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Example sentences for "not"

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nostrorum; nostros; nostrum; nostrums; nosy; nota; notabilities; notability; notable; notables
  1. This is a part of the song:-- 'The evening of Friday of the Crucifixion, the Gael was under the mercy of the Gall.

  2. He did well to die before the bad years came.

  3. I am now, and my back to a wall, playing music to empty pockets.

  4. The lamb and the sheep are there; the cow and the calf are there; fine lands are there without heath and without bog.

  5. This year they established a Feis; and there were prizes given for traditional singing, and for old poems repeated, and old stories told, all in the Irish tongue.

  6. His song on her is very popular; 'a great song, so that her name is sung through the three parishes.

  7. He went into the chapel at Kilchreest one time, and there was some cabbage after being stolen from a garden, and the priest was speaking about it.

  8. And if I were standing in the middle of my people, age would go from me, and I would be young again.

  9. There is oats and flax and large-eared barley.

  10. There is the love of hundreds in her face, and there is the promise of the evening star.

  11. He even ventured to poke a little satire at a priest sometimes.

  12. I am told of an 'attack' they made on each other one day on the fair green of Cappaghtagle.

  13. Beryl, not Dale, opened the door and confronted them.

  14. She had not made a Christmas cake (at sixteen Hannah Budge had taken the prize at the County Agricultural Exhibit for the finest decorated cake, and she had never forgotten it) since Master Christopher the Third had left them.

  15. Jimmie dearest-darling, you must not worry about me or try to make me come back for I'll be all right and you must go away with Mr. Tony and paint lots and I'll be so proud.

  16. Robin still smarted from her recent embarrassment; she did not relish Beryl's laughing at her.

  17. They pressed about him, eager for details, but he would tell them nothing beyond a curt admission that he had not been able to make Norris listen.

  18. But this house is so big and so old and Mr. Harkness and Mrs. Budge are so old that I know it's going to be hard not to think of Jimmie and our lovely home and the birds.

  19. For poor Percival Tubbs had "neuralgy" and could not leave his room; Harkness had told them when he carried in their breakfast.

  20. Tom Granger stared as though he could not believe his eyes.

  21. As though it were not bad enough to bring the girl to the house in the first place without paying a man a fancy price to teach her to have her own way!

  22. I don't see--" she began but Beryl would not let her go on.

  23. In his thirteen years he had experienced the pinch of poverty, even hunger, the pain of injury, but never this overwhelming fear of something, he did not know what.

  24. Beryl, not knowing for the moment whether to give way to great joy or indignation that her friend had not confided in her.

  25. She said you would not let her go and she had quite made up her mind to give you--what she calls--your chance.

  26. So you'd better not let her hear you asking to be friends with me.

  27. These were tasks which she had set for herself so that she might not feel for one moment that she was living on Robin's charity and were most of them quite unnecessary and little things that Robin would really like to do herself.

  28. They would not have you to stir forth to-day.

  29. What beast couldst thou be that were not subject to a beast?

  30. Goe get me incke and paper, hyre post horse, I will not stay in Mantua to night.

  31. But wherefore could not I pronounce 'Amen'?

  32. Yet thanks I must you con That you are thieves profess'd, that you work not In holier shapes: for there is boundless theft In limited professions.

  33. I will not be afraid of death and bane Till Birnam forest come to Dunsinane.

  34. A heavy summons lies like lead upon me, And yet I would not sleep.

  35. Ro: By a name I know not how to tell thee.

  36. I hope it remains not unkindly with your lordship, that I returned you an empty messenger.

  37. Lillibridge and his men did not get ashore until sunset.

  38. The light tanks were among the few critical items not truly combat loaded in their transports, being carried in the very bottom of the cargo holds.

  39. Four others are scattered nearby, and there is one hanging on a two-foot-high strand of barbed wire who does not touch the coral flat at all.

  40. Said Colonel Shoup, “It’s not often that you can credit a first lieutenant with winning a battle, but Hawkins came as near to it as any man could.

  41. Shoup tried not to let his discouragement show, but admitted in a message to General Smith “the situation does not look good ashore.

  42. The Navy needed a dedicated amphibious command ship, not a major combatant whose big guns would knock out the radio nets with each salvo.

  43. Major Jones remarked that he did not feel like “The Admiral of the Condom Fleet” as he helped paddle his raft shoreward.

  44. Here again, not all hands received this word.

  45. Recalling the strict orders to the troops not to stop for the wounded, Ladd expected to die on the spot.

  46. At best, Drewes could provide a maximum of 75 vehicles, not nearly enough to carry the entire assault and following waves.

  47. In addition, many Japanese strongpoints to westward of our front lines within our position that have not been reduced.

  48. The mind cannot retain what it does not expect to be called on for again, or to have a future use for.

  49. Why not give it to her and have done with it?

  50. Other more fanciful ones are omitted, for it should ever be remembered that the true, legitimate use of the blackboard does not necessarily involve any of these ingenious devices: simply the plain Word of God, plainly written, is all.

