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conservers; conserves; conserving; consider; considera; considerably; consideracion; considerate; considerately; considerateness
  1. Leaves above average size, intermediate in color and thickness; lower surface pale green, often with considerable pubescence, slightly cobwebby.

  2. The first commercial shipment of any considerable amount beyond the towns nearby was made in 1854 when Mr. J.

  3. It is now grown in New York more than Isabella and while not of any considerable commercial importance, is far more deserving attention as a market grape than some of the poorly flavored kinds more generally grown.

  4. It wants, for instance, comparatively poor, dry, gravelly soil without any considerable amount of humus or nitrogen.

  5. It is generally considered to be a Riparia but the continuous tendrils and other botanical characters indicate a strong admixture of Labrusca blood and possibly Aestivalis or Bicolor as the shoots and canes show considerable bloom.

  6. Canes variable in length, intermediate in number and thickness, covered with considerable blue bloom; tendrils intermittent, bifid to trifid.

  7. His father was a man of considerable wealth and the son was privately educated.

  8. Canes medium to long, often numerous, medium to slender, covered with considerable blue bloom; tendrils continuous, bifid.

  9. Young leaves faintly tinged on under side and along margin of upper side, which is rather glossy, prevailing color pale green with considerable rose-carmine tinge.

  10. Ernest Vaughan, who had laid by a very considerable sum of money for the purpose of founding an efficient social and literary newspaper, approached Clemenceau with the offer of the editorship in chief.

  11. He does proceed, not without considerable indelicacy, but in excellent running verse.

  12. But now, with considerable leisure, he was ready to be encouraged to write on matters at the fringe of his daily occupation.

  13. It is needless to dwell on this episode of Butler's life, further than to point out that it proved him capable of sustained physical industry and of considerable financial adroitness.

  14. He founded the Revue des Idees, which had a considerable vogue in the intellectual world.

  15. Magne has made considerable discoveries, which should be distinguished from much in his charming books in which he has had no choice but to follow earlier published authorities.

  16. He was a man of considerable originality of character, and afterwards a power in the Academie.

  17. We cannot rest upon any of his works, though they contain observations which occasionally discover a considerable insight into human nature.

  18. The only chance of safety for The Pizarro lay in her sighting them at a considerable distance, and keeping them at bay with her heavy guns; but as she would be fully taken up with The Iturbide, this would be difficult for her to do.

  19. Thus talking to himself, in order to keep up his spirits, this unfortunate young man sat for some considerable time, waiting with philosophic resignation the turn of events.

  20. These steamed abreast of the swamp at once, and did considerable damage with their rapid-firing Hotchkiss guns.

  21. The city was enclosed by walls of a considerable height, was shaped in a triangular fashion, the base being towards the ocean, and the land-gate at the acute angle inland.

  22. A fusillade burst from the line, and wrought considerable damage in the ranks of the enemy.

  23. Beyond this, an interval of firm land for some considerable distance, and then the rocky shelf on which Janjalla was built.

  24. With his knife he managed to bend back the links of one chain so that it parted, leaving the steel ring still on the wrist; but, with considerable pain to his hand, he managed to slip it through the other.

  25. Considerable damage was inflicted particularly by the Hotchkiss guns, and numbers of riders were soon struggling on the ground with their wounded horses.

  26. This small freehold appears to have been all that remained, at the death of John Bunyan's grandfather, of a property once considerable enough to have given the name of its possessor to the whole locality.

  27. It is not, therefore, at all surprising that a considerable period intervened before, in the language of his school, "he found peace.

  28. He's more of a guerilla than a regular soldier, but he may be able to gather a considerable force.

  29. The blow had taken a considerable part of his remaining strength.

  30. He came to a ravine and to his dismay found that a considerable stream was flowing through it toward the bayou.

  31. It seems to me that it cannot fail to be of considerable advantage.

  32. With considerable interests, we should be represented accordingly.

  33. The report says: “He was received with great cheering and the waving of hats and handkerchiefs for a considerable time.

  34. You must make up your mind to encounter many very considerable evils at first, and for some time, while men are learning to use the advantages conferred on them.

  35. Have manifested considerable disposition to escape labor, having had no sufficient motives to work.

  36. It may be hoped that what is extracted from it by downright swindling, however considerable in amount, does not cause the great drain upon the Treasury.

