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  1. Have you ever seen an artist effect solid works with a rebellious instrument?

  2. He bowed to La Valliere with that grave curiosity of an artist who is studying his model, saluted the king discreetly, as if he did not recognize him, and as he would, consequently, have saluted any other gentleman.

  3. AEsthetically, however, you must look at these famous towns in detail with the eye of faith--not of an artist nor an archaeologist.

  4. Here again the artist will give a better notion of the distinction of Richmond, its fine pose above the river with the old bridge as a foreground, than any amount of description.

  5. Even a movie audience would have spotted him as an artist without a leader to that effect.

  6. Aren't his artist friends giving him a banquet at the Purple Pup?

  7. I expect I kidded Mr. Robert more or less about his artist friend.

  8. But how could I keep a real artist like that with a movie firm offering him five times the money?

  9. She was a professor of drawing, as he supposed, the daughter of an artist who had been dead several years, and was called Mademoiselle Phillis Cormier.

  10. She was the daughter of an artist who, after years of struggle, died at the moment when fortune was beginning to smile upon him.

  11. You can be an artist at serving as well as anything else, if you try.

  12. That she was so exquisite an artist filled him with a kind of intoxicating elation--it was as though she belonged to him.

  13. But the title of artist is not confined to the subjects which occupy the Royal Academicians.

  14. The usual loyal toasts were given, and the presence of members of the well-known "artist corps" led the Prince to make special reference to the Volunteers.

  15. The name of the artist is so well known that it is superfluous for me to make any remarks upon it.

  16. The Earl of Derby made special reference to the National Exhibition of Portraits at South Kensington, interesting alike to the artist and to the student of history.

  17. I am flattered, Sir Francis, by your statement that I have shown an appreciation of art in becoming the possessor of a work by so celebrated an artist as Sir Edwin Landseer.

  18. Of course, every artist strives each succeeding year to produce still better pictures and statues, and I think the Academicians have no reason to complain on the present occasion.

  19. The young artist thus signalised has more than fulfilled the anticipations formed of her.

  20. In the arts reasoning occurs only when the artist hesitates before some obstacle.

  21. Does it not everywhere originate from the creating principle that passes into the creature, just as, in the art considered above, the beauty passes from the artist into the work?

  22. It was in the thought of the artist that it existed before passing into the marble; and it existed therein, not because it had eyes and hands, but because it participated in art.

  23. The talent of the artist is derived from the wisdom of nature which presides over the production of every work.

  24. The poor artist has taken him in, or "pulled his leg," to use the latest American slang.

  25. He purposely directed his movements so that he would not come into contact with Gregson, little dreaming that his artist friend was working under the same formula.

  26. He knew that the artist would be expecting him, and he went directly to the cabin, escaping notice by following along the fringe of the forest.

  27. The artist was taking short, quick puffs on his cigarette, and Philip wondered at the evident eagerness with which he was watching the approaching craft.

  28. Even if the artist had learned of his affair with Miss Brokaw and had secured a picture of her in some way, he would not presume to go this far.

  29. The artist had seated himself at one side of the small office table, and Philip sat down opposite him, holding out his hand to him again.

  30. Dry autumn does beautiful things in sepia, as the water-colour artist did in the early days, and draws divine brown Turners of the first manner.

  31. Well, sirs, when an artist is satisfied with the work of his hands, do you not know at once what to think of him?

  32. Every soul of man is the work of art Divine, and every charitable heart is an artist who desires to labor at its restoration.

  33. A drop of dew reflecting the beams of morning, the play of light among the leaves of a tree, reveal to the poet and the artist treasures of poetry.

  34. Has an artist discovered in a mass of rubbish, under vulgar appearances, a product of the marvellous chisel of the Greeks?

  35. Perhaps her correspondence, which is by many considered spurious, will make the artist regret that he has given her so important a position in this fresco.

  36. An artist once, whose magic could command That sound its deepest secrets should unfold, Had found his instrument by evil hand Exchanged for one of meaner, coarser mould.

  37. The greatest sufferer in such a position would be the artist or scholar.

  38. It is difficult to listen to entrancing music and to preserve oneself from a warm interest in the artist who has produced it for us.