  51. There most be order, and the superintendent must wait for it, although he may not at the first do much beside.

  52. Vary the questions with all patience if not answered readily, and never think a child does not know because he does not answer the question at once.

  53. He should be wise to discern, select, and adjust proper teachers to their places, classify and arrange the scholars, and in these things he should not be overborne in his judgment.

  54. Select just what to teach, and do not stuff the children.

  55. Have every thing arranged, so that not a moment of delay in finding the right hymn, or in singing it, will prompt the children to find something else to do.

  56. He should not forestall or overshadow the teacher's work by an exposition of the lesson at the opening of the school, so as to leave the teachers nothing to do but to glean after the superintendent.

  57. A gentleman arose, not a member of our school, saying that a few hours since he had witnessed a scene which had so touched his heart that he could not forbear cheering us with the glad tidings.

  58. Do not admit children faster than you can conveniently control them.

  59. Select the teachers carefully, and admit none who have not a good report, and are not of a teachable spirit.

  60. When you have taken the best you can get, you have done all your duty, and God does not require any more, for he accepts according to what we have.

  61. In his latter years he seems to have resided almost entirely at Rome, though he must have paid not infrequent visits to the Bay of Naples.

  62. Eumolpus did not keep this promise; but the poem with which he broke it is of small importance and need not detain us.

  63. If the republic must perish, it should not perish unavenged.

  64. He has the divine fire, and it does not always burn dim.

  65. Where not otherwise stated the facts of Persius' life are drawn from the biography of Probus.

  66. His heir need not gather his bones when he is dead, Picens has performed that office for himself.

  67. Logical development is perhaps not to be expected in the 'hotch-potch' of the 'satura'.

  68. This is no real defence, and even though we need not take Martial at his word, when he accuses himself of the foulest vices, there is not the slightest reason to suppose that chastity was one of his virtues.

  69. Yet Juvenal does not definitely reject the gods of his native land; nor do these exalted beliefs cause him to refuse sacrifice to Jupiter, Juno, Minerva, and his household gods.

  70. The play is scarcely more than a series of melancholy monologues interspersed with not less melancholy dirges from the chorus.

  71. He does not read well even in selections.

  72. The intenser passions and emotions were not banished from the stage, but survived in the salticae fabulae and a peculiar species of dramatic recitation.

  73. I cannot at all agree with you, that having this meaning the chapter is misplaced; on the contrary, I know not where a more fit place could be found for it.

  74. My dear Sir, The festivals of this holy season have not left me leisure to reply to your letter as I ought, until now, and deeply I regret that it should not have called for a different answer from this.

  75. It does not agree with peccatum, but what does it agree with unless it be with “Constitutiones, &c.

  76. Surely the expression, “Obligationem ad peccatum mortale vel veniale inducere,” makes sin the object of the obligation, and does not merely describe the character of the fault.

  77. But supposing the words capable of receiving the sense which you impute to them, surely you are not therefore justified in making your statement, if, as you seem to allow, another and an unexceptionable meaning is also admissible.

  78. My dear Sir, I will not make an acquaintance so slight as ours with each other my excuse for this letter, but rather hope that my object in writing it—viz.

  79. May I not fairly hope that you will look into the matter?

  80. I hope you will say that this had escaped your notice, not tell me that to urge it is begging the question.

  81. It took the thing in the block, honored, venerated, hallowed the sacrifice at need, but did not analyze the sufferings, and felt but moderate pity for them.

  82. Tis not written that because one is of small account one should take fright at a great enterprise.

  83. Then her fear, though it did not increase, changed its character.

  84. Is not my Fleur-de-Lys adorably beautiful, and are you not desperately in love with her?

  85. There were a great many abbeys, of a beauty more devout, of a grandeur more solemn than the mansions, but not less beautiful, not less grand.

  86. I am not a clerk of the court, and I shall not go to law with you for thus carrying a dagger in Paris, in the teeth of the ordinances and prohibitions of M.

  87. This act would not be a little patch on the face of his reputation to embellish it, but a very malignant ulcer to disfigure it.

  88. But no, that would not be worthy of us; no, vengeance!

  89. Isn’t Letty funny, not to like the circus?

  90. But they aren’t really stories; I mean not long ones.

  91. Then, if you looked back at the wood, while you were safe outside in the warm sunshine, it did not look so dreadful, but you found that it had some rather bright spots in it here and there.

  92. Because of course her fifteen cents would not do any good without Christopher’s.

  93. When Jane and Christopher learned that Letty was to drive Mrs. Hartwell-Jones into the village in the pony carriage they were very eager to go too, of course, but grandmother said no, they might not go.

  94. A new and not very pleasant idea had been suggested by Christopher’s words.

  95. And not any too soon, either, for the moon came out presently and shone so bright that he could have seen me down in the clump of grasses at once.

  96. She would not hear of Mrs. Hartwell-Jones’s taking the long, jolty drive to the village.

  97. It was in the afternoon when there were not very many people in the church and the music was so lovely, all high and sweet and soft!

  98. Just the same, you’re not allowed to go alone,” she taunted.

  99. Where in the world were Billy and Perk and why did they not come to his assistance?

  100. She felt sure that there was something behind Christopher’s words—something he was trying to make her understand; but she could not make out what it was.