  37. In that storm Spain broke down, but not until she had exhibited considerable power in war, first with France, and then as the ally of France.

  38. Ponce de Leon, and in terms that leave no doubt that he was well inclined to place considerable faith in the truth of the common story.

  39. I cannot think but with considerable ferocity, that probably there are many schools to-day in Britain containing a master who has taken an unreasonable dislike to some poor boy, and who lays himself out to make that poor boy unhappy.

  40. Here they again took in water and provisions, proceeding along the Arabian coast to Kane, a port of considerable trade, where some of the merchandise was exchanged for frankincense and aloes.

  41. Redwald was a sovereign of considerable capacity.

  42. Oswy must have been a man of considerable ability.

  43. When Coelred and Porlor walked down to the beach, they found the ruins of a considerable town, and three or four sheds consisting of stone walls with roofs of palm leaves.

  44. When, at a considerable height, he was swinging himself forward to attack his antagonist, which was at bay, the bough broke and he fell heavily to the ground.

  45. She also had considerable influence in church and state; and the famous synod, with Oswy presiding, when Wilfrid confuted Colman in the Easter controversy, was held in her abbey.

  46. The friends often met at their respective homes, and discussed schemes for the benefit of their countrymen, who under their auspices were making considerable advances in many ways.

  47. But he was a man of considerable courage, and knew how to bear such opposition without flinching.

  48. On this occasion he put on no pink shirt or shiny boots, being deterred from doing so by a remembrance of Captain Bellfield's ridicule; but, nevertheless, he dressed himself with considerable care.

  49. Mr Grimes was a man who knew that business was business, and as such had some considerable weight in his own neighbourhood.

  50. At the close of the poll Vavasor's name stood at the head by a considerable majority, and Scruby comforted him by saying that Travers certainly wouldn't stand the expense of a petition, as the seat was to be held only for a few months.

  51. It is true that he had failed, and that he had spent a considerable sum of money in the contest.

  52. His father had held a prebendal stall at Ely in times when prebendal stalls were worth more than they are at present, and having also been possessed of a living in the neighbourhood, had amassed a considerable sum of money.

  53. Lady Macleod was a woman of much patience, and possessed also of considerable perseverance.

  54. All this gave great satisfaction to me, in which I was joined by the Marchioness of Auld Reekie, who is connected with you almost as nearly as I am, and who, I can assure you, feels a considerable interest in your welfare.

  55. It was no secret engagement, having been canvassed in public, and having been met with considerable discouragement by some of the party.

  56. This Mr Scruby admitted, declaring that he was quite prepared to go on without any further immediate remittance, although by doing so might subject himself to considerable risk.

  57. There was, indeed, considerable trouble in the minds of the various male Vavasors with reference to Arabella, when tidings suddenly reached the Hall that she was going to be married to an old man.

  58. Kate was mistress of a considerable fortune, and though such a marriage might be comfortable, it was no longer necessary.

  59. There was considerable fighting in taking up these new positions for the 2d and 5th corps, in which the Army of the James had also to participate somewhat, and the losses were quite severe.

  60. At this latter place our troops made an assault upon the enemy's lines after having got their own lines up close to him, and failed, sustaining considerable loss.

  61. They were fortified or intrenched, and there was considerable fighting before they were captured.

  62. There was considerable fighting during the whole of the day, but the work of destruction went on.

  63. Osterhaus was up, and after some sharp skirmishing the enemy was driven away with considerable loss in killed and captured.

  64. Then, too, the ground was sloping upward back of the Confederate line for a considerable distance, and it was presumable that the enemy had, at least, a detached work on this highest point.

  65. To turn him by the left leaves Little River, New Found River and South Anna River, all of them streams presenting considerable obstacles to the movement of our army, to be crossed.

  66. When he heard the good news he promoted all the officers of any considerable rank for their conspicuous gallantry.

  67. This time the assault was successful, both sides losing a considerable number of men.

  68. During the day he had considerable fighting.

  69. It was not long before grain was distributed free to all applicants; and a considerable portion of the population of the capital were living in vicious indolence and feeding at the public crib.

