made.

  21. While the average man should consume, according to medical authorities, from two to three quarts a day, troops on the march should drink this amount at regular periods and not sip a mouthful at a time, say the Marine officers.

  22. They have more machinery attached to them than the average small factory.

  23. Those two men, however, were more fortunate than the average in having their letters sent back to them for revision.

  24. Economy requires neither superior courage nor eminent virtue; it is satisfied with ordinary energy, and the capacity of average minds.

  25. The average Frenchman or Irishman excels the average Englishman, German or American in courtesy and ease of manner, simply because it is his nature.

  26. This she did not attribute so much to anything as to her own superiority; it really wanted a great deal of courage for an average mortal to propose to her.

  27. And though it is very hard to find out what your children are fit for, I dare say the boy has average intelligence.

  28. These are not all exceptional women, Mr. Rennie, but many of the average women whose happiness you are so careful of.

  29. How much do the doctors say we've added to the average life of a man?

  30. Bodily inconvenience and mental anguish may be included, but the average jury are not, as a rule, men of sentiment.

  31. The average attendance, however, has been a little less than twenty.

  32. The number enrolled has been large, and the average attendance good.

  33. The income of our membership will not average $150 a year.

  34. Lying thus within the field of observation, it does not occur to the average mind to question either the legitimacy or the possibility of that effort of reflection which is devoted to their investigation and interpretation.

  35. So the average dog would have gulped this toothsome windfall in a single swallow; but Wolf was not the average dog.

  36. The average dog is not trained to swim under water.

  37. It was a grip and a leverage that would have made the average opponent helpless.

  38. The average dog might have continued to waste energy and risk life by galloping aimlessly back and forth, running hopefully up to every stranger he met; then slinking off in scared disappointment and searching afresh.

  39. The average watchdog, his attention thus attracted, would have barked.

  40. The bluff bordering upon the Franklin fork of the creek is for the most part precipitous, and has an average height of between fifty and sixty feet.

  41. Its average base is thirty-five or forty feet.

  42. A few small mounds have been observed composed entirely of pebbles, of the average size of one’s fist, unmixed with earth, excepting what had gradually accumulated over them.

  43. The ditch has an average width of not far from fifty feet; and, in many places, is dug through the sandstone layer upon which the soil of the terrace rests.

  44. The walls have an average height of nine feet, and have an exterior ditch of proportionate dimensions.

  45. The outline of the figure is clearly defined; its average height is not less than four feet; at the shoulders it is six feet in altitude.

  46. The outer one has an average height of four, the inner one of three feet.

  47. Skirting the brow of the hill, and generally conforming to its outline, is a wall of mingled earth and stone, having an average height of five feet by thirty-five feet base.

  48. The embankment has an average height of about four feet, and the ditch is not far from five feet deep.

  49. The average height of the embankment is between nine and ten feet; but, at the place mentioned, it is no less than «twenty».

  50. It measures seven inches in length, by four in breadth at the cutting edge, and has an average thickness of about four tenths of an inch.

  51. The cliff has an average height of upwards of twenty-five feet, and is steep and almost inaccessible.

  52. They are generally of considerable size, varying from six to eighty feet in height, but having an average altitude of from fifteen to twenty or twenty-five feet.

  53. The exterior gateways are twelve in number, and have an average width of about twenty-five feet.

  54. The wall of the great circle was never as high as that of the rectangle; yet, although it has been much reduced of late years by the plough, it is still about five feet in average height.

  55. The larger rock measures thirteen feet in length by an average of ten feet in width.

  56. To the average man or woman it will probably seem that nothing more fiendish or cruel can be found anywhere in the dark records of animal experimentation.

  57. Of that strong protest against cruel experiments which made itself heard more during more than a century, and of the atrocities which led to that protest, the average physician of to-day knows nothing whatever.

  58. If "anaesthetics were used," then the average reader assumes that of course there was no pain.

  59. Doubtless the average reader will discern no reason for all these inquiiries.

  60. In the mind of the average man, every prepossession is in their favour; he cannot easily bring himself to believe that if cruelty ever existed, THEY should be so completely ignorant of it.

