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Example sentences for "complains"

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complaine; complained; complaineth; complaining; complainings; complaint; complainte; complaints; complaisance; complaisant
  1. Just as Chattanooga complains against Nashville, so the little intermediate stations between Chattanooga and Atlanta, as our diagram on page 240 showed, become restive under rates of $1.

  2. Wichita, Kansas, complains that cotton piece goods from New York by way of Galveston are rated at $1.

  3. Isaias Chapter 1 The prophet complains of the sins of Juda and Jerusalem, and exhorts them to a sincere conversion.

  4. Job Chapter 19 Job complains of the cruelty of his friends; he describes his own sufferings: and his belief of a future resurrection.

  5. Habacuc Chapter 1 The prophet complains of the wickedness of the people: God reveals to him the vengeance he is going to take of them by the Chaldeans.

  6. He remembered his early follies and excesses, and bent his ear to him as one man does to another who complains of having to pay a debt legally incurred.

  7. He complains of being hungry," the butler hesitated, with a look of solemn disgust.

  8. Complains of the harasses his friend had given her.

  9. She complains of the severe letters of her uncle Antony and her sister; but in milder terms than they deserved.

  10. Erasmus complains of his Greek teachers, but he did not sit down and wait for better ones.

  11. He complains that he has little chance of earning anything there and yet says he had declined an offer of a place to teach made to him by the magistrates.

  12. Put in at the end that I have complained in my letters that I am suffering as Jerome often complains he suffered, from loss of eyesight and that I look forward to beginning to study as Jerome did with ears and tongue alone.

  13. He complains that the City gates have been encroached upon and defaced--six years later they were taken down.

  14. These glittering artifices were formerly called wit, and Dryden complains that Ovid "is frequently witty out of season," but they are not wit in our present sense of the word.

  15. The censure of Warton is valid when he complains that Pope's account of field sports is deficient in characteristic details.

  16. Pope is not consistent with himself, for he afterwards complains that "while the subject starved the beast was fed.

  17. But when a boy has nothing to do, he has actually nothing at all to do; his state is pathetic, and when he complains of it his voice is haunting.

  18. About this time Felix Hemmerlin complains of the countless souls seduced to heresy by the emissaries who, every year, come from Bohemia to Berne and Soleure.

  19. He was in general easy of access: but Cicero, in a letter to a friend, complains of having been treated with the indignity of waiting a considerable time amongst a crowd in an anti-chamber, before he could have an audience.

  20. He who complains of his circumstances really complains of himself, and is his own accuser.

  21. After many vain attempts accompanied by derisive shouts from the audience the child complains that he is being cheated, that is not the same duck, and he defies the conjuror to attract it.

  22. Only a little before this date, in 1568, Lord Buckhurst, who had been ordered to entertain the Cardinal de Chatillon in Queen Elizabeth's palace at Sheen, complains of the meanness of the furniture of his rooms.

  23. Smith complains that the play-writers had appropriated his adventures, but does not say that his own character had been put upon the stage.

  24. He complains that the clergy were taxed more than ever, the church having become "an ass whereon every man is to ride to market and cast his wallet.

  25. The author gives an account of his services as a royalist in command of a company of provincials attached to General Burgoyne's army, and complains of the refusal of the British generals to recognize him as an officer.

  26. A letter of one Cogan complains of the unnecessary retreat (N.

  27. The latter complains to the sun-god that the eagle has eaten his young.

  28. The French scientist encountered all sorts of difficulties of which he complains bitterly in his correspondence.

  29. Abbé Morellet pays many thanks for the answers to his queries, but complains of their shortness and laconism; however it is not your fault.

  30. Mr Izard complains that Dr Franklin and myself concealed from him, or attempted to conceal the opportunities of writing to America, as well as the intelligence received from thence.

  31. He complains that his income is too small, and that the Commissioners of Taxes refuse to augment it.

  32. He complains of the universal infection of Christendom: that his own court even, and immediate attendants, were attached to the devil's service, applying to him on all occasions for help.

  33. In alluding to the intercourse of Addington with Wilberforce, the biographer, we think very justly, complains of the sillinesses which have transpired in the latter's diary.

  34. Catullus elsewhere complains against Marrucinus Asinius, that he had stolen a handkerchief, sent him out of Spain by Verannius and Fabullus.

  35. I pass by the account of Suffenus, as well as some other pieces, and come to that very short one in which he complains of the mortgage which is on his villa.

  36. Julianus complains that his wife has been outraged and his goods wasted by some of your servants [probably slaves].

  37. John complains that the Bishop of Salona has taken 60 tuns of oil from him, iii.

  38. The Spectabilis Liberius[360] complains that his wife has had an unjust judgment given against her in your Court.

  39. Costula, a free Goth, complains that servile tasks are imposed on him by Guduim, v.

  40. Sidenote: Complains of the protection given by Thrasamund to Gesalic.

  41. The Spectabilis Domitius complains to us that such and such portions of his property have been seized by you with the strong hand, without any pretence of establishing a legal claim to them.

  42. Thomas, Vir Clarissimus, complains that he cannot collect the arrears of Siliquaticum from certain persons in Apulia and Calabria.

  43. Renatus complains that he is harassed by litigation of Inquilina, iv.

  44. Thomas, Vir Clarissimus, complains that he cannot collect arrears of taxes in Apulia, v.

  45. Daila, a free Goth, complains that servile tasks are imposed on him by Duke Guduim, v.

  46. Maniarius complains that his slaves (mancipia) have been without any cause taken away from him by the Breones [a Raetian tribe dwelling near the pass of the Brenner], who are continuing in peace the habits and maxims of war.

  47. Julianus complains of injuries received from the servants of Bishop Aurigenes, iii.

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