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  1. It threaded its way through the narrow and crooked streets, and entered the low, mean, darksome dwellings and laid its hand of death upon the artisans and laboring classes of the town.

  2. Artisans of particular crafts possessing secrets, for example, have among all races and in all ages tended to develop guild organizations restricting the practice of their craft and the marriage of members outside their guild.

  3. The artisans were able to get together and discuss their affairs more readily than the toilers on the land, and they were able to form guilds to restrict output, maintain rates of pay, and protect their common interest.

  4. The mechanics and artisans of the towns and cities were not behind the farmers.

  5. In and out of industry there must be jobs that take the full strength of a powerful man; there are other jobs, and plenty of them, that require more skill than the artisans of the Middle Ages ever had.

  6. Not the slaves and artisans alone filled these newly-erected Christian edifices.

  7. The invariable tendency of modern industry, and the secret of its progress, is the ever-increasing division of labour; and how can this principle be applied if the artisans insist on remaining agriculturists?

  8. We know that as far back as the fourteenth century there were cloth-workers in Moscow, for we read in the chronicles that the workshops of these artisans were sacked when the town was stormed by the Tartars.

  9. Her diplomatic representatives in Western Europe tried to induce artisans and peasants to emigrate to Russia, and special agents were sent to various countries to supplement the efforts of the diplomatists.

  10. Those who yielded to this attractive influence severed all connection with their native villages, became unfit for field labour, and were transformed into artisans or factory-workers.

  11. It had almost immediately the effect of lessening the exodus of artisans to the United States, and of improving the revenue and so restoring the national credit.

  12. Meanwhile the republic, which had for many years drained Canada of hundreds of thousands of artisans to work its factories, steadily declined to consider any suggestion for improving trade relations between the two countries.

  13. His wages were thus equivalent to twenty-five shillings per week, double the present rate, while artisans could command nearly twice as much.

  14. Again, the creation of an industry and commerce along national lines was largely a course of action in the interests of this middle class of Roumanian merchants, artisans and laborers.

  15. Even as ordinary artisans or hired laborers they may only find employment in proportion of one "unprotected alien" to two "Roumanians" under any one employer.

  16. The chief form of restriction was the passing of the Artisans' Law in 1902, preceded by some years of agitation and administrative activity directed against the Jews, which aimed to make it impossible for the Jewish artisans to secure work.

  17. In 1911, another South African Governor authorized the publication of regulations in which, by prohibiting the employment of coloured artisans on the South African mines, the pinpricks were accentuated.

  18. They are evidently of common origin with the Teutonic elfin artisans who are associated with Thor, the Germanic Indra.

  19. The Ribhus and Twashtri were the artisans of nature, the spirits of growth, the genii of the seasons, the elves of earth and air.

  20. He was also aided by the Ribhus, the artisans of the gods, who dwelt in the region of mid-air.

  21. The elfin artisans prove their skill in both cases by producing wonderful gifts for the gods.

  22. The many artisans now employed in making images of stone and brass, would find no purchasers for their goods.

  23. As the artisans of the country, the people of every caste have much to do with them.

  24. Mottrom may have made several trips to Jamestown or Maryland for artisans and building supplies before his new home was completed.

  25. There were the shops of the artisans who manufactured and repaired the articles used on the plantation.

  26. The wages paid artisans engaged in this industry do not compare with those paid in the United States.

  27. While the high hat may be retained by some artisans as a memento of their wedding day, still many may be seen worn by this class of breadwinner when attending church services.

  28. Periodicals and books also are more expensive in Great Britain, although the average wages paid artisans in this industry is about half those paid in America.

  29. The quarrel that broke out in 1682 between French artisans living in Soho gave some humble Huguenot the opportunity of proving his knowledge of English.

  30. In conclusion, the chief fact to be remembered is that Shakespeare lived with French artisans during the most important period of his literary life.

  31. A question naturally arises while we read these depositions, Who were these artisans thus thrust suddenly into prominence?

  32. About French artisans and servants the information is, of course, of the most meagre description.

  33. It is right that artisans should unite in trade unions, that employers should get together in associations for common benefit.

  34. On the other hand, let a corporation take its artisans into its confidence, give each a small proportionate share in the annual earnings.

  35. The artisans and their leaders dreaded to give up liberties for which they had struggled through generations, for fear that those rights would not be readily accorded them again after the War.

  36. It proposed to send to Canada in 1628 from two hundred to three hundred artisans of all classes, and within the space of fifteen years to transport four thousand colonists to New France.

  37. We are confident that the artisans of a New-England village very far surpass those of a Russian one in most qualities of intelligence and manhood.

  38. The great middle class of artisans could therefore scarcely be found, and the scattered agriculturists were thus deprived of their aid in the effort to establish or maintain their freedom.

  39. We need cheap sugar, and if you have artisans to eat your sugar, you will have none to send us to pay for axes or hammers.

  40. The laws against the export of artisans were enforced, and a further one prohibited the emigration of colliers.

  41. With the immigration of artisans came the growth of our towns, the value of our land, and the strength of the nation.

  42. The shops were opened, provisions were brought into the town, and all the artisans and servants of the Company returned to their duties.

  43. The officials and artisans were hereditary, and hereditary officials are almost invariably inefficient and untrustworthy.

  44. Hereditary artisans still remain, but hereditary officials have become the servants of the zemindar.

  45. It entered into an obligation to send to Canada in 1628 from two to three hundred artisans of all trades, and within the space of fifteen years to transport four thousand colonists to New France.

  46. Only the artisans of the commune stood their ground.

  47. And so it happened: the nobility discerned the snare, but the artisans fell into it.

  48. It was raised by the artisans and courtesans of Sardis.

  49. At the commencement of the Babylonian war it was evidently at the head of the Phœnician states; the people of Sidon and Aradus furnished its fleet with mariners and soldiers; the artisans of Byblus wrought in its dockyards.

  50. Probably the Clerkenwell trade dates its origin from the revocation of the edict of Nantes, as the skilled artisans in the jewelry, clock and watch, and trinket trades appear to have been descendants of the emigrant Huguenots.

  51. The 18th century has a goodly tale of Jewish artists in metal-work, makers of pottery, and (wherever the gilds permitted it) artisans and wholesale manufacturers of many important commodities.

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