  70. They also had quite an extensive literature, and had made considerable advance in the art of building.

  71. As a result of the campaign a considerable part of Northern Italy was formed into a commonwealth under the name of the Cisalpine Republic.

  72. Another special preparation for the entrance into England of the Reformation was the presence among the lower classes there of a considerable body of Lollards (see p.

  73. Favored by the Romans, it gradually grew into a powerful kingdom, which at one time embraced a considerable part of Asia Minor.

  74. A considerable portion of the money for building the Cathedral of St. Peter at Rome was raised in this manner.

  75. Under the republic, bathing- houses were erected in considerable numbers.

  76. The northern part of the Tigris and Euphrates valley, the portion that comprised ancient Assyria, consists of undulating plains, broken in places by considerable mountain ridges.

  77. For a considerable time a variety of circumstances had been fostering a growing feeling of enmity between the Italians and the emperors at Constantinople.

  78. Its kings were at first formidable enemies of the rulers of Syria, and later of the Romans, whom they never allowed to make any considerable conquest beyond the Euphrates.

  79. In arithmetic, also, the Chaldæans made considerable advance.

  80. A considerable part of the brazen arms and shields gathered from the battle-field was melted into a colossal statue of Athena, which was placed upon the Acropolis, as the guardian of Athens.

  81. Together, these states could raise a land force of sixty thousand men, besides a considerable naval armament, Corinth being especially strong in ships.

  82. If fat, they will be averse to becoming pregnant, and considerable annoyance will, in all likelihood, be experienced.

  83. Though there is considerable ambiguity in the employment of these terms, I believe they are synonymous with red-water, the disease of which I have next to treat.

  84. During the continuance of the paroxysm they throw the body into various positions, and sometimes roll to a considerable distance.

  85. That pasture should be preferred which contains a good proportion of bitter plants, for the emaciation appears to be owing in a considerable degree to torpor of the bowels occasioned by long abstinence from these necessaries.

  86. Other parts of the skull also undergo considerable thinning, more so indeed than in front of the horn.

  87. Stitches are only required when the wound gapes to a considerable extent, as it will always do when running across a muscle.

  88. Here the parts are bruised, torn, and perhaps to a considerable extent awanting.

  89. Considerable warmth of heart or mellowness of nature due to sympathy is, therefore, an important factor in rendering one willing to listen to new ideas and to be influenced by them.

  90. Yet we know that any person who amounts to much must do considerable thinking, and must even take pleasure in it.

  91. Some exercises might be given them, too, so as to accustom them to taking in a considerable number of words at a glance.

  92. She can afford to spend considerable time and energy upon such a list of points.

  93. In other words, a considerable body of theory must be acquired.

  94. This result may have been due to a considerable extent to poor texts in spelling and to the ineffective methods of drilling used.

  95. We admit that a considerable amount of drill is guaranteed to children through the three R's and spelling, whether any one approves of it or not.

  96. Any thought that is worth much must be supported by numerous facts and will require considerable time or space for presentation.

  97. The children had considerable difficulty in reproducing the substance of this paragraph, attempting it several times.

  98. His pen-line is vigorous and his drawing solid and graphic, with considerable feeling for style, but showing, I think, the influence of the photograph in the rendering of light and shade.

  99. In Mr. Linley Sambourne we see a designer and draughtsman of considerable power.

  100. Characteristic German work of Gothic feeling and considerable graphic force is seen in the woodcuts of the Nuremberg Chronicle (1493) designed by Michael Wolgemuth, the master of Albert Dürer.

  101. The Eskimoes also write the names of their missionaries with considerable variations as to spelling.

  102. Here, as formerly at Ramah, she serves as school mistress, and I am told has considerable capacity both for imparting knowledge and for maintaining discipline.

  103. The bare, rocky ship hill which forms the background still had considerable patches of snow when we arrived early in August, but it melted from day to day during our stay, for the summer sun asserts its power during its brief sway.

  104. Early this morning I went on deck and found we were a considerable distance outside the Kangertluksoak Fjord.

  105. I am bound to say the fate of the Hall Porter created a considerable sensation; and the wrath of Countess Gruffanuff was received with extreme pleasure.

  106. The Duke seized Glumboso, the Ex-Prime Minister, and made him refund that considerable sum of money which the old scoundrel had secreted out of the late King's treasure.