  101. Mr. 'Possum said it might take a little longer than he thought, to finish the automobile, and that it was better not to hurry so, as new thoughts were coming to him all the time.

  102. Mr. Man, he said, was surprised to find the back cushion had jumped out of place, but did not suspicion the truth.

  103. He didn't care for that, of course, not then.

  104. I could tell from Aunt Melissy's looks and voice that it was not a good time to tell it just as it was.

  105. He said Mr. Man called him several names because he had not been able to see anything up in the tree, and then had changed the tire and pumped it while Mr. Dog was getting calm.

  106. You are right about thinking my family would not care to experiment in that way, and would not do it unless somebody else arranged it for them and gave the experiment a good start.

  107. She generally knit a little, after supper, and went to sleep over it, and would wake up suddenly and look at the clock and begin to knit as fast as she could, so we would not think she had been asleep.

  108. He hung down just like Somers, only not so far, and he didn't swing much, because that strong medicine had taken up all his slack and there was very little room for play.

  109. Then they all talked it over several times, and were very proud of the great experience, though they decided that they would not try it again.

  110. As for Minty Glenwood, she was not worth hunting for, and he would disown her from that moment, though I knew he was as glad as he could be that it happened, and had a pretty good idea I had something to do with it.

  111. She used to set Uncle Silas to peeling potatoes, after supper, for next morning, and would make Winters help my young lady cousin do the dishes, which you would not think he would like; but he did.

  112. That is no true faith in which reason does not accord; yet neither can reason alone and without God ever become perfected into faith.

  113. Is it possible for him not to wish, for himself and for all in whose welfare he is interested, that they may belong to the small minority in matters of principle and practice, rather than to the large majority?

  114. Scriptures were not more reasonable than Mr. Newman's system, they were to end with believing, not both, but neither?

  115. They were then, indeed, not far from the kingdom of God, but they were still without its walls; they were still strangers, and not citizens.

  116. And yet the Scripture and common experience alike show us, that a man may call Jesus Lord, and yet not be really his, nor one who will be owned by Him at the last day.

  117. Nor is it only by his Spirit that Christ communicates with us even now; though, he is ascended again into heaven, yet the benefits of his having become man, over and above those of his dying and rising again for us, have not yet passed away.

  118. Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lusts of the flesh.

  119. I could not refrain from stepping out with him on to the corridor where, in order to make certain whether the little Frenchman and the conductor were but one person, I asked him what the next stop was.

  120. Thus, you see, I could not sleep during these two hours, as I had been told to.

  121. At first he did not want to accept it; he said it had been a pleasure to play such beautiful music, and apologized for the two little mistakes that had been made.

  122. Mitzi lightly, "that does not matter with ballet.

  123. But that bacon was not bacon at all, and therefore ought not to have been bad.

  124. As it was not very late, I suggested a stroll which would appease my agitated host.

  125. I could not afford a servant girl during these hard times.

  126. We have been together at the Dardanelles, and what remains of our Division--although it is not much--was saved by him.

  127. Yet it is not my, but Miss Mitzi's story!

  128. And now I will try and tell you all about it, or better, about her, supposing that the noise of the shells does not disturb me too much.

  129. But he did not rise and lift his hands in prayer.

  130. And it was the success of these clubs that attracted the attention of the authorities, who could not imagine any other purpose for a club than to hatch a plot against the government.

  131. But he was hungry and penniless, and when he looked wistfully at a pile of cold fried chicken on a street-stand and asked the price of a drumstick, at the same time telling he had no money, he discovered he was not in heaven at all.

  132. Charles Ferguson says that the simple life does not consist in living in the woods and wearing overalls and sandals, but in getting the cant out of one's cosmos and eliminating the hypocrisy from one's soul.

  133. As a general proposition, I believe this will not now be disputed: the object of education is that a man may benefit himself by serving society.

  134. Moreover, he did not wish to fight the Church--he believed in the Church--to him it was a divine institution.

  135. He whose principles are thoroughly established will not be easily led from the right path.

  136. Pick not up what falls from the table"--Plutarch calls this superstition, but we can just as easily suppose it was out of consideration for cats, dogs or hungry men.

  137. If, however, she cared to dissipate a little and eat three meals a day, she was not afraid to do so.

  138. But he did not like the work, since all the pupil desired, and all the parents desired, was that he should help the backward one get his marks, and glide through the eye of a needle into pedagogic paradise.

  139. But now that Arnold was in charge of Rugby, he got the ill-will of his directors by declaring that he did not intend to curtail the powers of the Sixth Form--he proposed to civilize it.

  140. If this life is a preparation for another, as Simeon thought, he was not preparing himself for a world where we would care to go.

  141. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "not" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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    carouse; nay; negative; never

    Some related collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    not dead; not easy; not even; not far from the; not feel; not find; not found; not from; not going; not good; not have; not having; not known; not mentioned; not more; not now; not pretend; not think; not true; not understand; not well; not you; note here; noted that; nothing could; nothing would