  39. The respective shares of author and artist are not always easy to determine.

  40. For me, I should prefer not to lunch yet, but she is the artist now.

  41. As a woman," cried Edith; "as an artist I adored you.

  42. Esther had put in this golden islet with some reluctance: she had said that even in Nature it looked unreal, and would look even more unreal in Art, especially when the artist happened to be herself.

  43. It is beautifully done; none but an artist could have done it.

  44. When one is an artist one has no time simply for people who won't respond.

  45. The truth was that once you married a woman she became insatiable, and the truth was that nothing was more fatal for an artist than marriage, at any rate until he was well over forty.

  46. He left the artist at his lodgings, and drove off and disappeared down the Via Quirinalis with the statue.

  47. Last night they decided unanimously that the statue is a Venus, and the work of some unknown but sublimely gifted artist of the third century before Christ.

  48. John returned presently with a carriage, got the broken-hearted artist and the broken-legged statue aboard, and drove off, whistling low and tranquilly.

  49. Usually, when the artist visited her of an evening, her Dante lay ready, and by compelling him to read aloud, she held his passion in due bounds.

  50. The artist looked about him with so much frenzy in his eyes, that the frightened woman forgot the bird and sprang away from the raving madman.

  51. But the artist begged her so touchingly to resume her seat and let him continue that she finally resigned herself.

  52. The safest means to preserve Lydia from any danger appeared to the artist to be, to make a ladder, and then to break a sufficiently large hole in the gable of the roof.

  53. The artist only cast a hurried look into them, and saw to his comfort how none but large rats tumbled about to their satisfaction in the uninhabited rooms.

  54. The young artist was about turning to the gate pointed out to him by the miller, when he suddenly found himself surrounded by a crowd of young girls, who ran out laughing and screaming from behind the convent wall.

  55. With a friendly shake of the hand he left the young artist who looked after his new patron in wonderment.

  56. The artist at that moment seemed to her like some messenger from God.

  57. Perhaps she might meet the artist there, who would request his brother to tell her in the presence of Frau Belier what he had to say?

  58. The artist retired however to his studio, turned the marble bust with its face to the wall, and began assiduously to work at the facade of Herr Belier's future house.

  59. The artist lighted this and descended about three hundred steps.

  60. The artist whose feelings of brotherly affection were deeply hurt, and who felt the happy expectations which he had formed of this meeting bitterly disappointed, hurried away at a rapid pace.

  61. She listened to the conversation in silence, but heard the Artist rather with her eyes than with her ears.

  62. Here, for example, is a specimen of heart's-ease, the colours of which you might safely defy the artist to reproduce.

  63. One of the most interesting cases of diffraction by small particles that ever came before me was that of an artist whose vision was disturbed by vividly coloured circles.

  64. Heger, the original of this character, was interested in Charlotte Bronte's gift as an artist (and we know she sent M.

  65. For at the storm my artist sire, Cellini, felled him, for the ire Of God his path had crossed.

  66. You may remember that in old days in Greece, an artist named Pygmalion, carved a figure so beautiful that he himself fell in love with his work and infused his own life into the statue, so that it found breath and movement.

  67. The artist repairs to the Andalusian city to fill his portfolio; the lover of art makes the pilgrimage to study Murillo in all his glory.

  68. Yet apart from the historical interest possessed by these cities, they still make an irresistible appeal to the artist and the antiquary.

  69. Still in this class of illustration it is always a moot point what kind of armour the artist actually did mean to represent.

  70. The door was an unimposing-looking piece of deal, grained by some village artist into the portraiture of an as yet undiscovered kind of wood, and considerably impaired in various ways by time.

  71. What artist could ever have hoped to reproduce the warmth, glow, and richness of color and outline?

  72. I think you are the very greatest artist in these tremendous mysteries that ever lived.

  73. My idea is not to fatten the lecture agents and lyceums on the spoils, but put all the ducats religiously into two equal piles, and say to the artist and lecturer, "Absorb these.

  74. It shows that I am moving about as an Artist and a Philologist, and unaware that there is any immodesty in assuming these titles.

  75. Probably there were news-stands, but it is hard to imagine what they must have looked like without the gay pictorial cover-femininity that to-day pleases and elevates the public and makes author and artist affluent.

  76. One must wonder what that skilled artist really thought, and how he could do even this violence to his conscience.

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