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  1. Hiroshige was the first designer of Japanese colour prints who devoted himself largely to landscapes with figures, and with Eastern ingenuity almost exhausted the subject.

  2. They have their frames specially designed for each picture, Stanford White having been the designer of quite a number of them.

  3. Strong in the consciousness of her own purity, and doubly incensed at the proof of what extremes the designer will condescend to, she nerves herself for the struggle she sees before her.

  4. Chacune des Parties a le droit de designer un juge de la Cour pour prendre part, avec voix deliberative, a l'examen de l'affaire soumise a la Delegation.

  5. But an examination of various types shows how inventive was the Sheffield designer in producing original shapes of great diversity of character.

  6. The plane surfaces are too few to be attractive, to increase their number would be to depart from a simplicity of outline at which the artist-designer has aimed.

  7. We have said nothing of the artist designer and draughtsman who carefully, with skilled pencil, worked out the drawings to be carried out by the craftsmen.

  8. It is obvious that the designer had lost sight of the fact that the curved loops could so be manipulated as to become an integral part of the design and contribute to its harmony.

  9. They stand as an attempt undoubtedly original on the part of the designer to produce something effective as a novel design.

  10. It is now possible to apply motive power exactly where it is wanted, and to do so economically, so that the crane designer has a perfectly free hand in adding the various motions required by the special circumstances of each case.

  11. In the case of the weaver's loom there is, behind the mechanical industry which directs the loom at its given task, the fine art, or what ought to be the fine art, of the designer who has contrived the pattern.

  12. How easy it would have been for a great designer to have made the hair lovely with fruitful flowers, and the features noble in mystery of gloom, or of tenderness.

  13. What is done, by the designer of air maps, is to accentuate such details of a landscape as will prove conspicuous when seen from above.

  14. Her designer aimed to make the ship practically unsinkable--and he succeeded; for she passed through a more severe ordeal than the Titanic, survived it, and came into port under her own steam.

  15. The new designer Designs mediate between requirements resulting from human practical experiences and possibilities (Gibson defined them as affordances) in nature and society.

  16. As fashion shows become prohibitively expensive, the fashion market is exploring interactive presentations that put the talent of the designer and the desire of the public one click away from each other.

  17. In most cases, the designer disappears (including his or her name) in the designed product, material, or event.

  18. When pushing this experience to its limits, the designer lands in imaginary territories of extreme richness.

  19. That people eventually become addicted to the products of design-television sets, electronic gadgets, designer fashion, designer drugs-is an irony soon forgotten.

  20. This brings up the identity of the designer in the civilization of illiteracy.

  21. I believe in an organic and tangible designer of every complex structure, for so long a time past, as that reasonable people will be incurious about all that occurred at any earlier time.

  22. It is plain therefore that there must either be a designer who "becomes an organism, designs a plan, &c.

  23. And where, again, is your designer of beasts and birds, of fishes, and of plants?

  24. Paley and the theologians insist on design, but upon a designer outside the universe and the organism.

  25. He would therefore admit the design, and by consequence the designer, but would probably ask a little time for reflection before he ventured to say who, or what, or where the designer was.

  26. The designer becomes a law unto himself, and it is posed and treated in a way to suit the fancy of the moment.

  27. And yet in crystallising the child of his fancy, the designer of this church was able to impress his handiwork with the charm of the picturesque.

  28. He was designer of the great book of the "Cavalcade of Malines" in 1775.

  29. The designer must be up-to-date: he must not expect to sell his designs if he gets his ideas from Christmas cards that were published twenty years ago.

  30. The designer will always find that he is much more likely to sell his designs if they represent new ideas.

  31. All these the designer used as though they were colors from his own palette.

  32. Of this the first designer was Rhoicos the son of Philes, a native of Samos.

  33. Rassenfosse] Fritz Erler, a German designer of much strength, has made a number of symbolic book-plates.

  34. There is no American designer whose work is so eagerly sought by the collector or for which larger returns are asked in exchanges.

  35. He is not only a clever designer of book-plates, but he has a magazine to exploit his schemes and theories of art.

  36. Mr. Hapgood is a decorative designer in Boston, and his work on the covers of various periodicals and catalogs is well known.

  37. So, the theory considers that a designer existed.

  38. This theoretical and abstract designer is outside of the theory and we are not interested by it.

  39. The Sovereign of the Seas was built at Woolwich Dockyard, in 1637, by Mr Phineas Pett, and Mr Thomas Haywood was the designer of her decorations.

  40. A dozen years later the same designer abolished the quarter-galleries, and introduced the neater and stronger circular stern.

  41. It looked workmanlike in spite of its wide beam and shallow draught, for the great designer who had fashioned the lines of the fastest destroyer afloat had himself drawn up the plans after giving a day's careful thought to the job.

  42. Venning perched himself on one seat, Compton on the other, one of the hands took the wheel, and Mr. Hume and the designer sat in the well.

  43. Take her over the mile," said the designer to the steersman; and he pulled out his watch with exactly the same look of calm interest he showed when presiding over the trial of the fastest craft afloat.

  44. The designer glanced from his watch to the bank, which was fast slipping away, and nodded his head at Mr. Hume.

  45. The subject of this sketch is, perhaps, the most original and variously gifted designer the world has ever known.

  46. These at once gave the young designer a great reputation, which was still more enhanced by his subsequent works.

  47. Yet all this really wonderful designer received was forty-five dollars a week.

  48. Mr. Chaikin is the best designer in New York.

  49. A designer can be hired," I said to myself.

  50. We found two customers there to whom some of my office men and a designer were showing our "line.

  51. There is another fine designer who is anxious to form a partnership with me, but I said to myself, 'I must first see if I could not get Mr. Chaikin interested.

  52. Tell your great designer he is riding too high a horse.

  53. Later I hired the services of a newly graduated cloak-designer who would drop in of an afternoon.

  54. It was implied, as a matter of course "How much would your great designer want you to invest?

  55. Officially the old man was my foreman, but in reality he acted as a guiding spirit to that designer and one of my sample-makers, as well as foreman I was forming new connections, obtaining orders from new sources.

  56. If he is as great a designer as you say he is, and he works for a big firm, how is it, then, that he can't find a partner with big money?

  57. The ready-made silk dress which the American woman of small means now buys for a few dollars is of the very latest style and as tasteful in its lines, color scheme, and trimming as a high-class designer can make it.

  58. The talented designer had given up his job at the Manheimer Brothers' and opened a cloak-and-suit house with a man who had made considerable money as a cloak salesman, and as a landlord for a partner.

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