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Example sentences for "anywhere"

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  1. He told Oscar, if he had any tobacco in his mouth, or anywhere about his person, to give it up to him.

  2. Tiger also accompanied the party, for his master seldom went anywhere without him, except to school.

  3. Friar John, I don't remember that I ever went anywhere yet where the poor devils are not remembered and encouraged.

  4. But he only buried his face deeper in her bosom, her neck, her hair--anywhere out of sight.

  5. It was the fashion for the ladies when they dropped in anywhere for tea in the afternoon, to enter with some such remark as--'I have just come from the sale of the painter Campos' things.

  6. In all other directions an abominable precipice surrounds it, down the face of which (if anywhere at all) we must regain our liberty.

  7. Put it anywhere between fifteen and fifty thousand; it is certainly not less.

  8. At this moment he would gladly, thankfully, have gone anywhere else.

  9. For I never saw such vital women as one sees here anywhere else!

  10. And though it was rather far out, you can go almost anywhere in ten minutes if you can afford to take a taxi-cab.

  11. Whilst our sails were stretching, Bob and I occupied our time in looking about us for a few things which we thought we could better obtain in London than anywhere else.

  12. It would be difficult, indeed, to find anywhere the record of such passionate outbreaks, such unreasoning prejudices, and such unbending will as are revealed in the stories which are told of him.

  13. I should have known Shaw anywhere by his resemblance to his kindred, nor did it take long to perceive that he shared their habitual truthfulness and courage.

  14. I suppose we should all like to tap the telegraphic wires anywhere and read our neighbor's messages, if we could only throw round this process the dignity of a Sacred Cause.

  15. More hybrid unions have been noted among the duck family than anywhere else in the animal kingdom.

  16. You've never been with us anywhere yet; and I do think you ought to go for once in a way.

  17. And we were only married yesterday, and I wouldn't go anywhere else till Hugh brought me to see you both.

  18. She might have seen that that young lady was looking over her head, or out of the window, or anywhere but at her.

  19. I'll wait until he wakes," he said to her, "but is there anywhere else I could go?

  20. Travelers must pay for the luxury of illness in a country where there are fewer appliances for the comfort of invalids than anywhere else in Christendom.

  21. But today there is peace in the great Mother of Churches, with an atmosphere of solemn rest that one may not breathe in Saint Peter's nor perhaps anywhere else in Rome within consecrated walls.

  22. Nor, in times when belief has been at its lowest ebb, have outward religious practices anywhere continued to hold so important a place in men's lives as they have always held in Rome.

  23. I do not know anywhere that woman is not.

  24. Now, far from wishing to disclaim the one real accusation made in my remarks, I am ready, anywhere and everywhere, to reiterate that charge.

  25. The position of woman anywhere is the test of civilization.

  26. In Ohio, but hardly anywhere else, is she allowed to make a will, if haply she has anything to dispose of.

  27. They were not popular anywhere in the age in which they were inaugurated.

  28. Looking back to this experiment, we are not surprised at the hostility of men in general to the dress, as it made it very uncomfortable for them to go anywhere with those who wore it.

  29. In those days one could not dream of going up to or into a trench except in the dark, or, indeed, of moving about anywhere near there except at night.

  30. So then we looked at our map to find out if there was a village anywhere near along that road where there might be a garage.

  31. We cross the Ohio at Wheeling and if that old creek is anywhere in our neighborhood we'll see if we can hoe up a few nuggets.

  32. It's a fine little place, a snug little place, Billy, and there isn't any lodge anywhere on this whole continent of North America that is equal to it.

  33. If the island was inhabited anywhere in that direction, I believed I should see some signs from the tops of the mountains.

  34. She was, I judged, anywhere from seventeen to nineteen years old.

  35. But Nagger was powerful, sure-footed, and he would go anywhere that Slone led him.

  36. Under certain circumstances I don't know of a lonelier place anywhere on earth than that Grand CaƱon.

  37. Anywhere else there might be a chance, one in a thousand even, that they would see each other's headlights in time--here it was disaster quick and absolute.

  38. He'll fight from the drop of the hat anywhere and in any place, and he'll fight till you call time.

  39. I had often heard the cavalry axiom "that a horse can go anywhere a man can if the man will not use his hands," and a little recruit murmured it to reassure himself.

  40. But me will not eat stinking pork on board ship or anywhere else," he cried excitedly.

  41. The probability of his touching anywhere was, in my opinion, now smaller than before; as the delays, and inquiry into my conduct and the complaints of the men, would seriously enlarge the period of the voyage.

  42. In my opinion, the head waters of the Snake furnish one of the best breeding grounds for elk anywhere to be found.

  43. The community of goats I watched was feeding; afterward, when on the spot where they had been, I found there was no grass growing anywhere near, and signs pointed to its having been the moss and rock plants that they had been eating.

  44. Or if they fall through a sidewalk or anywhere else they have to both be doctored up and have the same splints on and rubbed with the same anarky, etc.

  45. Now, if we were anywhere in the neighbourhood of the sandbanks at the mouth of the Elbe, I might feel jumpy.

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