  107. Thus the activity of these animals in separating carbonate of lime from the sea and building it up into definite shapes is very considerable indeed.

  108. And not only would this be the case, but we should find that for a considerable distance down, all the material of these atoll and encircling reefs was built up of precisely the same coral rock as the fringing reef.

  109. We greatly suspect that she does make considerable jumps in the way of variation now and then, and that these saltations give rise to some of the gaps which appear to exist in the series of known forms.

  110. We know very well that he did accumulate a very considerable number of observations on the most varied topics of medicine, surgery, and natural history.

  111. And we do this with the less hesitation as it so happens that those persons who are practically conversant with the facts of the case (plainly a considerable advantage) have always thought fit to range themselves under the latter category.

  112. The author does not claim for his work any considerable originality, but presents it as a compendium proper of the teachings of other writers.

  113. Physiognomy, a favorite theme with our author, appears again in a considerable chapter on the physiognomy of the nose, mouth, face and the teeth.

  114. The diseases of the liver, though not numerous, are allotted considerable space most of which is occupied by scholastic speculations and the usual rich supply of therapeutical suggestions.

  115. The general subject of fistulae is treated at considerable length on folio 205b, and fistula lachrymalis and fistulae of the jaw receive special attention in their appropriate places.

  116. All these questions are answered in accordance with the scholastic formulae, and, not infrequently, with considerable acuteness.

  117. If the stone is in the kidney, the foot of the side affected is numb (stupidus), the spine on the affected side is sore and there is difficulty of micturition and considerable gravelly sediment in the urine.

  118. It snowed hard for a day and a night and when it cleared off the boys had considerable fun snowballing each other and in coasting down a long hill leading to the river.

  119. Yes, but not without considerable trouble.

  120. He was expensively dressed and upon a casual inspection appeared to be a gentleman of considerable means.

  121. When no one did, Penny dragged out the tools, and after considerable trouble succeeded in jacking up the rear axle.

  122. In Kolossin, a French proprietor had possession of considerable domains, all of which were bought by the king and presented to the knights.

  123. From this, moreover, must be deducted the cost of the mosques, Mohammedan schools, and other similar institutions, which even in Cyprus are distributed over a considerable portion of the island.

  124. It is still of considerable importance, and is the chief place of export for the wines of the country, which are much in demand in the Levant.

  125. These three castles are built upon the smaller chain of mountains, which, rugged and steep, rear themselves in innumerable peaks and crags to a considerable altitude.

  126. The Greeks occupied Cyprus for a considerable period, and mixed with the Syrians of Phœnician or of Jewish extraction, until at length becoming assimilated both in speech and manners, they formed but one people.

  127. For a considerable distance along the western shore, there are to be seen here and there large caverns excavated in the rock; some, though not all, seem to have been tombs.

  128. On our left rose a mountain, with fields of corn extending to a considerable distance up its slopes.

  129. This building, which is rarely or never obscured by clouds or fog, can be seen from a considerable distance at sea, and has long been known to sailors as a landmark.

  130. The sides and peaks of the mountain, exhibited a considerable growth of stunted shrubs, with an occasional fir-tree or broken stump.

  131. The fine forests were under no protection from Government, and the poorer classes drew a considerable part of their livelihood from the sale of the trees they cut down.

  132. Your Petitioners therefore feel persuaded that considerable time must elapse before the chiefs of this land can be capable of exercising the duties of an independent Government.

  133. Their evangelic labours are thus always accompanied by schemes of aggrandisement of luxury, and of riches, things in which they have until now made considerable progress.

  134. The New Zealanders are passionately fond of declamation, and they possess considerable ingenuity in exciting the passions of the people.

  135. On the contrary, he attached considerable importance to it, proposing to make it the authority on which the chiefs were entitled to enter into diplomatic relations with Great Britain for the cession of their administrative rights.

  136. The incident was equally startling in its dramatic suddenness to all the astonished onlookers, and it made a considerable impression upon the natives.

  137. The influence against me was entirely traceable to the foreign Bishop of the Roman Catholic persuasion, and to a set of escaped convicts and other low ruffians who have congregated on the river in considerable numbers.

