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Example sentences for "complaints"

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complaining; complainings; complains; complaint; complainte; complaisance; complaisant; complaisantly; complayne; complayned
  1. I became the receptacle of the complaints of all, and a sort of confidential adviser.

  2. If I were about to make complaints of the First Consul, I would close my doors upon you and myself, and speak in whispers.

  3. She half turned to make a signal for silence, which the old man so far observed as to sink his complaints to a mutter.

  4. I entreat you henceforth to give me time; to watch me, though closely, generously; and if I fail to satisfy you, to make your complaints to myself.

  5. Harvey back to Virginia, where he remained for four years, filling up his time by sending numerous petty and querulous complaints to the home country of the misdoings of the settlers.

  6. A few of the accusations will show how utterly foolish these complaints were.

  7. Several just complaints have been sent home against him, which do not meet with a proper regard, and this has made people very uneasie.

  8. How quickly would a song of triumph in him swallow up all your present complaints and lamentations!

  9. The law is indeed a sad song and lamentation, it surpasses all the complaints and lamentations among men.

  10. All the complaints amongst men may be reduced to one of these three.

  11. Your unbelieving complaints are not prayers and calling on his name, because they are not mixed with faith.

  12. First remove the greatest complaints of sin and condemnation, and how easy is it to answer all the lamentations of this life, and make you rejoice in the midst of them!

  13. Yet these complaints do not apply either to so great a number of Bolognese, or to so long a period, as to give a different aspect to the whole epoch.

  14. The complaints raised by Spagnuolo, are recorded by the Canon Crespi in his Felsina, (p.

  15. Excellent masters, doubtless, flourished subsequently; but after their decease, the powers of such artists appearing less elevated and less solid, we begin to hear complaints respecting the decline of the art.

  16. Hence the Ferrarese also have directed against him the same complaints as the other schools.

  17. Giles soon found that complaints were of no avail, and only made matters harder for him, and that Tibble Steelman and Kit Smallbones had no notion of favouring their master's cousin.

  18. There is surely to be noted in this delicate ballad, something more native and truthful in its pathos than in the very many complaints he left by way partly of reminiscence, partly of poetic exercise.

  19. The moment she is out of your sight her complaints will vanish.

  20. She heard nothing but descriptions of trimmings, and complaints of hair-dressers, hints of conquest that teemed with vanity, and histories of engagements which were inflated with exultation.

  21. When all th' united states of Greece combin'd, To purge the world of the perfidious kind, Then was your time to fear the Trojan fate: Your quarrels and complaints are now too late.

  22. No less a storm the Trojan hero bears; Thick messages and loud complaints he hears, And bandied words, still beating on his ears.

  23. Against the goddess these complaints he made, But took the path, and her commands obey'd.

  24. At an early period complaints were made respecting the distribution of this charity, and we are told that "there arose a murmuring of the Grecians against the Hebrews because their widows were neglected in the daily ministration.

  25. It is clear, however, that the relations between them and their episcopal chief were now very vaguely defined, and that the ambiguous position of the parties led to mutual complaints of ambition and usurpation.

  26. Then the Governor has to attend to complaints against public officers.

  27. Bartholomew Columbus and Ferdinand were remaining with Christopher at Seville; Bartholomew probably very nearly as ill as the Admiral, although we do not hear so many complaints about it.

  28. The officer asked me if I had any complaints to make, and I replied that I had none.

  29. He spent the whole afternoon in uttering complaints against the sovereigns of Europe, the King of Prussia excepted, as he had made him a baron, though I never could make out why.

  30. Ninety percent of complaints come from misconception.

  31. What cared he for the detestation of the people, and the complaints of princes?

  32. Every arbitrary step on the part of the King, every demand, however reasonable, which he addressed to the princes of the Empire, was followed by bitter complaints from the Elector, which seemed to announce an approaching rupture.

  33. But instead of being recalled to his discretion by this warning, he gave vent to his injured pride in undignified complaints and reproaches.

  34. The soldiers, in want of necessaries, became dispirited; and the little discipline that was observed, gave occasion to bitter complaints from the peasantry.

  35. On Illo's return to the camp, Wallenstein immediately demanded to know the success of his mission; and when informed by Illo of its failure, he broke out into the bitterest complaints against the court.

  36. At this period, a diet was held in Ratisbon, where the complaints of the States were to be heard, measures taken for securing the repose of the Empire, and the question of peace or war finally settled.

  37. If they present to them their complaints and their wishes I have no doubt by so doing they will get all information they may require.

  38. Mesmer was furious, and exhausted himself in complaints and menaces.

  39. Hence she had to weed dandelions for a test the same as the other girls did, but not without complaints and rebellion on her part.

  40. With such complaints and banter, the scouts reached a steep ascent.

  41. We certainly did our stint this afternoon without the usual complaints and delays," admitted Joan.

  42. The Irish public are a little weary of Mr. O'Leary's querulous complaints as an homme incompris.

  43. Napoleon suffered from stomach complaints from an early period of his career, and one of their effects is greatly to lessen the powers of the sufferer's mind.

  44. When the Third Estate brought up their "portfolio of grievances," for one complaint against the exactions of the monarchy there were fifty complaints against the exactions of the nobility.

  45. Next came the complaints and demands of the clergy.

  46. They arrived after great peril, and delivered their letters which were filled with the innumerable complaints of those who remained there.

  47. He thought the murmuring was over; it is resumed unexpectedly, the same old complaints are made and he is carried away by what appears zeal for Jehovah.

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