  61. If, on the other hand, they earn the salary of the average policeman, will they be intelligent enough to discover abuses, and invariably of such rectitude that a ten-dollar bill will not induce official blindness?

  62. It is because of the confidence which the general public places in the average scientist.

  63. Now, if the average student of medicine is thus ignorant of history, is it not because those who have taught him were equally devoid of knowledge of the facts?

  64. To the average reader the last few words convey no definite meaning, but their significance is plain.

  65. A well-known experimentor once said to the rwiter: "Your inspectors of laboratories must be either well-educated and competent men, or else officials of the grade of the average policemen.

  66. The arterial pressure is found to be equal to the average of a column of mercury 150 millimetres, or 6 inches, in height.

  67. In Minnesota, towns and cities average nearly three times the rate paid by rural districts.

  68. Many rural schools show an average attendance for the year of not more than sixty per cent of the enrollment.

  69. It has been found that consolidation, with its attendant conveyance of pupils, commonly increases the average daily attendance by as much as twenty-five per cent.

  70. The average rural schoolhouse consists of one room, with perhaps a small hallway.

  71. During the past half-dozen years, however, consolidation has been gaining headway, and is now going on at least five times as fast as the average for the twenty-five years preceding 1906.

  72. The average daily attendance of rural schools throughout the country is approximately sixty per cent of the enrollment, and in entire States falls below fifty per cent.

  73. The average schooling of the men teaching in the rural schools of the entire country is less than two years above the elementary school, and of women, slightly more than two years.

  74. As would naturally be expected, therefore, the teaching in the average rural school is a dreary round of inefficiency.

  75. The average term of service in the rural schools is probably not above two years, and in many States considerably below this amount.

  76. The science of political economy is so profound, so complicated, so far-reaching as to transcend the capacity of the average statesman.

  77. He says in justification that he thinks and believes that it would be for the best, but, with all deference to his opinion, I venture to say that I would rather trust my children to spend that surplus than the average legislature.

  78. Literature, the property in an idea, has been something that it is very difficult for the average man to comprehend.

  79. It has been the fortune, I presume, of the majority here to compare the life and the circumstances of the average people abroad with ours here.

  80. Finally, our poets, in their characters, disprove the reproach that a democracy can produce only average men.

  81. It is not difficult for the average man to comprehend that there may be property in a form which genius or talent gives to an idea.

  82. You have seen the average of comfort and prosperity higher among all classes in this country than could be found at any other age of the world and any other land upon the surface of the earth.

  83. The average jury is a whimsical creature, subject to all kinds of influences, though mostly of a sentimental character.

  84. The Western division has an average of 1300.

  85. The Negro has a higher criminal record than the Caucasian, it is true, but so has the foreigner a greater average than the native whites.

  86. Specimens in class 3 are those which the average collector should aim most at securing; those in class 4 are a trifle too unwieldy for all but the advanced collector.

  87. The wider history will prove more complete and, therefore, more valuable; it will also serve as an indicator of the things which we do not yet possess but which are procurable by the average collector.

  88. Coins, china, furniture, and prints are all fascinating in their way, but none seem to have the same depth of interest as is possessed by the average collection of war medals.

  89. The average rate of tariff was thirty-seven per cent.

  90. The average duties on imports amounted almost to prohibition.

  91. From eighteen to twenty-four pounds is average weight for a girl to carry; it all depends upon strength and endurance; some girls can carry even heavier packs, while others must have lighter ones.

  92. Its average length is three and a half feet, though it is occasionally longer.

  93. I caught sixty-five very nice ones which would average half a pound weight each.

  94. We then continued on and after fording four creeks on an average about a rod wide, we arrived at Fort Bridger which is proved by the roadometer to be 397 miles from Fort John.

  95. This stream is about twenty feet wide on an average but at the fording place over three rods, two and a half feet deep, muddy water and swift current.

  96. We then went a piece below the ford and by fishing till a little after dark I caught twenty-four nice fish which would average over a half a pound each, and some of them would weigh over a pound each.

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