  138. At both Cloudy Bay and Queen Charlotte Sound there was, in 1837, a considerable white settlement, each man being a law unto himself, except in so far as he was under the dominion of the head man of the station.

  139. In these latter negotiations Captain Symonds laboured under the considerable disadvantage that he was unable to procure the services of a competent interpreter, Mr. Hamlin[114] being absent on duties incidental to his station.

  140. On returning to the Herald there was a considerable gathering of chiefs awaiting the treaty party, and with the exception of Nohorua's nephews all expressed their willingness to subscribe to the terms of the compact.

  141. He lent himself with considerable industry to the task of placing the shipping of the country upon a basis more satisfactory than it had up to that time been.

  142. He consented, and at their head marched to the relief of the forces of the republic that were struggling against considerable odds on the southern borders of the Nephite dominions, from the shores of the Pacific Ocean eastward.

  143. When the Lamanites had started in pursuit of Helaman, Antipus, with a considerable portion of his army, marched out of the city of Judea and fell in the Lamanites' rear.

  144. To this industry the Lamanites, who were great meat-eaters, also gave considerable attention.

  145. Yet we judge that the establishment and organization of the church in the land of Ishmael was a work of considerable time.

  146. Once a week they assembled in their synagogues and went through an empty form, which was a little prayer, a little praise and considerable self-glorification.

  147. Zarahemla was situated on the Sidon, certainly a considerable distance from its head waters, as other lands and cities (such as Minon and Manti) are mentioned as lying far above it.

  148. He was a man who had been prospered of the Lord and had gathered around him considerable wealth.

  149. For although it may now and then happen that one falls by chance upon something that had before escaped considerable efforts and laborious inquiries, yet undoubtedly the reverse is generally the case.

  150. But heat, and the magnetic force, when once transmitted to or excited in another body, remain fixed for a considerable time after the removal of the source.

  151. There exists, however, with regard to this, a considerable dispute between some of the ancients as well as moderns, who have attributed a motion of revolution to the earth.

  152. Again, in these instances which we term the wit and hands of man, charms and conjuring should not be altogether despised, for although mere amusements, and of little use, yet they may afford considerable information.

  153. It is owing to the same tendency, that all bodies of considerable density abhor motion, and their only tendency is not to move, which nature they preserve, although excited and urged in a variety of ways to motion.

  154. Thus, when a bell is struck, the sound appears to be continued for a considerable time, and one might easily be led into the mistake of supposing it to float and remain in the air during the whole time, which is most erroneous.

  155. We investigated the latter point by the following experiment: We had a leaden globe made, capable of containing about two pints, wine measure, and of tolerable thickness, so as to support considerable pressure.

  156. If a herb be placed in a considerable quantity of liquid, infusion takes place rather than impregnation; if in less, the reverse.

  157. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "considerable" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    absolute; ascendant; authoritarian; authoritative; authorized; autocratic; batch; beaucoup; big; bumper; commanding; competent; comprehensive; consequential; considerable; considerably; controlling; deal; deep; dominant; dramatic; eminent; empowered; exhaustive; extensive; full; galore; good; goodly; governing; grand; grave; great; greatly; handsome; healthy; heap; heavy; heavyweight; hefty; high; highly; imperative; important; influential; intense; irresistible; large; largely; leading; lot; main; many; marked; material; maximum; meaningful; mess; mighty; million; mint; momentous; much; multifarious; multifold; multiple; multitudinous; myriad; name; nifty; noticeable; numerous; official; oodles; pack; peck; pile; plenary; plenty; pot; potent; powerful; preeminent; prestigious; profuse; prominent; puissant; raft; ranking; respectable; ruling; scads; senior; sensible; serious; several; sight; significant; sizable; slew; spate; stack; strong; substantial; superior; supreme; swingeing; tall; telling; thousand; tidy; total; totalitarian; wad; weighty

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    considerable army; considerable body; considerable booty; considerable depth; considerable difference; considerable distance; considerable distance from the; considerable elevation; considerable force; considerable fortune; considerable influence; considerable interest; considerable length; considerable majority; considerable numbers; considerable pause; considerable period; considerable portion; considerable property; considerable proportion; considerable quantity; considerable size; considerable space; considerable stream; considerable sum; considerable town